Top 22 Wedding Website Inspiration

The wedding websites of the wedded couples are very much encouraging to the couples who are getting married, because getting inspiration from those sites they become enthusiastic to have their own particular websites. These wedding websites are truly inspirational for their designs, navigations, features, styles, stories, photos, and all other key contents that inspire people to go for the multifaceted heyday event of their life hanging every necessary detail on their particular websites to share with friends, family and other.

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1. Riley and Grey

This is a highly professional and inspirational website that is concerned with creating websites for the couples who are going to get married and share the experience through a website of their own. Through this wedding website you can have fabulously designed templates, a personalized website name and other amusing services. The finest effects regarding Riley and websites are that they are easily customizable.


Wedding Website

2. Jess and Russ

Jess and Russ is basically a wedding website inspiration which is solely based on story of a couple. The story is designed to inspire the couples who are getting married and who are going to employ this website as an inspiration to create another personal one to fulfill the ceremony. The site is nicely decorated with beautiful artworks and designs. The images of the site are almost like animations. The site presents relevant photos with the story that creates a great vibe to the audience.


Wedding Website

3. The Pittmans

The Pittmans is a very plain wedding website with its simple but inspiring design and features. The site contains a big photograph of the married couple on its parent page which looks amazing. There are also many other beautiful photographs of them on the site. There is also some little description or statements of the bride and the bridegroom which is kind of cute. Again, the website introduces the story of the proposal, wedding details and other important things about the couple.


Wedding Website

4. Jenny and Grayden

It is a beautifully decorated website. There are details about the couple with some of their own statements. There are two interesting features of GROOMSMEN and BRIDESMAIDS where the groom’s and bride’s statements about their friends and families are presented in a funny way. You will also find the wedding details of the couple and the gifts. The whole decoration of this site is highly inspirational.


Wedding Website

5. Gopal-Seema

This is a website for wedding invitation. Gopal-Seema is a single page website where you can find all the details of the forthcoming wedding ceremony in a nutshell. The website is inspirational for creating another like this of your own for your wedding invitation.


Wedding Website

6. It’s the Jumpoff

The long past story of a couple is made short with vivid texts on this website, and then there are the details of their approaching wedding. It’s the Jumpoff is a wedding invitation website, and the site is completely text based.


Wedding Website

7. Atentedaffair

Atentedaffair has colorfully illustrated pages where all the details of the marriage of a wedded couple, their photos, stories, etc. are acquainted in a nice way which could inspire you to have a similar website of your own.


Wedding Website

8. Steve and Jacqs

The home page looks very simple and to know the details of the wedding you have to check all the features out. It is a wedding invitation website with great details of food, venue, date, accommodation facilities, etc. The website is inspirational as it is informative.


Wedding Website

9. Annie and Renje

Annie and Renje is an outstanding example of wedding website inspiration. The home page of it is really attractive as there are lots of huge photos of the married couple. you can also learn about the two people, their past stories, their wedding details and all other things related to their marriage.


Wedding Website

10. Love and Mustache

You can get inspired from this website, because a similar website of yours will provide good details about you and your forthcoming marriage ceremony to the attendants. The design and smooth movement of the pages are attractive too.


Wedding Website

11. Judie and Z

Judie and Z is a very stylish wedding website. The pages of the site are well-decorated and the scrolling system is rich with all the options of getting the details of the wedding.


Wedding Website

12. Katie plus Luke

There are all the information gathered in one page in this site. Either you have to scroll or click on the options to see different sections of it. The sections are colored in particular and you will also have a map of the venue in Katie plus Luke.


Wedding Website

13. Kate and Moses

Kate and Moses is simply a stunning site with detailed information about the couple and their marriage. Their stories, engagement, events, etc. are all put together in one website for the ease of the attendants. There are also the descriptions of hotel, restaurant and activities of the ceremony.


Wedding Website

14. Stephen and Michele

It is a simple website with simple design yet intriguing to the couples who are going to get married and have their special site.


Wedding Website

15. Artem Julia wedding

Artem Julia wedding is enormously inspirational for the couples for its creative and gorgeous decoration. The pages of this site are appealingly illustrated with artworks and the animations are mind blowing. The movements of drawings and texts are really eye-catching.


Wedding Website

16. Srofe wedding

This is a wedding website especially for invitation. Srofe wedding is a scrolling site and the pages are ornamented with striking photos and informative texts. The couple’s photo slides are attention-seizing.


Wedding Website

17. Nandayju and Iego

Nandayju and Iego is a single page website. You have to get into the options placed on top of the site. It is a cute looking inspirational website.


Wedding Website

18. Casperendanel

The website looks stylish. The arrangement and motion of photos and texts are spectacular. It is a very inspirational website with scrolling system and details.


Wedding Website

19. Vince and Marlene

Vince and Marlene is a good example of wedding website inspiration. It is simple but suitable.


Wedding Website

20. Ross plus Jess

Ross plus Jess is a colorfully decorated site. The home page of it has a simple design with necessary features.


Wedding Website

21. Ashley Jeremy

Ashley Jeremy is a modern website with a rich presentation of the crucial segments of life and everything else of the couple. The site is simple yet elegant.


Wedding Website

22. Ty and Tay

Ty and Tay is a great wedding website inspiration, because it is rich with its contents and design. Here you will find particular photo galleries of engagement and wedding. Everything else is much striking too of this site.


Wedding Website