25 Fabulous Wedding Photography Tutorials

Photography tutorials for wedding photographers have one shared objective – to help the shutterbug record the wedding in the most beautiful way possible. For the happy couple, the journey begins much before the “I do-s”. The same holds for their wedding photographer. If you are about to capture a wedding through your expert lens, you are going to have to be prepared for all the associated joy and craziness. You cannot just wing it at a wedding, not if you are serious about capturing the precious moments.

Photography tutorials help amateur and professional wedding photographers feel prepared. Since there are no retakes in the wedding photography business, one needs all the help one can get. In this post, we have rounded up 25 wedding photography tutorials. All of these are geared towards making you a better wedding photographer. Whether you need help with lighting, ideas or organizing shot lists, the tutorials mentioned here will help you on your journey.

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So take your time and go through this list of fantastic wedding photography tutorials. Then get out there and capture some fabulous happily ever afters.

Wedding Photography Quick-Start Guide

The wedding photographer’s job begins as soon as he is gets the assignment. The preparation time begins immediately. Candid photography and classic wedding photography is not as easy as it sounds. If you have been toying with the idea of covering weddings, this quick-start guide over at MediaCollege.com will give you a good idea of all that it entails. Wedding photography tutorials like this one take you through the various aspects of wedding photography covering preparation, equipment, post-processing and even providing photo-taking tips.

General wedding photography tutorial

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Wedding Photography 101

Introductory wedding photography tutorials are a fine resource for eager wedding photographers. Whether you are an amateur or a newbie professional shutterbug, this photo tutorial that is aptly titled “Wedding Photography 101” will take you through the job of a wedding photographer. From reminding you that there are no second takes in wedding photography to encouraging you to channel your creativity and providing ten tips that should help you in your quest to become a brilliant wedding photographer, this tutorial by photographer Tom Wicky sure is helpful.

Essential wedding photography tutorial

Having A Plan In Wedding Photography

If you have already gone through the previous photography tutorials mentioned on this list, you will have gauged the importance of preparation. Since the wedding photographer has to get the shot right the very first time, being prepared for the capture-worthy moments is essential. This photography tutorial over at PictureCorrect stresses the need to have a plan and shows how you can go about getting one. From asking you to do some pre-wedding reconnaissance to encouraging you to carry a spare camera (just in case), this photography tutorial ensures that you never end up on the back foot.

Wedding photography planning

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Wedding Photography Insight with Jeff Ascough

Who better to give you insight into the world of wedding photography than a wedding photographer himself? Jeff Ascough has been in the wedding photography business since 1989. Hence, he is well placed to dish out advice to less inexperienced folk. This particularly detailed tutorial covers various areas of the craft and business of wedding photography. Bookmark this page and go through it when you have the time. Ascough talks about everything from capturing a wedding and editing images to creating a wedding album and marketing oneself as a wedding photographer.

Jeff Ascough wedding photography tutorial

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Wedding Photography: Two “Camps” Of Style And Vision

This is a rare photography tutorial focusing on the theory of wedding photography. While most other photography tutorials concern themselves with teaching you how to take better photos, this one helps you figure what kind of a photographer you might be. Do you like the more classical school of wedding photography where the bride and groom and their guests pose for picture after picture? Or do you prefer the more photojournalistic style where candid photography rules. This photo tutorial over at Shutterbug could help you find your unique photographic style.

Wedding photography types

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Photographing Weddings

Do you need guidance on how to tell the story of this wedding with which you have been entrusted? Geoff Lawrence offers plenty of advice in this brief but informative tutorial on wedding photography. If you feel unsure about how to create a shot list in advance, photography tutorials like this one are a blessing. Geoff Lawrence provides both amateur and professional photographers with numerous ideas about how to tackle a given wedding. With separate sections talking about the pre-wedding moments, the wedding ceremony, the group shots and the reception, this tutorial will help you plan for the wedding itself.

Expert wedding photography tips

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Wedding Photography Guidelines For Amateur Photographers

If you happen to be an amateur photographer, PictureCorrect has a nicely outlined tutorial providing an overview of all that is required from a wedding photographer. This wedding photography tutorial highlights the importance of understanding what kind of photos the bride and groom want. It talks about understanding the wedding venue itself and having the right equipment on hand. It also encourages you, the photographer, to be prepared to capture the unexpected moments that you could not possibly have planned.

Wedding photography tutorial for amateurs

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Photography Before the Wedding Ceremony

The job of the wedding photographer begins before the ceremony itself. Photography tutorials thus encourage you to plan ahead and be at the venue well before the proceedings begin. In this tutorial from the folks at Pixiq, the focus is on what you as the authorized wedding photographer should do in the hours before the wedding – when should you arrive, what your first steps should be, how you should set up, and how you should conduct yourself in that flurry of pre-wedding activity.

Photography tutorial before the wedding

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10 Tips for Contemporary Wedding Photography

Wedding photography today is very different from the wedding photography of our parents’ times. That is why photography tutorials concentrating on contemporary wedding photography have many takers. Take this tutorial for example. It offers ten useful tips for the serious wedding photographer. Apart from advising readers on the importance of pre-wedding preparation, this tutorial also offers ideas on how you can make your photographs seem fresh and exciting. Don’t be scared to experiment.

Contemporary wedding photography tutorial

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Pro Wedding Photo Ideas: 25 Creative Shots

Those of you who are struggling with creating a shot list for the wedding have much to gain from this Photoshelter tutorial. There are plenty of websites offering a shot checklist for wedding photographers, but it is always better to have some examples on hand. This photography tutorial over at the Photoshelter blog talks about the various shots that should be in your kitty but also provides 25 brilliant photos to elucidate their pointers. Since photographers love their visuals, this is one of the few tutorials that gives shutterbugs the chance to learn through what they see.

Wedding photo ideas tutorial

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Hey Wedding Photographers, Never, Never Make Excuses!

The author of this tutorial, David A. Ziser, is a well known photographer, lecturer and trainer. He even has an acclaimed book on wedding photography, “Captured by the Light”, to his name. Thus, he is exceptionally qualified to help less experienced wedding photographers with their lighting issues. This particular photography tutorial is all about how wedding photographers can overcome the challenge of the high noon sun when shooting bridal photographs outdoors. Ziser offers several solutions to this problem, which is what makes this tutorial a great resource for shutterbugs everywhere.

Wedding photographers tutorial

10 Questions to Ask When Taking a Digital Photo

The wedding photographer stands to benefit not only from photography tutorials on wedding photography but also from tutorials that deal with the general compositional aspects of a good photographs. This tutorial from Digital Photography School belongs to the latter group. The tutorial gets the camera-wielder to think about the story behind the photograph, its focus, its focus and background, its lighting, framing and much more. If you are eager to hone your photo skills before hitting the wedding trail, this tutorial is a great starting point.

Compositional wedding photography tutorial

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Unique and Enduring Bridal Portraits

While many photographers have a knack for framing and overall composition, being aware of the intricacies of lighting is a whole other ballgame. Photography tutorials on lighting can help the newbie gain new perspectives on the art of taking good photos. Since this roundup of photography tutorials focuses on wedding photography, we found this tutorial that deals with lighting up bridal portraits. This in-depth look at an outdoor shoot with the bride offers loads of insight into how the right lighting setup can really bring a photograph to life.

Bridal portraits tutorial

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Making Portraits that Dazzle

Do you need more wedding photography tutorials dealing with lighting? Here is another one, this time from B&H. While the earlier entry focused on a single outdoor shoot, this one helps you figure out how to use lights through the various stages of your wedding assignment. This comprehensive tutorial provides ideas on what kind of lighting equipment you might need in specific situations while also explaining how these might help your photographs. The tutorial also offers extensive tips on how to compose wedding portraits. It even provides tips on how your subjects could pose.

Wedding portraits tutorial

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An Introduction to Catchlights

Since a large portion of wedding photography is portrait photography, knowing what catchlights are and how they help portrait photos could put you in a better place as you get ready to tackle your new wedding assignment. Catchlights are important if you want to bring the subjects in your photos to life. This basic tutorial encourages shutterbugs to be aware of catchlights and to position them such that they add dimensions to the photograph itself. The tutorial also encourages photographers to get creative when using catchlights for portrait photography.

Catchlights photography tutorial

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Lighting the Wedding Couple Outdoors

Here is another photo tutorial on lighting. After the wedding, the newly married couple will invariably want a few outdoor photographs. They may even have a location in mind. If not, you may have to scout for a suitable location that forms a fine backdrop for their photographs. Either way, lighting the happy couple outdoors will be different from photographing them in the church, or later on, in the reception hall. This photography tutorial that brings you a case study and provides a host of tips and tricks to make you a better photographer for outdoor wedding portraits.

Outdoor couple portrait tutorial

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Vantage Points in Park Photography

Couple the earlier tutorial with this one for added insight on outdoor photography. Photography tutorials often need to be studied side by side in order to get the advice you seek. Given that most couples choose a pretty park for their outdoor wedding portraits, this tutorial could be a handy resource for you. The tutorial talks about how you can find interesting patterns and textures to serve as the backdrop for the happy couple. It also talks about the equipment you might need and how to set up under specific conditions.

Park photography tutorial

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Underwater Bride and Groom Photography

Photo tutorials like this one can be a lot of fun. If you are looking to bring something really different to the board, you could turn to this “Underwater Bride and Groom” tutorial for inspiration. Provided your clients are true blue water babies, this can be a marvelous photo project. Moreover, this tutorial aims to help you pull it off successfully. The tutorial talks about various areas pertaining to such an underwater shoot. This includes finding a location, assembling the necessary gear, getting assistants to help out and working as a team to get terrific photos. Yes, this crazy project may actually be doable.

Underwater photography tutorial

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The Reception: Where The Action Is

Many wedding photographers are so immersed in the wedding ceremony itself that they pay scant attention to the reception. Even the least interested photographers will give you the basic reception shots, but as this photography tutorial shows, they could be missing out on a wealth of capture-worthy moments. The tutorial encourages you to be prepared for the basic reception shots – like the best man’s speech, the couple’s first dance and the bouquet toss, etc.  It offers tips on how you can make the most the action and emotions that show up at the reception. Keep an eye out for the fun moments as well.

Reception photography tutorial

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11 Tips for Better Candid Photography

Couples nowadays are more interested in candid photographs of their wedding than in the more classic posed ones. So it helps to be more attuned to the secrets that make for good candid shots. Photography tutorials that focus on candid photos can be a great blessing in this respect. “11 Tips for Better Candid Photography” is a great photography tutorial that encourages you to watch out for those moments of spontaneity. With advice like “Kill the Flash” and “Shoot from the Hip”, this tutorial has some cool tips for the candid wedding photographer.

Candid photography tutorial

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How to Take Better Photos Indoors with an External Flash

The wedding photographer’s assignment neither begins nor ends with the wedding ceremony. You have to be around for the rehearsal dinners and other pre-wedding events as also for the reception that follows. Not everything takes place in the natural lighting of outdoor locations, so you will have to be prepared to use the flash at least sometimes if not extensively. If the wedding functions are taking place indoors, it would make sense to carry an external flash. Are you not comfortable with using a flash indoors? Then this tutorial is designed for you. It offers in-depth explanations on how different lights work in an indoor setting, with photo examples as well.

Indoor photography tutorial

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7 Strategies for Avoiding Flash Blow Out

If you are using the flash for your wedding photos, you are probably aware of the associated dangers. Inappropriate use of the flash can make your photos look unnecessarily white. So what should you do? Photography tutorials like “7 Strategies for Avoiding Flash Blow Out” help you use the flash to your advantage. If the flash has always flummoxed you, this great photo tutorial offers tricks to get the best out of your captures. Conquering the flash is not as difficult as it might look.

Flash usage tutorial

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Where do you put the focus in the picture?

This is another of those general photography tutorials that can help you hone your skills as a photographer. It can be of help even if you specialize in weddings or have a wedding photography assignment coming up. Knowing the tips and tricks of focusing in photography can really help you churn out great pictures. At weddings, this can be a fantastic advantage.

Photography focus tutorial

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A Soft Touch For Wedding Photography

These days, the wedding photographer’s job does not end with the photographs alone. Most professional wedding photographers nowadays offer editing services as well. One popular edit effect that works well on wedding photographs is the soft touch. All you need to get this effect is to spend some time on Photoshop. If you are not confident of your image editing skills, photography tutorials like this one will walk you through the process. There are several soft effects that you could test to add a new romantic dimension to your photos.

Soft photo effects tutorial

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Tutorial: Creating Dreamy Photos

Here is another photography tutorial that helps you hone your image editing skills. If you want to give your photographs a dreamy feel, this photo tutorial will help you get there. It offers step-by-step instructions that even a relative novice can follow easily. The prize, of course, is the almost surreal effect that shows through your just-edited photos as well as the look of joy on the faces of your newlywed clients.

Dreamy effects tutorial

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