17 Artistic Wedding Photography Pictures That Capture Wedded Bliss

Wedding photos are beautiful and memorable. Years after D-day has passed, those beautiful images sit prettily in your wedding photo album, reminding you again and again how magical that day turned out to be. The fun of flipping through your (or anyone else’s) wedding photographs is that you are instantly taken back to that moment so many years ago. Not only do you remember clearly what so-and-so was wearing or how sprightly Uncle John was back then, but you also begin to recall the conversations that went on, how nervous your nephew was to start college, how your first cousin was planning her wedding exactly a year after yours. Indeed those are exactly why we go back to the old wedding photo album year after year – to remember all the emotions and stories of everyone involved.

Wedding photos never fail to carry us back in time. But the best wedding photography takes that up a notch. The best wedding photos remind us that wedding photography is not just about recording the moment. It is also about finding little stories that we will laugh and cry over later in life – how the best man stood on the bride’s train throughout the ceremony, how the ring bearer ran around with the chocolate wedding cake smeared all over his face, how the neighbor’s wife never stopped gossiping all night long. The best wedding photos are more than just photographs. They tell a story. They transcend to the level of art. These wedding pictures would not be relegated to the pages of the wedding photo album. They would be framed and proudly displayed in the living room for all to see. Whether black and white, sepia-toned or full-color, such photographs capture every nuance of the event, things that an ordinary wedding photographer might have missed.

In this post, we celebrate wedding photography pictures that are worth framing. Scroll down and you will find 17 wedding photographs that are no less than fine art. Their brilliant composition and the technical skill of the photographs who took them elevate these photos to more than just regular records of an event. These wedding photos capture the best bits of a wedding, from the once upon a time right up to the happily ever after.

Candid Capture

Photographer: Eduardo Duran

A candid shot like this one captures the many memories that make up a wedding. The children play and conversations occur around the edges, while the bride and groom are clearly in love.

Wedding photo by Eduardo Duran

Candid Capture

Art In Sepia Tone

Photographer: Renaissance Studios

Some of the best wedding photography takes place outdoors. A sepia tone adds to the romantic mood of the day. Everyone is in celebration mode, while the happy couple steals a kiss.

Wedding photo by Renaissance Studios

Art in Sepia Tone

Together Forever

Photographer: Ryan Brenizer

An abstract photograph like this one upholds the wedding vows and focuses on the glint of the groom’s wedding ring. It is the perfect wedding photo. Frame it and hang it up in the living room.

Wedding photo by Ryan Brenizer

Together Forever

On The Sidelines

Photographer: Edward Olive

The wedding is not just about the ceremony alone. Things happen along the sidelines that make the event even more memorable, like this candid scene where it is feeding time for this little bridesmaid.

Wedding photo by Edward Olive

On the Sidelines

Life Is The Bubbles

Photographer: Vladmir Krynytsky

We have seen wedding photos where the photographer catches the reflection of the bride and groom. This photograph ranks among the best wedding pictures thanks to its simplicity and uniqueness.

Wedding photo by Vladmir Krynytsky

Life In the Bubbles

At The Movies

Photographer: Tatiana Garanina

Wedding photos must be memorable. And what is more memorable than the movies. In this wedding photo, the photographer brings in a retro cinematic touch that elevates this wedding scene to something more special.

Wedding photo by Tatiana Garanina

At the Movies

Color Cast

Photographer: Martin Reisch

This must rank among the best wedding photography ever. The photographer experiments with bright colors, without ever losing sight of his two subjects, for whom life is presumably a rainbow.

Wedding photo by Martin Reisch

Color Cast at Wedding

First Kiss

Photographer: Sezgin Mesut

I love the angle of this photograph. It is markedly different, but without compromising on the romantic element of a wedding kiss. It captures the essence of the photo in a new way.

Wedding photo by Sezgin Mesut

First kiss

Wedding Puppets

Photographer: Oliver Martin

This offbeat wedding photo adds a fun cool twist to any album of wedding photos. The dark, almost gritty tone of this photograph adds an edgy touch to this amazing photograph.

Wedding photo by Oliver Martin

Wedding Puppets

Kill The Bride

Photographer: Rafal Makiela

This one is obviously staged, and we love it. It is cinematic in its appeal and has a sense of humor about it. The expressions of the models add to the overall magnificence of this photograph.

Wedding photo by Rafal Makiela

Kill the Bride

Stairway View

Photographer: Jordan Boutzelioglou

This beautiful photograph captures the essence of a wedding scene. While the happy couple embrace below the stairway, the photographer lurks above, capturing a wonderful moment for eternity.

Wedding photo by Jordan Boutzelioglou

Staircase View

Veiled Kiss

Photographer: Sachi Villareal

Wedding photos like this one speak of the sheer skill of the photographer who captures not only the emotion in such a scene but who also does not compromise on composition and technical expertise.

Wedding photo by Sachi Villareal

Veiled Kiss

Caught On Camera

Photographer: Daniel Krieger

The diffused focus on the subjects and the sharp view of their reflections offers a double view of the same scene. Wedding photos like this one are sure to inspire imitations galore.

Wedding photo by Daniel Krieger

Caught on Camera

All About Drama

Photographer: Victor Babintsev

The sheer drama of this wedding photo sets it a class apart from most others. The picture of a bride and groom kissing within the blue of the ocean waters makes this a brilliant photograph.

Wedding photo by Victor Babintsev

All About Drama

Capturing The Joy

Photographer: Steven L. Taylor

This wedding photograph captures the fun element of a wedding, as the ladies walk ahead with their pretty parasols over their heads. The little boy on the right adds a further touch of happiness.

Wedding photo by Steven L. Taylor

Capturing the Joy

Beach Bridal Party

Photographer: Divemasterking2000

Beach weddings are a popular option. Once the wedding is over, the photographer must take a group photo that captures the excitement over this happy occasion, as this photo does.

Wedding photo by Divemasterking2000

Beach Bridal Party

Poster Quality

Photographer: Fraser Ross

This ranks among those wedding photos that seek to be art. The grandeur of the natural setting coupled with the placement of the wedding party, makes this a photograph that you can study for hours.

Wedding photo by Fraser Ross

Poster Quality