20 Terrific Wedding Photo Ideas For The Happy Couple

Wedding photo ideas need to be chalked up well before the happy day. After all, anybody who has ever gotten married or has seen how crazy things get on the day of the wedding and on the days leading up to it, knows the importance of listing out all the different kinds of wedding pictures that need to be taken. Sure, you will hire a wedding photographer to capture every moment on this happy day. But you might want to brainstorm with him/her some days before the wedding. Make sure your photographer is aware of the kind of wedding pictures you are hoping to display on the mantelpiece or in those prized photo albums. Such a discussion will ensure that your shutterbug takes photos customized to your requirements. You might even want to get your click-happy cousin into the job. You can never have too many photographers to capture the fun moments of this happy day.

Wedding photo ideas can include the traditional must-haves – a photo of the wedding party, another of the ceremony, yet another of the dance post-wedding. If you are having a beach wedding, for instance, that makes for a host of beautiful pictures capturing the joyous smiles amid a backdrop of sun, sand and sea. If a destination wedding is on the cards (or even if it is not), the wedding party can head out to the biggest tourist landmarks in town for a round of fun photo sessions. Throw some arty wedding photo ideas into the picture as well. You could frame it up in your living room for people to admire. Throw in some photos of the wedding bands, of the first kiss, of the getaway car. Make sure not to miss a thing. It is your wedding, and you will remember it forever. Each wedding photo ensures that you remember every moment as clearly as if it had happened only yesterday.

If wedding bells are ringing for you already, get a good photographer in place. Or are you a photographer racking your brains for good wedding photo ideas? This post offers up 20 of them. Have fun scrolling through these terrific wedding pictures.

You might also be interest in taking a look at interest wedding photography shots captured beautifully.

Beach Wedding

Photographer: TayaFaganPhotography

Celebrate the wedding bells along with the seagulls. Wedding photos set on the beach are romantic in a laidback sort of way. The seashore is a fine setting for beautiful weddings.

Beach wedding photo

Beach Wedding

At Tourist Landmarks

Photographer: Michele Burgee

Once the wedding is over, the wedding party can head to the nearest tourist landmark. This makes for some great wedding pictures. Add a dash of quirky fun to these shots.

Wedding photo at tourist landmark

Wedding Party Landmark

Pastoral Setting

Photographer: A.J. Leitch

Country scenes make for beautiful wedding photography. Drive out to the countryside for photos amid nature’s best. The park is a good option for city dwellers.

Countryside wedding photo

Pastoral Setting

Post-Wedding Ring

Photographer: Gregory Cazillo

The happily ever after moment after the bride and groom hop into the just-married car is a great wedding photo idea. Sneak a quick shot of the brand new wedding rings.

Wedding ring photo

Post Wedding Ring

Ariel View

Photographer: Grant Perry

If you are looking for cool wedding photography ideas, an aerial photo offers a great new perspective and brings in plenty of likes. Give your photographer the freedom to try different angles.

Wedding photo idea

Ariel View

High-Fashion Shot

Photographer: Roger Hur

Pretend that you are modeling for the cover of Vogue magazine. Find a suitably high-fashion setting and don an edgy pose for this shot.

Editorial wedding photo

High Fashion Shot

Catching The Reflection

Photographer: Dmitry Timofeev

A reflection photo is one of the more popular wedding photo ideas. Add in some coy smiles and you are good to go.

Wedding photography idea

Catching the Reflection

The Kiss

Photographer: Aaron Riddle

There is no getting away from the kiss when it comes to wedding pictures. As the bride and groom pucker up, it is time for that money shot.

Wedding kiss photo

The Kiss

Play of Shadows

Photographer: Daniel Krieger

Shadows make for interesting wedding pictures. Find a spot where the sunlight hits just right, and let the shadows tell the story.

Best wedding photography

Play of Shadows at Wedding

Wedding Symbols

Photographer: Enes Kahraman

The shoes, the rings, the tiara, the bowtie – put them together to create a wonderful cover photo for your wedding album. They make for great living room posters even years later.

Wedding symbols photo

Wedding Symbols

Happily Ever After

Photographer: AM Fotografia

One abstract photograph of the happily married couple is required. This can then hang with pride in their post-marriage home.

Happily ever after wedding photo

Happily Ever After

The Wedding Photographer

Photographer: Edward Olive

Nobody takes photos of the photographer. Slip one such photo in with the other wedding pictures, so you remember the shutterbug behind the photos.

Wedding photographer picture

Wedding Photographer

Just Married

Photographer: Aleksander Barabashov

Do not forget the landscape shot as the happy couple drives off into the horizon with the “Just Married” poster stuck to the back of their getaway vehicle.

Just married wedding photo

Just Married

Wedding Rings

Photographer: Nick Parovyshnick

Wedding ring photos are essential in every wedding photo album. Let the bride and groom slip off their wedding rings for a brief wedding ring photo.

Wedding bands photo

Wedding Rings

The Wedding Party

Photographer: Benjamin Brooks

You cannot get by without including a picture of the wedding party in your list of ideas for wedding pictures. Get the bridesmaids and best men in line. Call for close family as well.

Wedding party photo

Wedding Party

Destination Wedding

Photographer: Yair Haim

Destination weddings are all the rage nowadays. So throw in some photos in exotic locales among your wedding photo ideas. The more off-beat the location the cooler it will look in the photo album.

Destination wedding photo idea

Destination Wedding

Mr. And Mrs.

Photographer: Nikolas Viltrakis

A happy photograph of the new mister and his missus should figure in your list of wedding photography ideas. Let them show their newly acquired wedding rings as well.

Married couple wedding photo

Mr. and Mrs.

Party Time

Photographer: Isis Alice

After the wedding, it is time to party. As the wedding party songs play, get in song candid shots of the bride, groom and guests.

Wedding afterparty photo

Party Time

Wedding Pose

Photographer: Meeshkamodel

At least one posed photograph is essential for every wedding album. Add this to your list of wedding photography ideas.

Traditional wedding photo

Wedding Pose

Church Wedding

Photographer: Susan Lloyd

If the wedding is being held inside a church, a posed post-wedding shot should be included among the host of other wedding photos.

Church wedding photo

Church Wedding