Top 40 Wedding Blogs

Wedding blogs comes to great rescue when organizing a real wedding. The wedding and its accompanying procedures are colossal things to arrange, but here are top blogs dedicated to weddings and will prove advantageous to coordinate the big events.

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1. Style Me Pretty


Style Me Pretty is one of the most accommodating wedding blogs that will help you to have broadened knowledge about beautiful weddings. The blogs here will provide you with enormous idea about wedding dresses, accessories, and everything else. You can easily join Style Me Pretty and submit extraordinary weddings.

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2. Green Wedding Shoes


The brides, photographers, event organizers, and all other artists concerned with wedding are always warmly welcomed by Green Wedding Shoes. So, if you are one of them then you can be a part of this wedding blog where you can submit your work. This wedding blog looks for creative works, amazing photos of wedding, unique locations, and good sense of fashion and style.

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3. The Knotty Bride


Through this wedding blog you can share something funny, interesting and sweet. But you have to keep in mind that the stuffs cannot be self promotional. Want to know the crucial things about real weddings? There are lots of photos and details about weddings, engagements, rings, and all other accessory stuffs. You will find lots of talks and articles on wedding issues in The Knotty Bride wedding blog.

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4. Disney Weddings


The Disney Weddings is always prepared to turn your dreams of great wedding and honeymoon into reality. The site generally works for organizing wedding days and honeymoon. However, you can have ideas regarding all kinds of wedding issues from this wedding blog. Disney Weddings offers grand destinations for your big-day and you can also get assistance from the Disney Wedding Planner. The blog offers various collections of real-wedding cakes, flowers, decors, shoes and everything else as well.

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5. Bridal Snob


Are you looking for exceptional designs and styles of your wedding dresses, cakes, drinks, foods, flowers and all other necessary things then check this blog out to gather knowledge about the variations. Bridal Snob wedding blog will give the idea of rustic weddings, barn weddings, farm weddings, lake weddings, and what not!

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6. Rock N Roll Bride


You can submit your wedding or photo shoots in this wedding blog. You can also learn about wedding suppliers and featured posts but the blog does not publish guest posts. Learn about the perfect wedding venues from here and get the rockstar vendors trough Rock N Roll Bride.

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7. 100 Layer Cake


100 Layer Cake welcomes you to submit photo shoots, parties, weddings, etc. in its blog. You can join its guide of vendors and others. The blog gives you so many wedding ideas that can guide you to organize a stunning ceremony.

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8. Wedding Chicks


This wedding blog lets you explore all the essence of weddings. There are lots of wedding photos taken by creative wedding photographers in this blog. You can also submit your own photography and other things here. But Wedding Chicks does not accept anything that has already been featured in another blog.

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9. One Wed


One Wed contains a huge collection of wedding stuffs. You can be a part of their collections by sharing what you love regarding wedding. Besides the general stuffs, you can easily share and learn about decor, Food, flowers, etc.

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10. Martha Stewart weddings


Martha Stewart weddings is one of the top wedding blogs that holds inthousands of sharing of wedding ideas, exceptional wedding locations, artistic jewelry, gown tips, different themes of wedding cake, tips on bridesmaid’s bouquets, invitation card design, and all other regular wedding accessories. Martha Stewart weddings also provides you with budgeting tips, ideas about ceremony, parties, receptions and honeymoon, etiquette advice and else. You can significantly learn about various bridal styles from this corking wedding blog.

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11. Rustic Wedding Chic


Are you being tensed up for planning exclusive wedding in a rural context? Don’t bother, because Rustic Wedding Chic is all about the weddings of countryside. This wedding blog helps you with very elegant and stylish ideas of rural wedding. Though the rural places do not facilitate with some certain requirement for chic wedding, the blog of Rustic Wedding Chic could very much assist you to manage an ostentatious wedding ceremony.

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12. The Perfect Palette


This beautiful wedding blog is all for the color lovers. The colorful objects could make a wedding day more vibrant and rich, and entertaining to the hosts and guests. Everything colorful for wedding is gathered in the wedding blog of The Perfect Palette. You can get the idea of dresses, accessories and everything else of various colors from this blog. The blog is very inspirational as it elevates the color-sense for weddings.

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13. Grooms Advice


Grooms Advice will help you with its useful advices, following which you can easily manage a beautiful wedding. If you are the bridegroom, just keep your eye on the blogs of Grooms Advice, and you will find everything at ease. The blog of Grooms Advice is specially deliberated for the support of the grooms. Most of the wedding blogs deal with the necessities of the brides, so the grooms struggle to gain proper understanding for their wedding. But this blog would certainly help the groom to learn and share the wedding things.

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14. Love My Dress


Love My Dress welcomes an ample range of relevant discussion posts. The wedding blog features many of the real weddings. You can get the unique concepts for everyone’s dress of the wedding ceremony. Besides the outfit of the brides, the blog showcases lots of unique clothing for the bridesmaids, and everyone else. Anyone attending a wedding can get great ideas for their getups from Love My Dress.

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15. Offbeat Bride


If you want to celebrate an exceptional wedding having exceptional dresses and accouterments then you should take the advice from this wedding blog. You can learn about out of cliché ideas about the bridal fashion.

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16. Grey Likes Weddings


Grey Likes Weddings presents a variety of weddings. The selections of this blog incline to a timeless, stylish, and standard bride with a fashion promoting move. Various innovative fashion senses are created and promoted by this blog. The brides can expect to acquire outstanding concepts for their wedding doll up.

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17. The Broke-Ass Bride


You can get lots of help from this wedding blog as it always gives you new ideas and suggestions for your valuable wedding. You can feel free to share your thoughts about wedding in Broke-Ass Bride.

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18. Intimate Weddings


This is a great wedding block that is committed to the small weddings. If you are planning to arrange a small wedding then this block could be very helpful to you. The blog significantly focuses on the cherished love of the couples and highlights it within a small sphere of wedding. In this blog, you may submit any special small wedding too.

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19. Once Wed


Once Wed provides with free listing service for wedding dresses. Artistically, innovative, and beautiful unconventional weddings are revered in this blog. Once Wed features real weddings, inspirations, used wedding dresses and else.

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20. Whimsical Wonderland Weddings


If you are looking for wonderful and whimsically cute ideas about wedding then you must check out the blog of Whimsical Wonderland Weddings. The blog shares some lovely thoughts regarding the big day, perceiving which you can make you won wedding delightful and entertaining. You can also share your whimsical and wonderful wedding ideas here.

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21. One Fab Day


One Fab Day can give exceptional views about the special day. The blog cordially accepts the thoughts of the readers, brides and wedding professionals.

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22. Junebug Weddings


You can find the best wedding photos and wedding professionals through the blog of Junebug Weddings. It showcases the vital things about flamboyant weddings.

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23. Bridal Musings


Bridal Musings is a very outstanding, elegant and stylish wedding blog. The blog welcomes any kind of amazing weddings whether they are from rustic, beach or urban setting. You can have heaps of ideas about planning, DIY, beauty and style from this blog.

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24. Bellethe Magazine


Bellethe Magazine greets submissions from brides, photographers and other artists concerned with wedding. And anyone can gather wedding knowledge from their submissions and suggestions from the blog.

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25. Jet Fete


Jet Fete assures your lavish getaways. It will help you plan and move to your far-off wedding locations or honeymoon. It is a hard task to manage the wedding and honeymoon in a new and distant place, but Jet Fete is always there to help you manage all the faraway wedding programs.

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26. Wedding Bee


The blog of Wedding Bee is the space of the brides’ getting together. They can find great supports, exchange their own stories and get great knowledge from the brides who are planning real weddings.

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27. Bridesmaid


The blog covers the interests of brides and bridesmaids. A wedding ceremony is not just a day of bride’s hilarity rather it is impressively enjoyed by the bridesmaids, and this blog is loyal to uplift the bridesmaids’ entertainment. Dresses, decorations, jewelry, and everything else of the bridal party are the matters of concern of this wedding blog.

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28. Project Wedding


If you want to learn about the most fashionable and innovative real weddings, creative DIYs, and most recent trends then the Project Wedding would be a useful blog. You can share your own creativity too.

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29. Kiss the Groom


This one is a unique wedding blog where you can get and share ideas of wedding, after-wedding, and parental stages.

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30. Polka Dot Bride


The wedding blog of Polka Dot is quite constructive for the brides as it delivers great concepts of modern weddings and all other vital things related to this ceremony. The basics of modern and chic weddings are elaborately scrutinized in the blog of Polka Dot Bride.

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31. Weddings Unveiled Magazine


The blog of Weddings Unveiled Magazine is inspirational for contemporary brides. All things about fashion and designing skills of wedding are shared here. You can gather ingenious and artistic ideas about amazing weddings.

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32. Southern Weddings


This blog can be cooperative to lift up the understanding of modern weddings.

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33. Style Unveiled


The blog of Style Unveiled is the space of sharing wedding inspirations. It unveils various styles of wedding dresses, foods, luxurious decorations, creative and attractive photography, etc. as the assistance for great weddings.

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34. OMG I’m Getting Married


The blog carries every necessary thing of weddings that you need to know about. Diverse styles, locations and other guidance are available in this blog. Discover the most recent DIY weddings, rustic weddings, music themed weddings, fashion forward brides, extravagant wedding dresses, striking accessories, decors, etc. from OMG I’m Getting Married.

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35. Weddzilla


Weddzilla amasses the best venues and food menus for your wedding day. You can find out about the top urban or countryside venues for the ceremony. Beautiful cakes of different flavor and design for your wedding are suggested here and you can also learn about the exceptional food items from this blog. The blog notably advocates the wedding cake bakers, decorators, top photographers, top wedding styles and what not.

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36. The Pretty Blog


Learn about eco-friendly gifts, colorful celebrations, extraordinary locations and other pretty things about wedding from The Pretty Blog. The blog would help you find out little pleasures from the each little aspect of the wedding. Besides, it would help you find out everything else about the ceremony.

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37. Inspired by This


The blog promises you some of the most remarkable wedding events ever organized. You will find the most outstanding outfits here for the special day. You can really get inspired by this blog to arrange wonderful weddings.

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38. A Practical Wedding


You can have beneficial suggestions about your pre-engaged, engaged or married status from A Practical Wedding. The blog deals with the real essence of a wedding emphasizing on the practicality of the ceremony.

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39. La Mariee Aux Pieds Nus


La Mariee Aux Pieds Nus is a unique wedding blog that provides with all the wedding counsels, and advices on pre-marriage or after-marriage states.

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40. Honestly WTF


The blog is really beneficial for wedding decorations. Honestly WTF presents cool and artistic ideas about beauty, style, DIY, décor, etc. Though the blog used to feature home decorations and else, lately it added the wedding category and succeeded to make a huge feat in this sort.

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