68 Useful Web Design Blog Sites For Web Professionals

Web design blog sites have proliferated the World Wide Web, and their tribe keeps on increasing. Web designers and developers have built up a fantastic online community to share and discuss the trends and issues of creating websites. The constant communication among such creative web professionals over the Internet gave rise to a series of interesting and insightful blogs. Many of the web design blog sites listed in this post began their life as somebody’s personal blog. The positive reception that they received gradually turned such blogs into more elaborate organizations run by entire teams.

Web design blog sites today are repositories of information. Most of them offer tips and tricks that designers and developers can use in their work life. Several feature artists and design projects that inspire readers to push further in their own creative endeavors. Whether you are a beginner or a veteran in the field, you are bound to learn something that you never knew.

As you look through the 68 web design blogs listed below, you are sure to find a few to add to your bookmarks. Want to become better at your job? These web design blogs are sure to help.

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A List Apart

A List Apart is a web design blog that is designed “for people who make websites”. If you count yourself among such folk, make sure to drop by this site sometime. The site offers articles across categories such as coding, content, culture and design, and encourages fellow designers to write for the site. The simple design holds a host of information that readers cannot seem to get enough of.

Web design blog A List Apart

Visit A List Apart

Smashing Magazine

There are many reasons why you should go to the Smashing Magazine site. One of the key reasons is that this web design blog strives to inform web designers and developers on all the goings-on in the world of design. The site offers insight, shares the coolest design jobs around the world, and offers a wide range of interesting content for its readers.

Web design blog Smashing Magazine

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Cameron Moll

Cameron Moll is the blog of a designer, speaker and author of the same name. This well-designed and very original blog offers key insights and intelligent commentary on various happenings taking place in the world of design. You will find plenty of interesting links to discussions on design issues on this web design blog.

Web design blog Cameron Moll

Visit Cameron Moll

I Love Typography

There is no question as to what this popular web design blog is all about – typography. So you will find everything to do with typography, type design and the art of lettering. This blog belongs to John Boardley, a British writer, publisher and graphic designer who is currently based in Vietnam.

Web design blog I Love Typography

Visit I Love Typography


The name gives it all away. Typographica is no ordinary web design blog. It is a blog that deals with the niche areas of “type reviews, books, commentary”. The site looks very different from most other design blogs featured on this post. But the large quantity of text does not mar the layout, it only adds a certain freshness to it. Head here if you are obsessed with fonts.

Web design blog Typographica

Visit Typographica


The first thing you notice about this web design blog is its logo, which is great given that the site is dedicated to logos and brands. The site is run by Irish blogger David Airey, who is a graphic designer by profession. Naturally, you will find several posts on graphic design. But prepare to find a whole lot else. More than anything else, prepare to be inspired.

Web design blog Logo Design Love

Visit LogoDesignLove

Fuel Your Creativity

With a name like Fuel Your Creativity, there is no doubt that this popular blog is geared towards creative professionals. This site is really a one-stop destination for designers across genres. It is not limited to just web design. But even if you are after just the web design posts, you will find much more than you were initially hoping for.

Web design blog Fuel Your Creativity

Visit Fuel Your Creativity


If you are a designer and a blogger, Hongkiat.com is constantly publishing a range of exciting articles that hold tips, tricks and cheats to make you a better designer. The site also offers a range of tutorials, tools and freebies. But if you are simply hunting for inspiration, you will get generous doses of the same.

Web design blog Hongkiat.com

Visit Hongkiat.com

1st Web Designer

1st Web Designer recently went from pure web design blog to one that offers video posts as well. 1st Web Designer TV looks set to make the design blog’s fans feel even more excited about their favorite design resource site. The site is dedicated to making their readers better web designers. Given the array of posts, their goal seems quite achievable.

Web design blog 1WD

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If you are looking for a resource site that focuses on WordPress alone, WPBeginner is just the place to be. Founded by Syed Balkhi in July 2009, WPBeginner is all geared towards the needs of beginners to WordPress. The tutorials offered on this site are all very detailed, to ensure that even the non-developer gains a good working knowledge of the popular blogging platform.

Web design blog WpBeginner

Visit WPBeginner

Six Revisions

Six Revisions has been offering great tips, tutorials and resources to web professionals since its inception in February 2008. Founder Jacob Gube, who is a web developer and designer, has since morphed into the company’s Chief Editor. Six Revisions continues the good work thanks to the efforts of its long list of contributors.

Web design blog Six Revisions

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Bittbox is a cool web design blog that designers would love. What is special here is that the posts are so different and so fresh. Thus, you have posts on abstract and grunge brushes, as well as a range of textures. And if you are new to the business of freelance design, you will find lots of advice, such as, for example, “How to Make Sure You Get Paid for Your Design Work”.

Web design blog Bittbox

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As the About section of this web design blog states, “Creativeoverflow is a Online Magazine about Anything Creative.” The site has been around, spreading inspiration and informing creative folk since 2009, when it was founded by Jacques van Heerden. The blog highlights everything from graphic web design to articles on how to design the perfect website.

Web design blog Creativeoverflow

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Design Instruct

Are you a digital artist or a web designer? Then you may have plenty to learn here at Design Instruct, an online web magazine that focuses on all things design. The ever-changing world of web design makes it necessary to stay updated on the news, and Design Instruct helps you do just that. If you need free downloadable resources, you will find them in the Freebies section.

Web design blog Design Instruct

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Design Shack

A web design blog like Design Shack tends to brim over with cool ideas. Few other web designer blogs would boast of headlines like “30 Amazing Resources for Sass Lovers”, but Design Shack does it with flair. Visit this site to hone your design techniques and update yourself on all the happenings from the world of design. There is plenty of inspiration to be found on these pages, with only the best designs being showcased.

Web design blog Design Shack

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The blog section of DesignM.ag offers a range of exciting stories on web design and development. From tips on how to best use minimalist layouts to icons for Apple gadgets and reasons to shift your blog to WordPress, DesignM.ag has something for everybody to gain from.

Web design blog DesignM.ag

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From Up North

In terms of design, From Up North is hard to match. The web design blog is all about providing inspiration to designers across industries. Thus, you have posts on graphics, photography, illustration and packaging among other things. The site started off as an offshoot of Daniel Nelson’s site back in September 2009, but has since come a long, long way.

Web design blog From Up North

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The catchphrases for what you might find on InspiredMag are web, design and lifestyle. So you could keep a lookout for posts on everything from super-cheap keychain phone chargers to infographics from the recently concluded American presidential election campaign. The site also offers guest posts and features emerging artists from the industry.

Web design blog InspiredMag

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The first thing that strikes you once you reach the Inspiredology site is the cartoon header illustrating that this is a “design inspiration lab”. The site offers lots of cool posts on everything from videos to launch pages and from design events to designers that you cannot afford to miss.

Web design blog Inspiredology

Visit Inspiredology

Instant Shift

There are so many categories on Instant Shift that one just does not know where to start. If you have something specific in mind, you can look through the various sections showcased on the menu bar. You will find Web Design, CSS, Tools, Freebies, Icons and so much more. Prepare to be spoilt for choice.

Web design blog Instant Shift

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Line25 is a no-nonsense web design blog that calls out to web developers and designers who are looking for a dash of inspiration and a whole lot of information. Line25 calls itself “the drawing board of creative web design”. As you look through the fabulous posts on offer, you will be tempted to agree.

Web design blog Line25

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The design of Noupe is sure to leave you gaping. Nevertheless, once you get over your initial admiration, make sure to click through and check out all that the web design blog offers its readers. The Germany based blog is high on style and creativity. If offers cool posts across various headers such as AJAX, WordPress, Showcases, Photoshop and Wallpaper.

Web design blog Noupe

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If you are looking for an online magazine to give you design advice and provide you with links to the best online resources, Oneextrapixel or OXP is a fine place to visit. This digital playground gives you access to the coolest things happening in the world of web design. The site has been around since 2009, and currently features articles by creative professionals from around the world.

Web design blog Oneextrapixel

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Speckyboy Design Magazine

The Speckyboy Design Magazine has been catering to designers since October 2007. It began as web designer Paul Andrew’s personal website. Today, Andrew remains the site’s Chief Editor but has since gathered a talented team to help him run the web design blog. Whether you seek posts on mobile development or graphic design, you will find it here, along with plenty of news stories to keep you updated.

Web design blog Speckyboy Design Magazine

Visit Speckyboy Design Magazine


The SpoonGraphics blog is feminine in design, but it is chockfull of information and tips to appeal to designers regardless of gender. The site is run by the uber-talented Chris Spooner, who puts up not just articles but also design tutorials and offers links to downloadable resources. If you were hoping to become a better designer, here is your chance.

Web design blog SpoonGraphics

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If you are into web development and design, you must visit SpyreStudios. The web design blog is updated several times a week. The posts on the site take the form of tutorials, design features and informative articles. You will also find great online resources. SpyreStudios also seeks contributions from talented designers who write well.

Web design blog SpyreStudios

Visit SpyreStudios

Vandalay Design

Vandalay Design is a web design site that works to help individuals and businesses build a better online presence. Naturally, the web design blog that they run is chockfull of their design expertise. So if you are looking to gain some professional insight into the world of web design and development, you have much to gain from this blog.

Web design blog Vandalay Design

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Web Designer Depot

Web Designer Depot or WDD is as popular as it gets. The cool design of this blog is sure to draw you in, and the interesting posts that populate the site are sure to keep you from straying. Web designers and developers from around the world contribute to the site, ensuring that it remains fresh and exciting.

Web design blog Web Designer Depot

Visit Web Designer Depot


Like several of the other web design blogs listed in this post, 10Steps gives you a happy mix of all things related to the world of web design. Do you want to learn new tricks on Photoshop? Are you looking for design ideas for an email newsletter that you will have to design? 10Steps has all that and more to offer.

Web design blog 10Steps

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Why should you visit 2ExpertsDesign? Well, it just so happens that this web design blog has much to offer to creative professionals from the industry. The site offers plenty of cool lists that give you inspiration and access to resources all around the web.

Web design blog 2ExpertsDesign

Visit 2ExpertsDesign

Dzine Blog

Dzine Blog, as the name suggests, is a web design blog that serves as a terrific platform where designers from around the world can find inspiration and advice to improve their skills. There are separate sections on photography and Photoshop as well. And if you want to learn web development, there is a section for that as well.

The Dzine Blog site

Visit Dzine Blog


When it comes to web design, CSS-Tricks is hard to beat. The site gives you plenty of articles on coding and design. If you are looking for tips and tricks, you will find plenty on these pages. The site also has forums and videos, which offer plenty for thought to web professionals who might chance this way.

Web design blog CSS-Tricks

Visit CSS-Tricks

Impressive Webs

Louis Lazaris, who runs the Impressive Webs blog, is quite multi-talented. He is a web developer, designer and author – all three skills show through on his impressive blog, the perfectly named Impressive Webs. You will find plenty of articles on CSS, HTML and Java. The site also offers detailed tutorials web professionals can gain from.

Web design blog Impressive Webs

Visit Impressive Webs


Tuts+ is a wonderfully helpful site that is completely dedicated to providing tutorials. So whether you are looking to become a better Photoshopper or are hoping to conquer your Achilles heel for layouts, this site professes to have hundreds of tutorials that can help you out.

Web design blog Tuts+

Visit Tuts+

The Design Inspiration

As the name suggests The Design Inspiration is dedicated to finding and sharing design inspiration on the World Wide Web. The site is run by a team of designers who find and highlight the best of the design world, including but never limited to logos, patterns, photos and more.

Web design blog The Design Inspiration

Visit The Design Inspiration


Run by Martin Angelov, a web professional who has “been doing web development for as long as I can remember”, Tutorialzine is a beautifully laid out web design blog that offers a host of tutorials and tips while also keeping you updated on the latest products from the world of web design and development.

Web design blog Tutorialzine

Visit Tutorialzine

Web Design Ledger

Web designers have much to gain from visiting the Web Design Ledger website. Whether you seek an out of the box design that simply takes your breath away or tutorials to help you hone your design skills, the Web Design Ledger has much to offer.

Web Design Ledger blog

Visit Web Design Ledger

Web Resources Depot

If free web resources are what you are after, head on over to the Web Resources Depot, a web design blog that focuses on free resources and free resources only. From cool icons to effective apps, you will find a host of exciting things on this website.

Web design blog Web Resources Depot

Visit Web Resources Depot

Web Appers

The tagline over at Web Appers is “best open source web resources”. So you know what to expect from this cool blog that focuses only on goodies that are open source. From web apps to typefaces and plugins and design effects, there is plenty more to sample here.

Web design blog Web Appers

Visit Web Appers

Font Feed

Most web design blogs offer articles about fonts and typography; hardly any of them are wholly dedicated to the same. If you are specifically looking for font ideas and resources, the aptly named Font Feed is a wonderful site for you to visit. You will find old and new typefaces, tips and tutorials, as well as news from the world of type.

Web design blog Font Feed

Visit Font Feed

Tripwire Magazine

If you are looking at web design blogs to bookmark and visit when you need information and advice, add Tripwire Magazine to your list. This wonderful blog is also dedicated to helping web professionals stay on top of a fast-changing market. From advertising to graphics and typography, you will find plenty to whet your appetite.

Web design blog Tripwire Magazine

Visit Tripwire Magazine


If you are looking for tutorials or resources related to the world of web design, PSDVIBE is the place to be. The site provides tutorials that are specific and original. If you are looking for tutorials that are fresh, head over to find some gems.

Web design blog PSDVIBE



Whether you are a tech guy or a design junkie, Desizntech has something for you. This wonderful web design blog promises “to share genuine, creative and useful resources”. A quick look at the website throws up a host of cool posts. And if you want to write a guest blog, you can always contact the Desizntech team.

Web design blog Desizntech

Visit Desizntech

Web Designer Wall

There may be no escaping the inanities on your Facebook wall, but on the Web Designer Wall you will find plenty of exciting posts to make you a better designer. This web design blog is operated by Toronto based web designer and illustrator Nick La. The blog has been around since August 2007, providing design ideas and tutorials while also reporting on the latest web trends.

Web Designer Wall blog

Visit Web Designer Wall

Design Reviver

The homepage design of web blog Design Reviver catches the eye. It is minimalistic and clean, ensuring that the reader is drawn to the posts – most of which are very interesting reads. From helping you decide whether or not you are cut out to be a freelance designer to providing tips for designing a magazine and improving your pay scales, Design Reviver has much to offer.

Web design blog Design Reviver

Visit Design Reviver


Ever wondered how you could make your web production work easier? Dezinerfolio might have the answer. In fact, the web design blog may have answers to many of your web design and development issues. Are you looking to improve your site? Or are you looking to be blown away by design? You will find something to treat your appetite on this site.

Web design blog Dezinerfolio

Visit Dezinerfolio


Devlounge began its online existence in April 2006, which is when it was founded by AJ Clemente. The web design blog has been owned by Splashpress Media since 2007, and is a site that caters to web professionals across the board. Each post has some kind of a design focus, helping readers hone their skills in one area of design or another.

Web design blog Devlounge

Visit Devlounge

CrazyLeaf Design Blog

Crazyleaf Design Blog is a web design blog that promises a host of interesting posts to readers who drop by. If you are just learning web design, check out their tutorials. If you are looking for inspiration, tips or resources, you will find that too. They even have a section called Coolness, which houses the coolest designs from around the world.

Crazyleaf Design Blog site

Visit Crazyleaf Design Blog


This web design blog calls itself “An Extension of the Net”. Its muted color palette is deceptive, because this design blog houses a brilliant array of posts covering everything from information to freebies, inspirational work, online resources and tutorials. If you love roundups with photos of each entry, you will love this site.

Web design blog Aext.net

Visit Aext.net

Web Design Booth

Here is a booth that is all about web design. Web Design Booth is a wonderful blog that developers and designers cannot get enough of. If you are looking for roundups and lists of just about everything related to the world of web design, Web Design Booth is the ideal destination. From amazing photos and surreal art to website links and tutorial sites, this blog offers it all.

Web Design Booth blog

Visit Web Design Booth


The tagline of Pelfusion is “pixels that make your life easy”. A visit to Pelfusion suggests that this site could help you manoeuvre those nasty pixels in just the way you prefer. On this site, you will find posts on everything related to web design, including graphics, coding and WordPress. You will also find separate sections on Art and Photography on this web design blog.

Web design blog Pelfusion

Visit Pelfusion

Orphic Pixel

The name Orphic Pixel seems rather nerdy, as does the tagline, “one dot can cause you a lot”. But designers will understand the significance of that one dot. Nerdy or not, Orphic Pixel is a great website that offers a host of interesting articles to help you monetize or improve your skills as a web professional. The site also offers regular giveaways, so keep an eye out for that.

Web design blog Orphic Pixel

Visit Orphic Pixel


You can get you daily design fix on this design blog that proudly calls itself Designrfix. The site features artists and designers who are making waves in the world of design. It also gives you free downloadable resources and talks about the big happenings in the world of web design. There are plenty of tips lurking on these pages as well.

Web design blog Designrfix

Visit Designrfix


What is most striking about Skyje is its design, which is a fine quality for a web designer’s blog to have. Skyje calls itself a “Social Design Blog”. On these pages you will find informative articles on SEO and social networking, tips and tricks of using WordPress, and plenty of inspiration for designers around the world. And if you want to write for Skyje, that is an option too.

Web design blog Skyje

Visit Skyje

Web And Designers

Web And Designers is a web design blog that offers a platform for web designers and developers to find solutions on a regular basis. It helps, of course, that Web And Designers is itself run by a team of developers and designers. Naturally, they have a better idea of the problems faced by their colleagues in the industry. From SEO tips to brochure creation, you will find it all right here.

Web design blog Web and Designers

Visit Web And Designers


If you are looking to find the creative edge and use it in your day-to-day design work, 99designs’ Designer Blog has much to offer. This brilliant blog adds to 99designs, the marketplace for crowdsourced graphic design. On these pages, you will find tips and tutorials, the winning designs on the site’s frequent online contests, as well as profiles of designers that are doing work that is worth applauding.

Web design blog 99designs

Visit 99designs

Web Design Dev

Web Design Dev describes itself as a “Creative Online Journal for Web Enthusiasts”. The site is a one-stop destination for web fans. Whether you are looking to improve your Dreamweaver and Photoshop skills or want to try out some Flash tutorials, there is plenty available on the design blog. You will also find freebie, inspiration and tips on how to earn online. What more can one ask for?

Web Design Dev blog

Visit Web Design Dev

Smiley Cat

Web design blog Smiley Cat is run by Christian Watson, a British web professional based in USA. If you are a web professional too, you will find plenty of food for thought on this intelligent web design blog. From articles on online advertising to regular roundups of good design and tips on creating great headlines, you will find more than you expected on these pages.

Web design blog Smiley Cat

Visit Smiley Cat


If you happen to be a web developer, Web Monkey is possibly one of your bookmarked sites. This cool site, which has a blue, bespectacled monkey holding a wrench as its logo, is a wonderful resource for developers who need news and tips from the online world of design. You will find cheat sheets too as well as articles on everything from browsers to databases.

Web design blog Webmonkey

Visit Webmonkey


The web design blog that is Colorburned offers an array of news, interviews and resources for web designers across various categories. This design blog also offers a range of resources, tutorials and freebies, all of which is geared towards making you a better designer, no matter what your skill level might be.

Web design blog Colorburned

Visit Colorburned


As the name suggests, Tutorial9 is all about teaching its readers the nitty-gritties of the web design business. Here on Tutorial9, you can learn to draw simple figures on Adobe Illustrator, get your hands on free WordPress themes, drool over a roundup of creative business cards and so much more. The site offers plenty of downloadable resources as well.

Web design blog Tutorial9

Visit Tutorial9

Smashing Apps

What Smashing Apps does really well is to provide informative and picture-rich posts on a variety of web design topics. Whether you are looking for new and interesting font resources, cool plugins or high-quality tutorials, you will find plenty of posts from which to choose. Looking for freebies? You will find those too!

Web design blog Smashing Apps

Visit Smashing Apps

Cats Who Code

Cats Who Code was founded by Paris-born, Belgium-based Jean-Baptiste Jung. The About section of the web design blog clearly mentions the target clientele – “web developers, web designers, web masters, and so on.” What can you find here? You will find a host of useful tutorials to help you make your website something worth admiring.

Web design blog Cats Who Code

Visit Cats Who Code


The name alone should have provided an inkling as to what this web design blog is all about. If you believe the tagline, WpRecipes gives you “daily recipes to cook with WordPress”. Whether you are a WordPress amateur or somebody who is looking to rejig his/her WordPress page, this site is sure to be of help. Incidentally, it is run by the creator of Cats Who Code mentioned above.

Web design blog WpBeginner

Visit WpRecipes

Pro Blog Design

As you enter the homepage the Pro Blog Design website, large fonts shout, “free tips and tutorials for wordpress”. Already, you have a good idea of what the site is all about. Pro Blog Design offers more than just tips on how to better your WordPress experience though. The web design blog has been around since August 2007 and offers plenty of ideas on how to improve your website.

Web design blog Pro Blog Design

Visit Pro Blog Design


Dzinepress is a cool design blog with the tagline: “for a Dazzling Design Experience”. On these pages, you will find a wide range of articles relating to design and the art of blogging. If you are looking for fonts and freebies, you will them here. But you will also find tips on using HTML, Joomla, WordPress and much more.

Web design blog Dzinepress

Visit Dzinepress

Smashing Hub

Smashing Hub is a Pakistan based web design blog that offers tips and tutorials on everything related to web design and development. The site is run by CEO Ali Qayyum and a small, talented team. Smashing Hub encourages web professionals, designers, developers and even photographers to contribute articles on their site.

Web design blog Smashing Hub

Visit Smashing Hub


What a web design blog like Slodive does is to give the reader informative posts that are populated with pictures that illustrate each point. If you are talking design, this cool and young site offers articles, tutorials and plenty of tips and tricks to ensure that you become a better designer with every visit.

Web design blog Slodive

Visit Slodive