20 Unique Shopping bag designs

These days many types of shopping bags are available in market. As a consequence, not all types of bags are popular among people. So, marketing strategy is very important to get success. Thus, design plays a key role in this regard. This is a common assumption that a good design makes your product more acceptable around the world because naturally all people are fond of a good looking product. Shopping bag is not excluded as well. Another important factor is its relevance to other items. There are many occasions where shopping bags can play a decisive role to purchase a product or change the perception. Sometimes, a unique bag can motivate other people to buy the specific good as a good advertisement policy. Many people joke it by naming “bagvertising”. However, a standard or beautiful bag can increase a product user base.

Shopping bag is a crucial factor to develop a consumer group. So, be unique in this regard. People can use online facility as well as self designing method. Top shopping bag designs include ASPE crime stories bag, Revital, Karl Lagerfeld shopping bag, Fitness, Tom of Finland shopping bag, Kong shoe bag, Floating magic I bag, Olympic shopping bag, Book, Children with Autism, Meralco unplug to save, Stop’n grow nailbiter and so on. To get a proper idea, it is highly advisable to have a look on above mentioned bags. After that review, a person can easily understand the significance of a shopping bag.

1. YKM shopping bag


It is the product of TBWA/Istanbul. Their current campaign is Jump rope YKM.


2. ASPE crime bag


It is highly popular among the young people. The self titled campaign is run by Duval Guilaume. Vlaamse Televisie Maatschappij is the advertiser and brand name is ASPE.

3. Herr Jung von Matt from Germany created an interesting bag for its clients. Nail biting is very creative for this reason.


4. X ray bag


It is somewhat p***ographic. But, adult people like it a lot.

5. Alongside of other quality bags, magic I make a great impression for its outstanding quality.


It is look like a transparent fishing line. Its subsequent consequence is feeling of a without bag line. The Malaysian Grey Kuala Lumpur is the main advertising agency. Mr. David Sin is the creative director, Mr. Lee Weng Onn is copy writer, Mr. Daniel Chin is designer and Mr. Phoecus Lee is the art director. They all made it 100% natural.

6. Muse bags


These were designed as color sample of hair extension for distribution to visitors at a renowned beauty salon. This is actually made in Italy back in 2006 and three sizes is available in market.

7. Olympic bag


It was actually made for paper carriage purpose. The cost varies a lot.

8. Red Cross is trying to influence the people’s decision by its famous volunteer needed shopping bags. There are many designs at a reasonable price. In addition, it creates a humanitarian appeal to the people.


9. The Philippines number one brand in electricity goods is Meralco. As a leading supplier, it always wants to create a good relation with consumer. For this reason, they enhance this opportunity by informing people on given bags that how to read the electric bill.


10. Quantum graphics has done an excellent job by designing such a fabulous coffee pot offer. There are two concepts. The first one is related to awakening of senses and the second one is relevant to the inspirational message. Furthermore, little coffee pot was introduced in 2005 for making a more effective communication.


11. Canon EOS 500D brochure and collateral is very good for camera advertisement. Because, many people will buy the specific good by following other purchasers.


12. Y&R Dubai reinvented the laundry bag and provided LG bags to the customers to deliver the clothes. Nice to hear that, it is widely used in apartments, streets, billboards and so on.


13. Sheep’s wool shopping bag is another common product carrier which was introduced by Ms. Sarah Stenberg from Montreal, Canada. This is a fabulous one, especially for the women customers.


14. Alef design agency created a unique product by its Kiyan dane pars. It is not only accustomed to Iranian citizens but also common in other countries. Hana co. is the client, Mr. Milad Hoseinkhani and Abbas Mahboubfar is the art designer.


15. Pantene shampoo bag focus on a strong hair where the bag reflects a girl can be hold on by her Pantene hair. This picture reflects the significance of Pantene shampoo that why will you use this one.


16. Brain bag IBM open power project is involved in IT and electronic components which were commenced in 2006 by a Japanese agency named Ogilviyone Japan. Mr. Shigehiko Ichinosawa is creative director, Mr. Hiroaki aAdachi is the art director, Mr. Hidehiko Fukuda is the copywriter.


17. Max factor eye bag is the product of Leo Burnett Frankfurt. Procter and Gamble co. entitled it as Max factor. Mr. Andreas Pauli is the chief executive officer, Mr. Kerrin Nausch is director, Ms. Daniela Ewald is the art director and Mr. Benjamin Merkel is the copywriter.


18. Astrid and Therese is wine bag which is actually dominated by women.


19. Mr. Rob Gros is the architect of crazy shopping bag. This Dutch man is working with different shopping bag a design which is completely different from each other. This is obviously a great achievement for him.


20. Knuckle bag is nothing but clothes in closets. Mr. Chacho Puebla is the creative director, Ms. Luciana Cani is art director, Mr. Pedro Rebeiro is the copywriter. This was launched in 2009 by Leo Brunett Lisbon.


Other top categories should be noted as well. For example, reusable shopping bag, plastic shopping bag, plastic bag, body bag, sleeping bag etc. If you search on internet then you will find lots of variation in designing on a bag. So, this is up to you why you choose a particular bag. As it is depends on your purchasing power, so you have to understand your caliber as well. You shouldn’t run for any specific bag without considering the current situation. Sometimes, it is violent or sexually explicit. So, many people discourage to use such rubbish on bags. But at the same time, the owners use these types of bags for creating it more acceptable and unique. They legalized this issue by entrepreneur perspective. The running year has already introduced some good designs such as Cubby, Josie poly tote, Sling Crossbody, Scout etc. All of the non woven is recyclable, reusable and washable. Polyesters are lightweight and reusable. Paper designs are reusable and recyclable. Plastic designs are famous for high volume with cost effective nature. Recycled items are used for eco friendly purpose. Custom bag has many colors, feature, shape, size etc. Price is another key factor which can’t be ignored. In concise, most of the cases you can get an idea by have a look on shopping bag because many designers are using the product as a model on surface. And, that’s the prime reason why people are attracted to go to a certain consumer product house.