Stunning Tattoo Designs For Men and Women 2016

Last year, the world has seen spectacular tattoo designs done by professionals and amateur artists. Tattoo artists continue to defy expectations of tattoos enthusiasts. They do it by creating stunning arts on the human skin. As expected, the trends from last year will continue over into 2016 by master tattooist. So, I have decided to round up the hottest styles and designs to give you more tattoos to choose from this year.

Tattoos are a fashion symbol and keep on getting more appealing.  Thanks to the different styles and designs that brilliant tattoo artist continues to make. Here are some of the designs that you can wear that are sure to last beyond 2016.

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1. Tattoo Designs for Men

This tattoo design is masculine and perfect for men. The tattoo artists did a wonderful job for creating a design that looks good on the human skin.

tattoo designs for men

Via Galystyles

2. Tattoo Designs for Girls

Are you looking for cool tattoo designs for girls? If so, this is your lucky day as I have collected stunning styles and designs that you will love. This air balloon tattoo is colorful and perfect for girls. The artist definitely created a tattoo design that is tempting and stunning. In fact, only a blind fool will not appreciate the fine work of the artist.

tattoo designs for girls

Via TattooArtClub

3. Maori Tattoo Designs

Maori tribal is a design that carries a lot of meaning. A Maori tattoo on the arm is not just stunning but also implies the person wearing the design is courageous and valiant.

maori tattoo designs

Via StylesAtLife

4. Tattoo Sleeve Designs

What do you think of this tattoo design? I think, it’s a cool tattoo for 2016. So, it is not surprising that many will recreate the design or get inspiration from it.

tattoo sleeve designs

5. Dragon Tattoo Designs

All over the world, tattoo fans prefer dragon tattoo designs. Both men and women prefer the dragon extraordinary characteristic. People love dragon tattoos because it symbolizes courage, independence, and strength. The dragon tattoo image below is sure to bring you inspiration. After all, the design created for inspiring tattoo fans to choose dragon tattoo.

dragon tattoo designs

Via PopTattoos

6. Butterfly Tattoo Designs

This butterfly tattoo design is very lovely and pleasant to look at, but more so when inked in your skin. Do you think the butterfly design is unique? You can wear this design but make sure it tattooed on your side as shown on the picture.

butterfly tattoo designs

Via StyleAtLife


7. Japanese Tattoo Designs

For many years, a tattoo is associated with the Yakuza as the tattooing painful process considered courageous. Additionally, a tattoo is a permanent thing so it also symbolizes loyalty. Today, Japanese tattoo is part of fashion and very popular design because of its history.

Horiyoshi III
Horiyoshi III

Via Buzz16

8. Polynesian Tattoo Designs

Polynesian tattoo designs are getting more popular each day. People who are into tribal designs love the style and the meaning behind the art. By the way, the art of tattooing is part of the Polynesian culture.

I love this Polynesian tattoo design it looks nice and sexy. What do you think of this Polynesian tattoo?

polynesian tattoo designs

Via SmashingYolo

9. Tiger Tattoo Designs

Tiger is another popular tattoo design, as they look great on the body. Plus! The tiger animal has been a source of inspiration for many tattoo artists. Tiger is a predator and a hunter, making it perfect for those who want a tattoo that shows the animal characteristic.

tiger tattoo designs


10. Skull Tattoo Designs

Skull tattoo are widely used as they represent a lot of things. The skull tattoo you see now is one of the hottest designs for men and women. Skull is great to combine with flowers, animals, and elements to make the skull tattoo design even more meaningful and unique.

skull tattoo designs

Via PopTattoos

11. Samoan Tattoo Designs

Samoan is an island located within the Polynesian triangle. The Samoans considered tattooing as a way of life and have practice the art of tattooing for over 2000 years. The picture below is a good example of Samoan tattoo that you can use for inspiration.

samoan tattoo designs

Via Cuded


12. Rose Tattoo Designs

Rose tattoo is one of my favorite designs. I always wanted a rose tattoo just never got the courage to get one.

rose tattoo designs

Via DesignAtattoo

13. Fairy Tattoo Designs

Girls grow up with fairies. These mystical creatures have fascinated little girls. But, some girls have never outgrown their fascination with tinker bell and other mystical creatures. So, when they grew up they get a fairy tattoo. If you are one of those women obsessed with fairies, maybe you get inspiration from the fairy tattoo design below.

fairy tattoo designs

Via TatRing


14. Angel Tattoo Designs

Angels have been inspiring tattooist since time immemorial. Both men and women use the Angel tattoo designs as a religious devotion. Master tattooist continues to inspire the younger generation. The younger generation of tattoo artists followed their idols by creating beautiful angel tattoos.  So, the trend for awesome angel tattoos has remained and would continue to be popular.

angel tattoo designs

Via GetTattoosIdeas

15. Celtic Tattoo Designs

In the old days, Celtic warriors inked their bodies with Celtic symbols to show their victories in wars. Today, Celtic symbols used to decorate the body with beautiful arts as tattoo considered by many fanatics as a way of life.

celtic tattoo designs

Via CelticTattooist


16. Wolf Tattoo Designs

Wow! That is the first word that comes to mind when I saw this beautiful wolf tattoo on the internet. The tattoo artist definitely did a good job creating the wolf masterpiece. With this kind of art, people will really love wearing wolf tattoos.

wolf tattoo designs

Via TattooJournal

17. Sun Tattoo Designs

Sun tattoo is very popular design for 2016. The sun symbolizes protection and leadership, probably why many men and women love wearing sun tattoo.

sun tattoo designs

Vai TrendistTattoos

18. New Tattoo Designs

This 2016, compass, globes, map, plain and travel devices are the newest trend. Many people considered map or compass as fashionable so they get tattoos like the one shown in the picture as awesome ideas. The modern tattoo designs are colorful, vivid and cheerful, which is what 2016 demands.

new tattoo designs

Via PopTattoos

19. Koi Tattoo Designs

Koi tattoo has always been a favorite of many women and men. Koi are good cover for a woman’s back and they make them look even sexier. The Koi tattoo you are seeing now is just one of the many Koi designs that you can wear or use to create your own masterpiece.

koi tattoo designs

Via TattooShortList

20. Tribal Tattoo Designs for Men

Tattoos have captured the heart of many people. Both sexes get tattoos to enhance their body and express their uniqueness. Tribal tattoos have been part of many cultures across the globe for hundreds of years. They continued to attract the younger generation because of the awesomeness of the designs. The tribal tattoos are popular and remain the most sought designs by tattoo enthusiast because of the intricacy of tribal tattoos.

Tribal Tattoo Designs for Men

Via GetTattooIdeas

These tattoo designs shown on this page are just some of the styles that have caught the attention of the tattoo fans. And continues to attract people looking for awesome tattoo designs for men and women.