90 Things You Must Do Before You Die

It is said the beauty of life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the moments that that take our breaths away. We have always lived life with an aim / goal to be achieved. I am not disapproving this approach to life but sometimes, one shall let his hair fall and let the wind pass through. Sometimes, one shall keep goal as secondary and glimpse around to contribute to the society even any minuscule manner possible. Here are our list of 91 things that one shall attend to to achieve bigger aim in life.

1)   Help Out a Stranger in Distress

How about being a little humanitarian and helping people around in distress! This would be the perfect random undertaking before you die. In this case, helping out a random stranger would be very satisfying for your soul and supportive for the stranger at a same time. You can help the person in so many ways considering his/her needs. if you are a believer of god or not, this attempt will definitely refine our self.


2)   Solve a Rubik’s Cube


Solving the Rubik’s Cube could be quite a baffling task if you are a novice with this puzzling stuff. But it could be very enjoyable to you if you learn some algorithms and keep on practicing. Once you are able to triumph over the brainteaser, you will be delighted with extreme excitement.

3)   Finish a Jigsaw Puzzle


Jigsaw Puzzle is always a fun game. Playing this you can sharpen your brain and pass a compelling time simultaneously. Play it alone or with company and solve the puzzle to bring in a great pleasure. The process of arranging the stuffs will be exciting and cogitating and the eventual solving of the puzzle would make you feel a great contentment.

4)   Watch the Top 100 Best Movies of All-Time


Watching the top 100 movies can be an entertaining task before you die. Entertainment is probably the most amazing thing of life. So, if you go for the 100 best movies of the world, which are hits for ever, award winner or the blockbusters, it will be a startling experience for you.

5)   Become a Lifelong Collector of Something That Fascinates You


Collecting interesting things are the hobbies of so many people of the world. If you are that kind of a collector or if any particular thing fascinates you then you must go for it and take it as a major part of your diversion from the brutal life. Many of us collect coins, stamps, etc. You too can gather these or anything else and be the lifelong collector of the stuff that excites you. By doing this you can make your life more exciting.

6)   Enjoy a Freshly Rolled Cigar in Cuba


Those who are regular smoker will be delighted to have Cuban cigar as the freshly rolled cigars have unique flavors than any regular cigars. To the smokers cigars are considered as elegant and if it is a freshly rolled cigar of Cuba then the smoking gets to a higher standard. If you are not a regular smoker, even then a freshly rolled cigar in Cuba can be the matter of bang-up enjoyment.

7)   Float Around the Dead Sea


The Dead Sea is earth’s lowest altitude. It is the deepest hypersaline lake in the earth. From the Mediterranean basin, the Dead Sea has invoked millions of visitors. The water of Dead Sea has the density of 1.240 kg/L which means swimming in this seawater is alike floating. And floating around this ever prominent sea would be the liveliest and most cheerful entertainment before you die.

8)   Get Passionate About a Cause


Passion for things makes them more concrete and determined. So get passionate for a particular cause that provides the generative force for something special and that suits you particular personality. The passion could turn the cause into something creatively massive and significant.

9)   Listen to War Stories


If you are not familiar with the stories of the wars of the world then these narratives would definitely be electrifying and awe-inspiring to you. You can listen to these war stories from anyone elder or from various persons who have sufficient ideas about the wars and who can narrate the stories appealingly.

10) Create Your Family Tree


Create your own family tree before you die. The tree would be the great collection of all the details of all the family members.

11) Connect With Teachers From Your Past


Teachers are the real helpers in a person’s life and if you can make them your best friends, your life gets smoother. So, keep connected with your teachers from the past and keep the relation friendlier than before. This could make you feel lot better as they can give you good advice for the moves of your life.

12) Acquire Persuasion Skills


Persuasion skills are the most gifted quality of a person as you need to persuade the people around you in all the steps of your life to gain the success. Try your best to acquire the persuasion skills because they are the real weapon to sway the minds of other.

13) Read At Least Five Books From Modern Library’s Best Novels List


Modern Library’s best novels list are world famous collections of novels. So read at least five books from them and elevate your knowledge and understanding.

14) Take a Photography Class


Photography is a unique art. Though it is a creative task, taking a photography class would be really helpful to polish your creativity. You can learn critical tricks and acquire great skills from the photography class. Then you will find your work of taking photos more interesting and creative.

15) Perfect a Magic Trick


Magic trick is one of the coolest things. It is a grand quality of a person to become skilled at magic trick. So, if you have got the skill then just perfect a magic trick to bewilder and amaze the eyes of people.

16) Rescue a Dog/Cat From an Animal Shelter


You will find lots of dogs/cats in an animal shelter, but it is not possible to save them all. So, take one or more of them and give them a better life. A cat/dog can be the best friend of yours if you treat them with kindness. Love for animals is quite a divine thing, and it is good for both you and the animals.

17) Pay for a Stranger’s Groceries


If a stranger is willing enough to take your help or poor enough to buy the essentials, you could pay for his/her groceries. Paying for a stranger could make you feel better as a helper, and this could also make the stranger a good friend of yours.

18) Write Yourself a Letter and Read it 10 Years Later


Whether you are habituated with letter writing or not, you can write a whimsical letter for yourself and keep it unread. It would a matter of great fun and entertainment to read it after 10 years. Years later, the letter could remind you about the things of your younger age.

19) Get a Deep-Tissue Massage


A deep tissue-massage will manipulate the deeper levels of your muscles and connective tissue using various techniques. The massage could enhance functions of your muscles and tissues, give support to the healing process, reduce muscle reflex action, put down motor-neuron sensitivity,and make you feel relaxed. And most importantly, a deep tissue-massage is a great matter of recreation and pleasure.

20) Take a Week-Long Technology Hiatus


All of us are absorbed in technology most of the time. The major part of our life has become dependent on and attached with the technology. You have to do almost everything with the help of technology. Specially the internet, social media, and else are sucking our head in regular basis. So you better determine to take a wee-long technology hiatus to relief your head and yourself.

21) Write Your Last Will and Testament


Before you die, you can write your very last will of your life. A last will and testament is the legal document that will ensure your last wish that you want to be fulfilled. Generally the last will deals with your estate, so you decide what you want to do with your estate and write last will and testament.

22) Fast for Three Days


Fasting for three days will be helpful if you are fat enough. Though fasting is not good for your health, but you can take this task as a challenge or strange wish before you die. By doing this you will be able to gain the empathy for the poor who are deprived of food most of the time. You can also do this if your religion advocates you to do so for any particular purpose.

23) Ride an Elephant


The experience would be unusual to ride an elephant. This animal is quite tall and its movements are different from other animals. So, it would be a great fun and a matter of thrill if you can ride this wild animal. You can find an elephant to ride in a zoo or in fairs.

24) Break Plate Glass With a Ball-Pen Hammer


Who does not like to do some unusual things before s/he dies! You do the task of breaking a plate glass with a ball-pen hammer and enjoy the very atypical fun. As it is a tricky task, learn the tricks and get the fun from the breaking.

25) Collect Your Favorite Recipes (join CAL group)


If you are a gourmet and devoted to experience tasty foods then collecting your favorite recipes will definitely be a great task for you. You can write down your favorite recipes in your cook book, you may also collect them from paper cutting and food magazines. Joining in the CAL group is a great idea on that purpose as you can get a huge collection of recepies of healthy and testy foods there.

26) Swim With Dolphins


Swimming with the dolphins will be a rare and amazing experience before you die. You must have known that dolphins are very friendly and entertaining. Swimming with the dolphins make them happy and you will be happier than ever. You will find them very playful if you deliberately cooperate with them.

27) Learn to Sing


Singing is a great talent which could make you feel great and make others impressed. So, if you struggle to sing well by your own, take lessons from a master and learn to sing well. If you learn to sing before you die, it would be a pleasant attainment for you, and there will be lots of opportunities for you to shine in your life by this learning,

28) Learn to Make a Dish and Become Known for It


If your family is getting bored with the same old taste of your daily food then experiment something new. You can learn to cook something new, something tasty which will be very inviting for their taste bud and you become the real hero of your home. You can also offer that dish to your guests and become well known for it. You never know that the creative dish could take to the space of fame.

29) Become a Cheese Connoisseur


Gather a good deal of knowledge about cuisines or become an expert of creating great tastes of cheese. It’s a matter of great fun and feat to become a cheese connoisseur as almost everyone loves cheese, and you could be pleased a lot by pleasing the others by serving great food.

30) Go Couchsurfing


You can do this to get and share different experiences with different people. Just keep moving from one pal’s house to another, stay every house a few days, sleep on the floor or couch or wherever space is available. Couchsurfing is quite like social networking or exchanging hospitality and as whole a fun.

31) Leave a Hefty Tip for Excellent Service


You can do this for any kind of service that really satisfies you. Living a fat amount of money for the excellent service of the server could give you some kind of unusual pleasure and most importantly, it would be a matter of great joy for the server to have an unexpected amount of money. You can leave a hefty tip for the waiter of a restaurant or for any kind of outstanding service to give the server a great surprise for his/her excellent job.

32) Eat a Six-Course Meal That You Prepared


Self-prepared foods are always appealing to eat, and a six-course meal is rich and bounteous to enjoy. It would be a matter of challenge for you to prepare all the six categories of food items for one meal, though it could blow your mind and appetite while dinning.

33) Quit a Job That You Really Hate


You do a job of course for a happy living. If you are unable to do the job happily, you must not stick to it. You are not liable to any job. So, if you really hate it, just quit it and look for something that really pleases you and financially supports you well too.

34) Become Financially Literate


Financial literacy has become the ultimate need in this materialistic world. You can’t have a superior life and living if are not financially solvent enough. It would be the most sensitive step for you to try your best to earn a great sum of money and utilize your time to become financially literate. Do not live a meager life and do not be deprived of all the exciting facilities of modern life being monetarily illiterate.

35) Become a Foster Parent


Whether you have a child or not, you may become a foster parent before you die. Adopting a child would be a very exceptional experience for you. You will be able to unleash your parental love to that child and take it as a crucial part of your family. If you don’t have a child then the adopted one can give you a great company as a friend and as an offspring.

36) Ride a Segway


Segway riding is cool and challenging. You should do this to gain some unusual fun from this exceptional ride. If you are not regular with this ride and habituated to ride the four-wheel vehicles then it would be a great fun to try a Segway.

37) Learn a Martial Art


A Martial art is a very interesting thing to learn. You can get to know the codified rules, customs of combat. It is a very worthy thing to learn in your life. Significantly, it quite ensures your self-defense and fitness. The development of your body, mind, and spirit are also elevated by the Martial art. However, learn this art to have some different entertainment in you life.

38) Always make time for your parents


Not only the parents but also the children are supposed to be loving and caring to each other. It will give a safe and secure emotion to both of you and your parents. So, try to make some time for your parents. No matter how busy you are, spend some quality time with them, take the meal together and share your problems with them. It will help you to grow up a good relationship and strong family bonding with them.

39) Pass on a Family Heirloom


Passing on the family heirlooms is a social trend and a legal custom. If you have any family heirloom given by your parents who also have got it from their parents, you can pass it on to your next generation. The passing of the heirloom will work as a token of your family and its heritage. So, after consuming the heirloom for a long time, you should pass it on to your children or your close family member to provide them with the taste of family inheritance.

40) Develop a General Knowledge on Important Topics


It is best for a person to gain some general knowledge about the world, if not, about his/her surroundings. There are some crucial topics regarding which you must gather some general knowledge before you die. This knowledge would make your life easy and rich. You will feel yourself a superior figure who knows things.

41) Have Your Portrait Painted


Painting is an extraordinary art. A real object can turn into a great art and a matter of aesthetic pleasure when it is nicely painted on a canvas or paper. So, having your portrait painted will be a matter of extreme pleasure for you. In a painting, you would find your own similar portrait but in an amazing way. You can hang your painted face on a wall, which will embellish your home and surprise the guests.

42) Buy a Round of Drinks for the Whole Bar


Getting in a bar and get on with the atmosphere is a great fun. The excitement could be heightened if you are willing to buy a round of drinks for the whole bar. This undertaking would make you a celebrity for that day. This will stir up the whole bar and you will br the one of everyone’s attention.

43) Master a Lawn Sport


Lawn sports are popular all over the world, and there are lots of varieties of this kind of sports. It will be a great accomplishment if you master one of these lawn sports, because it could make you the star of a particular area. Lawn sports are always fun, so mastering one will let you enjoy the fun more obviously.

44) Forgive and Let Go of Grudges


It is quite common to have grudges on any people around you. But it is the truth that no grudges can make you feel better or do any good. It should be the best decision for you to forgive your enemy and get on with them, and let go of all the grudges before you die.

45) Learn to Paint


You can discover the merriment of creation through painting. Painting is the way in which one can execute her/his imagination on the paper. By learning painting, you can also discover your hidden talent. On the other hand, you can also exhibit your painting in a public exhibition, take it as your profession, and decorate your house exceptionally. So, learning how to paint is not a bad idea at all.

46) Help Someone Else Fulfill a Goal


The achievement of the goal of life is the most crucial part of a person’s life. So, helping someone else to fulfill his/her goal would be a very generous move which could make a person feel the real satisfaction, and you too would be proud of yourself for your benevolent contribution.

47) Take a Cooking Class


Learning something new is always fun and when it is cooking, its overwhelming. You can surprise your near and dear ones by cooking yummy dishes rather than cooking the same boring food. On the other hand learning cooking under an instructor will be very enlightening. You will also get to know different cooking tricks and cooking a dish within the shortest possible time. You can join the classes as a couple, with your mother or with your best friend that will give you additional fun.

48) Go to the Airport and Take the Next Random Flight


If you like adventure then this idea will work for you. You can go to the airport and take the next random flight to enjoy an adventurous get away. This trip will be a complete package of fun for you as you completely unknown about what is waiting there for you and where to stay. Even you don’t have any real plan about what to do, and you are not taking anyone else with you.

49) Fly a Kite at the Cervia International Kite Festival


Cervia International Kite Festival is a unique festival that blows the minds of thousands of people of various countries. You can enjoy thousands of colorful kites and the excitement of the kite flyers being there. You must fly a kite in this festival to feel the amazing competitive mood and enjoy the most from this stirring event.

50) Quit my job and Start Your Own Successful Business


Doing any job under another person or organization is never so satisfactory. Even a good payment can’t always make you contented with the job for the lack of freedom. So, it won’t be bad move to quit this type of dependent job and become self-dependent. It will be a huge attainment and contentment if you start your own successful business.

51) See a Lunar Eclipse and a Solar Eclipse


These two are the worthy scenes to observe before you die. Both the eclipses would provide you extraordinarily different impressions. These are very unusual occurring. So you must not miss the eclipses.

52) Sleep in a Hammock


Hammock is a very comfortable thing to sleep in and it let you enjoy your sleep in any exterior environs. You should gain this experience before you die.

53) Master the Scorpion Yoga Pose


Yoga poses are not so easy to execute, and the Scorpion yoga pose is quite a strong task to do though it is a great one of yoga. So, it would be a matter of big attainment if you master the Scorpion yoga pose.

54) Create a Bucket List


You should create a bucket list before you die where you will list all your major intended things to do before you die. You can measure the perfection of your life by counting the fulfillment of the tasks listed in the bucket list.

55) Stop comparing yourself to your peers


If you have the urge to develop a better personality then you must stop comparing yourself to your peers and try to find the best in yourself. Celebrating the self is the most powerful practice for a person, and this practice could make you the better version of yourself. However the people or your peers are, great or worst, do not bother, just be yourself.

56) Be thankful that you are the youngest in your family


Being the youngest in the family is the loveliest experience for a person. So, if you are the youngest in your family, you must be proud and thankful for that. For being so, you could be the center of everyone’s affection. All the family members always adore and advice you the best.

57) Believe in something bigger than you


Believe in something that you will never understand. Whether it’s God or the Universe just believe in something because when everything else fails, which is bound to happen, all you’ll have left is your faith that things will get better.

58) Spend some time with nature


If you consider the fact that, ‘Nature is fuel for the soul’ then spend some time with nature and boost up your energy for and enliven yourself. It will bring the freshness in both of your physical and mental health which can definitely give you a complete ease. As a result, you will feel more alive in your everyday life.

59) You are just awesome


Keep reminding yourself that you are one of the most awesome persons of the world. These would lift up your self esteem, and you could be more confident in anything.

60) Ask a stranger on a date


Everybody is a stranger until we go and talk to them. Dating with a complete stranger will be a great fun as both of you doesn’t know anything about each other but you get to know gradually. And you never know, maybe it will turn out to be the best thing that you have ever done in your whole life.

61) Sleep under the stars / in a tent


You must gather the experience of sleeping under the stars or in a tent. This undergo will make you feel romantic and pacify your mind and soul.

62) Kiss someone in a down pour of rain

Kiss someone in a down pour of rain

There is hardly any person who finds it less romantic to kiss someone they love in a down pour of rain. Just let the rain hit your face, and make some romantic memory with the one you love.

63) Watch a sunrise and sunset


Sunset and sunrise are the time, when you can enjoy the beauty of world. To experience that beauty, you can visit the best places which are top rated on that fact. Though, having seen the view of the final and first ray of the sun is almost the same, both of them will give you different impression.

64) Decorate a room in my house unusually


Discover yourself as the most individual face in your family by giving a new and unusual makeover to your room. You can use some new accessories, arrange the furniture in a completely different way or try some new color to get the new look of your room. This newly decorated look of your room will give a new impression to both of you and your room.

65) Spend 3 months getting my body into my perfect shape


Who does not want to have perfectly shaped body! If you want yours as shaped, just spend 3 months for exercising and balanced dieting and eventually get your body into your desired shape.

66) Accept myself for who I am


Always accept yourself for who you are, because nothing else really matters to you more than yourself. And the self deserves the best appreciation for however it is.

67) Get a tattoo


Now-a- days, getting a tattoo has become a fashion trend globally. It is no more the sign of bike gangs, bad boys or outlaws rather it has become a symbol of your fashion sense. So, you can surely get a tattoo which is suited to your individual personality.

68) Learn to say hello in 50 languages


If you love to surprise the people around you, you must try this. And as an advantage, you can easily grab their attention. On the other hand, it will be enriching for your knowledge and you’ll find it easy to interact with other people. And it is fun to learn to say hello in 50 languages

69) Make a difference in at least one person’s life


You should make a difference in at least one person’s life before you die. Whether s/he is a friend or family, you influence can make a huge alteration and modification of that person’s life. For your great support you could turn out to be the best friend of that particular person or be a great motivational figure for him/her.

70) Send my parents on their dream holiday


Parents play an undependable role in their children’s life. They make their children feel safe by giving them every opportunity they need. So, sending your parents on their dream holiday could be the best idea to say ‘thank you’ to them for whatever they do for the betterment of your life. It could be the best reward and surprise for them from the bottom of your heart.

71) Find a long lost friend


Friendship is one of the best things of life. We all have lots of friends from our very childhood, and some of them become unforgettable in our life. If you have such a friend of your young age who you have failed to keep in touch, you should find him/her out before you die. When you somehow find that long lost friend your happiness knows no bound.

72) Taste the finest wine


Wine is fine. If you appreciate the fact, then tasting the finest wine will be a great experience for you. You can taste world’s finest wine and become a true wine enthusiast. Tasting the finest wine could be one of the greatest memories of your life.

73) Meet your ideal


Your ideal is someone who is an ultimate standard of perfection, who is being adored blindly and excessively by you, who has changed your thinking, your life or s/he is someone who shared the same thoughts as you do. Though meeting your ideal may cost you fortune but you should definitely try this at least for once to energize yourself, being confident on yourself. On the other hand it will be very inspiring and exciting for you to meet practically with your inspirational figure.

74) Write a letter to my children


Your death will leave an ultimate emptiness in your children’s life. It’s a great idea for a mother or father to write a letter for their children which they get when s/he is dead. Your letter will be the greatest souvenir that you have ever left to your child. It will arise great feelings in your child as it means how much you care for them.

75) Go to a designer fashion show


If you are crazy about fashion and love to keep pace with the new trends of fashion, then you should definitely go to a designer fashion show and spend a lovely evening out there. It will be a great experience to see the presentation of a designer’s creation, and added to that, you can also meet some interesting people and communicate with the new fashion sense of the designer which will help you to upgrade your own fashion sense.

76) Have my photo in the news paper


Finding your photo in the newspaper will be amusing for both you and your familiar figures. It will be exciting as you will feel yourself identified by all the people of your nation. You may have your photo in the newspaper by doing something special, by being famous or by being notorious.

77) Spend a day at a concentration camp and never forget


A concentration camp can be very attention-grabbing for you as the infamous persons of your nation are imprisoned there. The harsh condition of these people will be awe-inspiring to you and you will never be able to forget this particular day of your experience. You will be highly motivated not to commit any hideous crime that could make you deprived of a free life.

78) Be someone’s mentor


Being a wise and trusted guide and advisory to someone would be the most supreme achievement of your life. If you be someone’s mentor, you will be a respectable and helpful figure to that person. By being a mentor you can be proud of yourself and your apprentice will also be proud of you.

79) Learn not to say yes when you mean no


One of the best personality traits of a person is being straightforward in making statements. Most of us have the habit of saying yes when we mean no to make other happy. But you can’t always make people happy by pretending. So, try learn not to say yes when you mean no and vice versa.

80) Kiss someone at 12


Kissing someone is always electrifying and breathtaking, and if you could manage to do this at a younger age, it would be much more thrilling. So, try to be a little courageous and kiss someone at your age of 12 and find the excitement at your childhood. The experience would be a great memory and matter of sweet fun when you will become old.

81) Take a photo of my kids for first 365 days


This will be a great task of photography if you take at least a photo of your kids every day for the first year of its birth. Thus you can capture the gradual development of your child of the first year for ever. The photos will be the matter of enormous entertainment for all the family members and the kids too in future.

82) Tell a random person my whole life story


It is very common that you sometimes have to spend a long time with a stranger through your journey, in a library or in a waiting room. Without keeping yourself silent and getting bored, go and talk to them. You can talk about your whole life story, your childhood, your life and about your family as well. Sometimes, we feel unsafe to talk about ourselves with a known person and feel lonely but with a random person you can make sensitive conversations as well. You can also make new good friends through this type of conversations and have great times with them.

83) Shower in the rain

Rain is a great source of natural refreshment and taking shower in the rain will be a very refreshing and playful experience for you. Getting drenched from head to toes with the rain water is really enjoyable. You can feel the real coolness under the rain water which makes you get the extreme stimulant from the nature.


84) Go on a reality T.V. programme


Reality T.V. programme is always interesting because it is real and not always like a set up. Generally the participants of a reality T.V. programme are from the general masses which make the programme much more interesting to enjoy. And it is only possible to be a live viewer in this type of show. So, you should go on a reality T.V. programme and enjoy it live, at least once in your life.

85) Make a million pound


Who doesn’t want to make a million pound before s/he dies? Earn this huge amount of money to make a fantastic living. So, create some unique ideas or work real hard to make a million pound. This money will never let you depend on other in your life. And you can fulfill most of your long cherished wishes.

86) Shop down Hollywood boulevard


Hollywood boulevard is the name of a street in Hollywood which is quite famous for its shopping malls and stores all around. You can explore the street by shopping interesting things down there. You would experience the tastes of Hollywood by shopping down Hollywood boulevard.

87) See an opera


Enjoy an ostentatious theatrical setting in an opera. It will be a majestic experience for you to be in an opera and enjoy the grand art form in which the musicians and the singers present a magnificent dramatic work. This western classic art of music would entertain your eyes and soul.

88) Keep a journal every day of pregnancy


Write down your feelings of carrying a baby in your womb in each day of your pregnancy. The journal will be the collection of great experience of your life.

89) Mediate every day for a year for 20 minutes


Meditations are very helpful for both the body and soul. So, you should be familiar with this before you die. At least do it every day for 20 minutes for a year and feel the great change in you.

90) Try to be times person of the year


It is a huge achievement to be the person of Times. So try to be the one of any year before you die.

91)  Be Happy


Happiness is the best feeling you have ever experienced in your life. It is the best emotion of fulfillment. But you may not be happy and free of all kinds of tension always. But try to overcome it and be happy beyond the imperfections.