20 Portfolio Design Samples For Creative Types

Portfolio design samples are a creative resource that can encourage web designers and developers to think outside the box. This does not necessarily mean that the best portfolio websites are complicated and ever so elaborate. The truth is quite the opposite. Simple websites that highlight the owner’s work while creating a marvelous user experience are the ones that rank among the top portfolio sites.

Portfolio design samples, especially the good ones, provide just the right dash of inspiration to help even creatively stuck designers to overcome their block. The best portfolio sites encourage you to think differently and come up with new and improved solutions to problems of portfolio design. Good ideas do not always emerge from a vacuum. It certainly helps to have some great portfolio design examples to provide a creative nudge.

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In this post, you will find 20 of the coolest portfolio design samples doing the rounds of the web world. If you are eager to find some design or redesign ideas, you should find them right here.

Supereight Studio

The portfolio site of Supereight Studio is a runaway winner thanks to its beautiful layout. Sure, you have the menu bar at the head of the page, placed below the large logo, but you do not need to click right away (not unless you are in a hurry). Scroll down and a slider shows off the work done by this “small and friendly British studio” while linking you to the respective projects. Scroll further to see links to their online store, journal, Twitter feed and contact details – all of it laid out effectively and elegantly.

Supereight Studio: an elegant portfolio site

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style=”text-decoration: underline;”>Bullet PR

There is something very retro about the Bullet PR website, which serves as a reminder that great portfolio design samples need not be all business-like. This brilliant website links you to everything from Clients, Services and Testimonials to Blogs at all times. Even as you scroll down this single page portfolio website, the menu bar remains fixed at the foot of the page. With retro ad style images adding zing to the text, you cannot forget this portfolio in a hurry.

Bullet PR: online portfolio with a retro feel

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style=”text-decoration: underline;”>Carbure

Portfolio design samples like the Carbure website take a simple layout out and give it a twist. While the homepage opens to the picture of a boring desktop computer, scrolling down into the Featured Works sets it aflame. This Featured Works section is designed differently. If the homepage had a vaguely historic feel to it, the dark background and light font make this portfolio section seem sleek and very current.

Carbure: great portfolio design



The Eighty8four portfolio website oozes contemporary style. The homepage shouts out that they are “A Perfect Fit.” As you scroll down you learn more about this co-agency for creatives, from who heads it and what services it offers to whether they are hiring. Links are also present at the top of the page. In Eighty8Four’s own words, “doesn’t get better than this”.

Eighty8four's portfolio site

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HelloKarl Studio

The HelloKarl Studio has a markedly different look and feel, particularly when compared to most other portfolio design samples on the web. The site plays with a palette of mostly black, grey and white and with solitary parallelogram shapes adding drama and utility. The menu is hidden away beside the logo. Open it up, click on a link and the sudden emergence of color brightens up the page.

HelloKarl Studio: a fantastic design portfolio

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Portfolio design can be childlike without losing sight of its professional goals and without compromising its visual impact. Toy is a wonderful example of portfolio design done well. The site opens to a bright orange background as the text “toy.” slides in beautifully. Animation adds to the overall childlike feel, but links placed at the center of the page take you through all of the brand’s achievements in the field of work.

Toy: great portfolio sites can be playful

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The NoSleepForSheep website exhorts visitors to “Jump fences and be counted.” The Nashville based web design and digital marketing agency also says, “We put wool, sweat, and tears into our work.” At first glance, their portfolio design is simple, divided into sharp blocks that give you the necessary information. But combined with crisp text, this portfolio site is a fine example of how simplicity need not be a disadvantage for attracting employers in an increasingly digital world.

NoSleepForSheep: simple portfolio design

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El Passion

The white background provides El Passion the ideal interface for promoting their services, which is building “rock solid applications” and designing “stunning interfaces”. Their own portfolio design interface is stunning enough. The minimalistic design helps this website rank among the best portfolio design samples currently on offer. The brand’s no-nonsense feel translates into the look and feel of the site.

El Passion's effective portfolio website

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Designs Genius

This lovely design studio has the sky playing the backdrop, and as you scroll down you seem to get further immersed in the cloud as the grey shading the cloud becomes gradually darker. If you require simple portfolio design samples, Designs Genius’ portfolio’s uncomplicated layout could give you the necessary inspiration to build your own site. Little touches like adding icons to the four sections on the menu bar help this website stand apart from the rest.

Designs Genius' simple and effective online portfolio

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BKWLD is markedly different from all the other great portfolio sites proliferating on the web. For starters, the central slider does not have images; it has little video clips that could almost pass for images. Scroll down and you will see their latest work placed within circular frames. The mix of circles and rectangles add a different dimension to the site. The menu bar at the top makes for easy navigation as well.

BKWLD: portfolio design for users

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Alex Dukal

It is only natural that the portfolio design of an illustrator will reflect the work that he does. Alex Dukal’s portfolio site therefore looks like a collection of fairy tales. The illustrations on the central slider as well as on the thumbnails that follow are sure to impress potential clients who come by his site. Dukal has not played too much with the layout, yet images of his work gives this site a unique and original feel.

Alex Dukal's illustrated portfolio site

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John Likens

John Likens is into motion design and art direction. His portfolio site has an expectedly cinematic feel. We love that he has kept the homepage short (it scrolls down only once). Yet, it is enough space to highlight his recent projects, provide a bit of news and connect visitors to his Facebook, Twitter and Vimeo pages. Separate About, Work and Contact pages, which also boast of sleek design, provide all the other necessary information.

John Likens' compact online portfolio

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If you go by its website alone, Icelab appears to have a sense of humor. The online portfolio of this Australia based studio offers links to its work, contact details and other matters right from the center spread. In case you missed something, the menu on the page header is there to help. The combination of blue, white and red makes this portfolio design pop. It certainly stands out from the crowd of portfolio design samples.

Icelab's effective portfolio design

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The image of the blackboard with chalky writings helps this otherwise basic portfolio website make a different impression altogether. It highlights TSE’s core services and contact details among other things. If you do not get it from there, the links at the head and in the course of the page help you navigate. Moreover, potential clients can send TSE a message right from the homepage thanks to the contact form on the bottom right.

TSE-WebDesign's portfolio website

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Most of the portfolio design samples listed here and elsewhere have links to inner pages placed visibly somewhere on the homepage. Not so for Greydient. The homepage features only a single framed slider, where the different images carry elegantly integrated links to the various sections of the portfolio. A subtly placed Contact link sits below the slider. The design is elegant, clean and definitely memorable.

Greydient: minimally elegant portfolio design

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Matt Everson’s Astuteo is unafraid to change the rules of the design game. Thus, the layout that you see is quite different from that of other portfolios. The homepage shows Averson sitting at a desk while links to the various sections as well as the project slider sit around him without seeming to jar. Social media integration and the smart use of different typographies makes this portfolio something special.

Astuteo: a creative portfolio design

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Here is another illustrator portfolio that keeps things simple and lets the illustrations do the talking. The logo, links to the various sections, and the social media buttons sit on the left margin. The rest of the page is given to thumbnails of illustrations arranged according to their categories in a simple grid layout. Open any one category to see the relevant images in a slide show format.

Lapin's illustrated portfolio site

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Susan Murphy

Portfolio design samples like Susan Murphy’s portfolio site are easy on the eye and relatively easy to implement. The minimalist look and feel are a great option for people who have limited experience in web design and development. As Murphy’s website shows, all you need is to provide an introduction, contact details and examples of your projects. We particularly like how Murphy displays thumbnails of her work on all three pages on her portfolio site.

Susan Murphy's design portfolio



This great online portfolio belongs to John Panagiotou. It is remarkably different from most other portfolio design samples in every possible way. For starters, it is interactive. The sheaves of paper that rain on to the homepage are all links to John’s projects. The subtly placed links at the footer allow for easy navigation while the music playing on site adds to the sensory experience.

Nisgia.com: an interactive portfolio site

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The off-beat layout of Pikaboo helps it stand out from among the crowd of ordinary portfolio design samples. Instead of placing projects on a central horizontal slider, Pikaboo gives it a vertical twist. The same twist is extended to the project categories. However, the navigation to essential portfolio pages – News, Pics, About, Contact – sit horizontally within a loop below the brand logo on the left margin. This flash portfolio is both smart and fun, and sure to impress potential clients.

Pikaboo: offbeat portfolio design

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