20 Creative Portfolio Design Examples

Portfolio design examples can help you find the inspiration to build a successful online portfolio of your own. Potential employers today like to have an online address that they can sift through before deciding to hire somebody. The need for a strong design portfolio is always important, but it becomes particularly so if you are designer, because then employers will look out for examples of what you can do not only in your previous projects but also in how your portfolio is built.

Portfolio design examples are of various kinds. For this article, we picked out 20 of the most creative portfolio sites on the web. As you browse through these great portfolio sites, you will find that they cater to varying groups of employers. No matter how spectacular these portfolios are, they may not be a fit for every employer. The key, therefore, is to be true to one’s own style and reach out to clients who will appreciate it. In this respect, all these portfolios succeed.

All that remains now is for you to scroll through this list of 20 creative portfolio design examples and select your favorites. Get ready for some outstanding visuals.

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Ewout van Lambalgen

Dutch illustrator Ewout van Lambalgen brings his talent to the forefront on his online portfolio. This single page website holds up a mirror to the kind of work that Lambalgen does. It is sure to impress potential clients immediately while informing them first-hand about the illustrator’s capabilities. The website highlights his work, features social media integration and has an easy-to-use contact form.

Ewout van Lambalgen's portfolio site

Guided Creative

Here is another single page portfolio website that is a fine example of design creativity. Since website creation is their area of specialization, Guided Creative’s portfolio site is a fine example of all that they can achieve. The muted blue and grey color is interrupted by well-placed pops of color. The site is fun yet informative – a reminder that business websites do not have to be boring.

Guided Creative's single page portfolio

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Pointless Corp.

Creative portfolio design examples like Pointless Corp. take their branding seriously. The name maybe “pointless” but this website has nothing that is superfluous. Like some other top portfolio sites, here is a brand that does not take itself too seriously. It has a sense of humor and is not afraid to use it whether through text or illustrations. There is an introduction to the organization and to their “pointless projects”, along with links to their blog and necessary contact details.

Pointless Corp.: a great portfolio site

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Hello Monday

When it is a matter of portfolio design, many of the best portfolio websites are no match for the Hello Monday page. This flash portfolio website uses a subtle color palette and seemingly undramatic layout. Its projects are arranged in slim brown-toned blocks placed one below the other. As soon as you hover over its project list, the site bursts into life. Thus, this online portfolio achieves its essential function of informing visitors about the company’s projects. Hello Monday, with its single page portfolio does so in style.

Hello Monday: a flash portfolio website

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Tim Potter

Blue and white are the colors of choice for yet another single page portfolio. Tim Potter’s portfolio brims with understated creativity. Potter uses pictures and text (with a mix of typography styles) to explain who he is, what he does, and what services he offers. The easy navigation at the top takes visitors to the relevant sections, but it does seem more fun to keep scrolling down.

Tim Potter's web design portfolio

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Cast Iron Design Company

The little black cooker on the left-hand side of this portfolio site appears to be “cookin’ up good design”. That this is the portfolio site of a design studio becomes clear as soon as the page loads. The retro look, muted palette and cool typography tells visitors to lighten up. This environmentally responsible firm says, “We believe green design doesn’t need to be stuffy & serious….” Its portfolio design is a testament to that mission statement.

Cast Iron Design Company: fun portfolio design

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Planet Propaganda

The most creative portfolio design examples make a big visual impact. A case in point is the portfolio site of design and advertising agency Planet Propaganda. Their approach “Simply, then Amplify” comes to life on their website. There is nothing shy about the design or the layout of this portfolio site. It is bold in its use of images and layout – a daring that will appeal to companies that are looking to increase their brand presence.

Planet Propaganda: big and bold portfolio design

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Eduardo Peixoto

While most of the coolest portfolio design examples on this list and elsewhere focus on making a strong visual impression, Eduardo Peixoto’s portfolio involves the auditory sense as well. The layout is unlike most other design portfolios. It ticks all the right boxes but also dares to create an out-of-the-box experience for the viewer. The nearly anatomical images create an all-round sensory experience that is hard to forget.

Ed Peixoto's flavorsome portfolio site

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This cool portfolio of graphic designer Alexey Abramov claims, “I know every pixel. In person.” And if that did not grab your attention, the blurbs on Alexey’s homepage will convince you to hire the guy for a design project. Creative portfolio design examples like this one reel you in with their fresh design and simple navigation. It is smart, catchy and wholly effective.

Alexarts: catchy portfolio design

Denise Chandler

Denise Chandler’s portfolio homepage is set on a fairground. Again, blue, white and grey seems to be the theme. The typography adds to the overall off-beat feel of this portfolio design. Chandler likes to let her “quirky flag fly”. In her “About Me” section, she affirms that “serious” and “corporate are not quite her style. Her portfolio is testament to this web designer’s style.

Denise Chandler's quirky portfolio site

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Toasted Digital

Here is the online portfolio of a company that is not afraid to be cute. Yet, this website ranks among those creative portfolio design examples that lose nothing by being cute and quirky; on the contrary, they gain more fans than their more serious counterparts might. Moreover, the site makes it a point to announce its big-name clients in full view on the homepage. Easy navigation and effectively placed contact details make this a gem of a portfolio.

Toasted Digital's cute portfolio design

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Kelli Anderson

Creativity comes in various forms. In Kelli Anderson’s case, all kinds of pictures seem to be taped on to a wall. The word – “ENTER.” – written in bold black font links you to Kelli’s art and design projects as well as to her blog. The site’s design is refreshing and different. This is not a portfolio that you will forget in a hurry.

Kelli Anderson's design portfolio

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One does not usually connect creativity with the “Delete” button, but this cool portfolio site says, “Unlock your digital potential – Delete.” Indeed, Delete is not like any other portfolio site. It has a rather magazine feel to it with its bold logo, accessible menu bar, central slider and two-column layout. The site leads viewers to check out its projects under “Work” and interesting events, finds and more under “Culture”. Moreover, visitors to the site can filter Delete’s projects according to the categories.

Delete: a great portfolio website

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Serial Cut

Serial Cut prides itself on having been “Imagemakers since ’99”. The portfolio website makes a huge visual impact thanks to its full screen slider. The Madrid based studio dabbles in the areas of photography, design, 3D design and motion graphics. As you go through the images, it is impossible to not be impressed. All the links and text are placed on the left-hand side, and users can even choose a thumbnail view of the studio’s best images.

Serial Cut ranks among the best portfolio sites.

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Electric Pulp

It is perhaps easier to get creative when you have several pages at your disposal. But Electric Pulp is among those creative portfolio design examples that restrict all that boundless creativity on to a single page with great results. Visitors to the page can either scroll down to check out the web design and development firm. Alternatively, they can click on the links located on the left. Either way, the viewing experience is wonderful.

Electric Pulp: a single page portfolio website

Dean Oakley

This web designer and developer says that he likes “creating unique clean sites that are easy to understand and navigate.” His own portfolio site holds true to this statement. The site has a fun illustrated background with links to the “About Me”, “My Work” and “Contact” sections located on the left margin. While most other online portfolios scroll vertically, Dean Oakley’s website smoothly scrolls sideways.

Dean Oakley's portfolio design

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Old Loft

Most creative portfolio design examples seem to emerge out of the minds of web designers and developers. Old Loft is no exception. This great portfolio site is a study in simplicity. Created within a single evening, this online portfolio does away with all that is superfluous. Thus, you will find easy access to a contact form and the Old Loft’s Twitter and Facebook pages. You will also get a clear idea of the services offered and work done by the Old Loft team. What more can a potential employer ask for?

Smart yet simple: Old Loft's portfolio website

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They call themselves magneticNorth or mN, and boast of one of the most creative portfolio design examples on the web. This design company’s online design portfolio is not just a smart and interesting way to exhibit their work – it also allows the visitor to participate, and in a way, tap into his/her own creativity, by drawing to discover all that is hidden behind the pale green on the mN homepage.

Interactive portfolio for mN

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Flash portfolio websites can be magnificently creative and 13flo’s online address proves as much. This portfolio website goes really hi-tech and almost futuristic in its design with multiple screens linking you to the various projects on which 13flo has worked. Click on one of the screens and it goes even more sci-fi on you. The contact button is subtle and placed such that it catches the eye. A great and original website.

Futuristic and interactive: 13flo's portfolio design

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Asthma Studio

Portfolio design need not be elaborate or complex to be successful. Asthma Studio understands this, and hence, its portfolio site is simple and minimalist yet effective. The contact details sit comfortably on the header, holding pride of place beside the logo. The rest of the homepage is given over to visuals. Not just the homepage, even the inner pages feature a central slider, with images to other projects showing up below it.

Minimalist online portfolio for Asthma Studio

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