26 Photoshop Video Tutorial Links To Bookmark

Photoshop video tutorial pages can be a godsend when you are struggling to make a visual impact. It is not only beginners and novices that have trouble getting the best out of their image editors, even people who have years of experience can get stuck at the most inconvenient of times. Good Photoshop video tutorials can really guide you through the obstacles and help you create stunning images.

Photoshop video tutorial links fuel creativity by teaching you the basics as well as tips and tricks of using the popular image editor. The better your Photoshopping skills are, the greater the chance that you will be able to create spectacular images. In this article, we have put together 26 informative Photoshop video tutorial links that you should add to your bookmarks.

If you are keen to learn, keep your Photoshop open as you watch the video tutorials.

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Carry out your own visual experiments right away!

DekePod: 101 Photoshop Tips In Five Minutes

Tutorial by: Deke McClelland

The speaker has actually managed to deliver 101 tips on Photoshop in 5 minutes flat. It might seem a bit overwhelming at first but you can watch the video at your own pace and learn a great deal about Photoshop. One amongst the many great Photoshop video tutorials on this list, this video makes you familiar with all the shortcut keyword keys that you can use to carry out various tasks. Using shortcut keys can reduce your effort by almost half.

Photoshop tips in five minutes

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Adobe Bridge: Learning To Import Pictures To Photoshop

Tutorial by: Martin Perhiniak

This tutorial helps you learn how to use Adobe Photoshop Bridge for importing pictures. In this case, it helps to know a few basics of Photoshop. So go through some Photoshop video tutorials describing basic tools before coming to this one. Adobe Bridge lets you easily import pictures and various other files into Photoshop. This is useful especially when you want to compare two pictures side by side before deciding which one is the better photograph. This will give you a better perspective with respect to analyzing the clarity of details in photographs.

Adobe Bridge Photoshop video tutorial

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Photoshop Tutorial: 5 Reasons Why You Should Use Smart Objects

Tutorial by: pstutorialsws

In this Photoshop video tutorial, you will learn what Smart Objects are in Photoshop and why you should use them as much as you can while editing photographs. You will also learn that by using Smart Objects you can create an easy transformation for your photographs without any loss in photo quality. The video tutorial describes five advantages of using Smart Objects. Smart Objects ease the use of filters and layers on photographs without hurting the photo.

Smart objects Photoshop tutorial

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Photoshop CS4: Color Blast

Tutorial by: GFX Support

Photoshop has a number of filters rendering various interesting effects. The Color Blast effect is one such amazing effect created using just Photoshop filters. The Photoshop tutorial provides an easy to follow step-by-step guide to achieving the Color Blast effect. As you will learn, the effect is created by using a pixelated color halftone background over a rendered cloud filter. It may sound difficult, but by the end of the video tutorial it will be easy to accomplish.

Color Blast video tutorial

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Tutorial: How To Avatar Yourself

Tutorial by: Stephanie Valentin

Here is something fun to do. Would you like to surprise your friends with your Avatar picture? Here is a Photoshop video tutorial to show you how you can do it with a few simple steps. The most important thing to keep in mind while creating an Avatar image of yourself is that the light or color shades have to be the same on both sides of the face, especially the eyes. So go ahead and create your own Avatar!

Avatar Photoshop video tutorial

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Photoshop CS4: Create Smooth Bubbles

Tutorial by: GFX Support

Do you want to add bubbles to an existing photograph? Think it is difficult? Well, not anymore! This Photoshop tutorial teaches you how to create smooth bubbles and add them to an existing photograph. How real the bubbles look will depend on your skill and precision in using the drawing tools in Photoshop. The rest of the job will be done using the filters. You will simply need to work on creating a single bubble and then copy-paste this image wherever you require bubbles in the photograph.

Bubble creation on Photoshop

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Faking Fog In Photoshop

Tutorial by: Domen Lo

Did you know that you could create realistic looking artificial fog in an existing image using Photoshop? It is pretty simple, and can be achieved by following this Photoshop video tutorial. This tutorial will show you how to do it by adjusting cloud layers. The most important thing in this case is obviously to position the fog correctly so that it does not look off in the photograph. The video might seem long, but be patient and you will learn some easy steps for adding fog to your photographs and adding that extra charm.

Fog effect Photoshop tutorial

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How To Use And Create Brushes In Adobe Photoshop

This Photoshop tutorial will solve your problem of not always finding the right brush in Photoshop tools. The video tutorial has been designed keeping in mind your need for different brush strokes for different designs. From which sites to look into, to saving and installing the brush files, to using them, this tutorial takes you through it all. It is a good idea to preview the effects of the brush before downloading it. The effects are nothing but pictures made using a particular brush.

Photoshop brushes tutorial

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Photoshop CS4 Rainbow Eyes Tutorial

Tutorial by: Traolach Conboy

This is a fun-filled tutorial that teaches you to add color to the eyes in a photograph. Obviously, the prime condition here is for the eyes in question to be sufficiently large so that the color change is evident. You can experiment with all the rainbow colors or use different gradients of the same color. The fun part is that with the help of Photoshop video tutorials like this one you can change the color of the eyes to any color you wish without having to use colored contact lenses on the model. So go ahead and have fun experimenting!

Rainbow eyes Photoshop tutorial

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Nondestructive Sepia Toning

Tutorial by: Domen Lo

Sepia tone makes a usual looking photograph unusual and is loved by most people. In the past, the technique of sepia toning a photograph was long and complicated. In the age of Photoshop, this tedious task has been reduced to a job done in minutes. This instructive video tutorial teaches you how to sepia tone a photograph in a jiffy without destroying its original quality. The process is simple, yet effective. So stay tuned and master the art of converting photographs to sepia tone.

Sepia tone Photoshop video tutorial

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How To Create Actions In Photoshop: Video Tutorial

Tutorial by: Yanik

Now you can create actions in photographs using the action tool in Photoshop. This Photoshop tutorial will teach you both the use of existing default action buttons as well as creating new ones. In the language of Photoshop, an action means a chain of commands that are created and then recorded. The entire sequence of commands between ‘record’ and ‘stop’ makes one action. Once an action is listed, it can be applied to any number of pictures by a single click. Therefore, you do not need to create the same action for different pictures.

Photoshop actions video tutorial

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How To Create A Fantasy Photo Manipulation

Tutorial by: Constantin Potorac

In this Photoshop video tutorial, you will learn how to create a fantasy world artificially using Photoshop tools. The best part about this tutorial is that it is available both in a video tutorial format as well as a step-by-step instructive tutorial with relevant images. The tutorial will show you how to create a beautiful fantasy world by working on a few images. So all you really need to do is to select the right images for your work and use Photoshop to achieve the end product.

Fantasy photo manipulation Photoshop tips

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Light Through Window

Tutorial by: Corey Barker

Light plays an important role in photography. Light converts a photograph from drab to dynamic, from terrible to spectacular. Now it is quite understandable that you do not always get the exact effect that you expected to achieve while clicking. This is where Photoshop comes to your rescue. This particular video tutorial is about artificially creating light rays—for example, light streaming through a window—using Photoshop. You will see how creating light rays gives a dramatic effect to the otherwise plain looking photograph.

Light effects Photoshop video tutorial

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Graphic On Mug

Tutorial by: Corey Barker

How many times have we wished that we could imprint images on things like mugs, magazines, etc. Photoshop makes this possible. In a few easy steps you can have any picture on any object, for example, your face on a popular magazine or your favorite picture on a coffee mug. Unlike in other applications, this does not make the image look like a sticker on the object but rather like a part of the object. The video tutorial is short and simple to follow. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and let your face be on the next Vogue cover page!

Photoshop tutorial for graphics on objects

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Stylized Comic Book Effect

Tutorial by: Corey Barker

If you have always loved comic book graphics, here is your chance to give anyone’s photograph a comic book effect. Follow these simple steps explained in the video tutorial and voila! You will have your best friend looking like a character from a comic book. This is a fun project and you could experiment with different looks by changing gradients. The intensity of the different filters used helps define the final look. So you can choose to make the final picture brighter or darker as you prefer.

Comic book effect Photoshop tutorial

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Mystical Moonlight Effect Photoshop Tutorial

Tutorial by: anothera.net

If you have always wondered how to create a moonlight effect for your photographs, here is a Photoshop video tutorial to show you how. To create this effect, take a photograph that has a lot of empty space to work upon and that is not cluttered with too many details. This is so that the final effect is clear and significant and the attention is not drawn to other details. However, this is not a technical restriction and you may choose any photograph with which to work.

Moonlight effect video tutorial

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Ice Age Disaster Photoshop Tutorial

Tutorial by: anothera.net

This video tutorial teaches you how to add snow and ice to your photographs and give an ice age disaster look to the backdrop. Unlike the earlier tutorial, here you would ideally require a photograph with plenty of details. In this tutorial, a city backdrop is chosen which has plenty of buildings, trees, display boards, etc., to work on. You can easily increase or decrease the intensity of the filter to decide the amount of snow you would like in the picture.

Ice age disaster video tutorial

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Fairy Dust Tutorial

Tutorial by: Aaron Nace

Why add fairy dust to a photograph? Simply because it can turn an ordinary photograph exciting. The effect is achieved by just using different brushes and a few layers. It can’t get any easier than this. It might seem a little complicated in the beginning but by the time you get to the end of the tutorial, it will be easy to repeat the task.

Photoshop tutorial to create fairy dust

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Atmospheric Comic Book Effect Photoshop Tutorial

Tutorial by: anothera.net

Inspired by movies like Max Payne and Sin City, the atmospheric comic book effect is a real work of art. With the help of this tutorial, you will learn to create this effect for any photograph. The steps are simple and yet the effect is brilliant. The video tutorial will take you through all the steps in detail. Time to bring comic book brilliance to life!

Atmospheric comic book effect tutorial

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Create Smoke In Photoshop: Video Experiment

Tutorial by: Fabio Sasso

Photoshop gives the user not only the freedom to edit photographs but also to create. Photoshop video tutorials like this one teach you to create your own smoke artificially. You can create artificial smoke, add it to photographs and have some fun. There aren’t too many steps involved, which makes the procedure quite easy. It is all quite simple and gives an amazing smoky effect for your photographs.

Creating smoke on Photoshop

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Photoshopping Scrapbooks

Tutorial by: Ash Davies

Not all of us believe in the paper-pen world. This tutorial is aimed at those who wish to create a digital scrapbook. The Photoshop video tutorial consists of four different components—creating the handmade tanned paper, the sticky tape, the hand writing and some spilled ink as well. Even those of you who do not feel confident enough, go through the tutorial and you will want to have a digital scrapbook as well. So what are you waiting for? Save paper and go digital!

Photoshop video tutorial for scrapbooks

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Holy Mountain Scene: Adobe Photoshop Tutorial

Tutorial by: Opariuc Mihai

Inspired by the Gods and want to create a heavenly abode? Go through this video tutorial and learn how. The tutorial shows an example of the Greek temple of Zeus, but you can experiment with different kinds of architecture. By keeping in mind the different methods and tools used you should be able to achieve a similar effect even with a different monument. The idea is to create a heavenly place in the clouds where the gods would reside. The video is short, yet informative.

Holy mountain scene Photoshop tutorial

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Photoshop Tutorial: How To Add A Background Texture To A Portrait

Tutorial by: TutorVidCom

This short Photoshop tutorial shows how you can add a variety of texture layers to a photograph’s background to give a grunge look to the photograph. You can easily experiment with different layers to achieve different looks for your photograph. The procedure involves working with a couple of ready source files, Photoshop layers and a few Photoshop blending tools. The tutorial is simple and the results are diverse.

Photoshop background texture tutorial

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Photo Enhancement In LAB

Tutorial by: Erik

This tutorial shows how to work on the LAB color mode to enhance both the contrast and color of the photograph with a single adjustment. This is achieved by adjusting a few curves and the results are amazing. LAB mode is nothing but three different channels, the L, A and B channels, which give three different color results for your photograph. The adjustments have to be done carefully as every tiny change can have a drastic change on the visual look of your photograph.

LAB photo enhancement video tutorial

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Photoshopping A Print Ad From Start To Finish

Tutorial by: Catalin Paduretu

Photoshopping a print advertisement from beginning to end involves more elements that you can imagine. Not a surprise that this video tutorial is over 44 minutes long. Also, the tutorial does not have a voice so pay close attention to understand all the minute details. Every feature matters to get the perfect advertisement print. This is an advanced level Photoshop video tutorial and it helps to have prior knowledge of basic Photoshopping guidelines.

Photoshop video tutorial for print ads

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AlanWho Photoshop Video Tutorial: 10 Photoshop Tool Secrets

Tutorial by: Alan Kay

Here is another Photoshop tutorial on shortcut keys to make your Photoshop project progress faster. The tutorial teaches you shortcut keys for some basic and yet important Photoshop tools to increase your speed and reduce your effort. The video tutorial is short and without frills, yet it achieves the target of helping you with Photoshop tools.

Photoshop tool secrets

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