20 Cool Photography Tutorials You Must Not Miss!

Photography tutorial sites not only teach us the basics of photography and post-processing, but also introduce us to cool and interesting ideas that we may not have considered previously. In this post, we bring you 20 more photography tutorials. This time, our focus is not only on the basics, but also on the cool things that you can do, both while taking a picture and later during the post-processing stage. There is always scope to get creative, and the techniques discussed in the tutorials that follow will encourage you to try new things.

Photography tutorial pages like the ones mentioned below, frequently encourage photographers and digital artists to dare to experiment. So whether you are trying to understand concepts pertaining to focal length or shutter speed, creating a light reflector, shooting kids or the moon, or simply coloring a black and white image in your free time, the photography tutorials listed below will help you do all that and more.

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In this post, we have rounded up 20 of the coolest photography tutorial links that lovers of brilliant images will adore. Read up, and don’t forget to test out the new techniques that you learn.

An Introduction to Digital Photography

Photography enthusiasts who are thinking about trading in their point-and-shoot cameras for more advanced digital cameras could benefit from this insightful digital photography tutorial over at f/stop spot. The tutorial offers ten points of advice to beginner photographers. The writer, photographer Steve Paxton, reminds shutterbugs to study their craft and keep at it while not forgetting to have fun. Paxton also offers a list of resources that budding photographers can benefit from.

Introduction to photography

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Guide to Photography for Computer Geeks

While the previous photography tutorial is geared towards photographers, this one caters to photographers who hope to double up as digital artists. Contrary to the title of this digital photography tutorial, you need not be a computer geek to gain from this exceptional detailed article. Not only does this article talk about how digital artists should take photographs, but it also discusses how these images can then be manipulated using image editing software like Photoshop.

Photography tutorial for beginners

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Prime Lenses

DSLR buyers nowadays have a host of camera lenses from which to choose. Not only does their DSLR come with a kit lens, many eager beavers even invest in a telephoto lens and other fancy equipment right at the outset. The problem is that many newbie photographers are unaware of the importance of a prime lens. So here is a photography tutorial that seeks to acquaint you with the value of a prime lens. It also offers tips on the kinds of lenses you could invest in depending on your chosen area of photography.

Prime lens photography tutorial


Lenses, What Do All Those Characters Actually Mean

Before you decide to add another lens in your arsenal, ensure that you are making the best use of your existing lens. Camera lenses do not come cheap, so it is advisable to know your current lenses through and through before buying a new one. Thankfully, here is a photography tutorial that promises to help you understand the various functionalities of a given lens. It will also introduce you to the various types of lenses available at the camera store. So you can make an informed choice when you finally go shopping.

Photography tutorial on lenses

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Focal Length Facts

There is this misconception that photography is easy. You aim, you click, you shoot – and voila! The thing is, in photography (as in other creative arenas) there is a fine difference between good and great. If you are serious about excelling in photography or even making it your career, being well-versed in camera technicalities will hold you in good stead. This particular photography tutorial, for instance, will give you a heads up into matters relating to focal length. Read through and absorb these 10 points, and then watch as your photography improves by leaps and bounds.

Focal length photography tutorial

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Camera Shutter Speed

Understanding the various aspects of shutter speed can bring a new dimension to your photography. Master the concept of shutter speed and you could create some impressive and original images. In this detailed digital photography tutorial on shutter speed, you can learn how controlling the shutter speed can result in a variety of photo effects. Whether motion captures, high speed photography or abstract images, you can do it all once you learn to control shutter speed. And this tutorial could help you on this mission.

Shutter speed photography tutorial

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How To: DIY Light Reflector

Many photographers assume that lighting equipment is a huge expense. Well, depending on where you buy your equipment, it could be a cash drain. But if you happen to be a budget strapped photographer, you can even learn to create your own light equipment. A case in point is this tutorial, which teaches you to create a basic light reflector at home. Follow this photography tutorial and you could soon be using an effective light reflector; that too, without a dent in your bank balance.

Light reflector tutorial

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DIY Lighting Hacks for Digital Photographers

In keeping with the theme of the previous tutorial, here is another article catering to the cash-strapped shutterbug who would like some new lighting equipment without blowing a hole in his pocket. If you are not afraid to get your hands dirty, this photography tutorial offers 11 different ideas on how you can create interesting lighting equipment in the comfort of your home at minimal cost. Have fun with this DIY project.

lighting equipment tutorial

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Photographing Young Children with Low-Key Lighting

This photography tutorial combines two popular areas of photography – photographing children and taking subtle lighting portraits. Hence, this tutorial not only suggests how you can set up the lights to get the right tone in your photographs, but it also suggests how you can get your fidgety child models to pose for you successfully. The tutorial offers some cool ideas such as drawing in a Mister Smiley to keep your model interested and right where you want him/her to stand.

Kids' portraits photography tutorial

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Food Photography: How to Shoot in Bright Daylight

Bright daylight can trouble even the finest photographers. But if you are a professional or plan to go pro someday, you cannot afford to make excuses like “the light is not right”. What can you do if you get a plush assignment on shooting in bright daylight? This food photography tutorial can help. It provides a case study using apples to show how anyone can make the most of a bright sun on an outdoor shoot. And yes, that includes you.

Daylight photography tutorial

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How To Take Great Landscape Shots When It’s Raining

Even a few drops of rain are enough to scare even the most intrepid photographers away. The fear of moisture ruining that expensive lens frequently overrides the desire for some more amazing shots. But what if someone were to tell you that rain is no deterrent? Here is a great digital photography tutorial that not only offers tips on how you can beat the rain, but also provides examples with camera settings to show that it can be done. Rain, rain, go away? Not anymore.

Rain photography tutorial

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Shoot The Moon

You might not think that shooting the moon is a terribly elaborate process, but the way that photographer Gary Hart does it, he transforms images of the moon into something transcendental. Here is a four-page account on how Hart photographed the moon in every way possible. This comprehensive article is replete with details on the challenges of shooting in moonlight and how you can capture the moon in all its glory.

Moon photography tutorial

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How To Shoot Water

From the air, we move to the water. Now water photography is not as easy as you might think. But with a little effort, and some help from this photography tutorial over at Digital Photo Magazine, you can get some fantastic shots of water. Rather than introduce you to the basic nuances of photographing water, this article encourages the photographer to experiment in order to end up with some cool effects.

Water photography tutorial

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How to Photograph Water Drops with One Speedlight

Here is another interesting photography tutorial on taking pictures of water. Only, this particular tutorial focuses on water droplets. So if that is something that interests you, make sure to go through this article and then try capturing some water droplets on your own. I love that this article offers video tutorials along with text highlighting their salient points. Look through this enjoyable tutorial for advice and info.

Water drops photography tutorial

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Underwater Macro Photography

In keeping with the water theme, let us now move on to how you can take macro photos while underwater. If you are a keen snorkeler or diver, you have probably always wanted to take photographs of the diversity of life that exists underwater. If you were looking for some advice or encouragement, here it is. This tutorial on underwater macro photography offers a quick look into everything from composition and lighting to camera settings. All that remains is to swim down there and start clicking.

Underwater macro photography tutorial

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Isolated Sharpness

Here is another interesting tutorial on macro photography – only, this one encourages you to play with the depth of field in order to get the effect of isolated sharpness. This article begins with reasons why the writer himself likes to use shallow depth of field in close-up and macro shots. It then goes on to talk about how to create a shallow depth of field and what the associated challenges are. Read up and add a new expert touch to your macro shots.

Isolated sharpness photography tutorial

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The One Location Technique for Wedding Photography

Although this particular photography tutorial focuses on wedding photography, the one location technique could work for a variety of different photo shoots. This tutorial shows you how just one location – in this case, one window – can become the setting for multiple and very different photographs. So you need not drag your models around to different locations after each shot. You can learn to maximize a single location instead.

Wedding photography tutorial

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Creating Focus On The Photo

Whether you are a photographer with a penchant for photo manipulation or a digital artist at play, Photoshop is a one-stop destination when it comes to image editing. In this photography tutorial, we will be learning how to create focus on the subject in the foreground while blurring everything else. This photography tutorial works with a picture of an Asian dish. But this technique is not just limited to food. It can stand you in good stead later on, no matter what the image may be.

Creating focus photography tutorial

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Using Photoshop to Color a Black & White Photo From Scratch

One fun thing to work on as a digital artist is coloring a black and white image. Adding color to a black and white picture can not only make it appear like one that was in color from the start, but it can also add a slightly different impact to the final image. This photography tutorial not only teaches you to add color to a grey image, but it offers a step-by-step procedure to help you manipulate Photoshop layers in post-processing in a better way.

Coloring black and white images tutorial

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How to Write and Sell a Photo Story

Now that you have a pretty good grasp on most of the factors that make for a great photograph, and hopefully, have practiced a great deal, it is now time to learn how you can actually get published. You may be a good photographer, but writing and selling a photo story is a whole other ballgame. Thankfully, this photography tutorial offers a range of insights and advice to help get your photos published. This is how it all begins.

Selling a photo story tutorial