20 Must-See Photo Tutorials for Beginners

Photo tutorials are great guides for newbie photographers with an Internet connection. As a beginner, you may be full of enthusiasm to learn the tricks and techniques of professional photographers. However, that is easier said than done. If you are indeed eager to improve your skills and become a better photographer, you could easily attend a range of photography workshops. The problem is that many of these workshops are expensive. So, unless you are dead serious about this new-found hobby of yours, it makes better sense to turn to online photography tutorials instead.

Photo tutorials are easily available on the World Wide Web. They teach you everything from how to choose a camera to how to turn your picture-taking hobby into a career, and all things between. Whether you are hoping to improve your composition techniques or understand the various terms used by professional photographers, you will find it all online. What is even more wonderful is that most of these resources come free. So you can hone your skills sitting at home without spending a penny.

If you are interested in photography, we have our other tutorial compiled listing portrait photography ideas.

To make it easier still, we put together this roundup of photo tutorials for beginners. In this post, you will find a list of 20 terrific photography tutorials that are geared towards shutterbugs that have newly discovered the magical world of photography. Have fun and keep clicking!

Learning Photography

Based in Santa Cruz, California, Dan Heller is a freelance photographer with nearly two decades of experience in the photography business. This makes him qualified to offer up advice to beginning photographers. Unlike other photography tutorials for beginners that focus on the do-s and don’t-s of picture-taking, this tutorial offers up real life experiences in addition to tons of great advice. Read up, you might be inspired to pick up that camera and set out on your very first shoot.

Learn photography online

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Choosing A Digital Camera

The first thing that beginners need to look at is buying a digital camera. You cannot immediately start capturing award-winning images (not unless you are some sort of a photographic genius), but having the right camera will help you considerably in this respect. Photography tutorials like this one from Photo.net takes you right to the beginning. It addresses matters pertaining to resolution and cost as well as concerns about how a particular camera might affect your photography. Read up before you go camera shopping.

The right digital camera

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Digital Camera Fundamentals

If you are looking for detailed information on photography, you will find plenty on this gem of a tutorial over at Photoxels. Few photography tutorials cover such a range of subjects, and you should find answers to many of your queries on this single page. The tutorial talks about everything from maximum aperture, shutter speed and white balance to camera lens, light metering and types of photographers. Beginners have much to gain from this terrific photography resource.

Basics of digicams

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A Beginners Guide to Photography Accessories

Even amateurs who are only now beginning to take their photography seriously are unlikely to be immune to the charms of photo accessories. Anyone who calls him/herself a shutterbug is sure to be interested in all the cool gadgets that photographers must have. This photography tutorial gives you the lowdown on things like lens filters and diopters. Want to know more? Click on the link below to learn about photography accessories that make photography even more fun.

Photography accessories tutorial

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7 Digital Camera Predators and How to Keep them at Bay

So now you have a camera and have already begun showing off your photos on Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr and wherever else possible. Before you go further, it is important to learn to take care of your camera. You may be having a fine time taking pictures on the beach or in the woods, but did you know that sand, salt, dust, sunscreen and insect repellent can sound the death knell for your camera? This photography tutorial acquaints you with seven “camera predators” and gives you tips on how to fight them.

Tutorial on digital camera care

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10 Top Photography Compositional Rules

Buying the right equipment and taking care of it is only part of the photography story. If you are eager to take praiseworthy pictures, you will have to master the art of composition. Some people are naturals when it comes to composition, but even they can benefit from knowing the compositional rules involved in taking photos. Photography tutorials like this one make it easy for even the beginner photographer to understand the techniques that make a picture stand a class apart from the rest.

Photography tutorial on composition

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A Fresh Look at Depth of Field

Do you hang around with a bunch of serious wannabe and professional photographers? In that case, you have probably heard them rattling away about “depth of field”. If their conversation ever left you feeling out of your depth, looking up photography tutorials on the subject could help. This particular photo tutorial from Digital Photography School focuses on depth of field with focus on the foreground. Learn how and impress your photographer buddies the next time the subject crops up.

Depth of field photography tutorial

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Learn Night Photography

Taking pictures in natural light during the day is easy enough. But even good photographers tend to be troubled by night photography. If you are keen to absorb tips and tricks on the art of night photography, photography tutorials like this one are sure to help. John Harvey provides examples of his own work to explain how you can make the most of the low light at night to take brilliant pictures. Thus, he leads you through cities and campfires, even throwing in a little something about photographing fireworks at night.

Night photography tutorial

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7 Tips for Great Photos in the Dark

This tutorial on low light photography is a great follow-up to the previous one on night photography. This photography tutorial is short and sweet, ensuring that you are able to make the best of low light conditions after the sun goes down. We love how this tutorial also offers tips on motion blurring and encourages shutterbugs to take risks with every click. If you have shaky hands, you might find a tip or two to help you with that problem as well. Soon, you will be an expert at post-sundown photography.

Low light photography tutorial

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A Photography Lighting Tutorial

This roundup of photography tutorials for beginners would not be complete without some links to tutorials that talk about lighting. Now, photography is all about lighting. Good photographers know how to use it to their advantage. With this photography tutorial on lighting, you could soon have the edge. This brief tutorial from eHow gives beginner photographers a basic idea about quality and direction of light and talks about how additional lights can be used to improve a photograph.

Photography tutorial on lighting

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An Introduction to Using Strobes in Your Photography

At some point, beginner photographers are bound to get tired of using natural light or the camera flash. This is when you should visit this photography tutorial over at Photo Tuts+. This tutorial acquaints you with the techniques of using off-camera artificial light. Such lights allow beginner photographers to really get creative in their photos. And with this tutorial on hand, you can learn tricks that professionals use to make their photos stand out.

Strobe lighting photography tutorial

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How To Take Sharp Photographs

The beginner photographer usually has some trouble ensuring sharp photographs. Shaky, unaccustomed hands and improper focusing are only some of the issues that contribute to blurry, out-of-focus images. Thankfully, it is nothing that good photography tutorials cannot solve. Hypergurl has some tips to help you overcome this problem and increase the sharpness in your photos. Read up and watch as your photographs improve by leaps and bounds.

Photography tutorial on sharpness

Macro Photography

Newbie photographers invariably start out by taking close-up shots of flowers and insects. Yes, macro photography is one of the coolest things about buying an SLR or a DSLR. However, not everyone can take good macro shots. If you are interested in improving your macro photography and getting people to go “Wow!”, photography tutorials will help. Particularly helpful is this Photo.net tutorial that offers detailed information on how you can get the most out of your camera equipment and lighting when it comes to macro shots.

Macro photography tutorial

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5 Black and White Photography Tips

We all have a weakness for black and white photography. Good black and white photos are something special altogether. As beginners in the world of serious photography, we all do our bit of black and white experimentation. But if your photos do not come out as well as you would like them to, photography tutorials like this one offer tips and techniques to help you take better black and white photos. Interestingly, one of the tips is to shoot in color.

Black and white photography tutorial

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Mastering the Art of Black and White Photography

One tutorial is not enough to master the art of taking amazing black and white photos. That is why we have included a second tutorial on the same, this time from Photo Tuts+. This insightful photography tutorial encourages the photographer to view black and white photos differently. Thus, one must be aware of the textures, tones and lights while taking such photos. This tutorial also includes a roundup of leading black and white photographers, so you can gain more insight by visiting their websites.

Tutorial on black and white photography

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21 Tips for Amateur Wedding Photographers

Many new photographs first test their mettle at weddings. If you have plans of turning professional, there is no better place to hone your skills. But it always helps to have some guidance. You will find the guidance you seek in the 21 tips featured in this wedding photography tutorial. From scouring the location and making lists of must-have shots to actually shooting during the event, this tutorial prepares you for a fun time. Get those wedding albums out already!

Wedding photography tutorial

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A Guide to Architectural Photography

New shutterbugs who are setting out on travels to exotic lands can really gain from photography tutorials on how to capture architecture in the best possible way. PhotographyMad offers a basic guide to architectural photography that is easy enough for learners. It is particularly interesting that the author of this tutorial has focused separately on areas like old and new architecture, light, photography, detailing and more.

Architectural photography tutorial

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How To: Photographing Complex Architecture

If you have already collected a range of pictures of great architecture, it might be time to focus on something a little more complex. Photography tutorials like this one over at Pop Photo encourage beginner photographers to look out for examples of complex architecture and capture these in a fresh and creative way. This brief tutorial encapsulates advice from professional photographer Peter Klinger. Talk about advice from the experts!

Tutorial on complex architecture photos

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How To Photograph Moving Vehicles

For those of you who are still struggling to learn how to capture motion in your photos, this photography tutorial from Pop Photo is a great resource. You will find plenty of tips to help you be ready the next time an opportunity comes up to capture moving images. We love that this tutorial provides a real life case study. Thus, beginner photographers are better aware of the challenges involved in such a project.

Motion photography tutorial

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How To Make Money As A Photographer

Finally, there is always the chance that an amateur photographer will be looking at his hobby and thinking about the future. Do you have it in you to become a full-blown professional photographer? Many wannabe photographers worry about the financial aspect of photography. If you are worried that pursuing photography as a career will make it difficult for you to make ends meet, this tutorial can give you a lowdown on what it takes to make it in the photography business.

Monetizing photography tutorial

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