63 Photo Sites To Visit For Inspiration

Photo sites can be a wonderful inspiration for photographers of all kinds. Whether you are a landscape specialist or you do fashion photographs, whether you are sought after for weddings or your travel photos are the bomb, even whether you are a professional with years and years of photography experience or an amateur who is just starting out, photo sites are a great place to acquire tips, tricks and a whole lot more.

Photo sites are the subject of this post and we have highlighted some of the coolest photo sites that are currently hogging traffic on the internet. Each photo website has something different to offer. While some picture a single photograph a day or provide professional photographers with a platform on which to connect, discuss and do business, other sites feature news, views, reviews to keep you updated on all the wonderful things that are taking place in the world of photography – whether analog or digital. Of course, if take photos for fun, there are also a host of great photo sharing websites that would be happy to have you as a user.

In this post, we bring you a list of 63 uber-cool photography websites. Sure, there must be many more that are just as cool. But these rule as our current favorites. We hope they help you find the inspiration that you seek.


Panoramio is beautiful. There are no two ways about it. This photo website is all about sharing travel photographs – good photos, great photos, these are “Photos of the World”. Accepted photos are even used as a layer for Google Earth and Google maps.

Panoramio photos

Visit Panoramio


DeviantArt makes waves in everything creative. Make your way to DeviantArt’s photography section and prepare to be bowled over by the sheer variety of creativity of the featured shutterbugs. Artsy, travel, animal photos and more – they are all to be found right here.

Top photo sites: DeviantArt

Visit DeviantArt


DPReview.com is one of the top photo sites catering to serious photographers – whether established professionals or keen amateurs. The site provides loads of previews and reviews of cameras and photography accessories. You will also find articles, news, and interviews from the world of photography.

Top photo sites: DPReview

Visit DPReview


Pixiq’s tagline is “The photo world in focus”. Like DPReview above, Pixiq is geared towards serious shutterbugs who want everything from news about cameras to tips about techniques and history of photography the world over. Of course, this is only the tip of the Pixiq iceberg.

Top photo sites: Pixiq

Visit Pixiq


1x combines the functions of being a networking site for photography professionals and an online photo gallery. Unlike other photo sharing sites, each photograph displayed on 1x is selected by a professional curator. It is a great platform for budding photographers.

Top photo sites: 1x

Visit 1x


500px has been around since the early days of digital photography. In its present avatar, 500px has morphed into an online photo community that provides a wonderful platform for photographers. You can buy, sell and share photographs – so there is plenty of scope for inspiration.

Top photo sites: 500px

Visit 500px


Photobucket is currently one of the most popular photo sites for storing, sharing and finding photographs. By September 2010, Photobucket was clocking over 23 million monthly unique users in the United States alone. Head here for unending inspiration, and test your skills in regular photography contests.

Top photo sites: Photobucket

Visit Photobucket

Digital Photography School

While other photo sites focus on sharing photographs, Digital Photography School is true to its name. All attention is on learning here on this website. This community of photographers features plenty of informative tips, tricks and tutorials for shutterbugs. You will also find news and reviews on these pages.

Top photo sites: Digital Photography School

Visit Digital Photography School


PictureCorrect is all about providing information to photography professionals. This photo website promises a host of photography tips and techniques and loads of information. The site currently attracts over 400,000 unique visitors per month, and the number is growing.

Top photo sites: Picture Correct

Visit PictureCorrect

Earth Shots

Earth Shots, as the name suggests, is all about celebrating the earth through photographs. This photo website essentially runs as a photo of the day contest. The site draws submissions from around the world, and each day features a single brilliant photograph for the world to see.

Top photo sites: Earth Shots

Visit Earth Shots


Flickr rules among photo sharing websites. Apart from a simple interface that is easy on the eye, Flickr is also great for photo management. With over 70 million photographers using Flickr, this site is practically the Facebook for photographers. Wouldn’t you agree?

Top photo sites: Flickr

Visit Flickr


Zoomr is striking right from its homepage where you have a hundred little tiles of photos vying for your attention. This photo sharing website has come along way in its original aim of allowing friends and family to upload and share pictures. It is a great place to go looking for inspiration.

Top photo sites: Zoomr

National Geographic

National Geographic is one of those photo sites that just have to be mentioned. If you are a nature photographer, National Geographic offers plenty of inspiration in the form of wallpapers, galleries and more. Aspire to have your photo featured as the photo of the day, buy prints or look for some photo tips. You will find all this and more right here on this site.

Top photo sites: National Geographic

Visit National Geographic

Outdoor Photographer

Outdoor Photographer the magazine has been hugely popular among photographers around the world. Its online version holds true to the print publication, offering fantastic travel, wildlife and outdoor pictures. There are contests to be won, as well as photography news, views, tips and more.

Top photo sites: Outdoor Photographer

Visit Outdoor Photographer


PopPhoto.com’s design is a huge point in its favor. This photography site brings you events, news, product reviews and so much more. There are also learning-based articles providing how-to tips on everything from self-portraits and photo studios to correction software. Their buying guide is a definite plus.

Top photo sites: PopPhoto

Visit PopPhoto

Paws Pet Photography

Paws Pet Photography is an unabashed celebration of pets and great photos. Award-winning United Kingdom-based photographer, Paul Walker, manages the site. It scores high on cuteness quotient. Check out the galleries for different animals. The “Comedy Pets” section is a barrel of laughs.

Top photo sites: Paws Pet Photography

Visit Paws Pet Photography


Kodak remains, in many ways, the ultimate name in photography. It also has one of the best and most functional photo sites these days. Head here for web printing, greeting card printing, transferring movies and more. This site is chockfull of photography-related products and services to meet your specific needs.

Top photo sites: Kodak

Visit Kodak


Photo.net is another great online community for serious photographers. It throws in opportunities for sharing and critiquing photos while connecting with other photographers from around the world. You will find plenty of terrific picture galleries and also handy tips to help you improve your photo skills.

Top photo sites: Photo.net

Visit Photo.net


Fotki may not rival many of the other photo sites listed here in terms of look, but it ranks among highly functional photo sharing websites that draw plenty of traffic. It calls itself “the organic, fat-free photo and video sharing site”. It is a great place for photographers to do business. The site also offers printing services and business solutions.

Top photo sites: Fotki

Visit Fotki


Pix.ie is another cool photo sharing website that offers free registration and customizable privacy options. The site offers numerous great photographs and the opportunity to connect with like-minded photographers. Great inspiration is available here at Pix.ie.

Top photo sites: Pix.ie

Visit Pix.ie


PBase is a photo website that is all about hosting and sharing pictures online. There are millions of photographs lurking in PBase’s galleries. This one is a paid site, but new users can test it out by signing up with a free trial account. If you love PBase Magazine, chances are you will love the PBase website as well.

Top photo sites: PBase

Visit PBase

Pet In Canvas

Pet In Canvas is yet another great photo website for animal lovers who double up as photography enthusiasts. Ranking high among niche photo sharing websites, Pet In Canvas is dedicated to users who wish to show off their adorable and hilarious pets.

Top photo sites: Pet In Canvas

Visit Pet in Canvas


MyShutterspace caters to a niche crowd – specifically, digital photography enthusiasts. Photo sites like MyShutterspace offer shutterbugs a great platform to connect, while also share and critique photos, and discuss all things related to digital photography. The site offers a profile page, a blog and unlimited storage.

Top photo sites: My Shutter Space


SmugMug is one of those rare photo sites that does not want to become a photo sharing giant. Its aim lies in providing users with a secure place for sharing and storing photographs. The company may have only about 100 employees, but it has millions of loyal users. Small companies do have lots of fans in this age of communication.

Top photo sites: SmugMug

Visit SmugMug


PhotoShelter is geared towards the business side of photography. Head here if you are planning to set up your photography website or making modifications to an existing one. The photo website offers website hosting services, provides instant templates, marketing tools and much more. They offer a free trial option too.

Top photo sites: PhotoShelter

Visit PhotoShelter


Imagekind is more of a fine arts site. So if your photography is less commercial and more fine artsy, this is where you should be displaying it. This great photo website allows professional artists and consumers to share art and get them printed, as well as buy and sell a range of artworks. Come here for photos that are akin to art.

Top photo sites: ImageKind

Visit ImageKind


Alamy ranks high among other stock photo sites and it has been around since 1999. If you are looking for images, this photo website has over 32 million of them. If you are a photographer, you can sell your images on Alamy, earning 60 percent of the proceeds from the sale. A great deal if you ask me!

Top photo sites: Alamy

Visit Alamy

iStock Photo

iStock Photo is the place to go if you are looking for royalty-free images. The site has been around for 10 years now, drawing together artists, designers and photographers from around the world. When the images are not free, the prices are very affordable, which explains why this site continues to be such a hit.

Top photo sites: iStockPhoto

Visit iStockPhoto


Picasa, which is currently owned by Google, is a photo website that allows users to not only organize and edit their photos, but also share their images through an integrated photo sharing site. If you are active on Google+, Picasa is a great tool. It is also one of the most popular photo sites in the business.

Top photo sites: Picasa

Visit Picasa

Nature Photographers Online Magazine

Nature Photographers Online Magazine is dedicated to nature photography. The photo website is official site of a photographers’ network called Nature Photographers Network. The site celebrates nature, wildlife and landscapes through amazing images.

Top photo sites: Nature Photographers

Visit Nature Photographers

Rob Galbraith DPI

Rob Galbraith DPI is a photo website that has been around since 1996. While originally it consisted of self-published photo stories, it now also produces a host of news and reviews that could prove useful for serious photographers from around the world.

Top photo sites: Rob Galbraith

Visit Rob Galbraith


Photojojo is cool. There is no doubt about that. While many other photo sites verge on the boring, or at least, the serious, Photojojo makes things fun. Photojojo generates a regular newsletter that contains everything from photo projects and DIY projects to reviews and photo-stories by users.

Top photo sites: Photojojo

Visit Photojojo

The Luminous Landscape

The Luminous Landscape is great if you are a landscape photographer, or somebody who adores nature and documentary photography. The site may seem a tad too business-like, but there is a lot going on here including feature stories, product reviews, discussions and more. Moreover, old-school non-digital photos also show up here.

Top photo sites: Luminous Landscape

Visit Luminous Landscape

Sports Shooter

Sports shooter is all about sports photos. Head here if you are a sports photographer or believe that is your calling. Photojournalists are also welcome. It began as an email newsletter in 1998. Since then, it has grown immensely, and draws contributions from leading sports photographers of our time.

Top photo sites: Sports Shooter

Visit Sports Shooter


PDNonline is especially memorable because of its swank design. PDNonline is the online avatar of award-winning photography magazine Photo District News. The online version offers a host of news, feature stories, interviews and reviews – all from the world of photography, both analog and digital.

Top photo sites: PDNonline

Visit PDNonline

The Centre For Fine Art Photography

The Centre For Fine Art Photography is a non-profit organization geared towards promoting creative photographers and their fine art images. They organize exhibitions and are based out of Colorado. The organization is supported through grants, donations and memberships.

Top photo sites: The Center for Fine Art Photography

Visit The Centre For Fine Art Photography


PhotoSecrets is one of those photo sites that keeps amateur and professional photographers updated on all the happenings around the world of photography. The website also offers tips on everything from photo-taking to law and how to sell photographs.

Top photo sites: PhotoSecrets

Visit PhotoSecrets


Clevr’s tagline is “shoot. stitch. share.” This is another of the emerging tribe of photo sharing websites. The specialty of Clevr is panoramic photographs. The website encourages users to take panoramic photos using regular cameras. The Clevr Stitcher program then does the rest of the work.

Top photo sites: Clevr

Visit Clevr


PetaPixel is a photography blog that provides loads of information to photographers and photo enthusiasts who are sufficiently tech-savvy. The site is run by a trio who provide tips, news, and a whole lot of photographic inspiration.

Top photo sites: PetaPixel

Visit PetaPixel

Imaging Resource

Imaging Resource has so much going on. Published by Dave Etchells, this photography resource dishes out plenty of information on cameras, lenses and various photography accessories. Plus, it keeps you updated with the various goings-on in the field of photography.

Top photo sites: Imaging Resource

Visit Imaging Resource

Photo Tuts+

Photo Tuts+ is all about learning. It is one of the few photo sites that mainly focuses on educating its users through a host of tutorials. The subjects range from composition to post processing and how to get the best results from your existing equipment. It is great for photographers of all levels.

Top photo sites: Photo Tuts+

Visit Photo Tuts+

Digital Photo Magazine

Digital Photo Magazine, better known as DP Mag calls itself “Your #1 Guide for Better Digital Photography”. The photo website offers a host of high quality feature stories. Confused about what equipment to buy? Head to DP Mag’s Buyer’s Guide. Find inspiration in its galleries and tips in its How-to section.

Top photo sites: Digital Photo Magazine

Visit Digital Photo Magazine

Scott Kelby

Scott Kelby is the photo website of a leading Florida-based photographer of the same name. The site provides an insider’s view into Scott Kelby’s work life. It also provides shopping links for cameras, lenses and accessories in the gear section. If you are merely looking for some inspiration, check out Scott’s portfolio.

Top photo sites: Scott Kelby

Visit Scott Kelby

Photography Corner

Photography Corner has a lot happening on its pages. This photo website is largely user driven. Members contribute informative articles on photography, participate in the forum, read product reviews, and even test their luck in monthly photo contests. And this is only a part of the bigger picture.

Top photo sites: Photography Corner

Visit Photography Corner

Luminous Lint

Luminous Lint is created “for Connoisseurs of Fine Photography”. Unlike other photo sites that dabble in a range of photos – this one is specifically geared towards fine art photos. It also offers a generous touch of photographic history, organizes online exhibitions, features photographers and more.

Top photo sites: Luminous Lint

Visit Luminous Lint

A Photo Editor

A Photo Editor is a great website if you are looking to stay abreast of trends in the world of photography. The site offers a host of detailed articles that are frequently very insightful. It is edited by Ron Haggart, who used to the Director of Photography over at Men’s Journal and Outside Magazine.

Top photo sites: A Photo Editor

Visit A Photo Editor

DIY Photography

DIY Photography has a single mission – to provide budding and established photographers with never-ending tips and tricks of the trade. The photo website offers information on everything from lights, techniques and product reviews to home studios. They also offer great tutorials in the Inspiration section.

Top photo sites: DIY Photography

Visit DIY Photography


Shutterbug is another of those cool photo sites that score high on their information quotient. If you love Shutterbug Magazine, the online version will provide you with as much and more. You will find inspiring photo galleries, tips on technique, product reviews and more.

Top photo sites: Shutterbug

Visit Shutterbug

Amateur Photographer

Amateur Photographer is geared towards amateurs, but even professionals stand to gain by visiting this popular photo website. Like other photo sites catering to serious photography enthusiasts, Amateur Photographer also provides a happy mix of news, tips, galleries and contests.

Top photo sites: Amateur Photographer

Visit Amateur Photographer


While many photo sites provide quality news and features, sites offering website hosting services are fewer. Photocrati offers WordPress photography themes that can improve photographers’ marketability. Check out their demo to know more.

Top photo sites: Photocrati

Visit Photocrati

Professional Photographer

Professional Photographer boasts of a beautiful design. It is the official magazine of the Professional Photographers of America. Hence, it provides plenty of advice on how to improve your photography, while also gaining inspiration from featured portraits as well as wedding and commercial photos.

Top photo sites: Professional Photographer

Visit Professional Photographer


Photographik calls itself “the elite photographers network”. Although it began as a directory for wedding and portrait photographers, it has since morphed into a great marketing tool for listed shutterbugs. There is plenty of knowledge sharing going on as well. And if you are talented enough, you might just be one of their featured photographers.Top photo sites: Photographik


Blipfoto combines photo sharing with the blog concept, encouraging users to maintain a daily journal of photographs. Like other photo sharing websites, this also encourages forming communities. What you have got to love is that since it is funded by its full members, it is not littered by sponsor advertisements.

Top photo sites: Blipfoto

Visit Blipfoto


ePhotozine promises to provide “Your total photography experience”. The photo website combines community and photo sharing with all the informative elements of a magazine. Head here to share photos, connect with other shutterbugs, and stay updated on photography news.

Top photo sites: ePhotozine

Visit ePhotozine

The Online Photographer

The Online Photographer uses the blog format to showcase news from the world of photography. Contributing to the site are a host of professional photographers and people associated with photo magazines, among others. You will find everything from current events to literature, theory and legal issues on these pages.

Top photo sites: The Online Photographer

Visit The Online Photographer

Photography Served

If you are a creative professional, you have already heard of Behance. Well, Photography Served features exceptional photography, whether commercial, portraits or products. The photos to be featured are curated by team Served to showcase the highest achievements in the field. There is plenty of inspiration to be found here.

Top photo sites: Photography Served

Visit Photography Served


Dreamstime is another great resource if you happen to be looking for royalty-free images. Some of these come for free, others cost as little as 11.96 INR. Choose photos from across a range of categories including Editorial, Industries, Abstract and Travel.

Top photo sites: Dreamstime

Visit Dreamstime


PictureSocial is a great photography network that provides photographers with a platform wherein they can improve their photo-taking skills. The site offers free unlimited photo storage, and is ideal if you are looking for serious critique for your photos, or just want to discuss all things related to photography.

Top photo sites: PictureSocial

Visit PictureSocial


PhotographyReview.com focuses on consumer products related to the field of photography. If you want advice on specific photography equipment, you will find it here. Moreover, users can write their own reviews and participate in a host of discussions.

Top photo sites: PhotographyReview

Visit PhotographyReview

Photography Blog

As the name suggests, Photography Blog is a blog dedicated to the art and mechanics of photography. If you are a click-happy person looking to improve your photo techniques or buy recommended photo products, head here for some good advice.

Top photo sites: Photography Blog

Visit Photography Blog


Ilovephotoblogs is a cool photo website that allows photographers to showcase their photos as well as to gain inspiration from the photo work of other photographers. Photography blogs like this one offer plenty of great ideas.

Top photo sites: Ilovephotoblogs

Visit Ilovephotoblogs

Photo Rumors

Photo Rumors promises to bring you “Photography news, before it happens”. If you are planning to go shopping for cameras or camera equipment, check out Photo Rumors as they dish out all the latest news that could be of use to a serious photographer or photography enthusiast.

Top photo sites: Photo Rumors

Visit PhotoRumors

The Photo Forum

Founded in 1995 by the Camera Club of Louisville, The Photo Forum has come a long way. This is a great site if you want to discuss photography with other serious photographers. If you want tips, critique and are simply looking to improve your skills, this is the site for you.

Top photo sites: The Photo Forum

Visit The Photo Forum