Space of Imaginations through the Art of Photo Manipulation

We are living in the age of manipulation where the digital media play the significant part of soothing our eyes and mind through depicting various incredible photos or unrealistic pictures, which is simply considered photo manipulation. We call it photo manipulation, because those photos manipulate us to believe in their portrayals. Those photos are portrayed in a way that it seems real to the eyes, though they are not. These are just the outcome of the editing effects that makes an object what it cannot be in the real world. Thus the photos create some kind of illusive space. The photos, by their creative constructions produce the realistic images that excite the views of the viewers. We know that the photos are constructed to deceive our eyes but their artistic compositions create some kind of tendency in the spectators mind to suppose what they see in those photos as realistic.

Think of Things as You Wish

There are so many things in this world that you think of in different ways but it is impossible for you to make your fantasy come true. It is only achievable through your imagination and it is also possible to turn the imagination into reality by Photo manipulation.  The most exciting thing about Photo manipulation is that it lets you explore the imaginary world.  Just place the pictures on canvas and keep blending it with your imaginations through the manipulative editing.


Be Creatively Imaginative

You have to be very imaginative to produce this type of photos. Each of the manipulated photos bares the creativity and personality of its creator. It shows how the designer thinks about the things of real world.  Anyone can express his/her abstract ideas concretely through photo manipulation. You may take simple snaps and place the photos on canvas and expose your creative imagination on them. In this way you can also keep you photo natural and make it illusive at the same time.


Turn Photo to Art

Though the manipulated photos deal with absurdity, this manipulations turn photo to art for their excellent combination of effects and certain other elements. It is not just the knowledge of photo editing that can turn photo to art rather the creativity and the artistic imagination of the designer make the photo an art work. Even if the photos seem unnatural to our senses, we like to discover the imaginary spaces of the photo creator. And whatever it is, the manipulated photo is thrilling to our eyes for their expression of fantasies.

Photomontage (Forggensee Panorama), composite of 16 freely licensed photos.

Give a New Dimension to Your Photo

Suppose, you took a photo by your camera, now you can edit it in any way you want to. The retouching can make a simple photo look different for the colors and effects. But through this simple editing, the contents of the photo remain quite the same and natural. But, by making it a manipulated photo you can make it more artistic and extraordinary. You can place your photos on canvas digitally and combine them by following different techniques and applying different effects and organize it in an innovative way.


It is All about Tricky Effects and Imagination

The pictures on canvas look radically different when you employ those tricks of Photo manipulation.  The edited pictures on canvas become the very new creations. So, normal photo editing and photo manipulating are far too different. Manipulating the photo is to change its contents almost upside down by using imagination, creativity and some certain effects those are associated to Photo manipulation. And to do this, Photo Manipulation tutorials are the most alleviating means to learn the tricky effects that can turn your imagination into reality.


Learning through Photo Manipulation Tutorials is Fun

However manipulation can turn photo to art of aestheticism and creativity. It is a nice work of art and fun at the same time. Those who have the understanding of Photo Manipulation tutorials can easily create some extraordinary effects out of ordinary photos by some creative retouching of the photos on canvas through Photoshop or any other compatible photo editing software like this.  Simply it is fun to play with the photos in Photoshop, and it gets more exciting when you learn to create the manipulated photos by following the Photo Manipulation tutorials.


Use the Popular Photo Editing Software

Photoshop and GIMP are the most common software that is massively used to edit these types of photos. There are also many other photo editing software that you can use to get the effects of photo manipulation.  Anyone who has the knowledge of using Photoshop can turn photo to art by going through the photo manipulation tutorials. Those who want to turn photos to art by portraying the photos on canvas or the pictures on canvas must go through the Photo Manipulation tutorials.  It is quite easy to learn the ways of photo manipulation by watching Photo Manipulation tutorials which are available in the web.


Create the Illusion

The manipulating outcome depends on the various editing techniques. These techniques let you combine those elements that will be able to create the illusions being pooled together. Illusiveness is the major characteristics of the manipulated photos. You can learn the magic tricks by following several Photo Manipulation tutorials. There are many separate tutorials for particular effects and techniques that could instruct you to do some specific tricky tasks separately. The uniqueness of your editing depends on how much imaginative you are and how creatively you combine or mix-up the particular techniques that you learn from the Photo Manipulation tutorials to produce a fantastic photo-art.


In Photo Manipulation, you will have your own space and freedom to demonstrate you artistic creativity. It is a way of transcending the reality and celebrating the imaginations. So, keep studying the Photo Manipulation tutorials and keep producing amusing arts.