20 Personal Website Designs To Jazz Up Your Portfolio

Personal website designs are important if you want to make a mark in the world. Creative people the world over are now ditching their paper portfolios in favor of the online version. Portfolio sites provide a great platform on which to showcase your work. More importantly, think of the sheer reach that a good portfolio design could generate. Whether you are planning to expand your work or are looking for new clients, a strong personal portfolio could be of great help.

Personal website pages can bring you clients from all over the world. Globalization has ensured that a person living on a small island in Asia can work with people from America and Romania and Australia and wherever else they please. A personal portfolio is crucial these days if you are looking to expand your work base. A well designed portfolio will also encourage people to take you more seriously. Moreover, it is so much convenient than having to lug around a heavy file.

Sink your teeth into the 20 beautiful personal website designs listed in this post. If you are looking for design inspiration, you could easily hit the bull’s eye.  Also, you cab drool over our past compilation of Personal Portfolio Websites, Portfolio Design Websites and single page websites.

Mickael Larcheveque

Mickael Larcheveque’s personal website gives the familiar thumbnail layout portfolio a circular twist. So his projects are displayed on the homepage in circular thumbnails. Roll your cursor over one to see it light up. Click on it to see larger images of the project along with the relevant textual information. Mickael keeps his portfolio site simple with only two sections – Work and About. Easy to navigate and we love how even the loading signal is circular instead of a straight horizontal bar.

Mickael Larcheveque's personal portfolio

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Puppetbrain deals in graphics and illustration, so it is wonderful that Jenneke Choe’s personal website shows off the designer’s creative skills. This portfolio website is divided into five sections – Home, About, Portfolio, Goodies and Contact – and we love how instead of having to wait for another page to load, each selected section slides right in. The slider theme rules on the Portfolio page as well, and Puppetbrain has categorized the work into Illustration, Graphics and Motion. We adore the easy navigation, the bright setting and the cutesy puppet characters on the various pages.

Puppetbrain's portfolio design

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Peter Pearson

The slider gets central focus on Peter Pearson’s personal portfolio site as well. This personal website is constructed like a slider with arrows pointing the way. The homepage features Peter’s contact information and a link to his About page but little else. Click on the arrows to get to and admire Peter’s professional projects, each of which comes with an image, textual details and information about key aspects of the project and Peter’s role.

Peter Pearson's personal website

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Rob Young

If you have limited experience with designing websites, Rob Young’s personal website could be heartening. Rob is a UI designer with loads of design experience. The portfolio highlights his works from 2005 to 2011 and is a fine example proving that you do not need out-of-the-box design to reel in clients. Rob uses a basic thumbnail layout for his works from 2008 to 2011, and then a slider showing off select projects dating from 2005. An introduction, contact details and a link to his LinkedIn page complete this single page portfolio.

Rob Young's personal portfolio site

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Accent Creative

Accent Creative is the personal website of creative professional Miguel Vega. The home page, which opens on to the News page, features an almost blog-style format with one post following another as you scroll down. We like how Miguel has listed out projects on the left margin, just below links to the info pages on this simple but highly effective portfolio website.

Accent Creative: a top portfolio website

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If you are a freelance creative professional like Alexandru Cohaniuc, the owner of the Alpha Div website, it may be a good idea to focus on what is important and leave out the fluff. Alex’s homepage tells visitors who he is and what he does, while also featuring a slider framed within a computer screen carrying images of his select projects. If you need more details, there are links to his Work, Services, About and Contact pages at the top of the landing page. Extra points to Alex for building two different contact forms – one which allows users to send in a detailed project proposal, and another shorter format that allows you to send in queries and shorter messages.

Alpha Div: creative design portfolio


Ronnie Wright

A personal website like this one is designed to draw in potential customers and followers. Ronnie Wright’s site is designed like a cozy home theatre. So while the “big screen” plays Ronnie’s best works, you have Ronnie peeking out like Jack Nicholson in “The Shining” – and this is the link to his About page. Below that you have the family Twitter bird and buttons that link you to his social media pages. There are other links spread around the page. And if you are in a hurry, the menu bar is located within easy reach at the top of the page.

Ronnie Wright's effective portfolio website

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Kev Adamson

Kev Adamson’s design portfolio is designed to look like a sheet ripped out from a spiral bound book. Kev wears many hats – illustrator, web designer, graphic designer and animator – and his personal website uses a unique thumbnail portfolio layout divided into categories covering a section of the homepage. The homepage also provides links to Kev’s articles alongside an introduction, his contact details and a contact form. Smart, fun and irreverent – this is indeed a unique and memorable online portfolio.

Kev Adamson's personal portfolio page

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Jessica Hische

Jessica Hische’s portfolio site should rank among the best portfolio websites on the web. Jessica’s site is clean and elegant offering all the information you would want to find in a portfolio website but without the clutter. There is a menu bar right at the top, followed by thumbnail images of her most recent work. This is followed by links to her online store, to her interviews, video posts and more. The project pages are replete with pictures and sufficient textual data.

Jessica Hische's clean portfolio design

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Foxie Graphic

Foxie’s personal website takes the setting of a room with a window and a bookcase. This makes for a great background whereon to place links to Foxie’s various kinds of design work, as well as to her About page, her journal and more. The projects show up as a list beside the blackboard and can be projected on to the latter. Click on the blackboard and an expanded image opens up. Extra points for creativity.

Foxie's creative portfolio site

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The personal website of Inayaili de Leon demonstrates that good web design need not be complicated. This cool and effective portfolio begins with an introduction and provides a link to Inayaili’s professional projects. Next up is a visual biography that is rather like something you might see in a history textbook. Scroll down further and there is the interesting pileup of colorful bookmark-like things that the user can drag and shift around according to his/her interest. Yaili’s work page is colorful as well, using a not-quite grid-like layout to showcase projects.

Yaili: a beautiful portfolio website

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Mohan Balaji

Mohan Balaji’s blue and white personal portfolio begins with a big “hello”. This is a smart and highly impactful single page portfolio. You can either scroll down or use the navigation links that appear at the head of every section. Large images are used to show off Mohan Balaji’s professional projects across various different categories like Web, Icons, Logos and so on. A smooth slide feature takes you from one section to other. And if you are interested in checking out Mohan’s blog, there is a link to that as well.

Mohan Balaji: a personal portfolio

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Kyle Steed

A personal website should reflect the personality of its owner. In this respect, Kyle Steed’s personal portfolio ticks all the right boxes. The site opens on to an illustrated image of what has to be Kyle Steed. He is thinking, like a creative man should. Lower your gaze and you will see the results of these thoughts in the form of apparently hand-drawn thumbnails that show off his work. Each inner project page features some text along with thumbnail images.

Kyle Steed: personal website design

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Aline Coron

The best portfolio designs are not afraid to go out on a limb. Aline Coron’s portfolio page uses thumbnails but with a twist. This is not your usual grid layout. Nor do all the little boxes have images in them. Click on one for a more expanded view. Check out other projects. Download Aline’s resume in PDF format. The site is definitely fresh and memorable. We like that Aline’s use of pink adds color but does not make portfolio seem too girly.

Aline Caron's offbeat portfolio website

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Christopher Meeks

“I design experiences,” announces Christopher Meeks’ grey and white website. This portfolio site shies away from color, yet the site seems anything but dull. His style seems to verge on minimalism, and he does it very well. The My Work section takes you to a small grid layout where you can click on an image for an expanded look at Christopher’s work. The contact page allows interested parties to email Christopher as well as to follow him on Dribbble and Twitter.

Christopher Meeks' personal design portfolio

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Julien Renvoye

This personal website is apparently a “One Man Show”, or at least that is the shout out from the homepage. Julien Renvoye uses large hexagonal thumbnail images to show off his best work. Click on these to reach the more detailed page for each project. If you like what you see, there is a Hire Me button just waiting to be clicked. Scroll below and you will find out more about the creative skills of Julien. Smart use of typography also adds charm to this cool website.

Julien Renvoye: a personal website

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84colors is the personal website of Cristiana who is, according to the site, “a UI/UX designer and WordPress developer based in Amsterdam.” Apart from the menu bar at the head of the page, the introduction at the center smartly links you to Cristiana’s work and contact details. The homepage is dedicated to one of her most recent works and we like how she has subtly worked in a customer testimonial as well. Apart from this, there are links to her social media pages. Her portfolio page consists of large images with some relevant text – all of it highlighted one below the other.

84colors: a memorable online portfolio

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Nora Rose Travis

“I make beautiful things,” is the announcement on Nora Rose Travis’ homepage. She uses full screen images in the background to provide proof to this statement, and rather than use a single static image, Nora prefers to change them around. Thus, while the text remains static, an image slider ensures that the background image keeps shifting. Nora is an art director by profession, thus her work encompasses various media including print, illustration and video among other things. By using different categories from the homepage itself, Nora ensures that that you get to the section you are most interested in. The image sliders on these work pages are catchy and make a big impact.

Nora Rose Travis' elegant portfolio design


Gerren Lamson

This kind of portfolio design has become quite popular in recent times. The simple grid-style layout with neat, square thumbnail images show up below the “charged” headline that shouts Work. Gerren Lamson’s personal website is good to look at and it brings Gerren’s work to the forefront. The project pages feature big images and necessary text. Plus, the navigation is easy thanks to the menu bar at the head of each page. Gerren also provides a contact form and links to his social media pages.

Gerren Lamson's professional portfolio site

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Alex Buga

Alex Buga calls himself a “Webdesign ‘Superstar'”, and the portfolio design on his personal website attests to that fact. This self-confessed design addict has a homepage that highlights his blog, where he discusses his ongoing projects – there is a spotlight on it too. The navigation at the top takes visitors to Alex’s blog, or tells them more about this talented designer from Romania. If you want to contact him, there is a button for that as well. And we love how you can pull up the footer to see his archive and posts across categories. Kudos to this great site.

Alex Buga's personal website

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