20 Personal Portfolio Websites That Are Unique And Clever

Personal portfolio websites are crucial nowadays if you want to make a name for yourself in creative circles. A good portfolio design can make the difference between you and another creative professional with similar qualifications. Employers these days like to know what you are capable of before they hire you. Why not put your best foot forward by creating a fantastic portfolio website?

Personal portfolio websites can be fun and creative yet effective in communicating to potential clients that you mean business. A strong portfolio design can show visitors to your site what you are capable of; it could even show off your personality and your work ethic, if you so please. In this article, we have brought together 20 personal portfolio designs that we felt were just stunning. If you are looking for inspiration, you may not have to look further than this post.

So get your notepad and marker pens ready. Get ready to explore some of the coolest personal portfolios that the web world has to offer. Before that you might also want to check our list of 20 best portfolio designs.

Chris Thurman

Here is a single page personal portfolio website that makes an impact without eating up too much space. A catchy slogan hits the viewer on the homepage, as you lower you gaze there is a short introduction to Chris Thurman, a web and UI designer. There is navigation at the top of the page, but you can scroll down as well, check out Chris’ services, admire his projects, click for an expanded view and finally contact him for a job. This is portfolio design executed well.

Chris Thurman's single page portfolio

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Anders Hojland Mikkelsen

Anders is into art direction and design, and by his own confession, “wants to be great.” His portfolio site has a basic homepage with the logo and menu bar taking up almost half of the landing page and then being followed by a thumbnail layout of his projects. These thumbnails are placed askew. Click on them, or on any other link for that matter, and images and information slide into view. The overall effect is classy and high impact.

Anders Hojland Mikkelsen's personal portfolio

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Lac Latulippe

Well-designed portfolio sites can not only serve as a showcase for the creative professional’s work but also attract new clients and provide a platform whereon these works can be marketed and sold. Lac Latulippe achieves all these aims with pizzazz. The homepage slider takes you to the a basic About page that also provides the necessary contact details as well as to Luc’s portfolio page. The cool thing is that the thumbnail for each product comes with a price – so if you like it, you can buy it happily.

Luc Latulippe's personal portfolio site

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Dave Werner

Dave Werner is a man of many talents. Thus, creating a personal portfolio website for him could have proved a difficult task. Nevertheless, Dave’s portfolio site is a study in simplicity. Cool font in the left margin carries links to various categories of Dave’s work, while also linking visitors to his About page and resume. The inner project pages contain text details and plenty of images and/or videos. A successful portfolio indeed!

Dave Werner's portfolio design

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The landing page for Camellie seems rather sparse at first glance. A mythical-seeming elephant hovers at the bottom left corner, water dripping from its trunk on to a slight menu bar below. Click on any of the links and a window opens up, dominating much of the empty page – providing a better view of Camellie’s works for potential employers to admire. Like the stuff, the Shop link will take you to a page where you can buy cool graphics. Keep the credit card ready.

Camellie's design portfolio

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The landing page for Gummisig’s personal portfolio shouts out to the world (in capital letters, of course) what Gummisig does for a living. There are links to his About, Work, Contact and Blog pages on the left margin as well as embedded in text right below the above-mentioned shout out. Scroll down to see two of his featured projects. Each project page features pictures and text, and is followed by a link to Gummisig’s Twitter page as well as a contact form.

Gummisig: a contemporary portfolio design

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Nick Jones

Nick Jones’ personal portfolio website has a really clean, minimal look. But Nick has a few tricks up his sleeve as you will notice on scrolling down this amazing portfolio site. It easily ranks among the best portfolio designs we have seen recently. Click on any of the projects on his list of works and images pop up – you then have the choice to read the story or view the actual work or both. A great site with plenty of inspiration to offer.

Nick Jones: creative personal portfolio

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Vladimir Strajnic

Vladimir Strajnic’s website features a fairly basic portfolio layout – you have the logo and the menu at the top, followed by a central slider, then a two-column section dedicated to his work projects, and finally various necessary links including the much-needed social media icons. What makes this layout pop is Vladimir’s illustrations, which give this portfolio design a unique and personalized feel.

Vladimir Strajnic's illustrated portfolio design

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Jason Kirtley

Web and mobile designer Jason Kirtley boasts of a clean yet effective portfolio design layout. This design portfolio opens to an almost full screen image of one of Jason’s recent works. Scroll down and you will find large circular thumbnails of his previous work, categorized according to year. Click on any of these to reach a page with generous-sized images and just enough text to convince the potential client to hire this talented designer.

Jason Kirtley: a clean and effective portfolio site

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Juan Diego Velasco

The design portfolio of Juan Diego Velasco is shaped rather like a blog. The backyard setting leads you gently into a blogroll-style layout of Juan’s projects, where each entry image can be expanded for better viewing. On the left-hand side, vaguely camouflaged by the grassy background sit links leading to the About and Contact section; this can be reached by scrolling to the end as well.

Juan Diego Velasco's blog-style personal portfolio

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Mark McGall

This Belfast-based web designer and developer has a particularly catchy portfolio design. Personal portfolio sites like this one are designed to catch people’s attention through their look and feel. The blue and grey homepage features smart design with the navigation at the top and Mark’s professional work divided into three categories. Mark’s sense of humor as evident through the “Mount Rushmark” at the bottom and other little touches, make this a cool portfolio to visit.

Mark McGall: a humorous and effective portfolio site

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Ryan Keiser

Ryan Keiser’s portfolio homepage is unexpectedly colorful, and it holds true to this self-confessed “experience designer’s” mission: “I create usable, accessible, colorful experiences.” We like how the homepage gives us easy information about Ryan as also quick access to his projects and blog. Scroll down and there is a contact form alongside his other contact details.

Ryan Keiser's colorful personal portfolio website

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Aleks Faure

Basic palettes of grey and black work well with a pop color. In this case, freelance creative web and UI designer Aleks Faure throws a bright blue into the subdued mix. The effects are great. Moreover, this personal portfolio is anything but dull. Aleks makes sure of that by throwing in cutesy icons (as seen on the About page) and a dash of humor. The “How I Work” section on the homepage is clearly targeted at convincing potential clients to hire him. The subtly placed social media buttons make it easy to connect with the Paris-based professional.

Aleks Faure's minimalist design portfolio

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Jesse Wilmon

Does a web page have to look like a web page? Not necessarily. Jesse Willmon therefore takes his homepage and literally draws all over it – showing off his illustration skills while also linking you to his work, his email address and more. The inner portfolio pages are set within something like an organizer with large images, indexes on the side and markers on the top. Great job!

Jesse Willmon's creative portfolio design

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Claire Coullon

This is a simple, minimalist design that is sure to appeal to creative professionals who want to keep their work in the foreground. Claire Coullon’s personal portfolio features a thumbnail layout of her work. Click through and you reach an inner project page with detailed information and large admirable images. The homepage also links you to Claire’s About page and Contact page. The latter features a contact form and links to her social media networking pages.

Claire Coullon's impactful personal portfolio website

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Chris K. Jennings

Here is another twist on the thumbnail layout. This time the logo, the navigation and the social media buttons site on the left-hand margin while creative projects dominate the rest of the page. Click on a thumbnail and it expands across your screen to give you a better idea of what this portfolio site is all about. Clean and effective, this is what good portfolios are made of.

Chris Jenning's minimalist portfolio design

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Owned and designed by Hyderabad-based designer Nag, Colourpixel is a treat for the eyes. The colorful background is sure to draw you in and not let you go. We like how Nag cuts to the chase and provides an introduction, contact details and a list of services without needing you to either click or scroll down. When you do scroll down you will find thumbnail entries of his work. Click on an entry and it expands to give you a better view of Colourpixel’s design magic.

Colourpixel: a basic yet smart personal portfolio

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The website of Susie Ghahremani is a testament to her illustrative genius. Her personal portfolio site is geared towards selling her design goodies (there are links to various categories for sale on the left margin), but it also introduces you to who this brilliant artist really is. You will find links to her art and music as well as her contact details. And if you want, you can join her mailing list as well.

Boygirlparty: an illustrator's personal portfolio site

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A dark background made up of subdued checks. Amid those checks, isolated little squares with rounded edges stand out – these hold the links to Thibaud’s design projects (3D, web design and identity) as well as to his About page, contact details and Twitter page. Click on any of these colorful boxes and other squares around them get illuminated in grayscale. Click on any of his works and the thumbnail image expands to cover the entire checked background. This personal portfolio is definitely different. We love it!

Thibaud's offbeat personal portfolio design

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Ekin Yalgin

Ekin Yalgin is a digital art director based out of Istanbul, and his personal portfolio site is a fine example of good design done well. Ekin uses a thumbnail format to showcase his work on the homepage but as you move your cursor over each image, it expands to add some information. Click and a large window opens up containing that image and necessary details. Links to various categories of Ekin’s work sit on the left margin along with a link to his contact page. Social media buttons occupy a little space on the top of the page.

Ekin Yalgin's strong design portfolio

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