30 Awesome Nail Designs You Must Wear

Nail designs in the past years have bypassed the tag of being a woman’s hobby and evolved as a work of art. Every day more and more women with talent and skill are creating incredible nail designs that inspire lacquer-lovers to pursue a career in nail art. This article features some of the nail artists who deserve a mention for their contribution to the fashion industry.

1. Nail designs by Mei

Mei is a nail artist from Japan. This girl specializes in interpretive nail designs as she loves translating things into nail art.

Nail Arts Mei


2. Nail Designs Lili Nguyen

Lili is a talented nail artist that has been manicuring celebrities. It is her mission to style nails of women who believes in beautiful nail designs.

Nail Arts Design Lili Nguyen

Tumblr / Instagram

3. Nail Art Designs by Nancy Mc

Nancy is a nail artist that uses her passion for books, films, and clothes as inspiration for her nail designs. This girl specializes in cartooning and illustrations. Looking at her past work, it is safe to say that her nail art is neat and fun.

Nail Arts Designs Nancy Mc


4. Easy Nail Designs by Ran Kowatari

Ran is one of the most sought after nail artist. Born in Kyoto, Japan, the US nail artist has done work for Vogue, New York Magazine, MTV, and Elle. Ran’s specialties are Swarovski crystal and hand-detailed nail art.

Easy Nail Arts Design Ran Kowatari


5. Nail Designs at Home Astrowifey

Ashley Crowe also known as Astrowifey is a passionate nail artist. This freelance manicurist specializes in art tribute and fashion prints nails.

Nail Arts at Home Astrowifey


6. Latest Nail Designs by Spifster

Tacarra Sutton also known as spifster in the fashion industry is a creative manicurist specializing in abstract patterns with detailed work. She loves nail art and has been painting nails for many years.

Latest nail Arts Spifster

Twitter / Instagram

7. Beautiful Nail Designs by Crowezilla

Shani Crowe comes from a family of artist, so it is not surprising that she turned out to be a good nail artist. Shani or crowezilla to her followers specializes in tribal nail art. She is also into black and white nail style.

Beautiful Nail Arts Crowezilla
Twitter / Tumblr

8. Different Nail Art Designs by Naomi Yasuda

Naomi, a nail artist born and raised in Japan studied nail design at Chunichi Beauty College. But, before she went to school she already showed creativity at a young age. This nail artist in just a short time has built up a loyal following because of her approach to nail design. Naomi loves challenging herself since she believes no design is too complicated or extreme.

Different Nail Arts Naomi


9. Best Nail Art Designs by Ami Vega

Ami Vega of El Salonsito is known across the world for her awesome creations. This nail artist has worked with brands like Maybelline and Revlon. Ami also worked with magazines such as Nails Magazine, Vogue, Marie Claire, Instyle, Scratch Magazine and more.

Best Nail Arts Ami Vega


10. Simple Nail Designs by Boom Nails

Emma Zentner of Boom Nails is a freelance nail artist from London. She is known for her custom and detailed design. Emma’s nail design is considered by her followers as an art. She got her inspiration from designers and artists like Keith Haring and Versace.

Simple Nail Arts Boom Nails


11. Nail Designs 2016 by Illustrated Nails

Sophie Harris-Greenslade is a creative manicurist of Illustrated Nails. She is known for her beautiful nail designs. Sophie’s is one of the most sought after nail artist of this generation. Check out her work at tumbler to see how talented this girl is.

Nail Arts Design 2016 illustrated nails


12. Nail Design Photos Fleury Rose

Fleury Rose is a celebrity and nail artist based in New York. Born in Connecticut, Rose a visual fine art graduate founded the nail blog “fleuryrosenails” due to the encouragement of friends and the positive response to her nail designs. Fleury’s nail designs have been featured in many magazines like Paper magazine and Teen Vogue.

Nail Arts Photos Fleury Rose


13.  Easy Nail Art Designs at Home Jessica Washick

Jessica Washick is a nail artist that you should keep in mind. She is a great designer and blogger. Her blog, U DON’T NEED A MAN, U NEED A MANICURE has thousands of followers. Checked out her awesome for to get nail art inspiration.

Easy Nail Arts at Home Jessica Washick


14. Nail Design by Clara Nails

Clara is a self-taught nail artist. She is well known in the fashion and beauty industry as a talented nail artist. Clara has been named as one of the top 20 nail artists for her work which was featured in numerous printed publications and the fashion blogging industry. Get to know this creative nail artist more by following her on Twitter for the latest nail designs.

Nail Arts Clara Nails


15. Nail Polish Designs by Naked Ash Nails

Ash is a Brooklyn based nail artist who understands the importance of awesome nail designs. She is a passionate nail artist who loves trying new designs.

Nail Polish Arts Nakedashnails


16. Latest Nail Art Designs by Jin Soon

Jin Soon is a nail guru who kick-ass polishes to boot. This famous manicurist is known for creating modern masterpiece nail designs.

Latest Nail Arts Design Jin Soon

17. New Nail Designs by Shellbeezy

Shelley is a New York nail artist that you should follow because of her awesome nail designs that will blow your mind.

New Nail Arts Design Shellbeezy


18. Simple Nail Designs by Marisa Carmichael

Marisa is a nail artist based in New York City. She is represented by Streeters and has been in the business for years. Marisa is worth following because of her gorgeous nail designs that graced the cover of many magazines.

Simple Nail Arts Design Marisa Carmichael


19. Simple Nail Arts Designs Natalie Pavloski

Natalie is a nail artist from Melbourne that has caught the attention of the social media networks because of her amazing nail designs. She has worked with famous designers like Oscar de la Renta. Natalie is known for her impressive technique that produces a lot of great nail arts.

Simple Nail Arts Designs Natalie Pavloski


20. Nail Designs b y Adam Slee

Adam is a male nail artist known for creating delicate nail designs for Valentino, H&M, and Hugo Boss. Following Adam on Twitter or Instagram is a good idea since he likes giving tips about nail arts and how-tos.

Nail Arts New Adam Slee


21. Different Nail Designs by Jessica Hoffman

Jessica is a celebrity nail technician that you should follow to get the latest news about nail arts. She has worked with famous celebs and brands like Jourdan Dunn and Cara Delevigne. Check out her account to see some of her stunning work.

Different Nail Arts Design Jessica Hoffman


22. Nail Paint Designs by Raquel

Do you love comics, cartoons? If so then you should follow Raquel to see some of her latest nail designs.

Nail Paints Arts Raquel


23. Latest Nail Art Designs by Sophy Nails

Sophy is a London nail artist that you should. This sought after nail artist is known for creating exciting and original nail arts. Sophy also has her own brands of on-stick nail designs.

Nail Arts Latest Sophynails


24. Designs of Nail Arts by Marian Newman

Marian is a favorite nail technician of many celebrities. She goes from one fashion weeks to the next creating nail designs that will be iconic.

Designs of Nail Arts Mariannewman


25. Nail Designs by i_nailed_it

Venus of i_nailed_it is a creative nail artist. She loves creating exciting and awesome nail design so following her is a good idea.

Nail Art i_nailed_it


26. Nail Designs by Lucy

Lucy is a celebrity nail artist who has worked with the likes of Chery Fernandez-Versini and Lady Gaga. If you are a nail addict then you should follow her on Instagram for she posts new nail experiments.



27. New Nail Designs by Danielle Lubin

Danielle Lubin is the next top nail artist. The New Jersey nail technician is known for creating awesome nail designs that you can only imagine in your wildest dreams.

New Nail Art 10thstorynails


28. Nail Designs by This is Prisma

Christina Rinaldi aka This is Prima is is known for her amazing custom nail arts. She loves painting nails and photography. Following her on Instagram is a must if you love nail arts.

Nail Arts Home This is Prisma


29. Latest Nail Design by Ria Nailz

Ria is a creative nail artist. She specializes in replicating pictures and tribal designs. This Brooklyn born girl has been in the nail business for 5 years.

Latest Nail Designs Rianailz


30. Latest Nail Design by Nagi Coco

Nagi Coco of Disco Nail is a nail artist from Tokyo. She is known for her creepy and unique nail designs. If you haven’t seen her work, check it out at Tumblr. You would see a couple of out of the ordinary nail arts.

Latest Nail Designs Art Nagi Coco