Nail Design Ideas by Instagram Nail Artists

Are you a nail art addict? Do you want to stay updated on the latest nail design ideas? If so, you should follow the Instagram or tumblr account of talented nail artists, not just the big guys like Sally Hansen, OPI, and Essie. There are many great nail artists that you may have never heard of but should be following them for their beautiful nail designs.

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The lists below are some of the nail artists that you might have never heard of but should know, especially when you wish to venture into nail art designs.


Nail Design Ideas by Karen Gutierrez

Karen is a celebrity nail stylist based in Los Angeles, Ca. She manages the manicures of celebrities Becky G and Selena Gomez, which only means she is the girl to follow when you want to know the latest nail design. She prefers simple but beautiful nails just like in her Chanel Le Vernis representation.

How to Paint Your Nails The Karengnails Way

To recreate the nail design, you need to apply one thin layer of the Chanel La Base Protective and Smoothing base coat. Next, apply two coats of Chanel Le Vernis Colour in Rouge Essential and lastly, apply the Chanel Le Gel Long Wear Top coat to achieve the perfect look.

Nail Design Ideas

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Nail Design Ideas by Alicia Torello

This nail artist is well known for her punk rock design. She has a lot of devoted followers simply because she is very creative. You will see her work in some fashion magazines, maybe you already seen one just didn’t know it was her creation.

The half moon mani you are looking at now according to Torello represents the best of both worlds.

To create the half moon mani, you will need to use stripping tape for the straight line marking then paint the top half with Essie’s Romper Room. Once the nail polish has dried up, apply the top coat. Using an orange wood stick with a bit of top coat on the end get the appliques. Once done, apply another layer of the top coat for the finishing touches.

Nail Design Ideas by Alicia Torello

New Nail Design Ideas by Jessica Washick

Jessica is one of the nail artists you should definitely follow on Instagram for she is really good especially with Swarovski crystals. The first time I saw her work I immediately followed her then I saw her account full of beautiful nail arts,  I knew at that moment that my decision to follow her was just right.

Look at her nail art? Isn’t she amazing?

Nail Design Ideas


Latest Nail Design Ideas by Chelsea King

Chelsea is a licensed nail artist in Los Angeles, California. She is a talented artist that love to experiment or go out of the box. She loves playing with texture and shape as seen in her work of art (see below). Following her will give you idea on nail art as  she always comes up with simple yet amazing nail designs.

If you want to see the step by step procedure of her floral nails mani, just click the link to watch the video tutorial.

Nail Design Ideas

Via Floral Nail Tutorial


Different Nail Design Ideas by Lexi Martone

Lexi is a celebrity nail artist. For the past 3 years, she had worked with famous celebrities such as Katie Holmes, JLO, Blake Lively, and Jada Pinkett Smith. When she is not servicing celebrities, you will find her at the salon she opened with her sister Salon Martone in Long Island NY. She is known and love by her followers for her crazy Halloween nail designs.

Nail Design Ideas

Best Nail Design Ideas by Taryn Multack

Taryn left the corporate world to pursue her love for nail art. The nail art world is lucky to have talented artists like her who just devoted to her craft. If you don’t believe me, follow her on Instagram where she posts most of her manicure collection. She loves translating the latest runway or outfit into nail arts as seen in the picture below, just one of her amazing nail design.

How to Get the Ladyfingers Look:

To achieve the look, you will need a black art nail pen, Tuck Me in by Ginger+Liz and LA Pop by Zoya.

The first thing you need to do is start with a silver nail and using the pen, draw a small flower on each nail. Enclose the flower with a circle around it, and create another circle outside the one made earlier. Create zigzags on the remaining space. Dot the center triangular space of the zigzags then paint the top of your nail using a sheer iridescent polish. Apply the top coat for the perfect finish look.

Nail Design Ideas

Simple Nail Design Ideas by Stephanie Stone

Stone is a celebrity and editorial nail artists who nailed it so you should follow her account to know what is the newest nail art in the fashion world. She is known for doing amazing nails for notable personalities in Hollywood like Demi Lovato, Selena Gomes, and Miley Cyrus. But, don’t just follow her on Instagram because of her clientele, rather follow for her collection of nail arts. You will enjoy her manicure collection most especially her bunnies and dogs anime.

It is just one of Stephanie simple yet stylish nail art on magazines. What do you think of the manicure?

Nail Design Ideas

Nail Design Images from Britney Tokyo

Britney is another talented licensed nail artist you should definitely follow on IG. Born and raised in Japan, but now residing in Los Angeles, this girl has won many nail art competitions in US and Japan. She has a unique client based and has worked for music videos, fashion labels, and magazines. Britney, a one of kind artist already has 75,000 followers, a sign that she is indeed worth following. if you are not yet following her, go and follow now.

I love the nail art… Awesome work!

Nail Design Ideas

Easy Nail Design Ideas by Madeline Poole

Madeline is the girl that invented the outline manicure, the best nail wraps, and the best manicurist. The Sally Hansen’s global color ambassador is making headlines because of her beautiful nail art, which often graced the cover of magazines. She is so cool that following her on Instagram is a good opportunity as you get to stay updated on the latest trend.

Nail Design Ideas

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Nail Design Ideas by Mei Kawajiri

Mei has been creating nail art for 15 years in Japan before transferring to New York and becoming one of the most sought-after nail artists in the city. She is known for her cutting-edge style, insane drawings, innate talent and warm personality. This talented nail artist has a long list of loyal clients  thanks to her commitment, innovation, and passion for nail art.   Mei has been providing not just professional mani service but also a personal touch.

I love her nail art looks simple but very elegant, no wonder she is in-demand for she really got serious talent.

Nail Design Ideas

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