16 Nail Art Tutorial You Cant Resist

Nail art tutorial can come to your rescue if you are wanting to know how to do nail art. Nail art has been extremely popular as there are so many nail designs to choose from, more than you can imagine. These days, women are just so crazy with beautiful nail art that they started learning to paint their own nails. Painting your own nails is easy with the help of nail art tutorial. The best way to manicure is to follow the step-by-step instructions to create the perfect nail design. But of course, instructions through pictures is a lot easier to follow as you can see if you are doing things right. If you are one of the brave souls that are willing to try experimenting with manicures, know that you have come to the right page.
Finding the right nail design for your next manicure is easy because the internet is loaded with design ideas. But, you can easily get lost if you don’t have any idea about what is trending or popular.

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This article can help you style your nails by yourself. Below are some of the nail art tutorials that will show you how to create chic nail design at the comfort of your home.


1. Awesome Sassy Nail Art Tutorial

Are you looking for chic, sassy nail design? Well, what do you think of this nail art by Minted Strawberry? If you ask me, I bet you can recreate it since the design is very common. The awesome colors of the polish definitely turn the design into chic nails. This is an easy nail art that you do not need much instruction as simply follow the step by step photos to create a perfect manicure.

The nail polish used for this nail design is Sally Hansen’s CSM Eel skin, L.A Colors Metallic Silver and Wet n’ Wild Black Crème.

nail art tutorial

nail art tutorial

nail art tutorial

Via MintedStrawberry

2. Stripe Nail Art Tutorial

The Stripe nail design is worth trying as you can easily achieve it. In fact, anyone can recreate the look because it is easy to do.

nail art tutorial

Via boza

3. Different Nail Art Butterfly Tutorial

Butterfly nail art is a beautiful design and very easy to recreate especially if you follow the steps properly. Below are the Butterfly nails tutorials:

The first thing you need to do is simply apply two coats of polish on all nails. Apply the first color (wing color) form in a curved line as shown in the photos. Next, apply the second color beside it, but leave a space to repeat the curved lines.

Using a striper brush, lightly pull the brush through both colors, but stop in the middle of the blank space. Repeat the process to fill out the wing design, but make sure you angle the lines to the middle so the lines meet in the center. Take note, all lines should be at the center of the middle empty space. Once the wings of the butterfly done proceed to do the body until you have outline the butterfly.

nail art tutorial


Via MakeupTutorials

4. White Collar Best Nail Art Tutorial

White Collar nail art design is very easy to do as long as you follow the tutorial. This nail art is chic and great for daily wear. You can never go wrong with this design especially if you are a beginner.

nail art tutorial

Via MakeupTutorial


5. Pink and Gold Simple Nail Art Tutorial

This pink and gold nail design is beautiful definitely worth trying out if you ask me. The tutorial is also easy to follow that even a newbie will have an easy time to get the look.
The first thing to do is decide on a base color for the triangle shape. You will need a nail file, buffer, roll of selotape and a top coat. Next, clean your nail but make sure there is no varnish left then buff for the desired shape. Apply the base color you have chosen then stick two small pieces of the selotape in a triangle form to your nail. Paint the second color over the selotape. Remove the selotape to show the triangle shape. Lastly, apply the top coat then you are done.

nail art tutorial

Via She Beautiful

6. Latest Nail Art Tutorial For Summer

I love the trees and the black base coat, this nail art is definitely great for summer season. Plus! It is so easy to do, just follow the tutorial to recreate the design on your nails.

nail art tutorial

Via Lulus Blog

7. Latest Nail Art Tutorial For You To Try

This nail art is very easy to do anyone can recreate the look as you just need to put dots on your nails. You don’t even need a bobby pin or dotting tool just a mechanical pen will do. Anyway, below is the tutorial to create this amazing nail look.
Paint the nails with your chosen base color. Get a mechanical pen or whatever dotting tool you have to make the larger dots. To create the dots simply dip the end of the tool in a polish. Repeat the process for the tiny dots. Finish the design by covering the nails with clear topcoat then you are done.

nail art tutorial

Via BeautyDepartment


8. Watermelon Art Nail Tutorial

CraftyNinja Watermelon nail art is awesome. The design is so cute and looks fun to make, great for beginners.

nail art tutorial

Via TheCraftyNinja

9. White and Silver Striped Nail Art Tutorial

The white and silver striped nail art is chic and perfect for the summer. Wearing this nail art will make you the center of the attention because the design is beautiful. It is nice and simple nail design. You can easily recreate the white and silver striped look on your nails by just following the steps shown in the pictures below.

nail art tutorial

Via Blog Lulus


10. Mint, White and Gold Striped Nail Art Images Tutorial

What do you think of this nail art? If you ask me the mint, white and gold striped nail art is worth a try. It a bit time consuming to do but with patience, you can easily achieve the look. This nail art is chic, perfect for the summer season and whenever you want to look glamorous on any given day.

nail art tutorial

Via Blog Lulus

11. Different Nail Art Tutorial- Romantic Floral DIY

Are you looking for a romantic nail art design? If so, look no more as this do-it-yourself nail art is perfect for a romantic nail look. Best of all, it is so easy to do as long as you follow the step-by-step procedure as shown in the image tutorial below.
The romantic floral nail art is great for spring and valentine’s day. Try this nail art design for a chic nail style.

nail art tutorial

Via Michellephan

12. Gold Leaf Designs : Nail Art Tutorial

Nail art enthusiasts especially beginners will have a great time recreating this nail design. It is so easy to do and fun, you do not even need to spend a lot of time to perfect the look. Great nail design for the summer season.

nail art tutorial

Via Weheartit

13. Two Colors Easy Nail Art Tutorial

I so love this nail art design very chic and looks easy to do as well, anyone with a bit of flair can perfect the look on their nails. What do you think of this nail art design? Do you think it is worth the try or not?

nail art tutorial

nail art tutorial

nail art tutorial

Two Colors Easy Nail Arts4

nail art tutorial

Via TheNailasauras

14. Graffiti Nail Art Photo Tutorial

Cosmopolitan Graffiti nail art is just perfect for everyday wear. The nail art design is also easy to do that you can recreate the look without a problem. The steps are also easy to follow, just prep and paint, create the swipes using a silver paint on your nails then swipe more gold shade in the open spaces. Finish the design by painting the nails with a top coat to lock the color and prevent the nails from chipping.

nail art tutorial

Via Cosmopolitan

15. Black and White Asymmetrical Crescent Nail Art Tutorial

Black is always fashionable so if you want a chic manicure then this nail art design is perfect for you. The black and white asymmetrical crescent tutorial is easy to follow that is why you should try this nail design. There are no doubt your friends, family and everyone will notice your nails.

nail art tutorial

Via Blog Lulus

16. Pastel Pinstripe Cool Nail Art Tutorial

Pinstripe nails are one of my favorite do-it-yourself nail art design. This nail design is easy to recreate and you only need four polishes to copy the look. See the Pastel Pinstripe tutorial:
First, apply the base coat then apply the pastel polish, makes sure you apply two coats. Leave them to dry completely before painting the nails with thin lines. Start from the far side to the tip. Use a striper or a small paintbrush to paint thin lines on your nails, make sure your hand is steady to perfect the look. Let the lacquer dry then swipe the pinstripes with a top coat to seal it.

nail art tutorial
Via Makeup

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