Latest Nail Art: Fur Nails

Here is the newest nail art trend that has hit the fashion world? This new nail styling that might tickle your fancy. The fashion industry has introduced many weird trends that have come and gone, and just when we thought we have seen all the strange beauty trends, enter the furry nails.

During the New York Fashion Week 2016, a new nail styling was introduced. Libertine’s models walked the runway with faux fur on their nails. The man behind the nail arts that are making heads turn is Jan Arnold, style director and co-founder of CND nail polish. Furry nails were introduced as the “ultimate winter luxury for your nails” which is just right since the furs can definitely keep the fingers warm.
The new nail art can surely spice up your look, but this nail look is not practical for daily use.

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Nevertheless, it’s a trend that’s already taking the industry by storm as evident by the number of girls sharing photos of their fur nails on Instagram and other social networking sites. Honestly, I really don’t understand why this nail art is a big hit when it will just restrict movements. With the attention furry nails are getting nowadays, it just mean one thing aesthetic tend to triumph than functionality.

According to the nail polish expert, to get furry nails look, each nail must be painted with a polish in neutral colors like off-white (cream puff) or taupe (rubble). You then need to attach faux fur to each nail using Super Shiny High-Gloss top coat. The top coat is recommended by Arnold and the CND people, they are the team that put together the nail look that is trending in the fashion and beauty world.
By the way, putting on the fur will definitely take time as you need to be very careful. And as with normal polish, you can get rid of the look with the use of a nail polish remover. But, don’t expect the task to be easy because pulling fur off the fingers even with an acetone can be a little tedious.

Furthermore, fur nails don’t last long, it’s something you put on and wear for a few hours then removed once you get home. In other words, they are just a one-night thing because if you get them wet or you pick up any cream, oil or grease it will make the nails messy. Anyway, it’s the nail look that catching on so who am I to say, it is not good. So, I just look forward to seeing what furry nail art everyone else has come up with.

Have you come up with your own furry nail art or still looking for inspiration? Whether you have a nail art idea or still searching for a design, this article can help you.

Here are some of the furry nail arts that I think will help you get an idea so you can come up with your own art.

Sesame Street character Nail Art

I think this fur nail art is cute and looks like it is easy to do. What do you think of this cookie monster nail art? To achieve this look, you just need a black magic marker, googly eyes and some blue flocking powder to bring this favorite Sesame Street character to life in your nails.

cookie monster furry nail art

Via Refinery

3D Troll Furry Nail Art

I love this 3D troll furry nails very cute. Here’s another interesting furry nails art from that I think is really cool.

nail art

furry nails jpeg1

Via piggieluv

Chewbacca Fur Nail Art

I’m a fan of nail art. This Chewbacca fur nail art is just one of the reasons why a lot of girls want to try different nail styles. What do you think of this fur nail art?

nail art designs chewbacca

rainbow furry nails art


Halloween Fur Nail Art

Looking for a Halloween fur nail art? This were wolf faux fur nail art is a good idea. In fact, you can achieve a wolf look from head to toe when you put this on your nails.

werewolf-fur nail-art

Via PeaceLovePolish