Summer Nail Art Designs Treat

Looking for summer nail art designs? In this generation, nail art play a crucial role in the overall look of a girl. They come in different patterns and colors and have made nails beautiful and alive. This summer, you can make your nails beautiful and this article will help you find the hottest nail designs best for you. Catch up with the coolest nail trend to get an idea of your own nail art.

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There are many strange or weird  nail arts that have been introduced in the New York Fashion Week which makes life difficult for nail enthusiasts. You see! It is not easy finding the perfect nail art that will welcome the summer season. Good thing there are sites that always features the latest and hottest trend in the fashion industry. Before we show you the newest nail trend in the fashion world, let us talk about nail art history a bit just to give you an idea. After all, it will help you understand why some girls go crazy and excited for the newest styling trend.

What is Nail Art?

Nail art is an artistic way to decorate your nails. They are work of art that doesn’t require a paper or canvas to create as the art can be done on toenails and fingernails. Nail art is commonly done in a beauty salon by a nail technician.

Painting nails with different colors are not something new since even during the ancient Babylonia the males already coloring their nails with kohl. But, the nails are not colored to be fashionable since it was used as an indication of a person status in the society. Black nails signify higher class while green color is for the lower class. Ancient Egyptian women also used nail art to indicate their social status and they are decorating their nails with a henna plant. In ancient China, the women also color their nails and just as in Egypt, the nails color represents the social class. Nail art becomes part of the fashion world when the founder of Orly, Jeff Pink introduced nail styling on the Paris Runway in 1976. Today, nail art is more than just a fashion statement but a lifestyle.

In fact, the popularity of nail art has grown tremendously that there are now several options for decorating nails. Making your nails beautiful is a lot easier with the help of nail accessories available in many drug stores and shopping malls. Plus! You can decorate your nails without the assistance of professionals or experts thanks to the many tutorials on the internet.

This summer, you can decorate your nails with a design that you can be proud to show off to your family and friends. The summer season is the perfect time practice your nail art as there are lovely patterns like flowers, heart shapes and dots that you can try for your nails. For a romantic look, you can create a pink floral design or something that is eye-catching and unique.  Below are some of the summer inspired nail arts that you can try.

Awesome Summer Nail Art Designs

The internet is full of nail art designs that it could take all day to look at them all. Unfortunately, some nail designs are just too much while some are understated. In order to save you from the trouble of finding the best summer nail design maybe some of the nail art ideas this year can inspire you.

Fashion Week Spring 2016 Nail Art Designs

This nail design is beautiful no wonder it is a big hit in the New York Fashion Week Spring 2016. Do you agree with me that this nail art is awesome?

nail art designs
nail art designs

Via PopSugar

Trendy Nail Art Designs

This is another trendy nail art that you should consider, great for the holidays and when you just want to have fun with your nails.

nail art 3


Via PopSugar

Yellow and Pink Schematic Nail Art Designs

I love the color yellow and pink, nice color schematic and the tree. Thumbs up to the person who created this great nail art.

summer nail arts4



Gorgeous Aquatic Nail Art Designs

Having trouble deciding what summer nail art best for you? This gorgeous aquatic nail art is just perfect to welcome the summer season. The design will definitely remind you of water and since it is easy to replicate, why not give this mani a try. For the step-by-step tutorial, please visit Lulu’s blog.

ManiMonday nail art5

Via Lulus


Nautical Nail Art Designs

Wow, this nautical nail art is just the design that is right for the hottest season. The nail art design seems easy to recreate except for painting stripes, but overall worth a try. For this pattern, you will need a navy blue polish, a thin paint brush to create the heart, scissors, white strips and insta-dry top coat. What do think of this nail art, does it scream summer is here?


Via TheBeautyDepartment


Green Nail Art Designs

Green is in; this summer said my pal at the salon. I’m not fond of the color green but the vibrant color is just right for spring, summer and any other season. Anyway, this nail art is going to be a big challenge to recreate, but nothing is impossible so don’t be afraid to give this design a try.

summer nail art 6

Via Nails2016

Inspiring Pattern Nail Art Designs

I love the pattern very inspiring. Glad I discovered this nail art while I was searching for the best summer nail designs.

summer nail art 7

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