Aha People: Mars Cureg, founder, OrphicPixel.com

OrphicPixel, a web and graphic design blog aims at showcasing how one dot can cause you a lot. Under the supervision of Mars Cureg, the blog gives you an interesting mix of web design, photography, logos, wordpress, tutorials and much more. Read on to know Mars views on

1) Could you outline what your average day involves, from waking up in the morning to clocking off at night?

My average daily life cycle starts from saying a praise and gratitude to the almighty creator for another new beginning has come then fires up my analytical tool, open my favorite email app while taking my breakfast, have a glimpse to social media apps, and the entire breakfast time will revolve with my reader app. Daily routine as a web designer at work will take place during the office hours while of course the above routine is in the background. Spend most of the rest of the day’s hour in front of a monitor and smartphone before I dropped it in my face and fall sleep at night.

Mars Cureg OrphicPixel

2) What were the main projects you set up in your early days as a designer?

As far as I remember, I started as print designer working with business cards, certificates and posters during the year of 2002 where I debut with Photoshop 7.0

3) Besides writing at OrphicPixel, what keeps you occupied?

Honestly, when I am not writing for my blog I am considered as a plain driver, I have to bring my wife and daughter from here to there, from that mall to that mall and so on. When my driving profession gets over during the day, I would, in my own, decrease my age and bring it down to 6 years old as my daughter and have fun all day.

4) Most blog owners have a realization point, where they discover: “I can make a living from doing this!” – When did this occur for you, and what are the main factors that lead to this feeling?

Unfortunately, that realization didn’t happen yet to me. I am not considering the thousand dollars that my blog is making, I just blog for fun and not taking it as a job.

5) There has been a great deal of debate surrounding the quality of discussion on design blogs recently. How do you try to encourage interesting, thoughtful articles rather than covering old ground?

Five years of my blog’s life is a personal experience and preference, I post an article related to design when I stumble something interesting during my journey to the internet as I seek new design inspiration. Interesting article can be achieved on how you craft new design discoveries.

6) What are your views on the performance of info graphics and e-books than plain text in design sphere?

Info graphics and e-books are the new natives in this digital world. In my own, these two is more conveying and interacting rather than plain text. Viewing an info graphic is fun and entertaining while you get education in a certain topic.

7) Share us your views on “list posts” and “roundups.” Do such articles contribute value in the design writing community?

List posts and roundups is what makes of the 75% of my blog, as owner of this blog I prefer this kind of posts since this is a quick way to provide what designers need as a search result, this will also cut down the time to swarm in the internet when in search for design inspiration. Rather than jumping from one web galleries, all you need is already compiled in one post. Not to mention on how many browser tabs you will open.

8) If, in some Freaky Friday-like situation, you could live the life of another designer, illustrator or creative, for a day, who would it be, and why?

Antoni Tudisco

Justin Maller

Erik Johansson

Michael Vincent Manalo

Peter Tarka

It is because photography, photo manipulations and colorful 3d is what I love.

9) How do you decide that a particular topic is going to perform better for the kind of audience you have. Where do post ideas come from?

Topic needs to reach my audience when I find a least resources of that certain topic and since it’s a design related topic. It’s good to share fresh inspirations

10) Which 5 design blogs and design resources sites each you visit at least once during a day?

a) Coalesceideas

b) Naldzgraphics

c) Hongkiat

d) Webdesignerdepot

e) Six Revisions

11) List out any 5 random blogs from which you gain web inspiration.

a) Webdesignerdepot

b) Colorburned

c) Photoshop Lady

d) Tutorial Lounge

e) 10steps.sg

12) How do you find Ahadaily? Suggest us 5 topics that you would like to see at Ahadaily in our upcoming posts.

Ahadaily is getting fast in the spotlight as it features design blog owners, I would love to see topics which is about HTML5, CSS3, Web Apps, Photography related articles.

13) Lastly, whom do you want us to interview next and why do you think he deserves to be amongst “Aha People”?

Bring on Ronald Bien of Naldzgraphics, or Manuel Garcia of Designrshub or Ion Gonzaga of Design Rockstar

Thanks Mars for your time. And we wish you more of design and inspiration across web.

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