26 Logo Examples To Spark Your Creativity

Logo examples sometimes represent the kick of inspiration that a designer needs. Every logo maker, no matter how talented, goes through occasional slumps where they just do not feel creative. It is hard, but as every experienced creative professional knows, it is usually temporary. In the case of logo designers, they can always recharge their creative batteries by looking through lists and lists of great logo samples. Look through enough of them, and you could soon have the eureka moment, and creativity could begin to flow all over again.

Logo examples can teach you a lot of things. By just looking through another designer’s work, one can get a fresh new perspective on design ideas and execution. You could learn about everything from colors and contrasts to textures, typography, balance, composition and more. The idea is to critically examine the works of others to understand where you could improve your own designs. If you are stuck for an idea, looking through other’s logo designs could nudge you towards better ideas.

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The question we are asking is: are you hungry for great logo examples? If so, just scroll down through the 26 logos listed in this post. Hope you find the brilliance you are looking for!

style=”text-decoration: underline;”>The Doberman

style=”text-decoration: underline;”>Designed by: Shylesh

A limited color palette can result in remarkable achievements as seen in this brown-heavy logo design. The illustration of the animal itself looks impressive, and then you have the retro styling of the design around. That, coupled with the bold and somewhat retro typography, makes this a great logo.

The Doberman logo design

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style=”text-decoration: underline;”>Columbus

style=”text-decoration: underline;”>Designed by: Badovsky

The finest logo examples keep things simple. Take the case of this wonderfully elegant yet minimal logo sample. Taking the cue from the great explorer Columbus, the logo maker here has transformed the ship into an airplane. The concepts of water and air merge together too. The final impact is brilliant.

Columbus logo design

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Dickerson Park Zoo

Designed by: KCCreations

Logo examples need to work well no matter what the medium, be it a website header, a letterhead or a business card. In this respect, the Dickerson Park Zoo logo indicates that you need not follow a single template every time. Unique logos have a high recall potential, as exhibited by the one in this picture.

Dickerson Park Zoo logo design

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Pixel Science

Designed by: Sneek

If you are interested in logo development, you will probably agree that manipulating pixels is a science. The Pixel Science logo takes this thought and runs with it. The logo design seems to suggest that logo making is often akin to a chemistry experiment. For me, this logo scores for a number of reasons, not least because of the 3D feel.

Pixel Science logo design

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Soon On Mars

Designed by: Whoswho

A little humor is always appreciated, and Soon on Mars is cute and funny in a very easy, almost children’s book sort of way. I love how the idea of space represented by the name is illustrated in the form of a person in a space suit. Moreover, the artist has moved away from common depictions of astronauts standing in space with a flag in their hands, to the image of one sitting comfortably on a curve that obviously depicts spherical Mars.

Soon on Mars logo design

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Kuri School

Designed by: MontgomeryQ

Would you believe that this stunning logo was designed for a school? The logo maker in question must be congratulated for using the peacock in a way that is at once elaborate and easy on the eye. The limited use of colors serves to highlight the design on the peacock, and the simple lettering helps too.

Kuri School logo design

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Designed by: TriangleWrap

Some logo examples depend wholly on illustrations, others depend only on typography. Filmdog belongs to a third group of logo samples—it uses both type and image to equal effect. Thus, you have a strip of film occupying the centre, but it is cut out such that it spells out “dog”.

Filmdog logo design

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Toronto Bodyworks

Designed by: Luke Despatie

This is one of my favorite logo examples on this list. You have got to appreciate how the logo designer has used negative space to create the central figure standing with his/her arms stretched out. I also like the somewhat three-dimensional appeal that is created using separate blocks of colors. The matching font colors add to the effect.

Toronto Bodyworks logo design

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Designed by: Mickeyy

Minimalism is in these days. And when you see logo examples like Hiddenmail, you understand why. The artist has used only a few simple lines to create the envelope, while the shadow effects help the illustration pop. This is further highlighted by the light (almost hidden) font that spells out the logo’s name.

Hiddenmail logo design

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Mail Corner

Designed by: DigitalOrange

Envelope-oriented logo samples are quite common. But some of them are more successful than the others. In the case of Mail Corner, the logo designer has once again used the envelope image, but the running theme here is of the corner. Thus, you have the envelope at an angle with the corner of its mouth highlighted in red, and the “corner” of the lettering is red as well.

Mail Corner logo design

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Designed by: Dalius Stuoka

The Littleworker logo is irrepressibly cute. The glasses, combined with the sincere expression on his face, indicate that there is a lot of work being done here. The little pile of books and papers on which he stands also convey the idea of a busy day. The typography also adds to the overall cuteness quotient of this logo.

Littleworker logo design

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Designed by: Optimodo

A clever concept can mean everything in the logo design business. Take the instance of the Walk logo. The designer merely spells out a word. Oh, wait! He has also imagined the “A” as a pair of human legs out for a walk. What makes this even better is that the logo could work for innumerable color combinations and the impact would be just as good.

Walk logo design

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Designed by: Pitcher-pan

A restaurant or a food website that has a logo like this is well on its way to becoming a runaway winner. The logo maker here has used simple lines to depict cooks, complete with handlebar mustaches. I like the use of the color red—it is a great color for representing a kitchen.

Cooks logo design

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Designed by: HonestForum

The ubiquitous blue jeans is part and parcel of modern life. But even the good old denims can be fitted with some new creativity. The DenimBlog.com logo does just that by placing the initials of the site on to the back pocket of a pair of blue denims. The execution is simple and you’ve got to love it.

DenimBlog.com logo design

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Human Earth

Designed by: Whoswho

The Human Earth logo is simple indeed, but there is a lot going on. First up, you have the earth in blue, with latitudes and longitudes drawn out. Next there are the two hands, representing the human angle. But that is not all. The hands touch to create a little heart—the human earth. The blue palette helps, with the related font and illustration bearing similar blue hues.

Human Earth logo design

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Capstone Jeweler

Designed by: Tabithakristen

What I really love about this design is that it gives you a sense of movement. The centerpiece design almost captures the sparkle of a jeweled stone. Moreover, it is rather like looking through a kaleidoscope. The level of detail is marvelous, and you can see this in a number of color palettes as well. The choice of font—elegant but not showy—adds to the overall design in a subtle and refined manner.

Capstone Jeweler logo design

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Designed by: Roy Smith

It is remarkable how generating negative space can create such wonderful logo examples. Grizedale is a fine specimen of a great logo done well. The elaborate and elegant antlers add much to the design of the animal. The shield-like frame adds a sense of grandeur to the whole thing.

Grizedale logo design

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Designed by: Sophia Georgopoulou

This great logo is a success in every respect. The leave makes it obvious that the logo is all about wine. But don’t miss the twining stem—that is totally inspired by a wine bottle cork screw. As if that was not enough, the typography of “Vineria” is so smooth and fluid that you almost expect that it was written in wine. The subtlety of the tagline adds to the final effect.

Vineria logo design

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Curious Cat

Designed by: Shoxmeister

If you have ever seen a curious cat, here is a logo example that will sell the idea to you. The cartoon-like silhouette of the cat is spot on. There is no escaping the big curious eyes staring straight at you. Get yourself to look away and you notice that the tail is a question mark. As with all great logo examples, the magic is in the details.

Curious Cat logo design

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Designed by: Sergey Shapiro

Textured logos work really well in the online realm, and that is why I cannot seem to get enough of Scratch. Not only does the work look like it was scratched into the texture, I love that the word too is textured. The choice of blue as the background nearly gives this logo a denim feel. Extra points for the naturalness of the cursive script.

Scratch logo design

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Music Books

Designed by: Double A

The logo artist here has done a cool thing by merging music and books within the same logo. So whether you have a shop that sells music and books or you specialize in books on music, this logo, with its image of piano keys and books on a shelf make this a memorable logo sample. It really excels in the field of online logos.

Music Books logo design

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Rockit Nightclub

Designed by: Arnas Goldbergas

Guitars make for interesting logos, but in this instance, the designer has taken a lot of creative license and has given us an interesting and fun interpretation. Playing with the sound of the word “Rockit”, the logo maker has created a rocket shooting upwards through the clouds in the sky, while also creating a guitar to signal rock and music as one would expect in a nightclub. The dark palette with the sudden shot of light also helps.

Rockit Nightclub logo design

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Designed by: QM4

Catatonic is supposed to be a logo design for, of all things, flavored cat water. That explains the bubble with the cat’s head and the bubbles inside. Also notice the font that spells out “Catatonic”. Doesn’t it appear to mimic the movements of a cat? The concept is fun, and the image of the happy cat really sells this great logo.

Catatonic logo design

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California Flight Academy

Designed by: Kenji Bankhead

Sometimes, all you need to create winning logo examples is an ability to see things clearly. The logo sample presented here keeps things very simple, but its success comes down to choice and placement of the font, the easy depiction of the aircraft, and the subtly placed little star for relief. The textured background is a plus as well.

California Flight Academy logo design

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Jam Session

Designed by: Downwithdesign

Simple typography can indeed be used to create a lasting image. Logo examples that achieve this goal go a long way indeed. Jam Session presents an instance where the logo developer involves the type to create the illustration. We see clever use of the “S” to create the body of the guitar, thus combining text with image without trying too hard.

Jam Session logo design

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Marshalls Pet Store

Designed by: Hellorex

One of my favorites on this list, the Marsalls Pet Store logo gets you first with its choice of color. The bold bright green is a reminder that this store is in the nature business. Then the silhouette of the animal is given a unique feel thanks to the multicolored vertical stripes. We like that the store’s name Marshalls shows up in large font while the “pet store” bit appears almost like a tagline.

Marshalls Pet Store logo design

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