20 Creative Logo Designs For Idea-Seekers

Logo designs are an integral aspect of your business. They show up everywhere—on your website, on letterheads, on business cards, and of course, on the signage. Clients come to associate your brand with your company logo, which means that a good logo can bring in a lot of business. Skilled logo makers, therefore, can make all the difference, and it makes sense to even pay a premium if it means receiving a quality, high-impact logo.

Logo designs vary in terms of format, palette, mood, and more. What would be the right design for you? You would have to look through a range of logo samples to find ideas that might work for you. Once you have some idea of what you need, find a logo designer who can bring your vision to life. A good logo design is not something you can scrimp on, after all.

Scroll through this post and you will find 20 logo designs that are sure to make you sit up and take notice. You might even find the one that fits your bill!

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Malawi Shop

Designed by: Ahelor

It is rather apt that Ahelor’s Malawi Shop logo was picked up by an online store selling aquarium supplies. The aqua shades and the fluid lines make this a great example of marine life inspired logo designs.

Malawi Shop logo design

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Black Dog

Designed by: Carlove

The designer scores for the magnificent use of negative space. We love how the words reflect the image and vice versa. We have seen many logo designs look incoherent due to inept use of negative space, but not this one!

Black Dog logo design

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Edith Stein Foundation

Designed by: LumaVine

An official website needs a memorable logo. In that respect, LumaVine has done a fine job. This website logo comprises a portrait of Edith Stein placed alongside the name of the institution. The design is clean yet effective.

Edith Stein Foundation logo design

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Tutti I Fiori

Designed by: Nikita Lebedev

“Tutti i fiori” translates into “all the flowers”. This is a great logo example for a flower boutique. The logo maker has used a variety of flowers to create a single spherical flower upon which a butterfly looks ready to alight.

Tutti I Fiori logo design

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Tiny Big Studio

Designed by: Pablo Dominguez

Company logos must capture the essence of the business. The Tiny Big Studio logo does that not just effectively, but with a touch of humor. The little ant promises big takeaways for its clients.

Tiny Big Studio logo design

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Blue Sheep Books

Designed by: Deiv

Adorable logo designs are hard to come by. But the Blue Sheep Books logo ticks that box and more. We love the childlike simplicity of the design and particularly the way the typography represents the illustration and vice versa.

Blue Sheep Books logo design

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Hidalgo Stout

Designed by: Andrewrose

There is no ignoring the illustration on this logo. Logo samples like this one remind us why companies seek arresting logo designs. We love the sheer originality of this great logo.

Hidalgo Stout logo design

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Logo Thieves

Designed by: Brian Plemons

Logo makers have to battle plagiarism constantly. This tongue-in-cheek logo design captures this struggle perfectly. Whether or not this eventually becomes a website logo, it certainly hits all the right notes.

Logo Thieves logo design

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Wildlife Studios

Designed by: Stevan

We have all seen logo designs for wildlife outfits. This one is a little different. It was designed for a taxidermy studio dealing in African game. Given that background, the Wildlife Studios logo makes just the right impact with the innovative lion illustration.

Wildlife Studios logo design

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Designed by: Piotr Chrobot

Wineries that need a logo would do well to adopt this one. The illustration is clear enough, and we like how the rear end of the bottle spells out “wine” without distorting the image of the wine bottle.

Onwine logo design

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Paperclip Housing

Designed by: Dalius Stuoka

The best logo designs take a concept and run with it. The Paperclip Housing logo is a great example of a good logo design. The design has used the concept of a paper clip to create a house. It is simple, recognizable and smart.

Paperclip Housing logo design

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Letterhead Set

Designed by: Dorcasss

Professional logo designs like this one use simple typography and throw in a fearless splash of color to create an impact. Yes, even girly pink can spell business, as this wonderful company logo example goes to prove.

Letterhead Set logo design

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Eco Shield

Designed by: Constantine

Logo designs like this one amaze you with their creativity and clarity of thought. The two-color logo uses leaves to create a shield. The clean logo fonts and the image itself create a lasting and memorable impact.

Eco Shield logo design

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News Flash

Designed by: Joe Keller

The News Flash logo could be a great addition to a fun newsy website or magazine where news arrives at lightning speed. The logo design is simple and youthful with just a dash of humor.

News Flash logo design

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Brazil Vs. Argentina

Designed by: Brazil Vs. Argentina

Perhaps it was a soccer match that inspired this logo. The encounter between Brazil and Argentina is marked by a fluid splash of color. The colors, the lettering, the movement—it all works beautifully.

Brazil Vs. Argentina logo design

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Optimistic Beverages

Designed by: Helms Workshop

Designers constantly seek concepts that will give their logo designs an edge. This logo for Optimistic Beverages has that already. The twist in the “glass is half full” idea gives this logo a memorable quality.

Optimistic Beverages logo design


Salon Britori

Designed by: Chad Riedel

What sets this logo design apart from the rest is its use of texture. The scissors are the ideal symbol for a salon. The added wings and good use of typography give it an interesting quality.

Salon Britori logo design

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The Dressing Room

Designed by: BigAl67

Here is an interesting logo for a women’s apparel store. We like the half silhouette of the woman peering from behind the door. The simple black and white color palette gives this a stark, smart feel.

The Dressing Room logo design

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Higher Motion

Designed by: Lumo

The silhouette of a little girl swinging away provides just the right feel for the brand, Higher Motion Productions. It is a simple image but also a haunting one, and we love the in-motion feel of this fine logo sample.

Higher Motion logo design

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Designed by: iLune

Designed for the Government of Navarre, here is a logo example that quite obviously deals with forests, wildlife and related aspects. The “f” stands for the trees of the forests with a woodpecker-like bird perched on it.

Forestal logo design

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