22 Intelligent Logo Design Ideas For Your Browsing Pleasure

Logo design can make or break a brand. A poor logo does nothing for a business—if it is forgettable, uninteresting, or just plain blah, it will probably have no more recall value than the flyers handed out on busy intersections. This is why it makes sense for startups and professionals to invest a little and get their logos designed by a professional. A professional logo can create a strong first impression when it shows up on the signage, letterheads and website of a company.

Logo design makers do not just sit down and draw designs, and play with typography. They are required to create logo samples that mesh with the brand image, that complement the brand, that are memorable to the customer. Yet, even the best logo designers can hit a creative block at times. That is when logo roundups like this one can come handy.

This post carries 22 logo design ideas that popped right out at us. We hope you the find the inspiration you seek.

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MusicSkull Records

Designed by: Logomotive

A good logo design has to be catchy, just like the logo for MusicSkull Records. It is the ideal logo for a record company—with the skeleton so often associated with rock music, plus musical notations, a keyboard, a record, and just the right dash of fun.

MusicSkull Records logo design

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Napoleon Sushi Bar

Designed by: Badvosky

The logo for a sushi bar must have that Japanese touch plus a sense of the seafood aspect. This great company logo does both those things while also bringing in a touch of cuteness. Great color combination too. We love the sushi hat on the cute Napoleon.

Napoleon Sushi Bar logo design

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Designed by: Jason Sanzone

The simple color palette just serves to highlight this text based logo design. We love how the logo designer has played with the word to create a design that illustrates the idea beautifully.

Steps logo design

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Blue Whale Agency

Designed by: Cresk

The image of a blue whale diving into the equally blue water is brought alive in a smart and minimalist way in this professional logo. The typography complements the image, making this a hugely successful logo sample.

Blue Whale Agency logo design

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Todd Thiele Photography

Designed by: Logomotive

A photographer’s website logo must have some kind of photographic icon. Here is a logo design that uses simple alphabets to create the image of a camera. Simple, memorable, successful!

Todd Thiele Photography logo design

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Designed by: Logoturn

Now, here is an interesting twist on the snowflake—the glowflake. So you have color and a glow, instead of the basic white. It looks pretty and I like how the typography meshes with the image itself.

Glowflake logo design

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Ally McBeans

Designed by: Misona

This one was created for a social community website for coffee fans. So you have coffee-colored coffee lover Ally with her steaming cup of coffee, and the simple logo flanking her in a pale red.

Ally McBeans logo design

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Coffee Cup

Designed by: Jan Zabransky

A specialty coffee house and artisan coffee roaster needs a logo that is classy and elegant. The Coffee Cup logo fits the bill. The coffee cup steams out the word “coffee”, and we particularly love the subtle shifts in color. Beautiful!

Coffee Cup logo design

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Designed by: Brandone

Sometimes, it makes sense to just keep things simple. A computer accessories shop does not need elaborate logo designs. Hence, this logo idea in basic blue, black and white makes an impact without too much fuss.

Geek logo design

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Designed by: Raoul Camion

The clean font is a plus in this great logo sample. And we love how the logo literally lights up with the orange flame emanating from the matchbox.

Matchbox logo design

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Designed by: Almosh82

This is a wonderfully illustrated logo design. You can see it gracing websites, letterheads and more. The picture depicts what the brand is all about and the subtle tagline adds to the overall impact.

Afrikana logo design

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Art Eagle

Designed by: Alexey Markin

The Art Eagle logo is designed for a web studio. This logo sample is all about the illustration—the brilliant eagle that looks the viewer in the eye. Great color combination for the eagle and the choice of font adds to the final effect.

ArtEagle logo design

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Saffron Culture

Designed by: Srdjan Kirtic

The peacock mark gives this logo design a distinctly Indian feel. We like the sheer simplicity of this logo example, particularly how neither type and the mark complement each other.

Saffron Culture logo design

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Pier 5 Fish Market

Designed by: Atomicvibe

Designed for a fictitious fish market, this logo design is particularly suited for the job. A fish face is subtly carved into the curve of the number “5” and the image of the life preserver gives an unmistakable feel of life on the seas.

Pier 5 Fish Market logo design

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Women Meet Literature

Designed by: Emrekoc

This logo design presents an intelligent way of combining the theme of women with that of literature. The nib of the pen suddenly begins to resemble the female anatomy, and the words below confirm as much.

Women Meet Literature logo design

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Music Delicacy

Designed by: Oliverakos

There is something cooking here, but it sure is not soup. The handle of the ladle may suggest something liquid, but really, it seems to be a record—a music delicacy. The basic palette serves to highlight this brilliant logo sample.

Music Delicacy logo design

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Polynesian Wine

Designed by: Type and Signs

The wine bottle here is made up by what seems to be a tribal mask-like design. The lettering at the base of this wine bottle explains the image. We like that the logo maker has stuck with simple black and white in this case.

Polynesian Delicacy logo design

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Designed by: Hertzwekking

A clothing brand needs a company logo that is catchy and compact. The Akara logo does not disappoint in that respect. The logo mark is sufficiently cute, and customers are sure to remember it.

Akara logo design

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CoLab Websites

Designed by: Riley Cran

The logo of a website laboratory has to be different. The logo maker made sure that this logo design stood a class apart from the rest. Notice the small “o” which mimics chemistry notations and the slight slant to the water level. That, and the great color combination!

CoLab logo design

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Urban Gourmet

Designed by: Sean Heisler

If you live in the city, you probably order in food regularly. The Urban Gourmet logo clearly caters to that crowd, with the spoon and fork standing up alongside city buildings. The splash of red down the middle serves to highlight the brand name, and does it well.

Urban Gourmet logo design

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Designed by: Elisha Leo

There is more to this logo design than meets the eye. The bird is perched atop a hand grenade, clearly a symbol of life trumping that of destruction. The writing below also highlights the living “us”.

Versus logo design

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Designed by: Ideoma

Cats are often associated with fashion, and a feline shows up on this fashion designer’s logo as well. But it is not just a cat either. Look close and it is also a high-heeled shoe. The textured body gives it just the right dash of panache.

Gatosapato logo design

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