27 Interactive Websites to play with

The lineament of an interactive website delivers to the users a tireless experience by interacting, participating or communicating with the websites very actively. The users find these websites satisfactory as they can execute various tasks like logging in, viewing the web pages, images, playing game etc.

Interactive websites totally goes with the gross interests of its viewers as these sites are more realistic than many high rated sites that do not provide interactivity. The stunning layout, beautiful transitions, fun stuffs, easy navigation systems etc. of these interactive sites can easily blow the customer’s mind.

Here we have listed 35 interactive websites that take the interactivity to a prominent level. If you are interested, check out or list of 47 creative websites and photo manipulation.

1. Zurb Manifesto

This site has interpreted to parallax scrolling. The lovers of parallax scrolling effect must check out the impressive parallax themes.

Zurb Manifesto_1

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2. Coca-Cola Happiness Factory

This site delivers satisfaction by giving nice illustrations, great transition. Beyond that, it lets you to enjoy imaginative story board.

Coca-Cola Happiness Factory_2

3. The Eco Zoo

This site lets you relish visually unique experience with incredible 3D graphics.

The Eco Zoo_3

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4. Beatbox Academy

This is the most playful parallax scrolling website you have ever experienced. You can compose your own drum beats just by clicking some specific keys on your keyboard.

Beatbox Academy_4

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5. RED

This is another impressive design site. This website can grab easily your attention by its quite stunning details, surprising interaction and illustration.


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6. Minimal Monkey

This website is authentically planed and well thought as well. This is simply mind grasping as the lay out, navigation, transition are creatively rolled into one.

Minimal Monkey_6

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7. Zune Journey

It’s a complete package of mind-bending interaction and illustration with splendid style. The navigation is also very easy.

Zune Journey_7

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8. Meng To

If you are looking for big bold images and top-drawer fly-in animation effect, you must try this website for sure. This website is well presented with clean and clear views.

Meng To_8

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9.The Corona Beach

This Papervision3D based website is not only fantabulous but also unique and visually beautiful.

The Corona Beach_9

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This design firm is simply stunning with full of fun stuff. You will find funny characters. Scrolling this site will make you laugh.


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They have lots of Homeostatic web designs. You can surely spend your time on their website. The interactivity is cool as well.


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12. Cyclemon

Cyclemon is another interesting parallax scrolling site. The navigation and illustration are well presented. The parallax scrolling effect is truly amazing.


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13. NakedComms

This is an extremely inspirational interactive site with 3D environment of a house.

Naked _15

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14. Agency Net

This interactive agency is one of the most prominent. They are very well known because of their extremely talented design studio. They work as an interactive office floor.

Agency Net_16

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15. Help the Honey Bees

It is fun and playful. Scrolling this site will serve you great time.

Help the Honey Bees_17

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16. M Studio

You can navigate this very easily. The layout is authentically planned and smartly presented.

M Studio_18

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17. Optus

It’s cool and creative. They have graceful designs. It’s pretty wondering for the users as they function whale songs to interacting with their users.


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18. General Electronics

This site is truly user headed that’s why have very clear details. The interaction and transition are impressive as well.

General Electronics_20

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19. Malibu Rum

This site is smartly exhibited and the theme easily goes with the company’s function.

Malibu Rum_22

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20. Lowe’sSunnyville

This site gives users ways to control over the story board. In addition, the visual experience of this site is undoubtedly elegant.


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21. Oakley Airbrake MX

This site gives you an opportunity to a flawless product tour. You can enjoy a perspicuous visual experience on this parallax scrolling site.

Oakley Airbrake MX_27

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22. Chrysler: Test of Ownership

It gives you a comfortable experience in every possible ways. Exploring to different pages is completely unsealed. The animation, layout, transition are so realistic.

Chrysler Test of Ownership_28

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23. Peugeot Hybrid4

This site is a complete collection of realistic sound effect, easy navigation and spirited animation. Users who don’t like parallax scrolling should definitely try this.

Peugeot Hybrid4_29

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24. MahedineYahia

MahedineYahia is a smart example of great interactivity. This site is all about scrolling. You’ll get frame-by-frame animation effect by scrolling. Their engrossing animation effect is the accumulation of 191 images.


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25. Satorisan

It’s mainly a business oriented site truly made for the customer’s demand and for their advantage with parallax scrolling effect. Exploring this site allows you to see all the product lists and their details. All you have to do is dragging and scrolling.


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26. Nick Jones

It’s true that site is no longer fashionable but still this is on the list just because they have great interaction design. After all, interactivity is one of best quality of an interactive website.

Nick Jones_34

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27. White Void

Another Papervision3D interfaced interactive website. The interactive 3D layout provides an easy and comfortable navigation experience to the users.

White Void_35

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