20 Brilliant Digital Photography Tutorial Pages To Improve Your Techniques

Photography tutorial pages are a wonderful thing, no matter what the season is or what your capabilities as a photographer are. If you are looking for a little guidance into how you can take better pictures, or if you are hoping to get to know your camera a little better, digital photography tutorials are sure to help you along. There is literally no end to the range of subjects that they cover – from camera care and equipment to histograms and model photography, photo tutorials offer loads of great advice to help you become a better photography.

Photography tutorial seekers, if you are looking for digital photography tutorials that will help you master the basics of taking pictures as well as learn a few professional level tips and tricks in the bargain, this roundup of 20 amazing digital photography tutorials should end your search. In this list of tutorials for shutterbugs, we have listed out some of the coolest tutorial pages that have been making waves on the World Wide Web. Have a specific question in mind? We may have a photography tutorial to answer it.

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If you are really eager to improve your craft, get ready to dive head first into this roundup of 20 of the coolest digital photography tutorials.

A Crash Course Guide to DSLR Photography

Now here is a photography tutorial that promises to take you through all the paces involved in DSLR photography. For people who have a new DSLR, making sense of all the buttons and modes and everything else can be more than a little intimidating. What if you were to change the settings to something that did not work, and worse, what if it could not be changed back? Thankfully, this brief and informative crash course promises an elaborate introduction to the world of DSLRs. If you are new, start here and then make your way down the rest of this list.

Digital photography tutorial

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Introduction to Shutter Speed in Digital Photography

The crash course mentioned above does touch upon such aspects as shutter speed. However, if you are keen to gain more detailed knowledge of the same, this introduction should be a great help. Apart from explaining what shutter speed really is and what kind of shutter speeds are available on most advanced cameras, this photography tutorial also talks about how and when you should use shutter speed to create the greatest impact in your photographs. Read up and watch your clicks improve.

Shutter speed photography tutorial

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Depth of Field – How to Control It

Understanding depth of field can make a huge difference to the photographs that you take. This is why this particular photography tutorial is so necessary. If you have only a vague idea about depth of field, this photo tutorial by photographer-writer-filmmaker Chris Derrick will clear out your doubts. More importantly, the article offers detailed advice on how to get the required depth of field. Go through this article, and then go experiment with your camera. You could be surprised with the results.

Depth of field tutorial

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Camera Histograms: Tones & Contrast

What are histograms? They are your camera’s way of telling you how balanced a given picture is. A histogram can provide you with information on the tones, contrast and exposure in your images. Used wisely, this can help you create better pictures. Most photography tutorials will tell you that there is no single ideal histogram. Nevertheless, understanding the message that the histogram presents to you can make the difference between a good and a great picture. And if you are looking to find out more about histograms, this photography tutorial could help.

Photography tutorial on histograms

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Cleaning a DSLR Camera’s Sensor

It is not enough to just take pictures and improve your skills of composition. DSLRs are expensive products, and since a photographer is only as good as his camera, it is important to learn how to take care of it. In this particular tutorial, beginner photographers will be acquainted with the process of cleaning the sensor on a DSLR. The author suggests using specific techniques to get your sensor spotless once again. Follow this rulebook to ensure a longer life for your beloved camera.

Camera maintenance tutorial

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Architecture, A Beginners’ Guide

Whether you are traveling or just commuting from home to work or school and back, you will find some interesting architecture to zoom in on. It could be a quaint little cottage somewhere or a grand building bearing Victorian elements – whatever it is, your digital camera can help you take a great picture. But, of course, it helps to have some compositional tips. This beginners’ guide to architectural photography talks about things like point of interest, pattern, texture, color, details and more. There is even a short section on photographing architecture at night or in low light.

Architecture photography tutorial

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The Top 5 Black & White Photography Tips

Those early years of experimenting with the camera invariably lead to a happy collection of black and white photographs. Black and white brings a whole other elemental direction to an image. But do your black and white photos make the cut? In this photography tutorial, you will find discussed the importance on looking at the contrast and textures of subject. The article also discusses photographing in color and then converting the image to black and white. It also talks about using color filters and the importance of practice.

Black and white photography tutorial

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Environmental Portraits

An environmental portrait, as explained by this photography tutorial, is a portrait that is taken in a setting wherein the subject is at home. The idea here is to capture the subject in his own environment. This can lead to some interesting photographs that clue the viewer into the personality and life of the subject. Naturally, it helps to gather some tips and tricks from the experts before setting out on an environmental portrait project. This photo tutorial gives you just that and more, talking you through the topics of location, props, posing and camera settings before you head out with your camera.

Environmental portrait photography tutorial

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Professional Lighting in Model Photography

Shooting a model in a studio location is vastly different from getting your friends and family to pose for a photo. Lighting is something that even seasoned photographers struggle with, which is why a lighting photography tutorial is so essential for digital photographers. This photography tutorial is something of a case study that walks the reader through a model shoot in a studio. The tutorial covers everything from choosing the model to setting up the main and background lights and other lighting equipment, and finally ends with a section on camera settings. Read up to gain a better understanding of model shoots.

Model photography tutorial

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Using A Tripod

If you have been taking photographs in a dedicated manner for a while, you might want to invest in a tripod. Professional photographers all have a tripod in their kitty because there are many photos that you just cannot take without it. What kind of photos? For instance, if you are hoping to create layers and take the same scene in multiple styles, a tripod will give you consistence across images. This photography tutorial will give you further ideas on how a tripod will help with your photography. The tutorial also talks about what kind of a tripod you should buy and provides tips on how to use it.

Tripod photography tutorial

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Photographing Birds in Flight

Wildlife photography is not easy. Photographing birds in flight is harder still. Fortunately, brilliant photography tutorials can make the process seem much easier. A case in point is this photography tutorial that focuses solely on capturing birds in flight. Bird photographer Mike Atkinson has put together an exceptionally detailed article that covers everything from equipment requirements and camera settings to the techniques and field skills required to capture a flying bird. He even offers equipment recommendations in this tutorial.

Bird photography tutorial

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Ten Tips For Photographing Kids

Kids are always jumping around or fidgeting. So unless you find one that is uncharacteristically still, take a child’s picture is up there with wildlife photography. If you happen to have been hired to capture a kid’s birthday party, therefore, you might want to arm yourself with some tips for photographing kids. This tutorial offers ten such tricks that will stand the photographer in good stead. Absorb these tips before you head out on your photo assignment. The results should be fabulous.

Kids photography tutorial

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Photographing Panoramas

When you have a fine uninterrupted landscape, you are likely to want to take a panorama shot. The thing is, panorama shots are somewhat different from other, regular landscape photographs. So make sure to go through an introductory photography tutorial on panoramas before you decide to try your luck at it. If you have never done panoramic photography, this tutorial offers sufficient ideas on how you can make the best of it. It also teaches you to stitch the images together through an easy step-by-step guide.

Panorama photography tutorial

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Macro Photography Tutorial

People who are new to advanced digital cameras spend much of their early experimental months taking close-up shots of flowers and insects. Macro photography is one of the coolest aspects of having a DSLR. But like other types of photography, it has its own challenges. If you find that your macro shots do not come out as well as you would like them to, look through this detailed macro photography tutorial that is focused on insects to figure out what you are doing wrong and how you can do better.

Macro photography tutorial

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Long Exposure Night Photography – Step By Step Guide

If night photography is your pet peeve, this website – Night Photography by Adam Currie – will walk you through the many aspects of photographing in the dark or in low light conditions. On the other hand, if you are solely interested in mastering the art of long exposure photography at night, this photography tutorial promises to guide you through the steps involved. The tutorial covers three areas – equipment, setting up the shot, and setting the exposure – to help you take better long exposure photos at night.

Night exposure photography tutorial


DIY – High Speed Photography at Home

Sometimes, it is fun to experiment at home. High speed photography can keep you busy clicking once you get the hang of it. But if you are still trying to figure out how it is done, check out this DIY photography tutorial on how you can create high speed images. This tutorial acquaints with all the gear and settings required to capture the drama of a high speed photograph. You do not have to break glasses to get the effect; even a simple balloon burst will do.

High speed photography tutorial

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Manipulate Smoke to Create Hyper-Real Images

If you are a decent Photoshopper, you can play with the images you capture on your camera. One fun thing to do with your images is to create the effect of smoke wafting away from your subject. As this photography tutorial shows, your model does not even need to smoke a cigarette. All you need is a suitable picture and the rest can be manipulated on Photoshop. If you like how the smoke seems to create the image of a skull, check out this tutorial and then do some experimenting of your own.

Smoke effect photography tutorial

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Painting With Light

For those who understand the nuances of a long exposure, painting with light is a fun and creative hobby to indulge in. All you need is a light source like a torch or a sparkler and you can led your creativity run wild. If you are not quite sure where to begin, this photography tutorial over at PhotographyMad can give you the necessary guidance while also encouraging you to experiment with your use of illumination in the photo.

Light painting tutorial

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Getting Started as a Second Shooter

Photography enthusiasts who would like to take their hobby a step further, and maybe even turn it into their profession, can benefit by becoming a second shooter for a pro photographer. Now here is a photography tutorial that tells you how you can become a second shooter and why this could be beneficial for a budding photography career. There are also great tips on how to become great at your job as a second shooter.

Second shooter photography tutorial

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13 Lessons to Teach Your Child About Digital Photography

Now, here is a photography tutorial that parents will love. This one is not about photography theory or composition, nor how you can get cool effects in your images. This one is on how you can teach your little ones the nuances of digital photography. From teaching them to hold the camera correctly and teaching the basic camera settings to encouraging them to unleash their creativity and take lots of pictures, this tutorial aims at turning your little ones into full-fledged shutterbugs.

Teaching children photography tutorial

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