21 Creative ‘How To Design Portfolio Sites’ Tutorials

How to design portfolio sites is a question that confronts every designer, artist and freelance professional. Potential clients will always ask, “Can I see your work?” Hence, you must be well aware of the importance of having a portfolio that carries your best work. The Internet has made it easier for freelancers to find clients around the world. But if we are to benefit from the World Wide Web, we must embrace its tools. Thus, it is no longer enough to have your portfolio on paper; portfolio sites are ‘in’ thing now. Portfolio design is a key factor in getting work in a world where great portfolio sites proliferate.

How to design portfolio pages well, is thus a common question nowadays. Luckily, the World Wide Web offers up a multitude of tutorials that will help you create great portfolio sites. It does not matter whether you are a veteran designer or a newbie, portfolio design tutorials can help you take that leap and build something beautiful and successful. As you probably already know, the best portfolio sites are not necessarily examples of the genius work that a designer, a photographer or even a writer can do. It is simply a container that provides a hint of the portfolio owner’s creativity, while showcasing his/her best projects and highlighting his/her reliability.

Whether you are starting from scratch or redesigning your existing graphic design portfolio, this roundup of 21 articles on how to design portfolio sites should be a good resource.

10 Steps To The Perfect Portfolio Website

Smashing Magazine, a popular stop for design lovers and web developers, has a short and sweet tutorial on how to design portfolio websites. This wonderful tutorial provides a 10-step route that, if followed faithfully, can lead you to a great online portfolio. Interested? This guide to portfolio design helps the reader think about the factors that make a personal portfolio website great, and then, it shows you how you can turn this theory into a fantastic portfolio site. It also rounds up over 40 beautiful portfolio websites, just in case you needed inspiration.

How to design portfolio sites

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Creating A Successful Online Portfolio

Now an online portfolio should not only be visually attractive, it should also help you get good work. Smashing Magazine offers another tutorial, this one geared towards ensuring that your portfolio ticks all the right boxes. Not only does it warn you against some of the pitfalls of portfolio design – whether information cramming or poor navigation – it also lists out the 12 principles that can propel your site into the league of the best portfolio websites. From helping you create a portfolio that is user-friendly and aimed at the right audience to encouraging you to leverage your work, this article does it all.

Online portfolio design

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Five Steps To A Better Design Portfolio

Do you know somebody who is working on designing a personal portfolio but going about it in all the wrong ways? Well, it just so happens that Jeffrey Veen has a brief but insightful article on his website that could steer your friend in the right direction. This tutorial on how to design portfolio sites detailed provides a five-point route to creating a good and clean site that showcases its owner’s projects in the best possible way. This one is a must-read for all designers.

Better portfolio design

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How To Create A Better Online Portfolio

For those who already have an online portfolio, this tutorial over at InstantShift is a great resource. Unlike other portfolio design articles that teach you the nuances of creating a portfolio right from the beginning, this one caters to designers who are in the mood to refurbish their existing site – give it a new look, so to speak. Hence, it offers important advice like “Know Your Audience”, “Decide What to Show” and “Make Yourself Approachable”. It ends with a roundup of the top portfolio sites in the business.

Better online portfolio sites

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“Undesign” Your Portfolio Website

When you are looking to design a personal portfolio website, you probably have some ideas in mind. The problem is that many designers overdo it. That is why this particular article over at Six Revisions encourages creative professionals to “undersign” their website. It sounds like the opposite of what you might want to do, but the author of this article offers sound reasons why scaling back your existing design or design idea could actually be good for business. Skeptical? The article also provides a list of “undesigned” portfolio sites that do their job, and do it well.

Minimalist design portfolios

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10 Ways To Make Your Design Portfolio More Appealing To Employers

At the end of the day, your designs need to impress potential employers. Whether you are going for a job interview or hoping to bag a key project, your portfolio design will help them decide whether to take you on. How do you impress them? Not only must you show off a variety of different projects, you must also keep it organized and updated. What more? A user-friendly portfolio wins over ones that are high on design. Read through this tutorial to figure out what your site is lacking.

Portfolio sites employers like

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Create A Professional Portfolio Design In 17 Easy Steps

Let us assume that you know all the salient points that articles on “how to design portfolio sites” have to offer. Your problem might be in the actual getting started. Thankfully, FanExtra has put together a step-by-step tutorial that helps you start from scratch. It takes you right from the point of opening a new document to adding the colors and the text, and eventually adding the finishing touches. If you are looking for a tutorial to help you create the layout, this is it.

Professional portfolio sites

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Preparing And Talking About Your Graphic Design Portfolio

This great tutorial does not limit itself to the digital or non-digital arena. Whatever format your personal graphic design portfolio may be in, this article discusses various factors that you must consider to ensure that your portfolio does its job and has an edge over others. Thus, the article is divided into three sections – knowing your audience, choosing the right projects, and explaining the work. Subsections within these larger heads further elaborate on how you can use your knowledge of what you do to create a strong portfolio.

Graphic design portfolio preparation

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Portfolio Preparation Tips And Suggestions

Here is another article that talks about how you can strengthen your portfolio design to ensure that it creates the right kind of impression. The creators of all the best portfolio websites keep such pointers in mind while putting together a winning portfolio. The great thing is that the tips provided in this informative article are not limited to online portfolios; they can easily be applied to other kinds of portfolios. Read through this article even before you sit down to design your personal portfolio. It could help you create a better product.

How to design portfolio tips

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10 Essential Tips For Creating That Killer Portfolio

Are you hungry for more pointers on how you can give your portfolio an edge? This article by the folks at Design Sojourn offers 10 “essential” tips on how you can make your portfolio stand out from the rest. At the end of the day, your work will make the biggest impact, but do not neglect the presentation. It can make all the difference to the potential client who is looking through your qualifications and past projects.

Essential portfolio design tips

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Creating An Effective Online Portfolio: 40+ Tips, Tools & Inspirations

What makes online portfolios such a great investment these days? For one thing, as this article puts it, “Nowadays, everyone is getting rid of the paper trail.” If you are iffy about how to design portfolio pages, stop worrying. Articles like this one promise to walk you through the various aspects involved in creating good portfolio sites. This article provides tips on portfolio design, and then discusses the pros and cons of online portfolio resources. You could also find inspiration in the design ideas presented here.

Online portfolio design ideas

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7 Mistakes That Force Potential Clients To Dislike Your Portfolio

Some of the articles listed here already talk about the factors that potential clients are most likely to love. This tutorial takes you round the other way to show you the things that employers hate. It begins with the choice of domain name, moves on to the layout and other areas. Are you eager to do away with the mistakes that could take away your business? Keep the pointers provided in this article in mind when starting on your online portfolio.

Mistakes in design portfolios

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Elements Of A Great Web Design Portfolio

What differentiates a good design portfolio from a great one? Webdesign Tuts+ has an insightful tutorial that discusses the various features that a good portfolio site should have. Whether yours is a graphic design portfolio, a web design portfolio, a photography portfolio or something else altogether, it helps to be aware of the essential features that impress potential employers as well as the mistakes that put them off. This great portfolio offers advice under specific sections along with a visual example for each.

Web design portfolio sites

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Building A Great Web Design Portfolio – 10 Best Tips & 40 Examples

If you are in a rush to create a brilliant portfolio and do not have enough time to peruse too many tutorials on how to design portfolio sites, this to-the-point tutorial over at Speckyboy could be of help. This tutorial offers 10 quick tips to help you build an excellent personal portfolio. It follows this up with 40 examples of the top portfolio websites that you should turn to for inspiration.

Ideas for web design portfolios

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How To Build A Stylish Portfolio Web Design Concept

If you are developing a personal portfolio for yourself, you would want it to be stylish. A portfolio design can tick all the boxes – user-friendly, a showcase for your work, targeting the right audience. But does it make the viewer go “Wow!”? In this tutorial on how to design portfolio sites, you get to watch and learn how a portfolio can be made from scratch. The layout, the color palette, the text – you can learn to make it all work to your advantage. Interested yet?

Online portfolio design ideas

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How To Put Together A Solid Freelance Portfolio

A freelance professional, more than anyone else, requires a personal portfolio to get new work, better work and great clients. However, given the surfeit of well-designed portfolios on the Internet, this is not easy to do. Luckily, this portfolio design article on WDL gives you the lowdown on what makes a freelance portfolio pop. Go through the advice with a fine tooth comb and use it while designing your own website. But before you start, look through the freelance portfolios showcased at the bottom of the article too.

Freelance portfolio design

Creating The “Perfect” Portfolio

No portfolio is perfect. There is always room for improvement. Nevertheless, you can strive to create the “perfect” portfolio. This tutorial over at Webdesigner Depot helps you work towards that goal. The article begins by emphasizing, “There is no right way,” to do something. So, you can start by collecting your best projects and thinking about what is the best way to showcase them. It also talks about where the portfolio diverges from the resume and the importance of showing off your drive and your personality. Do you want more such advice? Click through to get it.

Ideas for best portfolio websites

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The One Page Graphic Design Portfolio Guide

One page portfolios can be a great option for people who have limited coding knowledge and who want their projects to be highlighted in the best possible way. Teaching you the nuances of such a fuss-free portfolio site is an article on You The Designer. The author first discusses the benefits of a one page graphic design portfolio, then talks about how you can go about getting this in place and promoting it. It also mentions good resources for single page portfolios, and finally, adds in some examples of single page portfolio sites to grab your interest.

One page portfolio sites

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7 Ways To Build Trust On A Portfolio Site

A portfolio site is essentially a showcase of your work. More importantly, when potential clients browse through your site, they are not only looking to ascertain your work capabilities, they are also hoping to gauge your credibility. This is why your portfolio design must be geared towards the needs of your audience. In this informative article over at You The Designer, you will find 10 points discussing how you can use various basic aspects of online portfolio development to shout out to your client that you are a talented and reliable designer with enough experience in your kitty.

Credible portfolio design ideas

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10 Characteristics Of Excellent Portfolio Sites

Some of the tutorials above have also discussed this, but one can never read through too much advice on what makes an excellent portfolio site. In fact, you should go through the top features of great portfolio websites before even looking at tutorials on how to design portfolio pages. Thus, Webdesigner Depot has another informative tutorial that offers advice under 10 different headers. Each header, whether “Clear Communication” or “Ease of Contact” comes with a visual to emphasize the importance of that point as well as to provide the reader an example of how this can be achieved.

Features of great portfolio sites

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Ultimate Guide To Using WordPress For A Portfolio

WordPress has transformed into a popular platform for portfolio building. Sure, the platform continues to be used for blogging around the world. However, it can also be a great tool for creating a fabulous personal portfolio. If you want to know how, this detailed tutorial over at Smashing Magazine offers you a host of advice and links to resources that could help you design a fine portfolio. The tutorial gives you access to WordPress themes that could transform the look of your portfolio page. It also offers a range of resources that could help with your design and other issues. And if you are just looking for proof that it can be done, there is a range of admirable WordPress portfolios on show.

Wordpress portfolio design

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Bonus: 12 Steps To A Super Graphic Design Portfolio

Yes, this roundup of portfolio tutorials focus on how to design portfolio sites. But as every graphic designer (and other types of designers) know, some clients prefer non-digital portfolios. It certainly helps during interviews when there is no computer at hand. This portfolio design article walks you through the various aspects of a non-digital portfolio. It gets you to think about everything from the portfolio case and the background paper to how to select projects that must feature in it. It also suggests using networking to improve your portfolio.

Graphic design portfolio ideas

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