Hot Dog Legs Selfie

The French-Canadian food blogger Alexis Brault was the first innovator of the idea of Hot Dog Legs Tumblr, and he also launched a facebook fan page on it. The concept of Brault spread out and entertained the public through his blog, Bob Le Chef when he shared the photos of Hot Dog Legs on Tumblr site On August 13th, 2013.

Hot Dog Legs are generally the snaps of two sausages apparently demonstrated as selfies. To mock the practice of taking photos of bare tanned legs on the beach or beside a pool and sharing them on the internet, the photos of hot dogs are very practicable. The real oiled summer legs are parodied by the hot dogs which are lubricated by oil or something like that.  This mockery sometimes gets so perfect that it becomes impossible for the viewers to identify the reality. Hot Dog Legs is a matter of deception in a funny way and has become so popular on the virtual space.

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Generally you have seen leg selfies of celebrities at Tumblr or Facebook during summer days. When the celebs are on the beach they often share those pics at Instagram. Sharing these types of selfies has been a common trend that is entertaining us as an audience.


Many of us have seen the self-photographed tan legs every now and then on different social sites but may be many of us haven’t noticed that the legs do match with the hot dogs. And now when there is the practice of creating illusion by sharing the selfies of hot dogs, most of us fail to notice the fact that the pictures we are watching are not the real smooth female’s (usually) legs.


The typical sea beach bare legs are often compared with tan sticks, pair of pool cues, and most commonly with hot dogs. It gets illusive when the photos of pair of legs with sausages are put together. Anyone with a little indifference will be fooled by conceiving the snaps of hot dogs as real legs. This illusion has now turned out to be fun-fact and plaything in social media. An anonymous Tumblr blog introduced the game of finding the difference between hot dogs and legs but later it has turned into viral by means of a Facebook page. The page eventually spread to the fans and brought in about half a million likes.


The holiday-goers and sausage fans both are keen to post these puzzling photos on the internet and the selfies have turned into fun-playing for the audience. In that case the fun maker places two frankfurters in the place of real legs and photographs them like the usual leg poses and present/share them to the viewers to find out what they are watching. That means which are the real legs and which are hot dogs of whether they are legs at all.