26 Helpful Holiday Gift Guides 2012 For Christmas Shoppers

Gift guides are in great demand over the holidays. Even the best gift givers run out of ideas at some point. That is where holiday gift guides can be a huge help. It does not matter who you are shopping for. If you hope to give them a present that they will prize, a present that they will remember even years later, then you will need to make an extra effort. Holiday gift guides give you a leg up in this respect. If you have no ideas, they provide them to you. At the very least, they give you inspiration on how to go about your holiday shopping.

Gift guides are a great resource for Christmas shoppers. In this article, we have rounded up 26 of the coolest holiday gift guides making waves around the Internet as 2012 comes to a close. Many of these cater to gadget geeks and tech fanatics. Others are fitness buffs and fashionistas, green activists, parents and kids. There are gift guides for the filthy rich and for those who are broke during the holiday season. Whatever your budget, whatever your style, you will find great gift ideas on these pages.

Need some inspiration before you head out to tackle the holiday rush? Check out these links to holiday gift guides 2012. Then grab your credit cards and head out for some holiday shopping.

TechCrunch Holiday Gift Guide

As far as gift guides go, the TechCrunch Holiday Gift Guide for 2012 is one that geeks will adore. In keeping with TechCrunch’s commitment to all things technology and fun, this holiday gift guide promises a range of cool items that your friends and family will remember for years to come. The usual suspects like smartphones, e-readers and speakers make it to the list, but so do quirky products like touchscreen gloves, household must-haves like automatic coffee makers, and nerdy tips on the coolest board games and graphic novels that money can buy.

Gift ideas for tech geeks

Visit the gift guide at TechCrunch

10 Presents For The Fitness Buff In Your Life

Looking for gift guides for inspiration? If you have a self-confessed gym-freak in your family or friend circle, this holiday gift guide over at Business Insider offers ten great gift ideas. Does your fitness enthusiast love watches as much as he loves sports? Give him a sports watch that monitors heart rate and distance while telling the time. Does she prefer working out at home? Then gift her a cool elliptical machine. If she likes company, sign her up for a spinning class over at Flywheel. Need more ideas? Head to the gift guide page.

Christmas gifts for fitness fans

Visit the gift guide at Business Insider

Engadget’s Holiday Gift Guide 2012: E-readers

If you have a bookworm in the family, someone who keeps abreast of all the bookish news in the world, someone who is not afraid of a little technology, an e-reader is a great gift idea. For those of you who have limited idea of the best e-readers in the market, Endgadget has a holiday gift guide dealing with just that. Go through this list of fantastic e-reader options to find products that are easy on the budget, that have additional functions, or that offer the best e-reading experience.

E-reader gift ideas

Visit the gift guide at Endgadget

11 Perfect Presents For The Gadget Guru In Your Life

Some people just love gadgets. They live, breathe and think gadgets. They would feel emptiest if their stock of gadgets disappeared one day. Now, if you are not a gadget guru yourself, buying a gift for such a character may not be easy. Luckily, here is Huffington Post to the rescue. The site has prepared a roundup of the coolest gadgets that a gizmo freak would adore. You could buy your friend a fleece jacket with 23 fitted pockets for storing their most prized gizmos or you could gift them mini-USB cufflinks. They would be happy with cleaning putty for their electronics as well.

Gadget gift guide

Visit the gift guide at Huffington Post

2012 Gift Guides: $50 And Under

The holiday season can really blow a hole in your pocket. What can you do but grin and bear it? Actually, there is something that you can do. You can scour the Internet for gift guides that focus on cheap gift ideas – something like this one from Designsponge, where everything is within $50 in price. You will find a flowery iPhone case, a pillow with a Henry Ford quote, mini nail paints from Kate Spade, paw-shaped salt and pepper shakers and even a DIY kaleidoscope kit. You will find many more gift ideas over at Designsponge.

Cheap Christmas gifts

Visit the gift guide at Designsponge

Green Gift Guide 2012

You cannot help loving holiday gift guides that encourage you to go green. In keeping with its focus, Treehugger brings you a green holiday gift guide for 2012. So you will find separate green gift guides for the animal lover, the foodie, the pop culture fan, the fashion buff and the outdoors enthusiast among others. What should you get the eco-friendly people in your life? According to Treehugger, you can get the design junkie The Flat Life Light, which really is a lamp poster that illuminates through LEDs. Meanwhile the foodie would love Urban Farmer’s mushroom growing kit and the fashion buff will love Ambika’s no-cruelty angora muffs.

Eco-friendly gift guides

Visit the gift guide at Treehugger

Gift Guide Roundup: Some Things You Can Buy Cool Parents

Not everyone is lucky enough to have cool parents. But if you do, here is a great roundup that brings you the coolest gifts for the coolest parents. What kind of gifts are we looking at here? You can give them a “Deport Bieber” tee or a knifeblock-cum-cheeseboard that also doubles up as a bookrack. You will find more uber-cool ideas on this page. So whether your cool dad and equally cool mom like chocolates or something quirky, you should find inspiration here.

Holiday gifts for parents

Visit the gift guide at Gawker

Time Out New York’s Holiday Gift Guide 2012

How do the New Yorkers do it? Time Out New York has an extensive range of gift guides to help out New Yorkers during this difficult (and often stressful) gift-giving season. The site has put together several roundups including “The best one-stop shops in New York City”, “Gifts you can give to anyone” and “Gift-wrapped presents that save time”. If, like me, you are lousy at wrapping presents, the site also offers a guide to stores that will do your gift wrapping for you. You will also find cool New York themed gifts to give that eternal Big Apple fan; we all know one of those.

New York gift guides

Visit the gift guide at Time Out New York

Holiday Gift Guide: Best Gifts For Golfers

What do you do if your best pal is a golfer? You sift through the gift guides to find gift ideas that golfers and golf enthusiasts would love. One great golfer gift guide that we chanced upon is this one from Forbes. The guide offers cool ideas like tin cup stencils – so your friend can personalize golf balls as per his preference. Then there are the usual must-haves like golf shoes and golf travel bags. Look through the entries on this holiday gift guide before deciding what to buy your local golf champ.

Gift guides for golfers

Visit the gift guide at Forbes

Gifts With A Little Romance

Even Christmas is not without its romance. Whether this year marks your first or fiftieth year together, or even if it does not, you never really need reason to tell your significant other how much you care. However, it is not always easy to find a gift that expresses your feelings in the best possible way. Thankfully, this gift guide from Los Angeles Times promises to give you access to some of the finest and most romantic gifts that money can buy. Naturally, with Dior, Chanel and Jimmy Choo being among the brands showcased, the prices are steep, but never to steep for your beloved on Christmas.

Romantic Christmas gifts

Visit the gift guide at Los Angeles Times

For The Modernist

The Los Angeles Times gift guides are a really useful resource for people who are not terribly gifted at buying presents during Christmas time. It becomes even more difficult when you have to buy gifts for someone who loves modernist chic, especially when you have no clue what modernist chic even means. This Los Angeles Times gift guide gives you a dozen holiday gift options that your modernist friends will love. Each of these gifts are sleek, yet stylish. They also bear designer tags, and who does not love that!

Gift guide for modernists

Visit the gift guide at Los Angeles Times

The GQ Gift Guide 2012: For The Foodies

Chefs, amateur cooks, bartenders, restaurant hunters and people who just love to eat are relatively easy to gift. You know that the way to their hearts is through their taste buds and ever-hungry stomachs. But Christmas means that you need to pull out all stops when it comes to gifting. Give them a present that they will remember forever, and discuss with their foodie friends for years to come. Thus, you could buy them a bottle of fine wine or a membership at Frog Hollow, which specializes in delivering fresh, delectable fruit. There is also honeysuckle gelato for the ice cream man, and much, much more.

Gift guide for foodies

Visit the gift guide at GQ

What Men Want: 2012 Edition

Some guys can be notoriously difficult to buy gifts for during the holiday season. But don’t start fretting just yet. Men’s Health has put together a really elaborate roundup of gifts that are sure to set the men in your life salivating. From the iPad Mini to Bruce Lee headphones, remote controlled cars, helicopters and more, this gift guide will give you a great peek into the mind of the man at Christmastime. You will even find suits, shaving kits and stylish gloves for the metrosexuals, golf clubs for the serious golfer and walking shoes and skis for the outdoorsman.

Gift guides for men

Visit the gift guide at Men’s Health

Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide

The best gift guides cater to specific budget requirements. This is probably why Stylist has put together three separate holiday gift guides with different budget constraints in mind. Thus, you have guides showcasing gifts that are £50 and under, £100 and under, and £100 and over. Plus, there are secret Santa gift ideas as well as separate gift guides listing out the best fragrances for him and her respectively. And since Stylist is largely woman-oriented in their gift guides, they have put together a separate one that deals only with “Gifts for him.”

Stylish Christmas presents

Visit the gift guide at Stylist

SlashGear 2012 Holiday Gift Guide: Audio Equipment

The music junkie is easy to please. All you have to do is give him/her something that is music related – be it a CD, an antique gramophone, or just a new pair of speakers. The problem arises if you are not to clued in on the world of music. There is no fun in giving last season’s best wireless headphones. If you are looking for the coolest audio equipment that this holiday season has to offer, check out this gift guide over at SlashGear. Pick wisely, pick well, and your musically inclined friend will surely be thanking you even years from now.

Guide to audio products

Visit the gift guide at SlashGear

The Best Products of 2012

The folks over at PCMag have assembled the 99 products and services that they “deemed the best of the best this year”. So whether you are planning to replace your desktop or laptop this season or are planning to gift someone an e-reader, a mobile phone or other techie stuff, it would make sense to pore over this list before heading to the nearest electronics store. PCMag is offering a review of each product along with a rating, its price, and good deals on the product. Read up before you head out shopping.

2012 holiday gift guide

Visit the gift guide at PCMag

Holiday Buyer’s Guide: Here Are The Best Gifts In Tech This Year

Tech gifts are popular gifts during the holiday season, which is why there are so many tech gift guides populating the web. We have already dealt with a few tech guides in our AHA Daily roundup, and now, here is another one. In this holiday gift guide for 2012, we see everything from smartphones and apps to cameras, Blu-ray players, television sets and more. It all depends on what sets your heart racing. If you have no tech fans in your immediate circles, fret not. Gift yourself a cool tech product this Christmas season. After all, this is the season to be merry.

Tech gift guide

Visit the gift guide at Business Insider

The Ultimate Gift Guide For Everyone In Your Life

We have already featured two gift guides from Business Insider here, but we could not help showcasing their Ultimate Gift Guide – a page that lists out the publications many gift guides for all types of people. Whether you have car lovers or aspiring chefs, sports fans or science geeks, political junkies or investors in your life, you will find a gift guide to give you clues on what they would like for Christmas. They even have a gift guide listing “12 Gifts Women Actually Want”. There is plenty of gifting inspiration to be found here. Have fun browsing.

Gift guides for Christmas

Visit the gift guide at Business Insider

Boing Boing Gift Guide

If you are in the mood to give out fun gifts this Christmas, the Boing Boing Gift Guide has much to offer. The Boing Boing roundup essentially includes products that the site’s team has adored over the past 12 months. So you have everything from gadgets to comics and games vying for your attention. What would you want to wrap up and place under your Christmas tree? You could buy The Dark Knight Trilogy for the movie buff or a treadmill desk for the workaholic who just cannot leave her desk. There is also cool R2D2-style rolling luggage and pop culture ice cube trays.

Fun holiday gift guides

Visit the gift guide at Boing Boing

Holiday Gift Guide 2012: What To Buy For The Fashionista

Most girls like clothes and trinkets, but the fashionista takes it to another level. If you are worried that the gifts you give your fashionista friend will not meet her high style requirements, check out this gift guide over at Huffington Post. “Kate: The Kate Moss Book” is one option that the fashion-forward will love. Then there are the super-cute Suno boots from Nicholas Kirkwood. And if you want to steer clear of fashion items, there are fancy candles that would make for great presents as well.

Fashionable Christmas gifts

Visit the gift guide at Huffington Post

Holiday Movie Guide 2012

When the website is Rotten Tomatoes, you know that it has something to do with the movies. No surprises there. Rotten Tomatoes is offering the Holiday Movie Guide 2012, one that actually includes five different gift guides – for Mom, Dad, kids, girls and guys – with cool movie related products that all your favourite people will love. Thus, while the suggestions for moms include a Marilyn Monroe watch, a Joan Rivers book and a popcorn maker among other things, the one for kids includes such gems as Avengers cars, the Madagascar lion and Hobbit feet.

Movie products gift guides

Visit the gift guide at Rotten Tomatoes

The Verge Holiday Gift Guide 2012

The Verge has so far come up with 11 separate holiday gift guides as part of its Christmas season offerings. The techie sorts can straightaway immerse themselves in the gift guides dealing with speakers, laptops, tablets and the like. But The Verge has other cool gift guides too. So if you need hints on books, music, or even home décor, you will find something that appeals to you, something that will appeal to one receiving your well thought-out gift. Browse through to find the coolest products that money can buy.

Holiday season gift guides

Visit the gift guide at The Verge

PetaPixel Photography Gift Guide 2012

Are any of your friends photographers by profession or hobby? If your answer is yes, then make sure to check out the PetaPixel Photography Gift Guide for the year before buying their presents. PetaPixel has put together a cool roundup of cool camera-related things. You will find a range of full-fledged cameras and camera accessories. There is even a plastic toy lens for selective focusing – it comes for only 80. There is plenty more where that came from, including camera print t-shirts that cost $29 apiece and camera stickers that are cute and super-cheap.

Photography gift guides

Visit the gift guide at PetaPixel

Gift Guide 2012: Children’s Books

Christmastime is really a season for the kiddies. They spend most of December, and maybe some of November too, thinking about what presents will be sitting and waiting for them beneath the decorated Christmas tree. If there is a child on your list, you may want to steer clear of the pileup of toys that they will have to go through on Christmas morning. Instead, gift them a thoughtful book. As this gift guide suggests, old classics like “The Velveteen Rabbit” and “Moby Dick” continue to charm kids, even after all these years. Need more suggestions? Browse through this list.

Bookish gift guide

Visit the gift guide at The Wall Street Journal

GeekDad Holiday Gift Guide — Gadgets

We cannot get enough of gadget gift guides. So here is another one, this time by GeekDad over at Wired. Only, this gadget gift guide caters to the kiddies. Here are fun and funky gizmos that will keep your kids busy all week long, even if they have short attention spans. Look for some fun kits that your children can play with over the holidays. If they are always spilling something or the other, the washable keyboard from Logitech should solve plenty of problems. Check out the Doctor Who screwdriver that is also a universal remote if your kid is a fan.

Holiday gadget gift guide

Visit the gift guide at Wired

Ultimate Luxury Gifts For Tech Lovers

When money is not an issue, you can really look through the coolest products without an eye on the cost. In this gift guide over at CNET, you will only find expensive items. But you can rest assured that there is no compromise on quality – each of the gift ideas showcased here are some of the best products in their category. It is all tech oriented, so you have cameras and speakers, LCD TVs and more. If you cannot afford these babies yet, you might want to save up and buy them (or newer models) in the New Year.

Luxury gift guide

Visit the gift guide at CNET