The Growing Trend of Online Platforms for Classifieds

The worldwide web has made the world smaller and the online activity has been increasing across the world. You will be surprised to see what all you buy via internet and sell via free ads site. For example if you want to look for products available for sale in India you can visit any of the online platforms of classifieds and navigate to the location and the category you are interested in. It has revolutionized the way individuals and corporations did their buying and selling. Even the luxury labels who were initially apprehensive about selling their wares online for fear of diluting their exclusivity are increasingly opting for the online platform to reach a wider customer base.


The internet provides a cheaper alternative and more importantly provides a worldwide access which is otherwise not possible. Even the developing countries have recognized the usefulness of internet and have been working hard for installing the infrastructure to provide the internet connectivity to the remotest locations. Software driven solutions not only help trade but also help make governance more efficient and people friendly. The moment a process goes online it becomes more transparent and easier to monitor at every level. But it is the reach it provides that is unmatched by any other solution. The technology is also evolving at an increasing rate which is helping enhance the user experience.

Large corporations are now getting into the business of providing online platforms for all kinds of activities and for providing a wide range of services. The online classifieds have become popular very quickly. It not only provides a platform to buy and sell any kind of product but it enables users to meet like minded people and discuss issues of interest. The large platforms have created a worldwide presence and are actively used in over 100 countries. These platforms are often multilingual as it is necessary to work in the local language to appeal to a mass audience. The trend is growing across the world and with improving infrastructure and technology it is finding newer applications that was unimaginable even a few years ago.