25 Creative Free Portfolio WordPress Themes

Free portfolio WordPress themes are a wonderful resource for portfolio design. At a time when people are ditching the hard-copy portfolio for an online version, and increasingly turning to the WordPress platform to build their portfolio sites, WordPress portfolio themes are proliferating. Indeed, there is great demand for free themes, especially among individuals and organizations that are keen to keep costs down in their initial years of doing business.

Free portfolio WordPress themes make life a lot simpler for people who are just starting out. Not only do they cut costs, but they also ensure that even people with negligible web design skills have access to good portfolio design themes. This is significant since employers today increasingly turn to portfolio sites to identify the best talents and cull out the rest. Portfolio sites that make potential employers sit up and take notice are sure to attract business.

In this post, we have put together a collection of 25 free portfolio WordPress themes that can give your portfolio website an edge over those of your competitors. Check out the ones that you like and head over to their download page to make them yours.

Imbalance WordPress Portfolio Theme

Imbalance ranks among those WordPress portfolio themes that promise to give your site a contemporary feel. The theme lends itself admirably to blogs and e-magazine, but it can also be a fine option for a portfolio site. The homepage layout is minimalist and provides ample space for images and text. The clean typography promotes readability and the jQuery-powered header provides dropdown menus that make for easy navigation between pages. The theme is also search engine optimized, which makes it a great option for your portfolio design.

Imbalance: a free WordPress portfolio theme


Shaken Grid (Lite) WordPress Portfolio Theme

The Shaken Grid theme from Shaken & Stirred takes the popular grid-style WordPress layout and shakes it up. The result is a wonderful grid design where the posts can all be of different lengths, without messing up the look and leaving ugly empty spaces in between. The free version of this WordPress portfolio theme offers two color schemes ā€“ light and dark. The theme options panel offers several possibilities for customization. The main attraction of this free WordPress theme is that the grid layout works for portfolios, galleries and blog posts.

Shaken Grid: a free portfolio WordPress theme


AutoFocus 2.0 WordPress Portfolio Theme

Free portfolio WordPress themes like AutoFocus 2.0 have a very strong visual impact. Although it is designed with photographers in mind ā€“ as already suggested by the name AutoFocus ā€“ the theme lends itself well to most designer and artist portfolios. The 800 pixel, eight-column grid is sure to do justice to photographs, designs, artwork and various other visuals. The theme is integrated with Flickr, allowing you to pull images directly from your account. If you want more where this came from, there is a premium version of AutoFocus as well.

AutoFocus: a free portfolio WordPress theme


Workaholic WordPress Portfolio Theme

A Workaholic-based template WordPress portfolio is likely to get potential employers to sit up and take notice. Like the many other free portfolio WordPress themes that you will see here and elsewhere, Workaholic has a grid layout on the homepage to showcase your best projects in all their glory. The navigational menu can be easily customized and you can keep as many or as few links as you like. Image thumbnails can be edited easily. Moreover, the widgetized theme allows you to drag and drop widgets with ease.

Workaholic: a free portfolio WordPress theme


Photum WordPress Portfolio Theme

Free portfolio WordPress themes like Photum are rare. The design is so brilliant that visitors cannot seem to look away. Here again, there is a visually strong grid-based layout to highlight all your best projects. The navigational bar being on the left sidebar gives the theme a fresh feel. This responsive theme is built using HTML5 and is the perfect choice for a host of great portfolio sites. The backend allows users to maintain separate gallery types for their portfolio and blog.

Photum: a free portfolio WordPress theme


Grid Style WordPress Portfolio Theme

Again, here is another grid-style theme that is actually named Grid Style. The theme has a magazine-style layout. It gives the grid set up a different feel by combining different sized grids with varying quantities of text. The theme is a great choice for portfolio sites that need to highlight not only the images but also related text. A template WordPress portfolio based on Grid Style would be search engine optimized and compatible with WordPress 3.3+. The free theme also offers customizable menus and widgets.

Grid Style: a free portfolio WordPress theme


Architekt WordPress Portfolio Theme

As the name suggests, the visually strong Architekt theme is ideal for an architectural portfolio. The large homepage image modules allow the budding or veteran architect to showcase his/her best projects beautifully. Then again, as is the case for most of free portfolio WordPress themes on this list, Architekt can be used by other creative professionals as well. The theme is compatible with most browsers and with WordPress 3.5+. The free version is non-responsive, but once you use and like the unpaid Architekt, you could consider purchasing the premium responsive version.

Architekt: a free portfolio WordPress theme


Visual WordPress Portfolio Theme

Visual is a user-friendly theme that has the potential to add tremendous value to even the best portfolio sites. This well-designed theme combines the magic of the grid-style layout with the impact of a central slider. While images dominate the Visual theme, there is space for text as well. Users can navigate through the site with ease using the links provided in the header. The header offers social media integration as well, so you are never too far from notching up new likes on Facebook and followers on Twitter.

Visual: a free portfolio WordPress theme


Viewport WordPress Portfolio Theme

Designed by Paul Bennett, Viewport joins the ranks of free portfolio WordPress themes with clean layouts. This portfolio theme is rather offbeat, too. The theme uses the mechanism of a panel slider to take the user through the various images, posts and pages. As a result, it may not be as easy to navigate as other WordPress portfolio themes, but its sheer originality helps Viewport score extra bonus points. The theme also allows the user to change the background color or image and customize other elements as well.

Viewport: a free portfolio WordPress theme


Exhibition WordPress Portfolio Theme

Even if you are yet to exhibit your work, a template WordPress portfolio based on the Exhibition theme should get you going. The theme allows you to exhibit your work beautifully on your portfolio site. The homepage not only highlights you best work, it also allows you to introduce yourself and link visitors to your social media pages. The menu links on the header ensure easy navigation throughout the site. Indeed, free portfolio WordPress themes like this one have the potential to attract good clients and great work.

Exhibition: a free portfolio WordPress theme


Grid Portfolio WordPress Portfolio Theme

The Grid Portfolio theme plays on the grid layout once again. The three-column homepage layout allows users to highlight their best work and provide a little introductory text alongside. Naturally, the focus is on your projects. Portfolio design essentially deals with projecting your finest professional qualities to potential clients. WordPress portfolio themes like this one cut out the clutter and focus on the work. Once visitors have been drawn in, they can navigate through the rest of the portfolio to find out more.

Grid Portfolio: a free portfolio WordPress theme


Portfolium WordPress Portfolio Theme

Creative professionals who have a wide variety of work in their kitty may not be satisfied with highlight only a few projects on their portfolio homepage. Luckily, free portfolio WordPress themes like Portfolium allow you to highlight many projects in order to reel in potential clients. The theme comes with a built-in blog feature, and the user can switch between the portfolio and blog layouts. The theme is search engine optimized and features social media integration as well. It has WordPress 3.0 compatibility.

Portfolium: a free portfolio WordPress theme


Infinity WordPress Portfolio Theme

Designed by Zhang Yichi of Vikiworks Studio in Shanghai, Infinity is a free WordPress portfolio theme that features a three-column layout. Thus, it offers sufficient space to highlight your work while also show off your latest blog posts and favorite links. The theme offers social media integration, so it will pull your Flickr photos and Twitter updates with ease. The thumbnail covers style adds to the overall look and feel of the theme while keeping it user-friendly. The theme requires some additional plug-ins but these are included in the download kit.

Infinity: a free portfolio WordPress theme


Boldy WordPress Portfolio Theme

The Boldy theme is as simple as it gets. However, that is hardly a disadvantage. Portfolio sites are best served by clean layouts than by over-designing. Moreover, Boldy ticks all the right boxes. There are plenty of customizable options to help you add a personal touch to the final design. One of the highlights of the design is the central slider. This too can be customized as per your requirements. It has social media integration ā€“ a must for all WordPress portfolio themes nowadays. It also comes with an Ajax-based contact form.

Boldy: a free portfolio WordPress theme


Simple ‘n’ Bright WordPress Portfolio Theme

A template WordPress portfolio based on the Simple ‘n’ Bright theme ticks all the boxes regarding its status as a successful portfolio. This theme could work well for both individuals and organizations. The layout is simple and effective. The central slider creates a big impact while there are module to highlight projects, services, objectives and more. This HTML5 theme features video tutorials from which the user can learn to implement this fine theme. The theme also supports Google web fonts and offers custom page templates.

Simple n Bright: a free portfolio WordPress theme


Webfolio WordPress Portfolio Theme

Free portfolio WordPress themes like Webfolio are a smart option for independent portfolio sites. Moreover, it works across professions and businesses, providing space for high-quality images and informative text all at the same time. The Webfolio theme is great for portfolio design because it supports Google web fonts, offers multiple color options and allows users to customize the menus. The theme is also widget-ready, which makes it a great option for today’s portfolio sites. Moreover, a built-in contact form makes it easy for interested parties to get in touch with you.

Webfolio: a free portfolio WordPress theme


Sight WordPress Portfolio Theme

The best portfolio websites are easy on the eye. They provide a host of information without seeming cluttered. Now, Sight is not one of your regular free portfolio WordPress themes. It is perhaps better suited for a blog or a magazine. However, the web world encourages us all to break the rules and think out of the box. So here is a theme that helps you do just that. Sight allows you to highlight extensive content across varies categories that can be accessed via the menu bar. The central slider, two types of pagination and social media integration makes this a great portfolio option.

Sight: a free portfolio WordPress theme


Swiss Design WordPress Portfolio Theme

If you like the works of Swiss designers, you might want to take a look at the Swiss Design theme. Like other great free portfolio WordPress themes, this one also takes the focus off the theme itself and works to highlight your projects and information. A combination of small and large images with relevant headings is used to highlight your best work. On the left hand side, you have the navigational links as well as space for an introductory line and contact details.

Swiss Design: a free portfolio WordPress theme


Leon WordPress Portfolio Theme

Free portfolio WordPress themes are not usually responsive. Fortunately, however, the Leon WordPress portfolio theme is both free and responsive. This means that the theme adjusts itself according to whether the site is being viewed on a laptop, a desktop or a mobile device. At a time when clients are always on the go, this is an important and necessary feature for a good portfolio. The three-column theme offers WordPress 3 compatibility. It allows you to customize menus, features thumbnails and has a widgetized sidebar.

Leon: a free portfolio WordPress theme


Framed WordPress Portfolio Theme

Given the wonderful premium and free portfolio WordPress themes available these days, it is easy to forget that WordPress is essentially a blogging platform. The Framed theme offers a reminder of this, without actually turning your portfolio site into a full-fledged photoblog. It is a great layout option regardless of whether you are a professional photographer or a dedicated photoblogger. It works well for other creative professionals as well. The central slider dominates the view, while subtly placed navigation panel sits above. You will find several features that are usually available in premium themes alone.

Framed: a free portfolio WordPress theme


FontFolio WordPress Portfolio Theme

Although FontFolio was designed as a portfolio for showcasing typography, it works across creative fields, including graphics, web design and more. Inspired by the works of Svetoslav Simov of FontFabric, this wonderful free WordPress portfolio theme plays with the grid layout. FontFolio features one large image module at the top, with all the rest being medium-sized and covering the rest of the page. The navigation and various categories are placed in the header area, and the theme boasts of social media integration as well.

Font Folio: a free portfolio WordPress theme


Photo Theme WordPress Portfolio Theme

Here is another responsive theme that is available free of charge. The Photo Theme is an elegant and uncomplicated layout that works just as well whether viewed on a computer, a mobile or a tablet. It is a great option for portfolio design because it is visually rich while also providing sufficient scope for inserting text. The theme works well for blogs as well. The sidebar on the right features all the necessary navigation as well as buttons to social media sites. Photo Theme works across browsers and offers several options for customizability.

Photo Theme: a free portfolio WordPress theme


Simple Grid WordPress Portfolio Theme

Add Simple Grid to the ranks of free WordPress portfolio themes that celebrate the elegance and effectiveness of the classic grid layout. This one too is a responsive theme, which makes it a better alternative to other equally good-looking non-responsive options. It you are simply eager to show off your portfolio and attract greater business, the Simple Grid theme is a wonderful option. Download this and you will get multiple theme options and widget capability as well.

Simple Grid: a free portfolio WordPress theme


Unstandard WordPress Portfolio Theme

It is said that the top portfolio sites are often the simplest ones. If you are keen to follow that line of thought, Unstandard is a wonderfully simple theme that promises to highlight your portfolio in the best possible way. Unstandard features two columns on which you can show off your best work. The theme also offers as many as three widget-enabled zones. Assigning thumbnails to existing posts takes place in as few as two steps. There are plenty of customizable options. Less experienced users can test out up to five color options for their portfolio site.

Unstandard: a free portfolio WordPress theme


Imbalance 2 WordPress Portfolio Theme

We began this post with the Imbalance theme and we end with Imbalance 2. As far as free portfolio WordPress themes go, Imbalance 2 works not just for online portfolio sites but also for blogs and e-magazines. The design is both fresh and flexible. The theme comes with several custom options. You will also find two separate page templates. Choose between five different menu locations to see what works best for your portfolio. And make the most of the social media buttons integrated into the theme.

Imbalance 2: a free portfolio WordPress theme



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