17 Flash Portfolio Examples You Should Not Miss

Portfolio examples that use flash are often brimming with creativity. Indeed, flash portfolio websites are a great platform for web designers to showcase their creative chops. Flash portfolios allow you to do things that other formats would never allow. This possibly explains why so many creative professionals from around the world keep going back to flash, especially when it comes to designing their portfolio sites.

Portfolio examples that rank among the top portfolio websites around are frequently the ones that use flash. Why do designers still keep going back to flash? A quick look through the 17 flash portfolio sites mentioned here should give you an idea. Even if you have little knowledge of what it takes to build fantastic websites, surely you too will appreciate the sheer creativity and skill involved in putting together fine portfolio examples like the ones listed below.

In this post, we bring you 17 of the finest flash portfolio examples available on the web. Enjoy!

Socio Design

Socio Design uses the office setting as the backdrop for its flash portfolio website. The overall effect is subtle but this design firm succeeds in getting its message across. The message appears prominently on the left as you visit the Socio Design portfolio. Above it, in pale grey lettering, you have links to the firm’s other portfolio pages. As you move from link to link, the background image changes. As for the project pages, we love that Socio Design transforms the page background to gel with the mood of each project.

The flash portfolio website of Socio Design

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Sensi Soft

Sensi Soft’s homepage seems to take you back in time to the late 19th century. Prepare to travel through time and place in the time capsule like contraption that spins into different eras. We love the concept, especially how effectively Sensi Soft has managed to utilize it to create portfolio design that caters to the senses (the site has music as well) and promises to draw you in with its sheer creativity.

The flash portfolio website of Sensi Soft

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Mister Coo

Mister Coo’s flash portfolio site is cool, cute and fun. We love the moveable little blobs that take the conventional portfolio website and give it a lovely personalized twist. Mister Coo scores brownie points for using original animation that takes you to the respective sections. Flash portfolio examples like this one are designed to lure curious visitors and turn them into potential employers. All in all, a job well done.

The flash portfolio website of Mister Coo

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Wonderwall Inc

Do not come here expecting a simple portfolio website that is beautiful only on account of its great design projects. Wonderwall is an interior design firm that is not afraid to stretch the boundaries. Thus, its portfolio design plays with conventional layouts, creating what is essential a “wonder wall” highlighting a host of interior design projects. Each entry on this wall expands to provide a more detailed view, with a slider feature taking you through the images.

The flash portfolio website of Wonderwall

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Immersive Garden

Immersive Garden is a treat for the senses. The flash portfolio site hits you with its impressive graphics. Whichever page you head to, prepare for a wonderfully pleasing assault on your eyes. We especially love how each section opens on to a quote, inviting the visitor to illuminate the page and then view the relevant information. This is indeed a wonderful example of portfolio design and among the best portfolio sites on the web today.

The flash portfolio website of Immersive Garden

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James Quantz Jr

There is no question that this is a photography portfolio site. James Quantz Jr’s portfolio design is all about the photos. Thus, the landing page for this flash portfolio site opens with an artsy background image, that is quite obviously James’ handiwork. Look further and you will find links to two of James’ portfolios as well as to his recent work, his blog and more. The portfolio pages keep it simple with a vertical photo layout that visitors can scroll through with ease.

The flash portfolio website of James Quantz Jr

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Alan Lim Studio

Here is another photography portfolio that does not deviate from its ultimate aim – to show off the photographer’s work in the best possible way. Alan Lim’s classy fashion photos form the background even as links to specific sections of this photo portfolio show up in large block capitals on the left margin of the homepage. Click to the photo categories and a thumbnail strip shows off Alan’s photos. Each expands easily to give visitors a bigger, better view.

The flash portfolio website of Alan Lim

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Joby Sessions Photography

Joby Sessions Photography is a fine example of how web graphics can be used to showcase great photographs. The site is almost like a graphic design portfolio in its look and feel, but it really is about photography, which comes as a pleasant surprise. The overall mood is fun and creative, which can prove the clincher for interested employers.

The flash portfolio website of Joby Sessions

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Jean Malek

While we are on the subject of photography portfolio examples that use flash, spare a moment to visit the portfolio of Jean Malek. This is an intriguing and elegant portfolio site. It uses a background image to draw in the viewer, and then uses triangular formations to get the viewer to click through to other pages. It is interactive, concise and beautiful.

The flash portfolio website of Jean Malek

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Brook Pifer

Brook Pifer’s website is minimal in its design and highly successful as a portfolio. This one ranks among flash portfolio examples that confirm that you do not need elaborate or incredibly out of the box design to stand out from the crowd. Brook uses a series of images on the background slider for her homepage, providing links to other sections in subtle font on the left margin. The photos speak for themselves, and are enough to bring clients to Brook’s doorstep. The portfolio serves as a great showcase.

The flash portfolio website of Brook Pifer

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Yellow Inc

Yellow Inc. has a really simple interface, but even within those constraints the design firm has put together an incredibly memorable portfolio site. Apart from its simple color palette of white, yellow and black, the design firm seems unafraid to wrestle with convention. Thus, the usual About section has no text but a collection of short videos. The work page features categories as well as a “look inside” feature that takes you to the respective websites.

The flash portfolio website of Yellow Inc

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Testemale Photos

Testemale Photos is a photography portfolio all right, but it is refreshingly different from most photography portfolio examples proliferating the web. Particularly exciting is the way that Bernard Testemale has arranged his photos in categories. Each category page shows photographs strewn all over a wooden desk and the photos open at a double click. Interactive and fun!

The flash portfolio website of Bernard Testemale

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Yodabaz is the 2008-2009 portfolio of an online designer who clearly likes to keep things simple, and yet provide a catchy feel. The Yodabaz portfolio site takes the flash platform and creates a portfolio design that is original and fuss-free. We like how the background replaces the static image with a moving one. The links are all prominently placed. And the designer’s projects are placed within a grid. Click on any one project and the others fall away while the selected one expands to a bigger view. Flash portfolio examples like this one prove that simplicity can hit the bull’s eye.

The flash portfolio website of Yodabaz

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Funnel Design Group

Funnel Design Group works with a limited color palette of red, grey, black and white to create a portfolio that lingers in your memory. The thumbnails for the group’s projects take over most of the landing page, arranged in a tight, compact grid. Roll your cursor over any one, and it takes on full color. You can browse the projects based on category or learn more about the firm. The contact details are placed in easy view at the bottom of the page.

The flash portfolio website of Funnel Design Group

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Jongmin Kim

Jongmin Kim’s portfolio takes you around the world. Literally! At a time when flash portfolio examples are everywhere on the web, Jongmin’s website is refreshing in its sheer originality. The homepage opens on to a map of the world with little tabs linking you to all the places this talented developer has been. An interesting slide show format lets you sift between projects in the Handicraft section.

The flash portfolio website of Jongmin Kim

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The flash portfolio site of Paramisa is a treat for the senses. Although it is not really a typical portfolio site, it offers many features of such websites. More importantly, it is among those flash portfolio examples that show that less is more, and that a simple portfolio design can be made to seem elaborate and elegant with only a few swift creative touches. The buttons on the right allow you to tailor your experience to your preferences, while the glowing, rotating logo-like flower on the right carries all the necessary links.

The flash portfolio website of Paramisa

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Eric Campbell

Web designers and developers who have limited experience working with flash can take tips from this most wonderful of portfolio examples. Eric Campbell’s website is deceptively simple. But Eric has several tricks up his sleeve. This portfolio site may not seem like a flash site at first glance, but it has all the creativity we have learnt to expect from flash pages. The easy slide in slide out of images and text add tremendous appeal to this great online portfolio.

The flash portfolio website of Eric Campbell

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