33 Events to Attend Before You Die

Life is short but the world is too broad, and there are too many remarkable events taking place all over the world which are worth attending before you die. So, seize the days of your life by attending the most outstanding events of the world.

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1. Attend the FIFA World Cup


FIFA World Cup is known to be the most popular sport competition of the world. The game football is a very trendy sport all over the world and most of you are the huge fans of this famous game. We all know that nothing can be so delightful than enjoying this game live in a stadium, and when this live enjoyment is concerned with FIFA World Cup then it is a blast. The decoration, crowd, festoons, screaming, tension, amusement and everything of this atmosphere would be so enlivening to you that you will forget the stresses of life. This event is undoubtedly a worthy one to attend before you die.

2. Spend New Year’s Eve in Sydney, Australia


You would love it if you attend New Year’s Eve in Sydney. The fireworks of this event are mind blowing, and this vibe could take you to the celestial point of pleasure. Family Fireworks and Midnight Fireworks are the two main features of this event. You can enjoy a new theme in this event every year. The countdown at 11:59pm is exiting, and this moment is the climax of the event.The event, the place, the people, and the whole scenario here would be the matters of pure entertainment. Through this event you could fish the present year and start a new year in a fantabulous way.

3. Chinese New Year


This event is a traditional celebration of the new year of Chinese which is also known as Spring Festival. The day is a traditional Chinese holiday and is celebrated according to the Chinese calendar. The celebration of Chinese New Year starts from Chinese New Year’s eve and lasts 15 days till the Lantern Festival. These days are the time of immense amusement for the Chinese, and you can also make yourself a part of this pleasure by attending this gigantic event.

4. Attend the Olympic Games


Olympic Games is the combination of games of different dimensions, and your enjoyment too can be the mixture of various entertainments if you don’t miss this massive event. It is the event of competition of thousands of athletes of various countries, and the event is also the gathering of thousands of people from all over the world. So, be one of them and get the most out of this world famous sport event.

5. Go to the Super Bowl


This is a world famous American National Football League (NFL) which is held in United States and is an event of huge entertainment.    Attending this event you can get amused by the whole surroundings of the stadium, the zealous audience, star players, and everything else.

6. The Rio de Janeiro Carnival, Brazil


The Rio Carnival is considered to be the biggest carnival of the world. So, it must be a fantasy of every people to attend this titanic event at least once in a lifetime where more than 2 million people gather on the streets of Rio de Janeiro per day to celebrate the astounding event. Who would not want be a part of it!

7. Attend a Blue Man Group Show


Blue Man Group is an organization that produces theatrical shows and concerts. Their shows include experimental music, comedy, multimedia, television appearances, children’s museum exhibit, etc. which will be very much entertaining to you. The sows are definitely worth attending.

8. Attend the Monaco Grand Prix


Since 1929, the motor race of Monaco Grand Prix is tremendously famous and thrilling event. The competition takes placeon the Circuit de Monacoonce in every year and attended by thousands of fans of this race. You would be thrilled to attend this awe-inspiring competition.

9. Go to the World Expo


World Expo is a big public exhibition and held in different parts of the globe. These exhibitions generally last for three weeks to six months and are visited by so many people from so many parts of the world. It will be a huge fun and a matter of gathering knowledge if you attend the expo and observe the exceptional exhibitions.

10. Participate in a Polar Bear Plunge


You must have known about the Polar Bear Plunge which is held during the winter. It is very famous in United States and Canada. In this event, the participants go into a body of water in spite of the low temperature which is kind of absurd but still a matter of merriment and screaming that bring life to the attendants. It will be an unusually but entertaining experience for you to attend this rare event. Again, your participation would be a matter of charity, because polar bear plunges are by and large held to raise money for a charitable organization.

11. Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta


This is the world’s largest yearly hot air balloon assembly festival. Mainly this occasion takes place in Albuquerquebut it has crossed the boundary ofAlbuquerque and also takes place in New Mexico, USA during October. With the participation of around 750 balloons it’s a 9 day event, and you would definitely enjoy it.

12. Participate at Burning Man


This event has taken its name from the burning of a huge wooden man shaped semblance. The events of this program are created by its citizen, and most of the participators are the citizens. General people also can be a part of this event by participating there. This occasion takes place in the Black Rock Desert in northern Nevada, in the United States. This week long annual event can be marked asan experiment in community, art, radical self-expression, and radical self-reliance. So, participating in this occasion can be your ultimate accomplishment.

13. Attend a Japanese Tea Ceremony


It’s a cultural ceremony of preparing and serving the green tea with the traditional Japanese sweet. The occasion is mainly focused on the presentation of tea rather than drinking it. The mood, style or way of presenting tea can hold firmly one’s attention. So, if you are visiting Japan, you should join the ceremony. This trendy event of Japan is worth attending.

14. Comic Con


This four-day event is commonly known as Comic-Con or the San Diego Comic-Con or ‘SDCC’ held in San Diego, California during the summer. This entertaining convention is the largest event of San Diego. If you are fun loving and love to laugh, you should definitely attend this event.

15. Oktoberfest


You can enjoy the occasion from late September to the first weekend in October. This is the world’s largest fair and you can take a chance to gather some great memory by being one of the 6 million people all around the world. It’s a 16 day festival held in Munich, Bavaria, Germany.

16. Cannes Film Festival


This is one of the biggest and most esteemed international film festival held annually in Cannes, France.
The event advertises new films and documentaries all around the world and patronizes the best one. Though it’s a nonpublic festival, it is definitely one of those events that you really want to attend before you die.

17. Vienna New Year’s Concert


It’s a New Year celebrating event of classical music held inVienna, Austria in the first morning of New Year. This concert is running from 1939. This is one of the biggest New Year celebrating events that broadcast around the world with 50 million audiencesin 73 countries. If you are a music lover, you can join the concert to celebrate a very happy new year.

18. Geneva International Motor Show


This is one of the most valuable international motorshows held inin the Swiss city of Geneva.It’s a huge assembly of all significant internal combustion engine models. If you have fascination for motors, you can go to the Swiss city on March to join this event;this motor show won’t let you down.

19. International CES

19. International CES

If you are an industry professional, you must go there at least for once.  Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held each January at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States.It is mainly an electronics and technology trade show.

20. SXSW


South by Southwest (SXSW), a ceremony for the patronizers of culture held each year in mid-March in Austin, Texas, United States since 1987. Basically, it’s an event for the film and music festival.

21. San Fermin Festival in Pamplona, Spain


It’s a Spanish festival of the running of bulls. Though it is a Spanish festival, it is known all over the world for the adventurous mood of this festival. If you are not adventurous enough to perform actively on the occasion at least you should go there to enjoy this occasion as an audience.It will definitely be a great fun.

22. Venice Carnival


It’s a festival of wearing different types of masks. It is an Italian carnival held in Venice. You can also identify the names of worn masks.

23. White Nights and Scarlet Sails Festival in St. Petersburg, Russia


This occasion is for the artists and the art lovers. It’s a festival of classical ballet, opera and music events. It’s a Russian occasion and the performers are Russian as well. It’s a complete package of entertainment and you can surely enjoy it.

24. La Tomatina – Spain


You must have heard the tomato fight festival of Spain. It is also known as the world’s largest vegetable fight. The occasion held in town of Buñol in Spain. This place is a great attraction for the tourists all over the world.

25. Songkran Water Festival – Thailand


It’s a New Year celebrating event of the people of Thailand. They celebrate the event on their traditional New Year celebrating ceremony. You can participate in the ceremony to get rid of summer with full entertainment. So, get set to get wet in Sonkran water festival,the biggest festival of Thailand.

26. Full Moon Party – HaadRin Beach, KohPhangan, Thailand


Another Thai festival. Some tourist of Thailand organized this event at first to celebrate the most beautiful full moon of KohPhangan. You can join the party to experience some magical moment and wallow it.

27. Glastonbury — Glastonbury, England


Glastonbury is a small town of England and the Glastonbury festival is celebration of arts including music,dance, comedy, and circus. It’s like a box of entertainment.

28. Battle of the Oranges – Ivrea, Italy


This event arranges the largest food fight of Italy.It’s a traditional occasion of throwing orange within the groups.

29. Go to Macys Thanksgiving Day parade


This event is totally different. It’s a thanks giving occasion of through parade. The parade is performed by U.S. chain store business, Macy’s. It’s a disciplined occasion of entertainment that will completely refresh your mind.

30. Go to the white house Easter egg roll


The event was originated from the grounds of the United States Capitol. It’s a traditional game basically performed by child with eggs.

31. Spend St.Patricks day in New York


This is the oldest and most traditional event. The parade is the main attraction of this occasion. Spending the Patricks day in New York can be one of the best memories of your life.

32. TED Global


TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) is a worldwide conference with a slogan said ‘’ ideas worth spreading” held in Vancouver, British Columbia. On their annual conference, they also organize the annual TED Prize and local TEDx events. If you have any world changing idea, you must go there to express your creative thinking.

33. Cirque du Soleil


Cirque du Soleil is the name of world’s largest theatrical entertainment company. Basically they perform dramatic mix of circus arts and street entertainment. The event is simultaneously hilarious and thrilling, and if you want to blow your mind with their mesmerizing show, you can surely join the event in Canada.