27 Nail Designs: Easy to try at home

Nail art is in. Tired of boring nail designs? There are many easy nail designs ideas that you can try home to make your nails beautiful. These nail patterns don’t need an expert manicurist because the designs are easy to make at home.

Women love nails that are not just clean but also beautiful. But, most women prefer a simple nail design, one they can wear on any occasion. This is because sometimes, simple is more beautiful especially when it comes to nail designs. So, we have come up with a list of 27 easy nail designs ideas that you can try at home and look good in any situation. Whether you are going to work, on a date or just hanging around the house, these easy nail arts are just right for you.

These easy nail patterns are literally easy to do that once you start applying the nail polish, you will have no trouble trying the different design on this page. Come to think of it! Even beginners will have no trouble applying nail polish as they are pretty much one-size fits all products. Nail polish is great for all nail sizes, what you just need to know is the type of nail polish finishes that is best for the pattern you have chosen. Unfortunately, there are different nail polish finishes available in the market today which is why you need to know the difference between them.

This article will become a novel if I discussed all the different nail polish finishes out there, so I am going to talk about the five most popular polish finishes, to give you an idea of what to look for when buying one at a drugstore. Here’s the list of the most popular polish finishes to use to achieve the look you desired for your nails.

Crème is the most popular and widely recognized polish finishes. These polishes have no additives, metallic pigments or glitter but they always produce a nice smoothness and shine that set them apart from other polish finishes.  They are also great for any occasion and have a wide range of colors to choose from, perfect for girls who change polish a lot.

Matte is a type of polish that has no shine so they are harder to apply. Matte is also prone to chipping as they don’t require the use a top or base coat. But these polishes have a wide variety of shades, so you have a lot of options.

Glitter is the boldest polish finishes and totally different from the other polishes as they have no color base. These polishes contain one color, two-color or multi-colored glitters in a single bottle. Glitter polish can make an ordinary nail completely unique when mixed together with your preferred crème polishes.

Suede is a cousin to matte polishes just a little more shimmery. These polishes give nails a luxurious and smooth look because of the shimmer it produces. Women who love matte polishes but don’t want a high maintenance nail should definitely use suede polishes.

Shimmer is another popular polish finishes that you can try. Shimmer polishes have an awesome colored base and very pretty on nails. These polishes can give your nail a new look, so you should have it in your beauty arsenal.

Now that you are aware of the different nail polish finishes, it is time to pick the nail pattern that is right for you.

Are you excited to get started? If so, take a look at the easy nail designs list below, just scroll down to find a pattern that you can try any day.

Easy Nail Designs

This nail design idea is classy and will make your nails beautiful.

easy nail designs

Easy Nail Design

Easy Nail Art Designs

This is another easy nail art designs that you can try at home.

easy nail art designs

Fun Nail Design

Easy Nail Polish Designs

What do you think of this nail design? For me, it looks like a galaxy of stars on a night sky.

easy nail polish designs

Easy Nail Designs for Short Nails

Simple but cute nail designs.

easy nail designs for short nails

Cool Easy Nail Designs

This nail design is definitely cool and fashionable, love the black base.

cool easy nail designs

Easy to do Nail Designs

Looking for a summer nail design? This nail design with vibrant color and pattern is great for summer.

easy to do nail designs

Easy Cute Nail Designs

I love the colors of this easy cute nail designs.

easy cute nail designs

Strawberry Nails

Easy Nail Designs Step By Step

Many women love innovative nail design and this cool, black and blue style is perfect for beginners.

easy nail designs step by step

Marble textured Nail Art

Nail Designs Easy

I always said, simple but elegant is more beautiful.

nail designs easy

Nail Art Designs Easy

One word best describe this nail art design and that is romantic.

nail art designs easy

Cool and Easy Nail Designs

Gorgeous easy nail designs that you can also try at home.

cool and easy nail designs

Easy Nail Art Designs To Do at Home

I love the color base, looks easy to do too!

easy nail art designs to do at home

Nail Art Design

Easy Nail Designs To Do at Home

Nice pattern for those who are just learning to use nail polishes.

easy nail designs to do at home

Nail Polish Designs Easy

If you believe this is the design for you then believe it.

nail polish designs easy

Easy Nail Polish Designs at Home

Very stylish, love the stripes painted in purple and pink.

easy nail polish designs at home

Awesome Nails

Easy Nail Art Designs at Home

Are you a fan of Louis Vuitton? If so, this is the nail design for you.

easy nail art designs at home

Quick and Easy Nail Designs

What do you think of this nail design? Do you think you can wear them on any occasion?

quick and easy nail designs

Easy at Home Nail Designs

Give your nails some color with this easy nail design.

easy at home nail designs

Fun Easy Nail Designs

A must nail design to try at home, very charming.

fun easy nail designs

Nail Polish Designs Easy at Home

Love the shades, seem easy to do.

nail polish designs easy at home

Simple Easy Nail Designs

Simple yet fashionable nail design.

simple easy nail designs

Easy Nail Designs at Home

Easy nail design and great on red nail color.

easy nail designs at home

Simple and Easy Nail Art Designs

Beautiful nail design for a simple girl like you.

simple and easy nail art designs

Nail Designs Easy To Do

Sweet and gorgeous nail design to try any day.

nail designs easy to do

DIY Nail Designs Easy

If a bit artistic then this is the nail design to try.

diy nail designs easy

Fun and Easy Nail Designs

Another summer nail design to try at home.

fun and easy nail designs

Easy Cool Nail Designs

Love the little crystal hearts.

easy cool nail designs