Aha People: Umut Muhaddisoğlu, developer, founder, WebResourcesDepot

A web developer at heart, Umut Muhaddisoğlu is the face behind WebResourcesDepot. Based out of Istanbul, Turkey, Umut offers free web resources that are developed as a part if his learning process. Read further, to know more what interests this web designer.

You can find him at twitter and facebook

1)   Could you outline what your average day involves, from waking up in the morning to clocking off at night?

I try to start working as early as possible, like 6 or 7 am. Work few hours on WebResourcesDepot  and the rest on Uptime Robot. Around 5pm, I give up, go home and play with the 2.5 years old dragon (my daughter) and try not to be online again until the next day.

Umut Muhaddisoğlu

2)   How do you try to encourage interesting, thoughtful articles across design blogs rather than covering old ground?

The quality of content has improved so much since few years and that requires a lot of effort. For WebResourcesDepot, it is usually not about articles but introducing quality and modern resources. I’m regularly a part of few web projects which helps me stay up-to-date.

 3)   Most blog owners have a realisation point, where they discover: “I can make a living from doing this!” – When did this occur for you?

WebResourcesDepot was actually functioning as a library for my own. In 2008, when an advertiser reached me and asked if advertising was possible, that was probably the time when I realized that my hobby can also be a source of income.

4)   What are your views on the performance of info graphics and e-books than plain text in design sphere?

Everyone loves organized content and infographics + e-books do that very well.

5)   Share us your views on “list posts” and “roundups.” Do such articles contribute value in the design writing community?

Yes and no. Many list posts are only written for traffic which ends up in low-quality content. However, many others exist as that is the best way to share that content. As a reader, I would much love to see “50 awesome iconic fonts” when searching for an icon font. But, only if that post is well-written and researched (sorted from best-to-good, up-to-date and not misses any important items..).

6)  Where do you think design industry might go in the next few years?

The design/development industry has been changing so fast. The rising usage of web-based tools is something important. Also, more and more designers choose to use “ready-to-use design resources (stock images, icons, templates..) rather than creating them from scratch. Everyone tries to produce more on a shorter time and that seems to be the key of today’s (and probably tomorrow’s) design business.

7)   If, in some Freaky Friday-like situation, you could live the life of another designer, illustrator or creative, for a day, who would it be, and why?

I am a fan of Joshua Davis (http://www.joshuadavis.com/) since years. I love how he merges computing and randomness with design. That would be nice to learn what’s going on in his mind :).

8)   How do you decide that a particular topic is going to perform better for the kind of audience you have. Where do post ideas come from?

Personally, I love learning and using new stuff. And, the industry has its trends. These 2 probably decide what is going the be published at WebResourcesDepot.

9)   What are your views on guest blogging? Is this something you would advise fellow bloggers to practice?

Yes, guest blogging is a must try for everyone. Not only because it can show you why blogging is good but also why it is so difficult and time-consuming. It’ll help anyone to experience the pros and cons the quickest way possible. I know you were probably expecting me to tell that “yes it is awesome” but I think it is only awesome for some (mostly, people who have a name, app, product to market). At WebResourcesDepot, detailed and high-quality design/dev tutorials or sharing of thoughts/experiences on the same field are accepted.

10)   Name 5 designers that you follow and respect for their work.

Elliot Jay Stocks

Nick La

Jacob Cass

Chris Spooner

Mark Otto

 11)  Which 5 design blogs and design resources sites each you visit at least once during a day?

Dribble, show and tell for designers

365psd, download a free psd every day

Abduzeedo, design Inspiration and tutorials

Smashing Magazine, For professional web developers and designers

CSS Tricks

12)    List out any 5 random blogs from which you gain web inspiration.

Wired Design, creating what’s next

Swiss Miss, Design blog/ studio

Noupe, the curious side of web

DesignModo, web design and development magazine

Webdesignleadger, web design blog, tutorials and inspiration

13)  How do you find Ahadaily? Suggest us 5 topics that you would like to see at Ahadaily in our upcoming posts.

Ahadaily is becoming a bigger and better design resource/inspiration site everyday. Specially, it is fun to read the experiences of others in Aha Daily. I am more of a developer than a designer and believe that any subjects you choose would be better than mine’s

14)    Lastly, whom do you want us to interview next and why do you think he deserves to be amongst “Aha People”?

David Walsh. He writes great tutorials regarding the real-life dev challenges he experiences and they are usually so helpful for any web designer/developer.

Umut, we want to thankyou for taking out time to answer our aha readers.