17 Sources For Design Inspiration

Design blogs do a number of things. The best design blogs provide tips and tricks for design geeks – professionals and amateurs alike. They offer news, tutorials, design contests, numerous photographs of design done well, and even a platform where you can go shopping for design products. Your favorite design blogs may carry out all of these functions, or a few of them, plus provide a smattering of other offerings. Nevertheless, all the best designed blogs have one common thread running through them – inspiration.

Design blogs are all about inspiration – the better the design and the greater the number of quality posts, the higher the likelihood that you will be struck by the design muse. In this post, we bring you some of our favorite design blogs. These properties have been making waves among creative professionals in recent years. Why are they so popular? Well, the answer is simple, and one that will become clear as you visit these cool blogs. They are brilliant sources of inspiration for design lovers. The articles, interviews, featured projects, helpful hints all converge to ensure that online readers get that daily dash of inspiration. Interested? Read on to discover some of the best design blogs of the day.

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Not too many interior design magazines are equally successful both offline and online, but Dwell manages to make the cut. The Dwell design blog focuses on some terrific products, homes, people and events – just what you need for inspiration to strike. The site prides itself on being modern, so it is hardly surprising that its tagline is, “At home in the modern world.”

Design blog Dwell

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The tagline goes: “for your ideas + aesthetics + amusement”. This design blog is an unabashed celebration of randomness. Its mission statement is “fighting the good fight against ‘creative block'”. So if you are struggling against a block that refuses to go away, a visit to NotCot.org may be in order. You have got to love their photo-rich homepage.

Design blog NotCot.org

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If you are looking for the best design blog, Behance is likely to figure in your top 10. Now, here is a beautifully designed website that highlights some of the best creative work in the world. Whether you are looking for some inspiration or simply browsing through good creative work during your free time, this is a blog that you must visit.

Design blog Behance

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Bored Panda

Bored Panda calls itself “the only magazine for pandas”. I guess, what that means is you have got to enjoy looking at the visual oddities that have on offer. Again, there is plenty of randomness going on here. Whether artworks, products or projects – everything has an offbeat slant to it. Head here if you are in the mood for some creative fun.

Design blog Bored Panda

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If you are stuck in a funk thinking about the color palette for your new design project, ColourLovers is the place to go. This creative community draws 73,080 daily visitors and is dedicated to sharing ideas about color, palettes and patterns. Naturally, the site is super-colorful. And I love how the posts are divided into various categories including Fashion, Web, Craft and Business.

Design blog Colour Lovers

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The slogan here is, “Where creatives go to know.” This site is great if you are a creative professional looking for tips and tricks to use in your work. You will find a host of informative articles dealing with everything from alternate layouts to poster design to designer tattoos. This design blog also offers reviews, news and how-to posts. Does it get any better?

Design blog CreativePro

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Designboom is one of the best designed blogs around. The catchy logo and the arresting homepage do their bit to keep you hooked. This design blog offers all the usual things that you would expect – posts on art, architecture, design, and technology. But you will also find interviews and competitions, and – what I found really cool – online design classes too.

Design blog Designboom

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Design You Trust

This design blog is updated every hour, so you can expect to be greeted by new posts and new inspiration every time you visit. You will find everything from trends, news and events to photography, advertisements, video design and architecture among other things. It has been around since 2007 and is still going great guns.

Design blog Design You Trust

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Where would the internet be without DeviantArt? With 913,619 visitors daily, many even consider it to be the best design blog around. Of course, it all depends on what your parameters are, and what kind of creative work you are look for. The world’s largest online art community attracts some of the best designers and artists around. There is plenty of inspiration to be found here.

Design blog DeviantArt

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The Fubiz interface is absolutely brilliant. Not only is it one of the leading design blogs around, it also has one of the best blog designs. From culture to technology, from graphics to video arts, Fubiz has something for every kind of creative professional. Moreover, this site has been inspiring creative folk for seven years now. They have got it down to a science by now.

Design blog Fubiz

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Fuel Your Creativity

Edited by Australia-based Joe Falconer, Fuel Your Creativity could be your go-to address when you are desperately in need of an idea. You will find all the latest news from various creative fields, as well as articles on which tools to use. There are interviews with leading creative professionals to inspire you, plus a separate category entitled “Inspiration”.

Design blog Fuel Your Creativity

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Happy Cog

Founded in 1999 by design guru Jeffrey Zeldman, Happy Cog is all about “digital experiences that balance beauty and utility,” as their home page puts it. This property ranks among the top design blogs of our time, as even a quick visit to their webpage will prove. The goal here is to promote out-of-the-box thinking opportunities for design junkies everywhere.

Design blog Happy Cog

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It’s Nice That

First off, it is nice that It’s Nice That has an ultra-cool homepage. Love their catchy design and love how they have made it their business to promote creativity around the world. This design blog has been around since 2007, highlight creative projects by both established and emerging creative people. Illustrations, photographs, furniture – this design blog covers it all!

Design blog It's Nice That

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GraphicRiver is cool design blog that not only highlights all things design on its pages, but it is also a marketplace where creative folk can sell their work and interested parties can buy them. If you are a graphic design or illustrator looking to sell your wares, this is a great platform for you. Not to mention the tons of inspiration on these pages. No wonder the site draws well over 100,000 visitors daily.

Design blog GraphicRiver

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Like the other top design blogs mentioned here, CreativeBits is all about design and – as the name clearly indicates – creativity. They also talk extensively about Macs. What is more? If you happen to be a budding design person, looking for praise or pointers, the site’s Critique section is perfect for uploading your work and getting a range of opinions on it.

Design blog CreativeBits

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InspirationFeed declares its mission as: “To inspire and educate creatives across planet earth”. That is quite a lofty mission, but one that this design blog has been dedicated to since 2010. Run by Igor Ovsyannykov this blog offers the usual design stuff – web design, business card templates, photography, but you will also find occasional posts on quotes, torrents and more.

Design blog InspirationFeed

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Their motto is “Design Done Differently”. As the leading online marketplace for crowdsourced graphic design, 99Designs allows buyers and sellers of design to interact within a secure environment. On offer are a host of designs for logos, web pages, t-shirts, flyers, brochures and much, much more.

Design blog 99Designs

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