25 Popular Design Blogs For The Designer Community

Design blogs, particularly the good ones, are a big hit with the international design community. Given that most designers across fields are self-taught, good design blogs serve as a great resource. A veteran designer who is looking to stay updated on emerging trends in the design industry is sure to gain from visiting his/her favorite blog on any given day. In the meanwhile, amateur or wannabe designer can hone their skills via tutorials and informative articles posted on the coolest design blog destinations online.

Design blogs essentially serve as online destinations where designers can have their queries answered, get the latest news, and admire the works of other designers. Some blogs even invite contributions from guest authors, which provides budding designers with the perfect opportunity to extend their reach. Design blogs are also a great way to find new design projects and job opportunities. And all this is just a tiny taste of what follows.

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In this post, AHAdaily highlights 25 design blogs that have already proved to be a hit with the design community. If you are looking for new design inspiration or basic industry information, any or all of these sites could help.

Design Observer

Design Observer is a brilliant design blog that publishes intelligent feature articles on design and culture. The Design Observer provides plenty of food for thought. If you are looking for design blogs that give you something to seek your teeth into, this one is a winner. No wonder the site draws 4,000 visitors daily.

Design blog Design Observer

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Design blogs like Core77 serve as an online meeting place for industrial designers of various skill levels. Students and professionals regularly visit this design blog’s posts on everything from auto design to archaeology. The site also offers job listings, hosts design portfolios and provides regular heads-ups for design events. Regular contests, lectures and exhibits also draw its 17,500 daily visitors.

Design blog Core77

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Creative Review

As the tagline suggests, Creative Review is dedicated to “Advertising, design and visual culture”. The online version of the popular print magazine (which has been around since 1980) caters to readers in over 120 countries. This design magazine promises plenty of inspiration while encouraging discussions on visual communication. It also keeps you up-to-date on happenings from  the world of design.

Design blog Creative Review

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Dexigner has been inspiring designers from around the world since its launch in 2001. This design blog focuses on all things design, bringing you all the latest news from around the design world. It does not limit itself to simply digital design or advertising design either, you will also find jewelry design, architecture, fashion, lighting design and much more on these pages. The site also highlights events and contests that its 7,913 daily visitors would love.

Design blog Dexigner

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The Hickensian

This cool design blog is the online journal of UK-based Jon Hicks. Hicks is one half of the design duo that makes up Hicksdesign. The Hickensian is a well-written design blog that comprises a host of inspiring and interesting posts. On these pages you will find the latest iPhone app and cool software for designers, with some personal bits and pop culture thrown into the mix.

Design blog The Hickensian

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The unique design of Quipsologies sets it a class apart from other design blogs from around the world. This uber-cool graphic design blog of graphic design group UnderConsideration publishes a diverse range of exciting, inspiring and even quirky graphic design work from around the world. You will also get to read news and other stories from the industry and hear of events that you should not miss. No wonder the site records 14,000 visitors each day.

Design blog Quipsologies

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Russell Davies

Russell Davies has been in the creative business for several years, long enough to become Creative Director at GDS, notch up columnist status at Wired, and write a book, among a host of other things. The blog is personal but covers a host of design related topics. Davies writes about the events he attends, news and topics that strike his fancy and offers links to his own experimentations with design.

Design blog Russell Davies

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Veerle’s Blog

This design blog belongs to Belgium-based designer Veerle. As she states on her homepage, “Design is my work, my play, my worldview.” This informative site draws 9,728 daily visitors with its articles on terrific design projects, reviews and design tutorials. This is a largely web and graphic design blog, but Veerle also discusses home, office and furniture design.

Design site Veerle's Blog

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Design Is Kinky

The name alone suggests that the quirk quotient in this design blog is pretty high. Design is Kinky is all about design and art. If you are on a quest for inspiration, the site has plenty to offer. The blog is operated from Sydney, Australia and has been around since 1998. Design is Kinky links you to the coolest design and art events in Sydney, as well as highlights creative professionals who are making waves in the industry.

Design blog Design Is Kinky

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Design Sojourn

If you are a serious designer looking for fresh strategies and ideas to apply to your design work, Design Sojourn has much to offer. Founded in 2005 as a virtual ideas space, Design Sojourn has since expanded into a design consultancy business. Singapore-based Blogger Brian Ling continues to share his thoughts on this exceptional design blog, earning the site an Alexa rank of 567,703.

Design blog Design Sojourn

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Inspiration is easy to find when you head to a design blog like InspirationBit. The subtle and almost comforting design of InspirationBit’s homepage convinces the reader to click a post. Or two. Or three. The site is run by Vivien, a blogger who lives in Vancouver BC, Canada. This design blog focuses on web design, web development, art, photography and lots more.

Design blog InspirationBit

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This design blog is run by San Francisco-based artist and musician Scott Hansen. Although the ISO50 originally began to serve as an online portfolio for Hansen, it has since grown into not only a blog but also a clothing line and a design store. Moreover, Hansen is no longer the only blogger here, though he keeps the blogger name ISO50 for himself. He has a team of other contributors writing about design, music and culture.

Design blog ISO50

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The Dieline

Package design is the niche area on which The Dieline prefers to focus. This blog site joins the ranks of other design blogs that are narrowing down on specific subjects in the world of design. This package design blog was launched by Andrew Gibbs in 2007. The site is currently the most visited package design site in the world. It draws 13,096 visitors regularly. What is more? The Dieline even has a book to its name, an Amazon bestseller named “Box, Bottle, Bag”.

Design blog The Dieline

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AdGoodness is essentially Advertising/Design Goodness. Originally started Frederik Samuel, whose name makes up the URL, in May 2005, this Cananda-based well-packaged blog has since expanded to a team of eight contributors and 7,110 registered users. Samuel has been in the advertising and design business for eight years now and is in a good place to point readers towards ads and design, both good and bad.

Design blog AdGoodness

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If you want designs, designs, and still more designs, FormFiftyFive is the perfect website for you. This design blog is something of a design archive featuring the works of designers from around the world. This design blog is run by Glenn Garriock and Jack Daly, themselves designers who are constantly on the lookout for inspirational projects.

Design blog FormFiftyFive

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Outlaw Design Blog

As its tagline suggests, Outlaw Design Blog deals in “community curated design”. Not only does this design blog give the reader access to the coolest design projects around the world, it also provides informative articles, resources that designers would love, and the lowdown on design events that you cannot afford to miss.

Design site Outlaw Design Blog

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Designer Daily

Swiss graphic designer Mirko Humbert started Designer Daily as a space for designers and web designers. The blog offers a diverse range of inspirational posts on all things design. But you will also hear about the best deals from the design world, designs trending on Pinterest and the latest news from the industry. Plus, you get to hone your skills using the posts in the How-to & Tutorials section.

Design blog Designer Daily

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My Ink Blog

The tagline states that My Ink Blog is “a resource for all things design”. As you browse through its pages, you are inclined to nod your head in agreement. The features are contributed by talented designers from around the world. The site invites submissions from guest authors too. This is a great design blog when it comes to graphic and web design. What is more? It brings you tutorials, interviews and freebies as well.

Design site My Ink Blog

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The long menu bar provides an indication that the design blog going by the name of Designmodo has plenty to offer. A visit to their homepage will throw up posts about exciting templates, designs that are trending around the world, and tips for designers around the world. Designmodo has separate sections on design, graphics and coding, so you are not left foundering in a sea of posts. You will also find tutorials, tips and resources to help you become a more successful designer.

Design blog Designmodo

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Whether you are looking for posts on design and development or out hunting for freebies and online design tutorials, OneExtraPixel is one of those design blogs that serve as a one-stop shop. Browse through its pages and you should be able to find exactly what you are looking for. The site even has separate sections on WordPress, CSS and social media. It also updates you on giveaways from the world of design. The site draws 57,500 visitors daily.

Design blog OneExtraPixel

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@Issue has been influencing ideas about design and business since its launch as a print magazine way back in 1995. This is a highly influential design magazine that currently has a print circulation of over 100,000. The online version gives readers access to several exciting design stories. You will find interviews and even cool quizzes where you can test out your designer skills. Then again, this is just the tip of the @Issue iceberg.

Design blog @Issue

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The Design Superhero

You have got to love that The Design Superhero sticks to a superhero theme. But the look and feel is just the start of it. The Design Superhero is dedicated to dealing with design and web development. This design blog is run by Aravind Ajith, a UI consultant who lives in India. The site also has guest authors pitching in with their tips and tricks, all of which is sure to be helpful to the many visitors that regularly flock to these pages.

Design blog The Design Superhero

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Denis Designs

This is the blog of the Vermont-based design outfit of the same name. This design blog is largely dedicated to helping readers improve their skills when using software like Photoshop and Illustrator, but you will also find plenty of design inspiration on these pages. And if you are simply looking to stay on top of design trends from around the world, this wonderful design blog could help you do just that. While you are at it, watch out for freebies coming your way.

Design blog Denis Designs

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Spoonfed Design

The first thing that strikes you about Spoonfed Design is its design, and that is a great quality for a design blog to have. The pages of this brilliant design blog are filled with inspirational design projects – you will find everything from lighting design to quirky poster art. While you are here, make sure to visit the Galleries and Collections section for your daily dose of inspiration. Learn some tips and tricks on the Resources and How-to sections as well.

Design blog Spoonfed Design

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Toxel.com draws 27,000 visitors every single day. This great blog is dedicated to design, inspiration and technology. It is the perfect place for creative professionals to get their daily dash of excitement. The smart design of the blog ensures that you do not miss any of the posts, whether they are about garden sculptures, kooky hairstyles or hammock-shaped benches.

Design blog Toxel.com

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