47 Extraordinary Creative Websites

Developing Creative Websites doesn’t come handy. It requires simple user interface to make an interesting interaction with the audience. The most important thing that the creator of a website has to keep in mind is how it is possible to captivate the eyes and minds of the visitors at first sight. Thus the creative websites are designed creatively along with its innovative contents and goals. The ingredients of design of the websites like background images, navigation system, icons, texts, motions, animations, colors, illustrations, options, features, etc. are very noteworthy for attracting the eyes of the visitors. The creativity of making a website depends on the selection and proper use of these elements. Here we have listed out 50 creative websites that will keep you engage with its extraordinary use of the essence of a creative website.

 1. DezineZync

Though stagnant, the creatively arranged environment of this website is truly mind seizing. By scrolling the content here, the user would go through a surprisingly wonderful experience.

Dezine Zync_1

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2. Big Society Oxford

Big Society Oxford is a creative and experimental website. The site deals with social media, community and lifestyle.

Big Society Oxford_49

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3. Forte

The website has an elegant design and the necessary parts are nicely combined in it. The interface of this site is innovatively planned.


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4. KP Studios

The contents of this site are not associated but are initialized in a way that is very charming to eyes. The contents seem much outlined for the spread out boxes of the homepage of this website.

KP Studios_4

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5. Rival Schools

The contents of the homepage of this website are full with movement. The animated subjects are creatively organized here and they look pretty attractive. The falling objects, slide shows and other features are all interesting to follow.

Rival Schools_5

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6. Gallery Of Mo

This creative website is very colorful and type-based. It is a single page site and having a retro style. The skilled designers of Gallery Of Mo spend one minute to create a portrait for every £1.

Gallery Of Mo_50

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7. Masato Pearls

The website is beautifully constructed depending on its targeted audience. To focus on the product, the attractive photos are incorporated with the interface to make everything look refined.

Masato Pearls_7

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8. The Style Junkies

This one is decorated vividly. The major part of the interface is filled with colorful image that make the website more attractive. Again, the option and features are well-ordered.

The Style Junkies_8

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9. Survey of the States

The design of this site is simple but convenient. The features are organized according to its contents and everything else seems easy to manage.

Survey of the States_9

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10. Italio Kitchen

The website itself seems to be a kitchen where you will find various delicious items to learn about. The background is cool to look at and the options on the interface are well-managed.

Italio Kitchen_10


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11. AgencyTen

A digital strategy agency that “thinks” before it “does”.



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12. Coca-Cola Happiness Factory

The website is finely illustrated. It is a creative interactive Flash website. The design of it has an unique taste to please people.

Coca-Cola Happiness Factory_12


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13. WebUrbanist

There are lots of variations in the contents of this website. There are also lots of articles about technology and art which are inspiring.



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14. Moodstream

Moodstream is a well-constructed site to cope up with the particular mood of you. According to your frame of mind, you can play lots of images and music and amuse yourself in a suitable way. The moods it contains are: stabilize, simplify, intensify, refresh, excite, and inspire. The whole construction of this website is a creative one.



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15. The 99 Percent

This website looks simple and contains the articles those are related to creativity and inspiration which could inspire you to be creative. Articles of this site are properly sorted and categorized.

The 99 Percent_15


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16. FFFFound!

If you are trying to find the very unique images on the internet then FFFFound! will be an excellent try for you. The site is creatively filled with so many images that are not available in the general sites on the web and that will inspire you with new ideas.



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17. WhyNot?

Want to exchange your ideas? This site is creatively made to swap your creative ideas with the ideas of other. You can get different ideas on different subjects.



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18. Dream Consultancy

Dream Consultancy serves as a digital agency and their website is designed according to their business. This website is Australian and concerned with web design and development.

Dream Consultancy_18


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19. New Brand Vision

The website is gently decorated with various features with its motto of “We make it easy.” This is a creative website for its clean and minimalist design. The site serves with bespoke, creative web design and online marketing.

New Brand Vision_19


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20. DRose

It is a creative and modern website with its dark atmosphere. DRose is the Official Website of Chicago Bulls Derrick Rose. The up-to-the-minute videos, photos, news, etc. about Derrick Rose are available in this site.

DRose _20


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21. Doris Research

It is a modern creative website. The site‘s interface is decorated with big photo and the whole combination of other objects in it are clean and easy. The inside of this website is too cool to go trough and each and everything here are so adequately managed. The photos in it are very stylishly placed all over the site. This website is of corporate type and it deals with industries and finance.

Doris Research_21


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22. Zolent app

Zolent app is a creative website which is owned by gaming and tech industry. This one is a single page website. The name of the site, blue background and other objects on the homepage clearly shows that this website is based on mobile apps. The site is very nicely illustrated.

Zolent app_22


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23. Paradox Design Studio

The site of Paradox Design Studiolooks very classy and it is creative in its own regard. The website is decked out with big photo and handsome look. The site is cool to scroll through. It is a studio building website.

Paradox Design Studio_23


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24. Forrk

The website is from UK. Forrk is a digital agency that works for website advancement. It is also specialized in designing and creating social applications. The site is a creative one with clean composition. The icons here are properly placed on a plane background.



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This website is basically about media and movie and is the address of many creative filmmakers. CROP THE BLOCK drawstogetherthe group of great filmmakers from Paris and Berlin. The website deals with creative videos and exciting digital stuffing.



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26. FitStar

The website is cleanly decorated with big photo and it’s a modern creative website with a flat style. The site is generally about mobile apps.



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27. Piwik

Piwik is a creative website having a modern style. Web service is the characteristic of this site. It is a platform of web analysis. You can have helpful ideas about your website visitors and marketing movement through this site.



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28. MarketPlace

This is a creative website created by a Food Marketing Agency. The agency provides with complete service to consumer companies (food), beverage, B2B, etc. MarketPlace is decorated with big photo and the site has a modern style.



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29. Blackhouse

This is a creative website with a dark atmosphere where the homepage is filled with giant photo. The photo and design of the site are very realistic. The site is all about food and drink.



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30. Twenty8Twelve

The website looks very classy for its graceful adornment; it is of dark modern style with big photo in the background. Twenty8Twelve is a fashion based website which is launched in 2007 and is a global brand.



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31. Blinc Agency

Blinc Agency is a web company of California. The site conducts with marketing and incorporated branding and web development. This creative website is a single page site with retro style and scrolling system.

Blinc Agency_31


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32. Regenerate Music

The site is concerned with media and music and deals with creative works.

Regenerate Music_32


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33. VonDutch

VonDutch is a single page website that is fundamentally about fashion. The word VonDutch means “stubborn as a Dutchman” and it is stubborn about craftsmanship and creativity. The website is of retro fashion and scrolling method and is icon based.



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34. Evernote

Evernote is a website that helps you to keep in mind ideas, experiences or any projects. This site is based on app that is useful to your computers, tablets and phones simultaneously. It is a very colorfully illustrated website. There are convenient icons in it and it is fun to carry on with this site.



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35. Flipit.com

The website helps its clients in online money saving, finding free coupons, and seeking other special deals. Flipit.com is a simple and nice looking creative website.



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36. Adaptive Press

The site is uniquely and creatively designed for customizable tablet publications. It is a clean and parallax website with icons and scrolling system.

Adaptive Press_36


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37. Cap Gun Collective

The website of Cap Gun Collective is owned by a commercial production company. The site is a platform for the producers, director, writers and various brands. This creative website is designed according to the style of artistic minimalism.

Cap Gun Collective_37


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38. Sagmeister& Walsh

The website is owned by a NYC based design firm. The agency produces films, commercials, apps, websites, and other objects for different clients. The site has a big photo and realistic design.

Sagmeister & Walsh_38


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39. Float

The website is concerned with website and web application designing. The agency works with small business, charities, and educational institutions. Float is structured in a clean and creative style.



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40. Connectmedica

Connectmedica works for advertising and communication. The agency deals with healthcare advertising, health advertising, healthcare communications, pharmaceutical communications, HCP BSR & CSR, advertising, Research & Development, etc. the site’s style is creative, modern and parallax. It has icons and scrolling organism.



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41. SON

SON is a digital advertizing agency. It is an experimental website.



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42. Hello My Name Is Suneesh

This is an Indian website. Hello My Name Is Suneeshis occupied with web design, graphic design, and UI development. It is a very colorful parallax website.

Hello My Name Is Suneesh_42



43. Lab Fiftyfive

This is a company of Perth, Australia and it is an agency of development and design. The website of this company deals with internet, media, and photography. The website of Lab Fiftyfive is clean, creative, experimental, and modern in style. The homepage of the site looks simple and dark yet graceful.

Lab Fiftyfive_43


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44. The Bunch of ITS

The Bunch of ITS is related to culture, lifestyle, and design. The website is an online mart for amazing design of art, interior, wall, architectures, etc.

The Bunch of ITS_44


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45. 314apps

The website is a creative one and it has a clean and minimalist design with a background of full-size image. 314apps is a number-driven web development agency.



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46. Brave People

The web site of Brave People is modern and type-based in style. This creative site is possessed by an agency of Tampa, Florida. Brave Peopleprovides its client with production and branding services.

Brave People_46


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47. Curious Little Apps

This creative website looks very colorful and the illustrations are spectacular. Curious Little Apps is basically based on mobile apps and web service. It looks for and inspects the best enlightening iPad apps for children that infuse creativity and persuade wisdom.

Curious Little Apps_47


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