25 Creative Business Cards For Professionals

Creative business cards offer professionals and creative people a unique edge in representing their work and organizations. It is no hidden fact that business cards have for a very long time been the ultimate face of an enterprise and contribute a great deal into making and unmaking of a company’s first impression. As the corporate world become even more competitive and niche oriented, business card designs have also become all the more creative. The trend for unique business cards has led to a time where traditional business cards are now quickly becoming a thing of the past.

Besides investing in advertising and promotions, companies are now also focusing intently on the concept of corporate business cards and this trend is fast turning into a boon for any established or skilled business card designer. From plastic to wood and from metal to tech inspired, business card templates have now taken the shape of attractive and enticing introduction tools, which are greatly aiding firms all across the globe. Not only these cards bring forth a refreshing aspect to a company’s profile, but at the same time also portray that firm’s creativity and the extent of its vision. Such a platform helps the enterprise to attract as well as increase their clientele, while simultaneously increasing their impression impact with immaculate products and services.

Whether you’re a high profile executive or an artist, graphic designer or even a musician, designer business cards will surely increase your work’s visibility and put you in the spotlight of your respective niche.

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1) 30 Creative Business Cards For The Creative Professionals

Understanding the need and potential of creative business cards, here at AhaDaily, we are happy to present to our readers 25 Creative Business Cards for Creatives & Professionals.

1. TAM Cargo Creative Business Cards

Designed by the renowned designed house Y & R Brazil, TAM Cargo business card has been crafted especially for TAM Linhas Aéreas. This line of creative biz cards offers a unique and artistic approach for brand to showcase their products service. TAM Cargo business features a folding design that essentially turns it into a miniature cargo box, while reflecting the details mentioned on the card itself.

creative biz cards

Check out Tam Cargo Creative Business Cards

2. Norburn Model Aircraft Supply Business Cards

Crafted specifically for the Norburn Model Aircraft Supply, this line of creative business cards offers a unique way of introducing a company. These biz cards are made from balsa wood and are designed in separate blocks that can later be reassembled to form a small glider that actually flies.

designer business cards

Check uut Norburn Model Aircraft Supply Business Cards

3. Contact 2.0 Business Cards

Designed by French design house Murmure, Contact 2.0 business cards sport a highly creative approach to the concept of unique biz cards. These business card samples features a typographic varnished pattern that displays the information on the card when it comes in contact with a user’s hand. Contact 2.0 comes with an elegant background and features the client’s logo on one side and the info on the other.

designer business cards


4. m1 Business Cards

Sporting an elegant yet professional design, m1 business cards is perfectly suitable for creatives and corporates alike. These creative biz cards are crafted from thick white velvet paper and feature minimal typography, along with an artistic cutting depicting the name m1.

creative biz cards

Check out m1 Business Cards

5. 3Degrees Business Cards

Designed by famous British design house 3Degress Agency, the 3Degrees line of creative biz cards offer a gorgeous and minimalistic design that is in tune with artists and corporate professionals. These unique business cards feature the sketch of a man on one side, while depicting company/individual information on the other.

designer business cards

Check out 3Degress Business Cards

6. THEN JSC Business Card

Designed and developed by Vietnamese creative web graphic designer, Jimmituan, Then JSC business cards provide a stylish and a stunning feel when it comes to designer business cards. Then JSC is a well renowned marketing agency, specializing in Digital Marketing. The company takes an innovative approach in terms of strategy consultancy, creative ideas, marketing plan, implementation and measurement.

unique business cards

Check out THEN JSC Business Cards

7. Black & White Business Cards

Suitable for creatives, artists as well as corporate professionals, Black & White business cards are some of the most creative business cards in the design world. These unique biz cards offers a stylish yet simplistic pattern and come with layered PSDs as well as editable text layers. Black & White business cards are available in a bundle package for $8.

creative biz cards

Check out Black & White Business Cards

8. Ninja Business Cards

Designed to provide businesses with a unique brand identity, Ninja business cards sport an amazing design, where in companies or individuals can substitute their own title and the cards are fully customizable. These creative business cards feature organized PSDs, CMYK and are print ready. Ninja Business Cards are available for purchase with a regular license of $6.

designer business cards

Check out Ninja Business Cards

9. Laptop Business Cards 

Sporting an extremely creative design, Laptop business cards stand true to their name and bring forth a unique laptop design to a new line of creative biz cards. This business card template features CMYK color mode and is print ready with a color density of 300 dpi. There are also present layered PSD files and the unique business card carries Bell Gothic as well as Myria Pro fonts.

unique business cards

Check out Laptop Business Cards

10. Jeans Business Cards

Offering a contemporary design, perfectly suitable for creatives, design studios and clothing houses, Jeans business card present an elegant and extremely creative line of unique biz cards. These great business cards feature a denim pattern on the cards, along with a print ready format at 300 dpi that has been crafted in Verdana font.

creative biz cards

Check out Jeans Business Cards

11. Damask Interior Design Home Staging Tiffany Business Cards

Product customization specialists, Zazzle brings to the world of creative business cards, Damask Interior Design Home Staging Tiffany business cards that are perfectly suitable for creatives and design houses. These custom business cards sport an elegant and innovative design that can be fully customized to integrate logo, photo, or graphics, while offering numerous fonts for the text.

designer business cards

Check out Damask Interior Design Home Staging Tiffany Business Cards

12. Metal Stainless Steel Business Cards

Bringing together a highly innovative design approach with state of the art laser engraving is the new line of Metal Stainless Steel business from business cards experts, Pinkograf. These metal business cards offer a unique and stylish brand identity and are crafted in stainless steel, which is then put through the incredibly precise process of laser engraving to showcase name, company logo as well as contact details.

unique business cards

Check out Metal Stainless Steel Business Cards

13. LetterPress Business Cards

Designed by Los Angeles based design firm Detail Visions, LetterPress business cards are perfect for creatives as well as design studios. These particulate creative biz cards have been crafted especially for a Santa Monica based creative company and the unique business cards feature a simplistic design that is quite attractive and depicts a certain level of panache.

unique business cards

Check out LetterPress Business Cards

14. Line Pro Business Cards

Exuberating a professional aura while also offering a uniquely stylish design, Line Pro business cards are ideally suitable for corporates, while offering millions of colors for customization. These creative biz cards come with editable PSD files, CMYK colors and rare also print ready with 300 dpi.

creative biz cards

Check out Line Pro Business Cards

15. Rounded Corner Business Cards

Offering a stylish, elegant yet absolutely professional design for corporate executives, Rounded Corner business cards bring a new line of unique biz cards that feature round corners instead of the traditional pointy edges. These business card templates come in 4 different colors and carry CMYK colors and editable PSD files while also being print ready at 300 dpi.

designer business cards

Check out Rounded Corner Business Cards

16. Web Design Harlow Business Cards

Designed specifically for Web Design Harlow, a Harlow, Essex based design firm, Web Design Harlow business cards sport an elegant and highly creative design while maintaining their professional aura. These creative biz cards are the creation of We Are Sweet, a company specializing in the field of brand building and web designing. This firm is also one of the foremost names in content development, animation, photography as well as graphic designing.

unique business cards

Check out Web Design Harlow Business Cards

17. Mr. Lube  Business Cards

Crafted for Mr. Lube, one of the foremost names in oil change and automobile maintenance in Canada, Mr. Lube business cards offers a rather refreshing pattern for company executives. These creative biz cards sport an elegant blue & yellow color combination, wherein the card cover depicts a small oil canister, while the card inside carries the individual’s details.

creative biz cards

Check out Mr. Lube Business Cards

18. The Card With A Vision Business Cards

Designed by New Delhi, India based graphic designer Nasheet Shadani, The Card With A Vision business cards were developed especially for Optic Glasses, a leading name in prescription glasses. These unique biz cards sport an elegant design and come with a peephole that enables the customers to read magazines and newspapers with a lot more ease while they wait for their new pair of glasses.

designer business cards

Check out The Cards With A Vision Business Cards

19. Ebolaindustries Business Cards

One of the well-known Italian design agencies, Enfants Terribles a.k.a Ebolaindustries came out with a marvelous line of creative business cards that carry information which is visible only under a microscope. The Ebolaindustries business cards are shaped in the form of lab slides and are given a color scheme that resembles the dreadful Ebola virus.

unique business cards

Check out Ebolaindustries Business Cards

20. Credit Counselling Society Business Cards

Vancouver, Canada based Credit Counselling Society which provides assistance in the field of bankruptcy and debt consolidation carries a set of unique biz cards that greatly depict the organization’s work and goals. The Credit Counselling Society business cards resemble the shape of a credit card cut-in-half thereby signifying the need of reduced use of credit based services.

creative biz cards

Check out Credit Counselling Society Business Cards

21. Super Capacity Business Cards

Taking the concept of designer biz cards to a whole new level is the Super Capacity business cards that are designed by Toronto, Canada based graphics designer Alison Garnett. These stunning 3D business cards were crafted especially for web design firm Super Capacity and the unique biz cards feature a water proof design.

designer business cards

Check out Super Capacity Business Cards

22. Designer Business Cards

Developed especially web designers and social media marketers, Design business cards are a perfect fit for professionals looking for a stellar brand identity. Sporting a rather minimalistic and simplistic design, these unique business cards feature CMYK colors, layered PSDs and come print ready at 300 dpi.

unique business cards

Check out Designer Business Cards

23. Parabox Visual Studio Business Cards

Designed by Trinidad & Tobago based JB Graphics, Parabox Visual Studio business cards have been crafted to provide an elegant yet professional look to the brand. These designer business cards feature a white background with shades and patterns of purple, while depicting the company name and logo on one side and information on the other.

creative biz cards

Check out Parabox Visual Studio Business Cards

24. Clean Business Cards

As the name suggests, Clean business cards offer corporations and businesses with an elegant as well as a professional approach towards brand identity.  These designer biz cards feature editable PSD files, CMYK colors and the card comes print ready at 300 dpi.

designer business cards

Check out Clean Business Cards

25. JM9 Design Studio Business Cards

Crafted by renowned design form JM9 Design Studio, their new line of designer business cards offers a stunning color pattern that bolds well with style and a professional look.  These creative biz cards feature a captivating black, red and white color combination and come with silk lamination as well as rounded corners.

unique business cards

Check out JM9 Design Studio Business Cards