26 Outstanding Corporate Logos For Strong Visual Identities

Corporate logos are indispensable in today’s world; from individuals to small companies to large-scale organizations, logos are a vital factor in building brands. Whether they are simple, elaborate, colourful or monochromatic, each logo design acts as a crucial visual identity for businesses. A successful business logo design is one that enables viewers to associate the companies with their products.

Corporate logos can seem so deceptively simple in concept and/or design that it is easy to overlook the time, research and creative skill involved in their creation. Creating logos is a daunting task; it tests the skill and mettle of every graphic designer. Professional logo designs successfully blend diverse elements such as concept, colour and client requests, to create the ideal logo.

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Below are 26 corporate logos to provide inspiration for designers and businesses alike.

Blended Milkshakes

Designed by: Milou

Corporate logos do not always have to be stark and modern. This company logo design by Milou is almost vintage in its concept and execution. The colour palette is soothing and the designer seems to have taken logo inspiration from the past as it has such a 1950’s feel to it.

Blended Milkshakes logo design

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Designed by: Synco Creative Direction

While looking for the best logo designs for a company specializing in building energy solutions, this professional logo design stands out. The trees in the illustration are also hands holding up leaves, while the negative space between them creates the shape of a building, thus successfully reinforcing the company’s motto.

Oliva logo design

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Designed by: Maximalist

Logo samples such as this professional logo design have a subtle brilliance that is easy to miss. Since OrangeLabel.ru is a company dealing with radio control planes. Hence, the design is in the shape of a plane in shades of orange. Such a simple business logo design, yet it makes an impact.

E-fly logo design

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Tenfeet Productions

Designed by: Daniel Evans

It is true that creating corporate logos involves a lot of serious hard work and creativity. The outcome, however, can seem so fun that the viewer forgets the thought that goes into making it. Such is the business logo design that it literally has 10 colourful feet as its graphic mark.

Tenfeet Productions logo design

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Designed by: Brandt Botes

In this business logo design, monochromatic shades create a unique and exquisite effect that is anything but boring. The logo inspiration comes from the company’s business positioning of “A world awaits”. Thus, we find the logo peopled with characters from all genres of popular culture, indeed creating a new world in this company logo design.

Musica logo design

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Green Hope

Designed by: Master_ino

The designer has created a simple yet powerful professional logo design for an ecology company. The green used in the graphic and in the type creates a pleasant effect and the grass in the design forms an outstretched hand, thereby reinforcing the ‘green’ motto of the company.

Green Hope logo design

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Designed by: Jerron

Corporate logos can take inspiration from the name of the company or its tagline. This is a business logo design depicting the latter. It uses the colour red, universally known to be a colour of power, while the design running through it in the shape of a lightning strike reiterates the second part of the company tagline.

McIntyre logo design

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Aqua Bird Consulting

Designed by: Toez

Corporate logos are usually superbly illustrated in order to fit the company’s brand image, and this professional logo design is no exception. The designer has amalgamated the two parts of the company name to form one company logo design. The logo is in shades of blue, while forming the shape of a water drop.

Aqua Bird Consulting logo design

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Designed by: Baspixels

Logo samples range from bold and colourful to simple and monochromatic. Both varieties have their place in the world of corporate logos. This simple business logo design has the shape of an impala elegantly executed above the logotype. The illustration is dynamic and the effect leaps out at the viewer just as the impala leaps in the design.

Impala logo design

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Illusionz Wine Bar

Designed by: Raja Sandhu

This business logo design employs negative spacing to brilliant effect as the space between the two wine glasses creates the shape of a bottle. This professional logo design aptly mirrors both the product the company deals in, as well as the name of the bar itself.

Illusionz Wine Bar logo design

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Storm Foundry

Designed by: Cresk

Minimalism can create a strong punch in corporate logos. Such is the case with the company logo design for Storm Foundry. It comprises of the logotype in a light shade of grey against a black background with just a lightning bolt in the type, created through a little design variation that reinforces the word ‘storm’.

Storm Foundry logo design

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Blu Leone

Designed by: Raja

The best logo design samples reveal the skills of a good graphic designer. Here, the designer has brilliantly illustrated two lions in the graphic for a business logo design. The intricate execution of the illustrations is sure to provide logo inspiration to many other designers.

Blu Leone logo design

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Crescendo Music Entertainment

Designed by: Gary Chew

One cannot help being impressed when viewing this professional logo design. The brilliance of the design lies in its incorporation of the first letter of each word to create the distinctive shape of a guitar as its graphic. It is indeed an apt company logo design for a music group.

Crescendo Music Entertainment logo design

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The Waterfront

Designed by: SML

Corporate logos are a treat to see when done right, with a touch of whimsy transforming a simple graphic into an iconic business logo design. Since this is a professional logo design for a waterfront apartment development, a pleasant aquamarine colour is used and the letter ‘W’ is given a ripple effect to encapsulate the scenic location of the building.

The Waterfront logo design

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Green Labs

Designed by: Logo Diver

This company logo design is technical in nature, using a visual pun to generate interest in viewers. The logo inspiration comes from the intellectual nature of the work executed by the company, hence the illustration of the brain in the logo. The tree clearly reinforces the ‘green’ analogy in the company name.

Green Labs logo design

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Designed by: Asgard

When creating corporate logos designers take into careful consideration the image and branding of the company. Here is a company logo design that reflects the famous facade of the company building. The vibrant red colour represents the vibrancy of the company rebranding while the negative spaces in between evoke the transparency of the organizational structure.

Baltika logo design

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Designed by: Kosta

When creating logos, designers attempt to create logo samples that are congruent with their clients’ specific requests. In this professional logo design, the elements of the sun, landscape and peacock combine, as per the clients’ wishes. The peacock feathers are evocative of sunrays with a hint of yellow to emphasise the same.

Paun logo design

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Wiesinger Music

Designed by: Nexqunyx

Some corporate logos don’t just speak of the designers’ creativity, they shout it out. The company logo design of Wiesinger Music is an example of this. Using negative spacing to a brilliant effect, the mark is in the shape of piano keys while also representing the first letters of the company name.

Wiesinger Music logo design

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Fashion Law Institute

Designed by: Pentagram

Some of the most innovative logo design ideas combine all elements of the brand they represent. Here a needle and a spool of thread form a judges’ gavel, representing elements of both fashion and law. Thus, concept and creativity merge to create this simple yet stunning professional logo design for a fashion law institute.

Fashion Law Institute logo design

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Kyle’s Kayaking Safaris

Designed by: John Boerckel

This company logo design stands out amongst many corporate logos with a simplicity that is deceptive. The overall shape of the mark and the paddles at each end represent the kayaking element, while the leaves and the green colour used represent the safari element. This is among the best logo designs that we have spotted recently, given the intelligence and creativity displayed in it.

Kyle's Kayaking Safaris logo design

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Bowling Centre

Designed by: Jcdesevre

At first glance, the viewer can make out that this logo is for a bowling centre. The designer keeps the logo clean, using monochromatic shades, the logotype is simple; and negative spacing is efficiently used to create a bowling pin in the ‘B’ shaped mark.

Bowling Centre logo design

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Designed by: Blind.[mikey]

The logo inspiration for this business logo design was taken from the company’s commitment to eco-sensitive, humane farming. The graphic of the earth in the logo is oval shaped to represent the focus product of omega-3 eggs, while the colours used are earthy and fresh.

Biocento logo design

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Falcon Eye

Designed by: Stevan

The designer has created a fantastic graphic for this company logo design. Taking logo inspiration from the name of the company, he has expertly created the image of a falcon in yellow, set against a black background. The logotype is set in white and yellow, and the visual effect of both logotype and mark is stunning.

Falcon Eye logo design

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Modern Electrical

Designed by: Simple Co.

With a little design innovation, the designer has created the effect of an electric spark in the ‘M’ shaped logo mark. The rest of this company logo design is kept simple, with a simple font and only two shades of colour used throughout the logo. This is an example of how corporate logos can be innately simple yet effective.

Modern Electrical logo design

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Designed by: Logo Diver

In this professional logo design, the colour green represents the company’s emphasis on environment protection. The designer has created the unique illustration of two hands reaching out for a handshake as the logo mark. This sets this apart from countless other logo samples that use the symbol of a handshake as their logo mark.

Sertifi logo design

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Designed by: Mooto-Studio

The outline of a glider makes this professional logo design an obvious choice for an aviation company. The designer has taken logo inspiration from the sight of a glider flying against the sun. Indeed, though there is no logotype, the viewer can easily recognize the industry for which this logo has been designed.

Glider logo design

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