24 Cool Logos Infused With A Dash Of Fun

Cool logos make you go “Wow!” They are invariably touched with a sense of humor. Cool logos are typically logos that are catchy and memorable. They are logos that immediately remind you of the brand. Yet, they are not stuffy or drab or boring in anyway. If anything, they are the logos you are dying to tell your friends about.

Cool logos are the logos that every designer wishes he/she could make, every single time. It is not always easy, but we believe it helps to have some inspiration in place. So we decided to scour the net for some of the coolest logos available online. We came up with 24 examples of great logo design.

In the past, we have listed out useful logo websites for logo designers, 22 Intelligent Logo Design Ideas and 20 Creative Logo Designs. I am sure a quick view of these will infuse you with ideas for designing a logo.

Scroll through this post and you will find a wide range of exceptionally cool logos. We hope that they bring you closer to the design inspiration you seek.



Designed by: Voov

The coolest logo designs are the ones that don’t have to try too hard. A case in point is this cool logo by Voov. Radio gets the message out in simple black and white. It does not even depend on elaborate illustrations. As this logo sample proves, all you need is typography and a little design inspiration to make it quickly recognizable. The electrical spark nearly through the word and the outstretched antennae make this a success.

Radio logo design

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Me Parfum

Designed by: Nido

Who would think that a scrawl could say so much? This cool logo goes to prove that a talented designer can create a catchy design out of the simplest things. The easy “who else” nestled below the large and fluid “Me” adds a touch of personality to this great logo. Cool logos like these make brands memorable, and you have got to love designer Nido’s use of color.

Me Parfum logo design

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Gorilla Service

Designed by: Stevan

Some of the most brilliant logos in the design industry are etched out in shades of black and white. If you are on the lookout for cool logos, head over to Stevan’s page on Creattica where he has uploaded his Gorilla Service logo design. The gorilla himself is suited and booted and clearly ready to get to work. The choice of typography adds to the overall look and feel, making this a logo that you cannot forget in a hurry.

Gorilla Service logo design

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Designed by: M.R.F

As paper reduces its hold on the world, letterboxes could eventually be on their way out. But that is no reason to suspect that they do not inspire logo makers. Take the case of this great logo sample. You have a bright red letterbox that is obviously bursting with mail. It is a fun and catchy example of how regular objects can be infused with great design ideas.

Letterbox logo design

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Designed by: Vikkiv

The moment I saw this logo, it was love. I love how the bird (probably the most stylish chicken around) sits proudly atop the single word “Chic”. The yellow and orange shades on the bird pop out beautifully thanks to the muted yet rich blue of the background. I see this as a great professional logo for a fashion label. If you are trying to build brand presence, this is a great way to start.

Chic logo design

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Frozen Food Month

Designed by: Sholsey

I cannot imagine having to eat frozen food day in and day out for a whole month, but if that contingency did arise, it is good to have a peppy logo to help. What makes Sholsey’s design rank in our list of the 24 coolest logos is that it presents such a simple layout. It is all about the words, but there is also a snowflake and the basic blue and white palette to drive home the point that all the food here is at freezing point.

Frozen Food Month logo design

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Mixtape Attack

Designed by: Edadams

On this page, designer Edadams confirms that the logo is intended for a “music sharing & review site”. The illustration certainly depicts the various facets of such a site, what with the tape rolling and the fangs out to puncture anyone that provides disappointing music. The highlight is the image, so it is great that the designer has kept the typography simple in order to balance it all out.

Mixtape Attack logo design

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Selma RR Days

Designed by: Logomotive

This logo cries out “vintage” in a wonderful way. The coolest logos are not necessarily those that are ultra-modern. Selma RR Days shows that a retro style can amp up any website or letterhead. We love the bold use of typography and that the designer kept the palette simple. The use of the smoke as a place for text is genius.

Selma RR Days logo design

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Designed by: Atomicvibe

This is possibly my favorite of all the cool logos listed here. Designer Atomicvibe designed this for a hip but thoroughly fictional boutique donut studio. We love the pink glaze on the donut as well as the way that the chocolate drips off its underside. Extra points for the custom font, where every letter has been created to mimic the roundness of a yummy donut. Honestly, it rarely gets better than this.

Glaze logo design

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Flying Moose Logo

Designed by: Sean Farrell

What really sells this great logo is the expression on the moose’s face. Have you ever seen such a happy moose? It is a simple illustration where the image says it all. You don’t even notice that there is no typography. The pilot goggles and the scarf flying in the wind remind the viewer that this is a flying moose. And you have to give it to the logo makers for their expert use of colors.

Flying Moose Logo design

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Digital Rose

Designed by: Mynus

Many a time, logo makers try to pretty up their logo, and make it all too complicated in the process. Digital Rose by Mynus goes the other way. The designer uses simple lines to create a long-stemmed rose. It is minimal and has a tech feel to it. The little circles at the end of the lines give it that effect. I also like how the rose is grey-blue but the writing is in a pretty pinkish red.

Digital Rose logo design

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Designed by: Logorado

If a website for insomniacs was looking for a logo redesign, cool logos like this one would definitely make the shortlist. The droopy but not quite closed eye signals tiredness. Even without the muted font saying “Insomnia”, you know that this eye belongs to someone who cannot sleep. The use of green gives this logo design a slightly unique feel.

Insomnia logo design

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Designed by: Jerron

When I first saw this funny logo, I just saw the bunny and completely missed the scissors doubling up as ears. This could indeed be a fun website logo. The image is catchy, and the font is used wonderfully as a frame for the illustration. Designer Jerron has also used a bit of texture to give this logo sample the effect of a scrapbook. Even the pink is easy on the eye without going all-out girly.

Scrapbook logo design

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Designed by: Michael Spitz

The theme is marketing and designer Michael Spitz does a fine job of creating a logo illustration that is funny and catchy and effective all at the same time. We have all seen dogs with cones on their heads, but this obviously feisty little fellow seems to have a loudspeaker on his head. The bright and bold design really works here. Funny logos like this one always get our vote.

Buzzdog logo design

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Indian Rummy Network

Designed by: Kelli Fox

The Indian Rummy Network logo design ranks high on this list of cool logos. We love how designer Kelli Fox not only captured the essence of a deck of cards but also gave it a very subtle but unmistakably Indian feel. The level of detail is amazing. Notice how the background is not a plain surface but itself has a detailed pattern based on a deck of cards.

Indian Rummy Network logo design

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Festival de Inverno de Campos do Jordao

Designed by: Sebastiany

This simple logo was created for a winter music festival. There is no typography here but you have to appreciate how the logo illustration captures the elements of a music festival in winter. Thus, the image is designed like a snowflake, but it has a definite musical feel to it. Plus, I love that every time I look at it, the image seems to move, almost like moving disco lights.

Winter Festival logo design

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Designed by: Milash

You never expect a scorpion to be pretty. But in the hands of the right designer, that may not seem quite so impossible. Designer Milash used a floral pattern to create the “stingmaster” of this logo. The basic black background allows the white flowers and leaves to stand out. The simple font provides some balance and allows the image to be the focal point.

Stingmaster logo design

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Kaleidoscope Records

Designed by: OcularInk

Cool logos like this one for a record label and recording studio are inspiring for other designers. I like how OcularInk has used an almost tribal pattern on the record. Clearly, the record is designed such that it appears as though one has looked through a kaleidoscope. The plain font and black background make this an ideal company logo.

Kaleidoscope Records logo design

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Designed by: Mvillamin

The best logo designs build strong brand associations. In that respect, the Ecobikes logo is a clear winner. The designer has intelligently used a happy green to draw the outline of a person on a bike and then the same green as the font. The use of the bold functions separates the “Eco” from the “Bikes” while allowing both to remain united as a single word.

Ecobikes logo design

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Mr. Cutts

Designed by: Tabitha Kristen

Anyone with a barber shop would be glad to have this logo on their signage. Once again the humble scissor has been used uniquely. The two rings become Mr. Cutts’ spectacles and the blades become his moustache. It is just wonderful how logo makers come up with such interesting and cool logos that have a sense of humour about them.

Mr. Cutts logo design

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Voodoo Connections

Designed by: Oblak_ID

This is a logo design that could work for a variety of businesses. The voodoo doll with the pins pricking into it gives this great logo sample a unique appeal. The choice of having bright red as a background pays off because the outline and the lettering is done in stark white. The image really pops out off the page to great effect.

Voodoo Connections logo design

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Fight Of The Irish

Designed by: Floris Voorveld

Floris Voorveld has really done a wonderful job of putting together this Irish themed logo sample. We have a shamrock in the background. The bright green colour allows it to really stand out against the white background. And then you see the negative space throwing up another image, of a muscled and masculine arm, clearly hinting at the “fight” element. This cool logo scores on several levels.

Fight of the Irish logo design

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Designed by: Abdul Musavir

Cool logos like this one thrive on being deceptively simple. There really seems to be nothing to it other than the lettering, and “Look” has only four letters anyway. I like how the designer, Abdul, has looked at the word as an image and turned the double O-s into a pair of googly eyes—or are they spectacle lenses. The “L” and the “K” could very well be the handles of the spectacles in that case.

Look logo design

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Designed by: Nikita Lebedev

Finally, there is Pavlin—a colourful and exceptionally elegant illustrated logo. It proves that cool logos can be girly and sophisticated without compromising on the cool factor. The peacock definitely has expensive tastes. We love how the lettering matches the tufts on the peacock’s head. Of course, tons of extra points for the fabulous use of colour.

Pavlin logo design

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