17 Fun Coat Hanger Designs

Coat hanger racks and stands are a necessity in most modern homes. Head to any furniture store and you will find heaps and piles of coat hangers – wooden coat hangers, wire coat hangers, coat rack hangers, coat hanger hooks and so much more. Shop around and you should find a coat stand or a wall coat hanger to suit your fancy and meet your needs. However, if you are looking for something more specific, a coat hanger that is a little whimsical, one that will make your friends go green with envy, one that adds just a dash of fun to your home – well, then, you might have to shop around a little more.

Coat hanger shopping can be fun, provided you have a decent idea of what you want. In this post, you will find 17 cool coat hanger and coat rack designs that could add just the right dash of style to your home. From sculptural coat stands to space saving ones to units designed for the sports fan, there is plenty from which to choose. Who knows, you might even be inspired to rush off to buy materials to create a DIY coat rack all by yourself.

Scroll down to check out some of the coolest coat hangers and coat racks on the web.

Coat Hanger & Coat Hook By Nicola From Bern

The regular tower rails are gone. Instead, the powder-coated Coat Hanger & Coat Hook by Nicola from Bern can be used on any rail. Use it as a hanger, or flip it over and use it as a hook. The cool colors are a definite plus.

Nicola Bern coat hanger

Blomp Coat Hanger By David Cathro

Swedish designer David Cathro the wall-mounted and hand-finished Blomp not only for hanging coats and other apparel but also for storing smaller objects like car keys, credit cards and so on. Extra points for the ribbed outer surface and the pop colors of this wall coat hanger.

Blomp coat hanger

Reindee Chair Coat Hanger By Studio Baita Design

This reindeer-inspired chair offers a dash of humor and a pop of color. So here is a coat hanger on which to hang everything from coats to umbrellas and purses. You can even sit down on them while tying your shoelaces.

Reindee Chair coat hanger

A Coat Hanger Made Out Of Skis

If you love skiing on the slopes, consider coming back home and hanging your coat on this standing coat hanger that is made of skis. It is smart, fun and the perfect addition to a sports nut’s home.

Coat hanger of skis

City Skyline Coat Rack By Radius Design

Are you looking for a coat hanger sculpture or something suitably artsy? Then check out the city skyline range of wall hooks from the house of Radius Design. Choose from among the skylines of such wondrous cities as Paris, New York, London and more.

City skyline wall coat hanger

Foosball Coat Hanger By RS Barcelona

Naturally, avid foosball players are going to love this one. This off-beat coat hanger comes in two versions – one with four players fitted onto a metal rod with a birch grip, and another with a single player. Now you need never stop playing.

Foosball style wall coat hanger

Rustic Coat Hanger By Graca Paz

Feed your hunger for elegant wooden coat hangers by creating your own coat rack like this by Graca Paz of popular design blog Aqui Pelo Campo. It is made of tree branches and recycled wood, so the environment is smiling too.

DIY coat hanger

Modern Rattan Coat Hanger By Usona Home Furnishings

The Corallo coat hanger from Usona Home Furnishings is a coat stand that is clearly inspired by corals underwater. These rattan core coat stands are smart and simple, and will make a great addition to your modern-styled home.

Modern rattan coat stand

Frame Hanger, The Artsy Coat Hanger

Complement the artworks in your home by bringing in this artistically designed Frame Hanger. At $2,419, it is a tad pricey. But this 6-foot-tall coat rack that is black on one side and white on the other also comes in two beautiful styles – the Chandelier and the Tree.

Artistic frame coat hanger

Dots Wood Coat Rack By Tveit & Tornoe

The Dots Wood Coat Rack is sold in sets of five, with each peg being made out of solid oak. This simple and space-saving option does not even need have coats hanging from them; they make for cool functional art as well.

Dots coat hangers

Mountain Range Coat Rack By Brave Space Design

Named the Coat Range because it is inspired by the Grand Teton mountain range, this wall coat hanger is crafted out of scraps of FSC-certified maple with a walnut veneer and given a non-toxic water-based finish. It costs $195 and comes with four hooks that can be fitted end to end.

Mountainous wooden coat hanger

Arcade Joystick Coat Hangers By Surface Tension

Give your room a true blue gamer feel with this set of coat hangers that features arcade joysticks as the hooks. Moreover, you can actually pick the colors on the joystick balls.

Joystick coat hanger hooks

Bat Rack Coat Hanger By The Principals

You know that the world is a wonderful place when a baseball bat begins to do time as a coat rack. The Bat Rack is an awesome coat hanger, and if its designers, The Principals, are to be believed, it can even chase away the occasional burglar.

Baseball bat style wooden coat hanger

Merry-go-round Coat Rack By Studio Weiki Somers

This free standing coat hanger is designed as a museum cloakroom for visitors to store their coats and possessions. These are suspended from the ceiling, using the Merry-go-round’s pulley system. The award-winning design is located at the Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen in Rotterdam.

Merry-go-round coat stand

X Hanger, A Coat Hanger By Kfir Schwalb

Wire coat hangers like the X Hanger are minimalistic but very functional. These powder-coated cross-shaped units are made of bent steel and are available in a range of colors. The plus is that they combine the hook rack and clothes hanger options and make it look so effortless.

X-shaped coat hanger hooks

Eos, A Coat Hanger By Bonaldo

Here is another dramatic coat stand that is whimsical, colorful and sure to turn heads. The mid-bloom flower design makes the molded polyethylene Eos double up as a coat hanger sculpture. Choose from a wide range of colors whether white, anthracite grey, orange, green, red and light blue.

Eos coat stand

Crucifixion Coat Hanger By David Mach

Love it, hate it, or disagree with it, but David Mach’s coat hanger sculpture is hard to ignore. The 20-foot-high sculpture uses coat hangers to depict Jesus Christ’s suffering on the cross. Here is a sculptural coat hanger that really makes you think.

Coat hanger sculpture