Captain’s Choice Takes You on the Silk Route in a Private jet

International travel can be stressful, what with the crowds and the delays at the airports. However, if you can pay for it there are operators in the travel industry who can smooth your way through the crowds and take away the stress from travel. Captain’s Choice, a Melbourne-based company is offering The Silk Route and Beyond by Private Jet. Silk Route is the most iconic journey in history that was undertaken by greats like Alexander the Great, Tamburlaine, Marco Polo and Genghis Khan. The Silk Route extended for 5,000 miles and took three years to travel, by camel or horse. The luxury traveler today has the option of doing the same route in just a fortnight in a private jet and air conditioned coaches. You can capture the romanticism and mysticism of the journey without any hardship associated with the historical tour.

captain's choice private jet silk route tour

Guests Travel in an Airbus 319 that Seats Only 50

Captain’s Choice has been in the business of providing private jet trips to destinations which are far from the normal tourist beat. They have honed their skills in the 20 years of its existence and have raised the level of their services that makes their guests feel like Royalty. A report carried by 2013 winter issue of Ultratravel, The Telegraph’s luxury travel magazine describes vividly a firsthand experience of being part of a Captain’s Choice trip to Turkey. The guests breezed through the immigration formalities at the Harrods Aviation terminal at Stansted airport and boarded the private jet bound for Turkey in just 20 minutes. It was an Airbus A319 with luxurious seating for 50 people. The spacious configuration and the preference on the runway all added to the cheerfulness of guests.

A 15 Day Trip Will Cost You About £20,000

There are small elements that add to the luxury of the trip. By the time the jet reaches over the English Channel the first bottle of Champagne is opened. The guests are served canapés of foie gras, smoked salmon and caviar. There is a red rose beside the basin in the washroom. The service levels on the ground at Turkey were also of the highest order. A day trip on the Bosphorus by private boat takes you away from the smog of the city. A private tour at twilight of the Hagia Sophia mosque followed by a cocktail party at the Yerebatan Sarayi, or Basilica Cistern wraps the day on a high note. No wonder the tour operator gets many repeat customers. The tour from Turkey flies out to Kashgar in China and comes back to Turkey through Samarkand, Bukhara, Yalta and Sebastopol. The trip that lasts for about two weeks will cost you approximately £20,000.