25 Cool Butterfly Tattoo Designs

Butterfly tattoo designs is one of the most popular one among girls. The butterfly element represents peace, love and freedom. Many women choose to get inked with a butterfly as the creature reminds everyone that what seems to be simple can be very beautiful. The study shows that 59% of women with a tattoo have one butterfly tattooed on their neck, foot, ribs, wrist, breasts or legs. This is because butterfly tattoos are sexy and could definitely enhance a woman body.

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If you are looking for cool butterfly tattoo, check out the butterfly designs below.

1. Tattoo Butterfly Designs

Butterflies are insects that symbolize metamorphosis, rebirth, change and beauty. These insects represent different things. For example, in Japan, a butterfly represents someone soul, but in China two butterflies symbolize love. In Greece, the butterfly represents a lost soul. What is the meaning of butterfly in your country?

Anyway, below is an example of a beautiful tattoo butterfly designs that would look on the back of the shoulder, upper breasts, ribs and foot.


tattoo butterfly designs

2. Tattoo Designs Butterfly

There are over 50,000 tattoo designs to choose from, but nothing beats butterfly tattoo. If you don’t believe me, just look at the tattoo designs butterfly in this page.


tattoo designs butterfly

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3. Butterfly Tattoo Designs and Meanings

Are you wondering about the meaning of butterfly tattoos? Butterflies are insects that metamorphosis from a colorless caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly. So, butterflies symbolize change, beauty and rebirth.

butterfly tattoo designs and meanings



4. Butterfly Tattoo Designs with Names

Butterfly tattoo can be used to create another awesome image. You can mix butterfly with Celtics designs, tribal designs or any other designs that you can dream up. Below is a butterfly designs with names, pretty cool huh!

butterfly tattoo designs with names

5. Butterfly Tattoo Designs for Girls

I love this butterfly tattoo designs for girls, just perfect and very lovely. What do you think of the design?

butterfly tattoo designs for girls


6. Unique Butterfly Tattoo Designs

Are you looking for a unique butterfly tattoo design? The butterfly tattoo you are seeing is mehndi inspired a popular temporary tattoo. The black butterfly symbolizes strong and weak, a good balance for a tattoo design.


unique butterfly tattoo designs


7. Tattoo Butterfly Designs for Girls

I love this tattoo butterfly designs for girls, looks great on the arms.

tattoo butterfly designs for girls

8. Tattoo Designs Butterfly and Flower

Are you trying to find a tattoo designs butterfly and flower for the foot? If so, what do you think of the butterfly tattoo idea below? I think the tattoo design is amazing.

tattoo designs butterfly and flower

9. Tribal Butterfly Tattoo Designs

Tribal is a favorite choice by many tattoo enthusiasts, as they look good on any age, part of the body and sex. If combined with butterfly, you can create an impressive tribal butterfly tattoos design as shown in the picture.

tribal butterfly tattoo designs



10. Flower & Butterfly Tattoo Designs

Flower & butterfly tattoo design is a popular choice of girls. They are good on any part of the body. Look sexy and hot with this cool butterfly tattoo.

butterfly with flower tattoo designs




11. Black Butterfly Tattoo Designs

Black butterfly tattoo represents a strong character, making it a good choice for someone who wants to look tough and sexy.

black butterfly tattoo designs



12. Images of Butterfly Tattoo Designs

If there are one butterfly tattoo designs that you would want on your shoulder, this tattoo is one of them. I love the blue butterfly, looks sexy as hell on the shoulder.

images of butterfly tattoo designs

13. Butterfly and Flowers Tattoo Designs

This is another cool and beautiful butterfly and flower tattoo design for women that you will definitely love on any part of your body.

butterfly and flowers tattoo designs



14. Cute Butterfly Tattoo Designs

This butterfly tattoo design is cute.


15. Best Butterfly Tattoo Designs

There are many sexy butterfly tattoo designs but this one for me is one of the best butterfly designs for women.

best butterfly tattoo designs


Via TattoosTime

16. Big Butterfly Tattoo Designs

Big tattoo designs are always striking, more so when it is a big butterfly tattoo on the neck. What do you think of this tattoo design? Do you think it is too much or just perfect for you? If you ask me, I think the big butterfly will look good on any girl.

big butterfly tattoo designs



17. Simple Butterfly Tattoo Designs

There are times when simplicity is better. This simple butterfly tattoo design is a good example of how a simple tattoo could make you even more beautiful.

simple butterfly tattoo designs



18. Blue Butterfly Tattoo Designs

Are you looking for a butterfly tattoo design that symbolizes beauty, change and freedom? This blue butterfly tattoo is the answer to your problem. The tattoo is also good for the back and shoulders.

blue butterfly tattoo designs

19. Cool Butterfly Tattoo Designs

Here are another cool butterfly tattoo designs that you can consider for your body. The design is definitely cool and impressive.

cool butterfly tattoo designs

Via Flickr

20. Flying Butterfly Tattoo Designs

Whoever did this flying butterfly tattoo designs you are seeing now, I have only one word to say and that is awesome. Hats off to you for doing a great job on the flying butterflies, the tattoos are awesome.


flying butterfly tattoo designs

21. 3 Butterfly Tattoo Designs

The 3-butterfly tattoo is a good design. The tattoo design is worth considering for your arms or shoulder.
3 butterfly tattoo designs


22. Latest Butterfly Tattoo Designs

This butterfly tattoo design is one of the latest designs for 2016 that you can use for your shoulder, arms or any body part you want to decorate.

latest butterfly tattoo designs


23. Butterfly with Flower Tattoo Designs

There are many butterflies with flower tattoo designs since combining two elements is very popular. But, you need to have a talented tattoo artist to pull off a design as shown in the picture.

butterfly with flower tattoo designs



24. Little Butterfly Tattoo Designs

This little butterfly tattoo is definitely eye catching. It’s small but beautiful and good for you.

little butterfly tattoo designs


25. Closed Butterfly Tattoo Designs

A closed butterfly tattoo design is more beautiful than open winged butterfly tattoo. They are more striking and perfect for arms or ankles.

closed butterfly tattoo designs