70 Must Have Android Music Apps For All Music Aficionados

Google android apps in recent years have not only rise in numbers, but have also gathered astronomical popularity with the consecutive popularity rise for Android devices. Android music apps is one category that has witnessed immense leaps in terms of development and usage. As the world increasingly goes mobiles, while depending upon these devices for nearly all our day to day activities, music has taken a very central place in the mobile revolution. Long gone are those days of bulky walkmans, earphones and even stand-along MP3 players. Your android smartphone and android tablet is now not only your one stop music player, but also enables you create and explore music like never before.

With great technologies such as music recognition available in SoundHound and Shazam, android users are now more than capable of exploring new music, artists etc. on the go. As the phones and devices get smarter so are the apps. There are plenty on entries in this list as well as in Google Play for android apps that enable you to create your own music compositions on the fly. Many of these android DJ apps even let you share your creation with the world, via a deep integration of social networking.

Realizing the immense impact of Google Android operating system, coupled with the incredible popularity of the android apps download phenomenon, here at AhaDaily, we are pleased to bring to our readers, 70 Must Have Android Music Apps For All Music Aficionados.

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1.  SoundHound

Price: $5.50 Developed by SoundHound Inc., SoundHound is one of the most popular apps and android with over a million downloads in a month. This android app takes Shazam to a whole new level and boasts of world’s fastest music recognition with real time lyrics display. There is also present a dedicated home-screen widget that enables you to directly use its features without having to open the app individually. One of the hottest selling Google android apps, SoundHound is also hailed as the world’s only singing and humming recognition mobile software. android music app Download

2.  Remote for iTunes

Price: $5.50 Offering deep integration into the fabled iTunes player for PC, Remote for iTunes is one of the most essential android apps download that provides you with complete control of iTunes directly from you Android device. Connected via WiFi, this android app enables you to browse your iTunes library, adjust volume controls, set repeat & shuffle features, landscape mode for easy browsing and you can even connect multiple iTunes libraries. Remote for iTunes also features support for AirPort Express and AppleTV speakers, along with the ability to start iTunes ‘Genius’ features right from the app itself. android app Download

3. n7player Music Player (Full Version)

Price: $3 Designed to be one of the most interactive android music apps, n7player music players provides a feature rich 3D mp3 and music player. This android app features an OpenGL powered interface, multi-touch album cover walls, tags editor, sleep timer, real time lyrics support and compatibility with m3u playlists. Furthermore, this android music app also comes with a homescreen widget and headset support, as well as a 5 band equalizer  with presets. android music player Download

4. Winamp Pro

Price: $5 One of the most cherished PC music players, Winamp has now made its way to Google android apps in the form of the all new Winamp Pro for Android. Considered to be one of the most sought after android apps download, Winamp Pro offer exciting features such as the likes of a 10 band  graphic equalizer, gapless playback, FLAC support, iTunes library import, wireless syncing, sync support with Winamp (PC) and Winamp (Mac). There is also present a widget player as well as SHOUTcast featured stations. android music player Download

5. iSyncr for PC (USB & Wifi)

Price: $4 For those who wish to carry their iTunes libraries without the need of an Apple iDevice, iSyncr for PC (USB & WiFi) is the most ideal solution. Designed to bring iTunes and Android closer to each other, this android app essentially enables you to sync iTunes library and playlists with your Android device via USB or Wifi connection. The syncing process of this android much app brings all your music, videos, podcasts, ratings, play & skip counts as well as album arts to the Android device, while also enabling syncing of multiple iTunes libraries. android music app Download

6.  PocketBand Pro

Price: $10 With over 50,000 downloads, PocketBand Pro is one of the most successful android music apps that converts your Android device into a complete music studio. This great android apps download features up to a full featured sequencer, import support from music library, sdcard, dropbox, etc., along with 100 MB worth of recording space, 150 synth instruments as well as some 40 drumsets. There are also present samplers, analog modulators and arpeggiators, while users can also make use of FX effects and can export their creations in form of MP3 ringtones. android app Download

7.  Spirit FM Radio Unlocked

Price: $9 Developed by Mark Reid, Spirit FM Radio is a great android music app that delivers a plethora of FM radio stations on your Android device, without the need of an extensive data plan. Hailed as one of the most popular Google android apps, Spirit FM is an over the air FM radio that features RDS technology and comes with unlimited presets, enhanced UI settings, auto landscape orientation and status bar & notification window. android music app Download

8.  iReal b

Price: $9 A perfect tool for all aspiring musicians,. iReal b is by far one of the most feature packed android music apps. This android apps download lets you create and edit music compositions with numerous in-built styles. One of the most popular Google android apps, iReal b features up to 14 Jazz styles, 8 Latin styles and 12 Pop style, along with the ability to download 50 chord progression exercises. Furthermore, you can even download thousands of songs from the forums and can even export music charts in JPEG, Audio (WAV), MIDI and MusicXML formats. android dj app Download

9.  SqueezePlayer

Price: $4 Developed by Stefan Hansel Solutions UG, SqueezePlayer is a must have android music app for users who own a Logitech Squeezebox. One of the highly versatile Google android apps, SqueezePlayer enables you to stream content from the Squeezebox device directly to your Android smartphone. This nifty android app works on both wifi as well as a 3G connection. There is also present the option of streaming songs directly from Internet radio stations, such as the likes of  Last.FM, Deezer and WiMP that are installed on the Squeezebox server. android music player Download

10.  Ultimate Guitar Tools

Price: $4 Developed by Ultimate Guitar USA LLC, Ultimate Guitar Tools is a one stop android music app for all guitar players equipped with an android smartphone. Hailed as one of the most sought after android apps download, Ultimate Guitar Tools offers musicians with a state of the art guitar tuner, a metronome and a comprehensive chords library. Endorsed by a various renowned bands such as 12 Stones, I Am Abomination etc., Ultimate Guitar Tools is a must have android app for all musicians alike. android music app Download

11.  Ultimate Guitar Tabs

Price: $3 From the highly revered UltimateGuitar.com comes the all new Ultimate Guitar Tabs android music app, which is a must have for all guitar players. Hailed as one of the most popular android apps download, this android app offers more than 400,000 guitar tabs  and users can even sync tabs between the app and their Ultimate Guitar accounts. There is also available a Top 100 tabs for Guitar, Bass, Chords & Drums, while you can even listen to the tabs with the built-in music player. android music app Download

12.  Shazam Encore

Price: $5.70 The immensely popular music recognition app, Shazam is now available with a makeover in the form of Shazam Encore. Hailed as one of the most widely used android music apps, Shazam Encore features real time lyrics, state of the art music recognition, 30 second previews, social network integration, a Shazam homescreen widget as well as the ability to launch radio stations from Pandora. android app Download

13.  aWARemote Pro for Winamp

Price: $2 Winamp for PC can now be remotely controlled by your Android device, thanks to aWARemote Pro for Winamp android music app. Developed by GeB Development, this android apps download enables you to not only control the media player but also access media libraries and saved Winamp playlists on your PC. This great android app works over WiFi and 3G, while also offering access to the player’s equalizer and visualizations. android music app Download

14.  Volume Boost

Price: $2 Low volume levels on your Android devices hampering your listening experience, then Volume Boost is the optimum android music app for you. One of the most popular Google android apps, Volume Boost adds up to 30% gain to most of the Android devices, without the need of the rooting process. This app bypasses the default Sound Volume limitation and increase audio levels for headsets, headphones as well as other line-out devices.  android app Download

15.  Akimbo Audiobook Player

Price: $2.50 Designed specifically for audio books, Akimbo Audiobook Player is one of the most versatile android music apps that offers various audio book formats, including M4A, M4B and MP3. This highly useful android apps download enables you to set your last listening position as well as control the volume level for each of your audiobooks. There is also present a home screen widget, along with automatic cover download and undo for accidental actions during an audiobook playback. android music app Download

16.  iTag Pro

Price: $5 Want to display all the details of your favorite tracks, then iTag Pro is the perfect android app for you. One of the most widely used Google android apps, iTag Pro enables you to edit covers and tags for tracks. This android music tag editor supports mp3, m4a, ogg and flac ID3 tag editing, while also completing missing art covers automatically. iTag Pro also features easy cover and an innovative ‘lucky cover’ feature as well.  android app Download

17.  NRG Player Unlocker

Price: $3 Yet another music player addition to the list of must have android music apps is the NRG Player. Developed by NRG Mobile Software, this android apps download features a fully customizable user interface and supports various audio as well as video formats. One of the popular Google android apps, NRG Player offers a graphic equalizer with presets, cloud storage with 4shared.com, a unique category based playlist system, an ID3 tag editor, lockscreen widget and home-screen widgets. android music player   Download

18.  TouchDAW

Price: $5 Designed as an advanced MIDI editing and management android music app, TouchDAW offers the ability to fine tune digital audio workstations wirelessly via a WiFi connection. One of the highly respected Google android apps, TouchDAW is also fully compatible with Apple Network MIDI implementation in Mac OS X, as well as providing support for native RTP MIDI implementation in Windows OS. Supporting numerous workstations such as the likes of Logic, Pro Tools, Sonar, FL Studio, REAPER etc., TouchDAW is a must have for audio professionals. android music app Download

19.  Ringtones Complete

Price: $5 Offering some of the best professionally composed ringtones for your Android smartphone is Ringtones Complete. One of the most unique android music apps, Ringtones Complete features more than 180 ringtones, with over 50 text, SMS, email and voicemail alert tones. Furthermore, there are also present a long list of Zen inspired ringtones, acoustic tones and marimba melodies, along with classic phone rings. This unique android app download also sports free updates that will bring new ringtones ready for free downloads. android app Download

20.  Remoteless for Spotify

Price: $2.50 Immensely popular online streaming service Spotify now comes to Google Android in the form of Remoteless for Spotify. Hailed as one of the most popular android music apps, Remoteless for Spotify offers you the convenience of controlling Spotify via your Android device. You can browse or start playlists, search libraries and can even share your music taste via social network integration with Facebook and Twitter. This android app is work over WiFi and is compatible with both PC as well as MAC OS systems. android music app Download

21.  RD3 HD – Groovebox

Price: $5 Hailed as one of the most popular android music apps, RD3 HD – Groovebox enables you to create electronic dance music compositions that can be further augmented with built in resonant filters and effects. This unique android app features 3 play modes and 4 bars with 16 steps per instrument that constitutes the channel mixer/sequencer. Furthermore, there is also present a special drum machine that comes with 8 channels per drum kit, ten separate drum kits including CR-78, Linn, KR55, RX11, RZ1, DMX, DPM48 and the drum machine also sports a real time step sequencer. android music app Download

22.  jetAudio Plus

Price: $2 One of the most download media players on Windows OS, jetAudio Plus has now made its way to the world of android apps download. This android music app offers the same level of performance while heavily optimizing the sound output of your Android device. One of the must have Google android apps, jetAudio features Wide, Reverb, X-Bass sound effects, sleep timer, lock screen widgets, lyrics display and a massive 20 band graphic equalizer. android music player Download

23.  ADJ Pro

Price: $5 Developed by Angel Arias, ADJ Pro is a must have android music app for all aspiring DJs, as this app turns your Android device into a fully functional and portable DJ system. Hailed as one of the most popular android apps download, ADJ Pro provides users with Async BPM detection, IN/OUT beat loops, auto pitch & beat sync, a three band equalizer with kill switch as well as pitch preserving. android dj app Download

24.  G-Stomper – Drum Machine

Price: $6 Aptly suitable for live music performers, G-Stomper – Drum Machine is an android music app that turns your Android device into a music powerhouse. Known to be one of the most popular Google android apps, Drum Machine offers numerous effects, such as the likes of bottom booster, distortion, static phaser, flanger, compressor etc., tempo lock, various state of the art recording parameters and can support up to 11 tracks with additional 11 accent tracks. android music app Download

25.  Supreme MPA

Price: $6 Designed as an exclusive android hip-hop music app, Supreme MPA is the brainchild of the legendary hip-hop producer, Supreme the Beatmaker. This one of a kind Google android apps offers users the versatility to create their own heart pumping beats, while offering the option of exporting your compositions in MP3 format. Supreme MPA features 16 realtime pads, a piano keyboard and a visual grid editor, along with numerous built-in samples. android music app Download

26.  SpectralPro Analyzer

Price: $5 For the ones interested in learning more about audio technology, RadonSoft has now brought an all new android music app called, SpectralPro Analyzer. One of the most unique Google android apps, SpectralPro Analyzer portrays microphone audio as colored spectrogram. User can choose up to 24 Khz bandwidth, along with flexible amplitude and frequency mapping, This android app also brings to forth color mapping that can be used to display ultrasonic tones as well.  android app Download

27.  Droid DJ

Price: $5 Bringing the benefits of a fully functional turntable to Google Android is Droid DJ. Hailed as one of the most popular android music apps, Droid DJ features a rich visual mixer, twin decks with pitch, an auto pitch set and even comes with four different skins for a vibrant feel. Compatible with other android apps such as Radio RIP, this android app also sports cross fading.  android dj app Download

28.  EasyBand Studio

Price: $6.72 A perfect android music app for all musicians, EasyBand Studio offers you the ability to create playbacks, practice your guitar solos and create musical compositions on the go. One of the most highly rated Google android apps, EasyBand features support for eight different parts, 2 fills, an intro, while each of the variations can be individually applied to different instruments. Furthermore, there is also a separate mute button that lets you hear one instrument at a time, further refining your creation skills. android music app Download

29.  MobileSheets

Price: $9 Developed by Zubersoft, MobileSheets is a must have android music app for all musicians. One of the most widely used Google android apps, MobileSheets features entire music sheets including guitar tabs and even provides you with the ability to make annotations. There is also present a built in metronome, Bluetooth pedal support along with bookmarking and the ability to play tracks directly from your library. android music app Download

30.  Voice Pro

Price: $13 Recipient of a 5 star rating, Voice Pro is one of the most popular Google android apps and brings to your android device the functions of a feature packed audio editing android app. Voice Pro features bitrate change up to 320kbps, files backup, ability to mix your compositions with different records, call recording and can even convert voice to texts for easy note taking and texting. There is also present a home screen widget, Mono & Stereo formats, as well as encoding of audio files at 8 and 16 bytes.  android app Download

31.  Radio RIP

Price: $4.80 Forget about Shazam and music recognition apps, Radio RIP is the ideal android music app for users who enjoy discovering new music from Internet radio stations. One of the coolest android apps download, Radio RIP enables you to listen and record MP3 streams from popular radio stations such as the likes of Shoutcast and Icecast. The recorded MP3s are safely stored on your device’s SD card for offline listening. android music app Download

32.  Virtual DJ Turntable

Price: $6 For all aspiring DJs out there, TachyonDev now brings a most suitable android music app in the form of Virtual DJ Turntable. One of the most highly recommended Google android apps, this android apps download features a 3 band equalizer with Kill & reset switches, pitch preservation, a feature packed music browser and auto silence skipping. Furthermore, Virtual DJ Turntable is also compatible with all Android powered smartphones and tablets.  android dj app Download

33.  Jimi Guitar

Price: $3.70 Hailed as one of the most popular android music apps, Jimi Guitar is perfect for both amateur as well as professional guitar players and comes with three unique modes, namely free mode, chord mode and a song mode. Furthermore, this interesting android apps download also sports a guitar tuner, auto pick option, chord fingering display,  a dedicated songs search engine, capo and the ability to import tracks directly from the SD card. android guitar app Download

34.  Audiotool Sketch

Price: $3.85 Developed for the budding musician within each of us, Audiotool Sketch is a wonderful Google android app that enables you to create new compositions via three classic music instrument simulations. All the simulations mimic the actual properties of the instruments, while this android apps download boasts of a state of the art sound engine. Audiotook Sketch requires Android 3.0 OS or higher and a device powered by a dual core processor. android music app Download

35.  Songbook

Price: $6.50 A perfect addition to the growing list of Google android apps, Songbook has been designed to be provide avid music listeners with on the fly lyrics as well as guitar chords for their favorite tracks. Hailed as one of the most used android music apps, Songbook features full length guitar chord libraries, while also sporting similar chord libraries for ukulele, banjo, piano, etc.  android app Download

36.  MP3dit Pro – Music Tag Editor

Price: $4 Developed as a professional music tag editor, MP3dit Pro provides you with an essential and feature packed android music app that let you add album art, fix split albums and carry out other changes in your music collection. This android apps download supports various audio formats, provides permanent tag changes to audio files and even helps in editing or adding song title, artist, album as well as genre. android music app Download

37. MusicDropNPlay

Price: $3 Combining the ease of the world famous cloud storage from Dropbox and Google Android is the all new Dropbox MusicDropNPlay. One of the extremely popular android music apps, MusicDropNPlay enables you stream your music collection from Dropbox in real time. Users can add all songs from a folder with just the press of a button, while this android app even comes with a streamlined playlist for faster and easier sorting of songs. Furthermore, MusicDropNPlay even allows you to download the entire collection onto your phone in one go via a dedicated download link.  android app Download

38.  Audio DSP & EQ Plugin Unlocker

Price: $4.50 Unlocking the full potential of Audio DSP & EQ Manager is the all new Audio DSP & EQ Plugin Unlocker that essentially brings to your android device, a new world of exquisite sound enhancements. One of the most popular android music apps, Audio DSP & EQ Plugin Unlocker features a ten band graphic equalizer, bass & treble controls, stereo width expander, equalizer preset management as well as angle shifter for that perfect sound. android music app Download

39.  Budgerigar – Midi Sequencer

Price: $4.40 Developed by Currach Software for music professionals as well as audio engineers, Budgerigar – Midi Sequencer is a unique android music app that lets you create MIDI audio files and then export them to your device’s SD card. Furthermore, this android apps download features 16 tracks & 16 channels, along with 128 instruments and a drum set. android music app Download

40.  Android HIFI License

Price: $3 Creating a bridge between Google Android and Apple Airplay is Android HIFI. This nifty android music app enables your android device to stream media off from Airplay mediums, such as the likes of iTunes, iOS, and Airfoil etc. One of the highly acclaimed Google android apps, this android apps download features auto mute, delay setting for both audio & video, Google TV support and can even turn down the media volume for headsets automatically in case of accidental disconnections of the earphones from 3.5 mm audio jack or removal of any Bluetooth headset. android app Download

41.  OnkyTroller Pro

Price: $4 Designed and developed by LauJed, OnkyTroller Pro is the first and only android music that has been created to offer remote access to Onkyo Surround Receiver. Hailed one of the most useful android apps download, this android app gives you the ability to control the Surround receiver via both local WiFI as well as 3G connection. OnkyTroller Pro features support for Spotify, a quick browse bar, media servers & web radio search, while also providing seven vibrant themes and auto device detection. android music app Download

42.  Acoustic Guitar Method: E-Folk

Price: $4 One of the bestselling android music apps, Acoustic Guitar Method: E-Folk, offers android users with an easy to use android app to easily learn the intricacies of acoustic guitar. This android apps download boasts of successful acoustic guitar playing in a span of just two months, courtesy of 11 lessons that take care of all the basics of guitar playing. All 11 lessons vary in intensity, theory, tabs and even come with videos for a comprehensive guitar tutorial. android guitar app Download

43.  SoundWire

Price: $4 Designed to create a seamless bridge between your android device and PC, SoundWire is a great android music app that essentially lets you transfer multimedia content from your PC to an android device. One of the most popular Google android apps, SoundWire can accommodate as many as 10 connections at a time and is fully compatible with  Grooveshark, Spotify, YouTube, iTunes etc. Furthermore, this android app also sports extremely low latency for hassle free listening experience.  android app Download

44.  Lithium Music Player

Price: $2.58 A must have for all android devices, Lithium Music Player is one of the most popular android music apps that brings a stunning UI with excellent features. Lithium Music Player sports an animated UI, crossfader as well as customizable colors. There is also present a ID3 tag editor, social network integration with Facebook, four separate widgets and alternative folder browsing coupled with  playback. Furthermore, this Google android app lets you save custom EQ presets and assign them to genres, thereby auto triggering presets each time a specified genre is played. android music player Download

45.  My Sync Center w/iTunes + WMP

Price: $4 Designed to further streamline PC & android relationship, My Sync Center w/iTunes + WMP enables you to sync files from and to your android with a PC and vice versa. One of the most versatile android music apps, My Sync Center enables you sync camera photos, downloads, ringtones and other content directly to your PC via your home WiFi network. Also, this great android app also comes with support for iTunes and Windows Media Player, wherein users can even sync tracks, playlists, albums as well as artists. android app Download

46.  Livio Car Internet Radio Pro

Price: $5 Taking Internet car radio to the next level is the all new Livio Car Internet Radio Pro. One of the most useful android music app, this android apps download provides you with up to 45,000 stations and includes some of the most popular names like Reunion Radio, Yahoo! Radio, JazzRadio, Ministry of Sound, CBS Album Premiere etc. There is also present a custom phone book, a car-friendly UI, Favebook & Twitter integration as well as reception settings that can be fine-tuned by the user. android music app Download

47.  Audioshift Tempo+Pitch Control

Price: $4 One of the must android music apps for audiophiles, Audioshift Tempo+Pitch Control enables you to control various aspects of your android device’s sound, including Tempo, Pitch and Vocals. This android app is especially useful during music playback and brings the ability to remove vocals from a track, thereby rendering it purely instrumental. This is greatly beneficial during music training. Also, users can easily benefit from audio books playback, transcribing music, dictations as well as karaoke and singing practice. android music app Download

48.  MP3 Download Search Squid

Price: $3 A must have for all music lovers, MP3 Download Search Squid is one of the most versatile android music apps that enables you to download MP3 songs straight from the web. Also, this android app fully integrates into an android device’s music library, offering other versions of the songs that you love the most. You search for song titles by using partial song titles and artist names. android music app Download

49.  Moodagent

Price: $5 Personalizing youre music taste on android devices is the all new Moodagent. This incredible and intelligent android music app creates playlists based on your emotions, moods, genre, sub-genre, style, tempo etc.  One of the most successful Google android apps, Moodagent creates playlists from your android music library, save favorite playlists, a home-screen widget, while also offering the chance to buy music tracks from Amazon store.  android app Download

50.  SuperLoud Aurora Audio Player

Price: $9.30 Designed keeping in mind the importance of sound for music lovers, SuperLoud Aurora Audio Player is by far one of the best android music apps currently available. This android apps download features a state of the art sound engine that delivers the best of sound and audio levels. One of the most popular Google android apps, Aurora audio player comes with several presets that embedded in a graphic equalizer. However, due to the heavy specs of the app, Aurora audio player requires your android device to be running at 1GHz processor or higher, preferably an ARM processor. android music player Download

51.  Jazz Guitar Lessons: E-Jazz

Price: $4 For the ones with their mind set on learning Jazz guitar, E-Guitar has now come out with the all new Jazz Guitar Lessons: E-Jazz. One of the highly popular android music apps,  Jazz Guitar Lessons brings a comprehensive guitar learning environment to Google Android. This android app features basic Jazz guitar chords, chord progressions, tonality change and tritone substitution. Furthermore, users will also be able to learn other Jazz styles, including Blues for Clara, Gypsy Swing and Sunny Bossa.  android guitar app Download

52.  BoomBoxoid Pro Unlocker

Price: $4 Developed to be a powerful android music app, BoomBoxoid Pro is one of the extremely useful Google android apps that boasts of  plethora of features. This android apps download comes with a ten band graphic equalizer, cross fading and dedicated bass & treble controls. Furthermore, there is also present am equalizer present management system that enables you to create as well as save your playlists. android music app Download

53.  Play.fm DJ Mixes & Podcasts

Price: $3.89 For all aspiring DJs out there, Google Android now hosts an excellent android app called Play.fm DJ Mixes & Podcasts. One of the most useful android music apps, Play.fm DJ brings custom music from world renowned DJs from 180 countries. There are also present mixes that have been recorded from Live performances at festivals and radio shows. Also, there is present a state of the art search engine, social network integration as well as real time music skipping. android music app Download

54.  The Musical SnapNPlay

Price: $4 Developed especially for music students, The Musical SnapNPlay is a great android music app that enables you the read music sheets, while listening to them in real time. One of the most practical Google android apps, SnapNPlay allows you to take a picture of a music sheet worth 3 to 4 phrases and then highlights the notes with simultaneous playback. This android apps download supports numerous instruments, such as the likes of piano, recorder, guitar, violin, viola, cello, and bass and even lets adjust the music’s tempo, while enabling transposition over the sheets. android music app Download

55.  Guitar Fretboard Addict

Price: $5 A must have for all guitar players and enthusiasts, Guitar Fretboard Addict is a marvelous android app that enables you to quickly understand and learn guitar playing. One of the most popular android music apps, this android apps download lets you organize custom guitar classes, learn acoustic guitar notes, finger positions, sight reading as well as ear training. The android app offers both left and right hand guitar options, configuration for flat and sharp tuning, while providing all styles of Fretboard training options. android guitar app Download

56.  Picus Audio Player Unlocker

Price: $1.50 Picus Audio Player Unlocker is an inexpensive yet efficient android music app that unlocks premium features of Picus Audio Player. One of the most successful Google android apps, this android app download sports a 9 band graphic equalizer, advanced bass & treble boost, unlimited custom EQ presets, cross fading, stereo widening, a real time spectrum analyzer and a silence trimmer for uninterrupted playback. android music player Download

57.  VLC Remote

Price: $3 The award winning VLC Remote from Hobbyist Software now makes its way into the list of Google android apps, enabling you to have full remote access VLC media player on PC, Mac and Linux. This incredible android app enables full browsing control, DVD controls, full screen On & Off, while also providing the means to access external drives and control subtitles, aspect ratio, audio track and delays. android music app Download

58.  Nexus Radio

Price: $1 Offering thousands of Internet Radio Stations at your fingertips is Nexus Radio. This android music app provides you with excellent audio quality with bit rate of up to 320 kbps, along with constantly updated station libraries. This android apps down also offers some 38 music genres, numerous commercial free radio stations as well as 3G and 4G network connectivity for uninterrupted online streaming.  android music player Download

59.  Chord Detector

Price: $2.50 In love with a song but having trouble deciphering guitar chords? Look no further, Chord Detector is an excellent android app that works pretty much the same way as SoundHound and Shazam. The difference is that this android music app detects guitar chords recorded from the microphone of your android device. Chord Detector operates by judging virtual strings and based on the frequencies depict the chords played. android guitar app Download

60.  TuneIn Radio Pro

Price: $0.99 One of the most renowned music streaming services, TuneIn Radio is now available as an android apps download. TuneIn Radio Pro gives you access to over 70,000 radio stations and 2 million on-demand programs, while offering the ability to record live streams on your android device. One of the most popular Google android apps, TuneIn Radio Pro features a state of the art song search engine, wake up program with alarm clock and numerous premium radio channels such as CBS, ESPN, TEDTalks etc. There is also available the ability to use Record, pause and rewind features for radio stations in the Pro version. android music player Download

61.  Audio Equalizer

Price: $3 Offering custom audio equalization options as well as stunning visuals, Audio Equalizer is one of the coolest android music apps that completely change the look of your android device. Developed by Appmyphone, Audio Equalizer lets you change color, volume and even background pictures, all the while providing custom equalization options for your device’s audio. android music app Download

62.  ALON MP3 Dictator

Price: $9.80 Developed to offer 3 different functions in one form, ALON MP3 Dictators is by far one of the coolest Google android apps. This android app enables you to turn your android device into a Dictaphone, a MP3 player and a phone call recorder. This android apps download features a voice recorder that records your dictations and saves them in MP3 format. Then there is a versatile audio player that plays all audio format with great clarity. In the end, there is a present a phone call recorder that records phone calls in MP3, AMR and WAV formats. android music app Download

63.  BeatMaster Metronome

Price: $2.32 One of the most renowned names in metronomes, BeatMaster has now made its way to Google android apps in the form of BeatMaster Metronome. This android music app enables you to play notes, quarter notes, half notes as well as triplets at a rate of 35 to 250 BPM. Furthermore, this android apps download also comes with 2 click sounds and a tap tempo, while featuring a memory space for up to 99 saves. android app Download

64.  Voice Tuner Sing Karaoke Pro

Price: $2 Developed by VoiceMatch, Voice Tune Sing Karaoke Pro is an android music app that is also one of the most highly rated Google android apps. This android apps download is perfect for both amateur and professional singers and employs VoiceMatch technology. The android app enables you understand your vocal range and the suggests songs that suit your voice and pitch the best. This state of the art app is based upon the unique Scientific Pitch Notation system thereby offering accurate results. android music app Download

65.  Metronome 2

Price: $2 A most befitting android music app for all musicians, Metronome 2 offers users with a great time tuning android app that features automatic auto delay calculator, selectable accent & silence on any beat, custom user sounds and a classic mode reminiscent of old style metronomes. Metronome 2 comes with a refreshing new GUI, setlists,  presets and a plethora of user sounds. android music app Download

66.  Chordbot Pro

Price: $4.60 For the advanced level guitar players out there, your android device can now become a one stop chord repository, thanks to Chordbot Pro android music app. One of the highly rated Google android apps, this android apps download features more than 60 chords with advanced chord progressions. Furthermore, users can also make use of some 350 instruments tracks pre-ready for mixing. Chordbot Pro has been designed for both smartphones as well as tablets and the app comes with file export feature in MIDI or WAV format. android guitar app Download

67.  SomaFM Radio Player

Price: $4 Bringing the thriving world of underground/alternative radio to Google Android platform is SomaFM Radio Player. Hailed as one of the most popular android music apps, this android apps download features some 24 commercial free Internet radio stations. SomaFM Radio Player offers users stations of their choice based on genre and popularity, while also sporting social network integration with Facebook and Twitter. This android app streams high quality 128K MP3 streams for devices using 3Gor WiFi connectivity, while 2G and low bandwidth devices are also supported with compatible audio bitrates. android music player Download

68.  Neutron Music Player

Price: $5.35 One of the most highly rated Google android apps, Neutron Music Player is an android music app that is a must have for all audiophiles. This android app download features a cutting edge 32/64-bit audio rendering engine and supports a vast array of audio formats. Neutron Music Player boasts of surround sound DSP powered by Ambiophonic R.A.C.E. technology, crossfading, a rumble filter, a HQ 4 band equalizer, lyrics and a real time RMS bar. Furthermore, there is also available a Night Mode that comes with gorgeous audio visualizations, a clock mode, sleep mode as well as a sleep time for the app. android music player


69.  XilaLive Pro – Internet Radio

Price: $5 With a near five star rating, XilaLive Pro – Internet Radio is one of the most popular android music apps. This android apps download features more than 50,000 SHOUTcast powered radio stations along with support for custom URLs. Furthermore, there is also available a dedicated  channel scanner, sleep timer & alarm, Bluetooth advanced controls, a separate equalizer as well as Live radio seeking capabilities with Timeshift. android music player Download

70.  SPC – Music Sketchpad 2

Price: $5.18 Developed for Live music performers and enthusiasts alike, SPC – Music Sketchpad 2 is one of the most popular Google android apps. This android music app lets you create, mix and play your own compositions of electronic music. Music Sketchpad 2 features up to 16 pad screen mixes, loops and sequences. There are also present two pre-programmed scenes, while the app enables you to create remixes in real time. This android app download comes with  a fully functional drum machine, a step & flexible sequencer, numerous audio effects such as reverb, delay, distortion, phaser etc., along with compatibility for both 7 inch as well as 10 inch tablet devices. android music app Download