Aha People: “Can I Interview You?”

I am Nishu Kakkar, editor of elitechoice, a known luxury blog started in 2006. I am honored to share with you my association with Mint, Hindustan Times breaking business daily featuring financial news (in partnership with WSJ) where I served as a web community editor for 4-years.

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And now AhaDaily, your daily dose of inspiration!   We feature the urban side of WEB here.  Our aim is to inspire you via exclusives on web design, web development, photography, freebies, apps world, wordpress, social media and much more. Add to it, our “How To” section, which offers resources assuring there will be something to learn for everyone. Thanks for visiting us.

The series called “Aha People” aims at featuring (experts) Bloggers/Writers, Designers, Developers, Photographers, Social media enthusiasts, Entrepreneurs and other Inspiring names, sharing their perspective on varied subjects that describes them beyond their current portfolio.  It would talk about their growth chart, success and failures, daily reads, NEXTBIGWHAT and more? We would also ask our guest (interviewee) to name an expert he wishes to be our next guest for the series.

Aha People
Aha People


Here is the list of AhaPeople we have interviewed so far:

1) Aha People: Neil Patel Founder QuickSprout and KissMetrics

2) Aha People: Steven Snell, web designer and blogger, Vandelay Design

3) Aha People: Jacob Gube, designer and developer, SixRevisions

4) Aha People: Thord Daniel Hedengren, Designer, Developer, WordPress Guru, Author and Writer

5) Aha People: Mars Cureg, founder, OrphicPixel.com

6) Aha People: Alex Ionescu, founder, CrazyLeafDesign

7) Aha People: Matthew Stephens, Co-Founder, deviantART & UX Designer

8) Aha People: Suzanne Van Pelt, DeviantArt Digital Artist from Norway

9) Aha People: Anastasia Korochansckaja, An Artist, illustrator and painter

10) Aha People: Umut Muhaddisoğlu, developer, founder, WebResourcesDepot

11) Aha People: Isaac Gube, Co-Founder and Chief Editor, Design Instruct

12) Aha People: Jay Patel, The Landscape Photographer

13) Aha People: Kai Lim, Artist, Deviant Art

14) Aha People: 56 Artworks from Ben Heine, a Visual Artist

If you have a name that fits the profile of the series, please do share with us via comments.

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