Bucket List: 50 things to do before you die

Life is a diverse collection of experiences and emotions. If you are in a illusion of knowing everything while sitting at home and never travelling, then you couldn’t be more far off. If you’ve lost the joy of living, of simply waking up and feeling thankful that you’re alive in this beautiful world, then you need to revamp your experiences. In fact, the world is really not what it seems if you’re just looking at it from your point of view. This is one reason why you should travel often. If you travel, you get to know so much from other cultures, from their simple joys, their colourful spirits, the devotion of their monuments and sometimes, their unending sufferings.


When you would be at your deathbed and truly want to tell yourself that, yes, you have lived life then we recommend you do the following list of activities, which we believe will enrich your life and give you the joy of living:

1.    Throw Tomatoes at La Tomatina


La Tomatina is a festival held on the last Wednesday of August every year in the town of Buñol on the west of Valencia. The festival originated out of their love for tomatoes. During this festival thousands of locals and tourists alike flock the streets and get bombarded with squished, over-ripe tomatoes till the streets are literally slurry of tomato mash. Before joining in this loco festivity, make sure you’re wearing clothes which you don’t mind getting ruined with tomato purée. Do not bring your mobile phone unless you are hell bent on taking pictures, in which case you need to put on a waterproof casing and hope to God you don’t lose it in this fray.

2.    Hang from Toronto’s CN Tower


Toronto’s CN Tower used to be the tallest building in the world and it kept that title for three decades until recently. The site has ore than 2 million visitors each year who climb the tower to peer down from 1,814 feet, which can give you a severe case of vertigo. But if you’re not faint hearted, you can do the EdgeWalk which lets you, for $175, strap onto a jumpsuit and harness for an extreme adventure. You’ll walk on the ledge of one of the tallest building and just hang into empty space as you see Lake Ontario and Toronto from an insane perspective. Rest assured there are guides to keep you safe and there are requirements so that people with heart conditions or pregnant women are restricted.

3.    Eat at one of the  world’s best restaurants


Life is too short to eat bad food. One memorable thing in your bucket list should be the exquisite delight of fine dining. Try out a reputedly excellent restaurant such as Noma in Copenhagen or El Celler de Can Roca in Catalonia. The next time you are in the area and you can easily dine at one of these exquisite restaurants, for once, stop worrying about the expenses and indulge yourself to a gastronomic adventure. You can find restaurants from world famous chefs such as Heston Blumenthal or Gordon Ramsay and see for yourself if they live up to their culinary names.

4.    Bungee Jump From Royal Gorge Bridge


The Royal Gorge Bridge in Colorado is a suspension bridge which is 291 meters high and attracts one heck of a bungee jumping experience to extreme sports crazy tourists. In the SkyCoaster, the bungee jumpers are attached to an apparatus which reaches speeds of more than 80 kmph on a platform that is around 400 meters over the Arkansas River. They then free fall towards the Arkansas river and leave you  screaming for mercy. The regular bungee jumps are only available in September during the Go Fast! Games at the Royal Gorge. So if you want to cross this off your bucket list, make sure you plan ahead.

5.    Climb One of the World’s Seven Summits


You haven’t seen the world if you haven’t seen it from a mountain top. The Seven Summits are the seven greatest peaks in the seven continents, so this challenge is intense! Climbing on top of the Seven Summits will give you an experience like never before, and the view is beyond breathtaking. But the task does not come easy. You need to be an experienced mountaineer and climb insane heights at freezing temperatures, so don’t attempt this if you are out of shape. Get months of practice to fulfil this dream, and you won’t be a lesser person if you choose the less challenging summit. The glory in the task is tremendous.

6.    Bathe in the Ganges River During the Purna Kumbh Mela


This mesmerizing, spiritual event takes place in India and is an ancient festival originating from the northern province. This is one of the largest spiritual gatherings in the world which is held every twelve years in a different place considering the religious and astrological aspects. The main event of the Mela is the ritual bath where Hindus believe that immersing themselves in sacred waters on this particular day will cleanse them and their forefathers of sin. Afterwards they wear fresh clothes and listen to the various sadhus discussing Hinduism.

7.    Become a Fighter Pilot for a Day


Do you have dreams of becoming an ace pilot and soaring through the sky just like Top Gun? Yes, you can be a fighter pilot for one day under the tutelage of experienced instructors who will be there for your safety. Soar the skies and pull some moves as an ace pilot with the sky as your kingdom. There are lots of airports offering these flight experiences, and several have instructors who are ex military or have graduated from prestigious aviation academies. Not only will you have fun but you will also be in capable hands, so make sure you try them out for a thrilling adventure in the skies.

8.    Watch the Sunset From Oia, Santorini, Greece


Oia is a scenic little town on the Thirean islands in Greece with a spectacular view. Surrounded by beautiful beaches, this quaint, mesmerizing community boasts one of the most beautiful sunsets in the backdrops of white adobes on top of hills. In fact, one of the main attractions in this rural community is sunset viewing at the Sunset Seranade point, whose name says it all for the lovers of romance. You can view the gorgeous sunsets of Oia holding hands with a sweetheart, strolling through its beautiful sandy beaches. The experience will leave your soul rejuvenated and the mystical allure of the city will render you captivated.

9.    Get in the Guiness Book of World Records


Do you think you’re amazing? Then proclaim it officially by getting into the famous book of world records and set a standard that separates you from the rest. Do you have a special talent? It could be from your capacity to grow the longest fingernails to walking the longest on a treadmill, all of which you can do if you have the patience and perseverance to do so. The number of records in this gigantic book is so enormous, you’re bound to find something you can beat. Just make sure it’s high enough to make the next challenger sweat a little. So set a record and be officially amazing!

10.    Attend the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona Spain


Every July, around a million people gather round in Pamplona, Spain for San Fermín Festival. This town in the foothills of the Pyrenees celebrate the event with lots of fireworks, music but most of all, with the Running of the Bulls. This is when either very gutsy or very foolish mozos or adventurers jump into the path of six ferocious bulls. The festival is celebrated for nine days with the bulls set every morning at eight while television channels follow their every move. You don’t necessarily have to be a mozo, just join in the fun and festivities for a memorable time.

11.    Watch the Northern Lights


The Northern Lights, or the Aurora Borealis is when the Earth’s magnetic field gets hit by the solar wind and through a surreal phenomena, fluorescent lights fill the night sky. The Northern Lights don’t come easily. These natural light shows need a combination of solar activity, clear skies, latitude and a specific time of year, where March is considered the most apt time to catch this phenomena. There are plenty of Bed and Breakfasts or cozy inns where people flock to when there is a high chance of this spectral event occurring. To stay abreast on the next time the Northern Lights come to visit, check out weather alerts and other forecasts.

12.    Bathe in The Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa


The Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa is one of the most sought after tourist location in Iceland. The spa is rich in minerals such as sulphur and silica and has healing properties. Nonetheless, in the freezing temperatures of Iceland, the water is beautifully warm, with some spots being extremely hot despite the freezing temperature outside. If you’re in Iceland and you miss your bathing suit, then this is the place to wear it. The lagoon itself is manmade and a geothermal power plant renews the water every two days. The spa itself has a strict policy of hygiene so that the water stays clean for its many users. Definitely a relaxing spot for all tourists.

13.    Play Golf on the Old Course at St. Andrews


If you want to play golf, why not go to one of the most historically relevant golfing sites. The Old Course of St. Andrews is one of the oldest golf facilities around and has beautiful, scenic grounds for a breathtaking game. The facility is located in gorgeous Scotland, and is established in 1552. It is considered to be the home of golf, since the game was played there from as early as the 1400s. The Old Course also played a vital role in influencing modern golf since this is the place where the 18 holes rule started out. If you want to get a historic feel for the game, then this is where you play.

14.    Chase a Tornado


This task is not to be taken lightly. Storm chasing is extremely dangerous and going on your own, without any support or gear will be incredibly irresponsible. If you really want to see nature’s fury, then go with experienced chasers for a few seasons. Know all the information and gear you need to stay safe and let the experts do the handling. Foolishness on this task will not only risk your lives, but others. But if you can manage, then you’ll be able to see one of the most frightening natural disaster’s head on, only to feel how small you are against the fury of nature.

15.    Stand in the Crown of The Statue of Liberty


If you live in the states and you haven’t done this already, then it’s shameful. The crown of The Statue of Liberty is one of those experiences you don’t regret. The climb to the top is a bit steep for 363 steps, but it can be made in ten minutes. Before, the crown had lots of public access, but that’s long gone. The stairs are less crowded but it’s more difficult to get in. The interior of the crown is beautiful so the ascent will give you a lovely access to the inside, but you won’t be able to stay there for long. Nonetheless, it’s still one of the most remarkable monuments of American history and should be visited for the sake of it.

16.    Cage-Dive with Crocodiles


If you think cage diving with sharks is extreme, just think of cage diving with crocodiles. In this wildlife adventure, you are lowered into an a bite proof cage into a clear water pool and you are met with huge, hungry crocodiles who bite four times harder than a white shark. The cages themselves are built to resist these attacks and you can see them up close in their natural environment, a sight few people can boast to see. You can also take snapshots of your time down there since lots of cage diving facilities have underwater photographers.

17.    Explore the Great Pyramids of Giza


Tourists traveling to Giza have to visit the pyramids. It’s a given. These marvels of architecture have withstood the years amazingly and continue to be the oldest structures in the world. The pyramids themselves can be seen from the outside but the inside is very exclusive, with the authorities allowing 150 visitors in the morning  and another 150 in the afternoon. For that they should book the tickets early on, if they want to see the inside of these great pyramids. The history behind the pyramids, the toil and labour spent by slaves thousands of years ago, still create a sight to marvel at and a must see if someone is stopping by Egypt/

18.    Party at Mardi Gras


Mardi Gras is one of the biggest carnivals in New Orleans full of parades, floats, picnics, music and lots of excitement. It’s one of the most happening festivals in France where everyone wear green, fold or purple and are adorned with beads caught from floats. There are lots of crazy costumes and everyone enjoys a great time, both tourists and locals alike. There’s great food, music and lots of parades and everyone is in a carnival atmosphere. If you want to meet new friends or just want to partake in merriment, then you’ll really enjoy Mardi Gras.

19.    Spend a Night at Myrtle’s Plantation


You must be tired of all the partying activities on the list. Why not spend a night at Myrtle’s Plantation, reputed to be one of the most haunted houses of all times. There are lots of sightings of paranormal activities in this one location, with as much as ten murders committed there. Guests have reported seeing non existent children and former slaves walking around, as well as a grand piano occasionally playing a haunting chord by itself. The Myrtle’s Plantation does not allow youngsters below 21, and only allowed by a responsibly adult so be wary of the consequences of spending a night. This might be the last thing you do in the bucket list!

20.    Be Part of a flash Mob


Your life won’t be complete if you’re not part of a flash mob. Wouldn’t you want to be one of those people who just start doing something absurd with others all of a sudden? For example the Pillow fight flash mob, where all of a sudden a bunch of people armed with pillows whack the heck out of each other for hours, just for the sport of it. Doesn’t it sound like fun? Just think of all the astounded passer bys!

21.    Participate in Geocaching


Are you bored of regular treasure hunts? Then why not try Geocaching , in which the treasure is hidden anywhere in the world! This is when the participants use a mobile device with a GPS system or any other navigational methods to seek out containers, called “Geocaches” which could be located anywhere in the world! These containers are usually waterproof and have a logbook win which the treasure hunter, or geocacher enters the date when they found it and also signs it with their code name. After signing the logbook, the cache is put back where it was found.

22.     Stand Atop the Eiffel Tower


If you are at the beautiful city of Paris, and since you can see the marvellous view of the Eiffel Tower wherever you go, why not climb atop it for a spectacular view of the city? You can climb on top using lifts and partake in the restaurants inside the Eiffel Tower. The view is spectacular, especially at Christmas when the city is lit up in lights. It is cheap to go to and the time taken pretty much depends on the crowd, so if you want to take the trip, make sure you’re prepared for a long wait for the lift.

23.    Swim in the Devil’s Pool


Another thrill seeking adventure is a swim inside the Devil’s Pool near Victoria Falls. This is one of the most dangerous pools in the world and reputed to be cursed by an Aboriginal. The water is deep and fast flowing and has claimed the life of more than a dozen swimmers. There are also reports of seeing ghosts in the water so for those who want to defy death or have the morbid desire to swim in the pool responsible for taking so many lives, then swimming in the Devil’s pool is in your bucket list.

24.    Watch a Movie at a Drive-in Movie Theatre


Some of the more simpler pleasures in life are easy to come by. Drive-in movie theatres are a nice place for you and your date to cozy up in the car and eat lots of popcorn while a big screen plays a movie for you to watch. It’s more fun than a regular theatre because you are in the comfort of your own car and can cozy up as much as you want without the hassle of separate seats. A really classy first date idea, try impressing her with a drive-in movie theatre rather than the regular ones. The experience will be way more memorable.

25.    Party at the Rio Carnival


Looking for another carnival to party at? The Rio Carnival is one of the most happening events in the carnival capital of Rio de Janeiro. This wild extravaganza has five days of madness and is celebrated as a thumb to the nose of Easter which is supposed to be a farewell to the worldly pleasures of the flesh. The raucous celebration brings together millions and have lots of dancers and parades to bring life to the party. Another must see carnival for the enthusiastic traveller.

26.    Become a Space Tourist26.Become-a-Space-Tourist


You may not be loaded enough to do this, but if you are, it’s an amazing opportunity. Space tourism lets you lift off and see varying degrees of space from suborbital to orbital flights, and the duration depends on your money and comfort zone. If you’ve got enough cash for this out of space adventure, why not join in and be one of the few to see the world from outer space. The experience is out of the world, I assure you!

27.    Get Married


Now this is something everybody should do, unless they want to die old. Everyone should get married and have someone to share all these adventures with. You’d be surprised how uncomplicated marriage can be if there’s love, loyalty and compromise involved. So get out of the ‘marriage doesn’t last’ box and tie the knot with someone who’s a keeper, someone who’d be happy to bear with you through the roller coaster of your life. I can guarantee you, when you’re old and weary, you’d be ten times happier being surrounded by your wife and kids than alone in an empty apartment.

28.    Swim in the World’s Largest Swimming Pool


The San Alfonso del Mar in Chile boasts the largest swimming pool in the world, equivalent to twenty Olympic sized pool and big enough to sail boats in. It also holds the record of being the deepest pool in the world going as high as 115 ft deep. The water itself is as clear blue as can be and the temperature is maintained to a warm 26C. Just floating on top of this gigantic pool and seeing the almost endless horizon is cause to rejoice in this manmade marvel.

29.    Fly First Class with Emirates


When you compare Emirate’s first class accommodations with its business class, the latter will seem almost Spartan, while economy class will seem like a sad Charles Dickens novel. Emirate’s first class is quite literally, almost like a five star hotel with a beautiful lounge offering you several cuisines to choose from. Your suite will have a mini bar, a wardrobe a makeup table as well as sliding doors so that you have your privacy. The food to order is also exquisite, very unlike the regular airline food.

30.    Build a Sand Sculpture at the Texas Sand Fest


The Sandfest is held in one of the biggest beaches in the Aransas beach. The competition attracts  all kinds of master sculptors as well as amateurs and children to bring forth some of the most ingenious sand sculptures in Texas. There’s also music, entertainers, vendors and even sand sculpting lessons for those who want to learn. The profits get shared with local organisations so that the community gets benefited, and the entry is so affordable, anyone can come in and enjoy.

31.     Write a Book


If you think that you have experiences in your life worth sharing, or if you’re a masterful story teller, then you should consider writing. Not only will it help you recollect all the experiences and memories you have and test your imagination (unless you’re writing a biography!), but it’ll also be a testament to your experiences and something that can be read by your children, or even readers if you have contacts with a publisher. So one day if you feel like writing something, go for it, and make it a book worth reading!

32.    Buy a Round-the-World Air Ticket


You’ll pretty much need to if you want to complete this bucket list. A world tour is not only going to be fun, but it’s also going to give you a completely new perspective, change your life and make you realize that life is not centered in you home town. If you have the money for it, then make the time and spend a few months on a trip around the world to experience life in its fullest beauty.

33.    File your own taxes


If you’re good at numbers and if you can understand the jargon of tax laws then for once, just file your own taxes and not let the CPA do it. Unless you have several jobs or lots of dependents, in which case you should hire a professional, just file your own taxes, just once in your life, to feel responsible and independent. You don’t need a CPA to govern your income! Well actually, you do.

34.    Dine at an Undersea Restaurant


Eating at an undersea restaurant is a different kind of culinary experience. The ambiance is amazing with the diners being surrounded by blue sea with an abundance of sea water wishes darting about. It’s something amazing and very classy. You can enjoy fine cuisine and just content yourself with the luxury and serenity of the environment, underwater restaurants are here to give you a unique experience in restaurant ambiance. You can consider Ithaa Undersea Restaurant.

35.    Experience a Symphony of Lights on the Star Ferry


The Symphony of Lights is a spectacular light show in the harbours of Hong Kong. Visitors are amazed at the visible light show and music, but since the narrations are in Mandarin, it’s best if you catch it on Fridays, Mondays and Wednesdays. The Star Ferry, especially lets you enjoy the sights of the Symphony of Lights  by stopping by and giving you a few moments to savour the view.

36.    Wander Through the Shops in Akihabara


Set in Tokyo, Japan, the Akihabara is the place if you want to browse through computers, electronics. It’s a cultural centre and a one stop place for electronics, computers, videogames, manga, animes etc. There are also lots of maid cafés for a different experience. The shops in Akihabara are a good place for electronics enthusiasts, just to get a taste of Japanese commercialism.

37.    Visit the Toys R Us in Times Square


Unleash your inner child in the Toys R Us store at the Times Square Branch. The store is filled with wonders including an indoor ferris wheel, a lego version of the Statue of Liberty as well as a gigantic toy dinosaur. Enjoy shopping for your little nieces and nephews in this spectacular branch. If you’re with children, then all the better as they enjoy themselves thoroughly in this awesome toy store.

38.    Ride The ‘X Train’


The X Train will make sure that the journey from L.A to Vegas remains a party throughout. This express train will make sure you have a joyride on your way to Las Vegas. The train itself is decked out in a casino style look and the entry to the train is 21+ so you can enjoy  bars, lounges, internet, flat screen TVs etc for a comfortable ride to the gambling capital.

39.    Host an event in the Sky


Do you need to host a business dinner but you’re tired of the same restaurants again and again? Host one in the sky! Literally. You can host events in the sky using websites such as Dinnerintheskyevents allows 22 guests to float high up to 180 ft where everyone is strapped securely onto their seats. The guests might feel a bit queasy though, make sure there’s no one there with a fear of heights!

40.    Participate in a Protest


Is there something you feel strongly about? Join a protest to create awareness. If you think you can stay back and let others bring about change, then you’re wrong. There’s not enough work done on any event you feel strongly about, from preventing domestic abuse to international crises .You can bring awareness about things you care about by participating in awareness events or protests. Do your part to spread the word and make a difference.

41.    Attend a Murder Mystery Dinner


This is a fun dinner theatre experience where the guests watch a play and are asked to solve the mystery of a murder case. In a lot of mystery dinners, there are no separate stages and the actors are asked to blend in with the diners and improvise dialogue with them for a more thrilling atmosphere. If you want, you can even host your own show, since there are lots of troupes or actors ready to perform their services for you.

42.    Learn to Sail


In the unlikely event that you are shipwrecked, this skill should come in handy. But seriously, learning to sail is fun. Not only can you impress others with your skills, but if you have your own yacht or boat or whatever vessel, you can take it out for a spin whenever you like and host gatherings at sea. It’s an impressive skill that sets you apart from the rest, since not everyone knows how to sail.

43.    Learn to Speak Another Language Fluently


This is a necessary skill. Not only does this broaden your career perspectives and make you more suitable for working abroad, it’s also crucial when travelling, especially if you’re learning major languages such as Spanish or French. In case you are lost or you can’t communicate in their first language, knowing a second language can prove to be invaluable and will save you from a lot of hassle.

44.    Learn to Manage Time and Be More Productive


You’d be surprised how much time we waste in a day, just day dreaming or watching TV. We’ve all become couch potatoes who’d rather leave their work for the next day than finish it now. The end result is that we don’t get to do a lot of things we want to do. We won’t have time to workout, spend time with our families, or do anything else productive, such as learning new skills or languages. Productivity is key because once you realise how many days you’ve wasted doing nothing, you’ll already regret it.

45.    Learn to Master Chess


Become a pro in this classic game of strategy to sharpen your mind and learn to think a few steps ahead of time. This age old game has been played by kings and peasants alike and mastering it is an art form. Get the rust off your brain by learning to play chess, rather than wasting time on mindless soaps on TV. It’s only nerdy being captain of the chess  team in high school, girls tend to find smart men attractive as they grow older.

46.    Learn a New Vocabulary Word Each Day


You’d be surprised at how limited our vocabulary is. Today, most English speakers have a vocabulary of roughly 500 words per day. Which means that whatever we experience in the world, we have only 500 words to choose from to describe it.  That’s why, you’d notice, English speakers are not as articulate as they used to be. Enrich your vocabulary by learning a new word every day to be a proper national of your country, be it English, French, Spanish, Chinese etc.

47.    Learn Sign Language


This is a valuable skill to learn and is extremely respectful to audibly impaired human beings. Learning sign language is an essential skill so that you can communicate with anyone with a handicap. It would certainly come in handy if someone a physically handicapped person is in distress and needs your help. Take a class to help you learn sign language and add another useful skill into your repertoire.

48.    Learn to Juggle


This skill is just for fun. Learning to juggle can help you be the centre of attention at the next party you attend. It can especially be helpful when you’re on babysitting duty and you have to take care of several kids at the same time. Learning how to juggle will delight the ones around you, and you’ll enjoy the attention all the same.

49.    Learn to Bartend


This skill you can learn to impress the opposite gender. You’d know how to make smooth drinks and know what goes with which liquor, wouldn’t that make you attractive. If you want to increase your sex appeal, then learn how to make drinks professionally, and keep stock of some good quality alcohol to make drinks like a pro at home. You’d be the classy host making the best martinis around.

50.    Drive the Great Ocean Road


The Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia boasts some of the most natural attractions in the world. This scenic route is home to iconic surf breaks, gorgeous coast line and has a range of activities for you to do such as sea kayaking, scuba diving, surfing and even lots of cultural, arts and heritage attractions. There are also lots of lovely diners and winemakers who bring about delicious produce every day. You can join in a tour group and marvel the 12 Apostles or you can just drive and explore the Great Ocean Road on your own.